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This Is Why Hollywood Won't Cast Josh Harnett Anymore

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What happened to actor Josh Harnett? Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your first introduction to actor Josh Hartnett was in the Showtime series, Penny Dreadful, boy do we have news for you. In the late 90s and early 2000s, he was considered a Hollywood heartthrob. He was on the cover of tons of magazines, everyone wanted him starring in their movies, and it seemed like he could do no wrong. Unfortunately, that wasn’t true, and Hartnett managed to do quite a lot wrong, including getting on the wrong side of famous director Christopher Nolan. Find out how Christian Bale ended up as Batman instead of Hartnett. We’ll also let you in on why Hartnett dropped off the face of the earth for all intents and purposes, but was really licking his wounds back in Minnesota. Are you excited for a possible return of Josh Hartnett? Do you think that he’ll ever manage to be as big as he once was? Let us know what you think in the comment section, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko for more videos. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (752)
lambent ort (16 days ago)
Never underestimate someone who seems like they're down on their luck. Just look at Robert Downey Jr.
New African Money (1 month ago)
Probably refused the casting couch
Xanaya Vedder (1 month ago)
So what if he wants to follow what his heart wants. There's more to life than money & fame.. I say good for him for not wanting to be a Hollywood tramp.
Jarod Smith (1 month ago)
"Josh Harnett".... "Halloween H-Twenty".... So, doing even a second of research before making a video is too much trouble? You don't even know how to properly pronounce the title of the movie; you don't even know the actors last name. I'm sure there are plenty of other inaccuracies in this video, but I stopped watching at "Halloween H-Twenty".
Jarod Smith (1 month ago)
I love how all these Youtube videos are titled "Why Hollywood Won't Cast *insert celebrity here* Anymore", but the real story is often the other way around - the actor turning their back on Hollywood and willfully walking away. And I also love how these types of videos then acts as though a person choosing to live a normal life and focus on their family, rather than being a vapid celebrity, is somehow a bad thing.
연신재 (1 month ago)
he never aged tho
Jan Yurkovich (1 month ago)
Fabio Fernandes (2 months ago)
your videos are shit!
Miriam Juarez (2 months ago)
He was absolutely phenomenal in BlackHawk Down and Pearl Harbor.
Miriam Juarez (2 months ago)
Those eyes though...
Donna Dillard (2 months ago)
He's still talented and gorgeous, I'm glad he turned those rolls down, screw hollywood
KoolCat ! (2 months ago)
Trumpflakes all over this board demonizing Hollywood as usual. You ppl might wanna look at that dufus you voted for (who sleeps with pornstars while his wife is pregnant) before preaching family values.
Mark S (2 months ago)
Because, He is not Professional but a true artist, he doesn't fit to how the mainstream industry works, he fits in the indie industry...
RichleicaMP (3 months ago)
All these ‘why Hollywood won’t cast.......’ are just garbage.
Jesus is Muslim (3 months ago)
He is not a good actor...
Fabio Myers (3 months ago)
Yes he does!!! 👊🏻💪🏻😊
Chrissy Tullis (3 months ago)
Well yeah!
Matthew Neff (3 months ago)
Never liked him
ขอบคุณค่ะ^^คุณไสย์ทั้งหมดคุณแก้ให้สลายไปจากพิมพ์นลินธัญญวรรณธนาและลูกชายแล้ว^^ ~ขอบคุณอีกครั้งค่ะ~
it’s true💯
Imasomebody1 (3 months ago)
Hollywood is full of pigs who have huge egos just because they’ve produced major films. How about they eat some humble pie and remember that people are human and maybe don’t to the politics thing very well. In any environment politicking can be a challenge let alone Hollywood. Josh hartnett is so talented I would love to see him playing some more leading roles in excellent films. Hollywood needs to accept him for his talents and forget the rest.
Adam (3 months ago)
30 Days of Night! one of my favs!
Paul Van Dijk (3 months ago)
Yup, this what happens when you have a spine and say no to the rapists that is hollywood
The Rocker X (3 months ago)
I doubt Nolan blacklisted him, but turning down being Batman definitely hurt his career momentum. I mean look at Bale now....made a shit ton of money from Nolan's Batman, decided to go back to smaller films, now he's a huge critical and fan darling, 3 Golden Globes for acting and he's about to win his second Oscar
Polar Apple (3 months ago)
Josh Harnett sounds like a huge fucking idiot. I fucking love his movies and acting. But you never know someone until you know them. I love this guy but that's the past. I forgotten him.
Wayne Martin (4 months ago)
I am suprised that Holleywood did not drive Josh to Suicide, Drugs or Alcohol like so many other young stars.
Wayne Martin (4 months ago)
Yes, Josh Hartnett does deserve a second chance. He is a very talented actor and will probably go alot further in his career this time, having become wiser. One thing that all actors have in common is when they become too popular and dont know how to handle their new found increasing fame. Studio's and directors drive these stars to almost and in some cases to using drugs and alcohol. Not Josh however he needed time to rediscover himself while putting Holleywood and his career on the backburner for some time.
Moses Vargas (4 months ago)
I love Josh and wish nothing but the best for him in the future
MrAkaalis (4 months ago)
He was way too noble to stay in Hollywood. His favorite role for me was in _30 Days of Night_
D. Lozada (4 months ago)
Dear TheTalko - Have you read all the comments here? Everyone is now in awe and in full respect for Hartnett for standing up against franchise bullies and dirty Hollywood. Your dumb voiceover sounds like she would root for the Kardashians to have an Oscar - in short as shallow AF.
Gloria Breashears (4 months ago)
Love josh harnett. Good luck to him.
jade bethel (4 months ago)
I liked him in the faculty
Detective Pikachu (4 months ago)
I remember when Superhero movies weren't over made and some of them were actually good I miss those days and I can't blame the guy for turning down those roles because he was right.
Joyce Ann Warnke High (4 months ago)
Love his films! ♥️🎥 Bunraku was so innovative & had Ron Perlman in it as well. Glad he's getting good roles. 🍀 🙏🎉🍾🥂🖖
meehd01 (4 months ago)
They needed a man to do the voice over, ugh her voice was to much and I had to stop watching!
Emiliano Cruz (4 months ago)
Bale has such better range, he was gonna make it big no matter what.
WOKE MUFC GURL (2 months ago)
True that! A shame he’s a bit of a jerk.
Migue N. (4 months ago)
So many fake people in Hollywood and for those who aren't it can be hard, and Especially if you are a private person. Why do you have to become a vegetarian? Sure it is healthy, but just because you're an actor doesn't mean you have to give into these tiny cults or this stupid religious aka cult scientology shit.
Michael Farley II (4 months ago)
Such a shame! Hes so hot and gorgeous!!
burymedeep 2093 (4 months ago)
tundratomo (4 months ago)
He is yummy and I see all his films.
Tyler Morgan (4 months ago)
Don't tell me that Hollywood will fire Josh Hartnett. They can't do that. He was the best actor since he showed up in "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, The Faculty y Penny Dreadful".
Phillip Chavez (4 months ago)
what happened was he did not hold his manhood cheap by excepting rolls that where of a pornographic nature like broke back queers and selling his soul to the Devil at same Time, So he is a smart man
Falconator (4 months ago)
He liked Obama. I’m done with him.
I am so glad he is back. I have missed him!
princess A (4 months ago)
He's talented and brilliant actor ... not deserve that.
Zero X (4 months ago)
30 days of night was whack, his acting looked so rehearsed after that, it was over for him lol
kang daniel's mole (4 months ago)
This man dated amanda seyfried and scarlet johannson
Richard Benitez (4 months ago)
Hartnet was reluctant to do the pretty Boy marketing thing like with Tom cruise. Don’t blame him. Shows one can be too good looking.
miguel amaya (4 months ago)
Josh Hartnett, one of Hollywoods most famous actors, that I find myself so in love with. He stole my heart as an actor. I just love watching him in every movie he does. I pray he comes back on screen. I miss him not being on screen. He's really Awesome ok.
Igor (5 months ago)
This "Why They Won't Cast x Anymore" is so full of shit ffs
okavipra (5 months ago)
please explain me this , he refused , batman , spiderman and superman , and the name of the video is why holiwood wont cast josh ... do explain
timmy D= (5 months ago)
I actually admire the fact he rejected projects based on his ultimate goal instead of a quick success. I think this video sheds more light on the pathetic bureaucracy of hollywood instead of the talent of the individual actors trying their best. The producers are just products of the things that other people make them to be. Good luck Harnett, stay true to what you are.
Tom A (5 months ago)
Another rag channel.. just what we need
penny dreadful is my favorite show. Josh Hartnett is my favorite actor. nothing will change that.
J Delosangeles (5 months ago)
SIM city
Rick Dumesnil (5 months ago)
now thats what i call a damn good intelligent man. doesnt let hollywood get the better of him. im in awe of this actor and love his ways of thinking. no one like him
Jane Poultney (5 months ago)
Stupid nonsense
Anh ấy thật là đẹp trai!
Gökhan Ö (5 months ago)
aftah kee (5 months ago)
Alan Parrish? Heard that kid was missing for quite some time.
O'Ryan Begay (5 months ago)
I would love to see him play "Batman" in the 'Dark Knight Trilogy'. That would be awesome if he did.
Ferrin Green (5 months ago)
The Prestige came out after Batman Begins... Lucky number Slevin came out the same year
N'Ghandi Hede (5 months ago)
Love Josh Hartnett. A very intense and serious actor🔥❤
Gavin Matthews (5 months ago)
Great actor
Toni La Tegola (5 months ago)
Just watched Penny Dreadful, and i have a new crush! Josh is simply divine.
John DeMay (5 months ago)
He sucks at interviewing
Nasty Pantsuit (5 months ago)
So he’s not cast anymore because he’s not a sell out and is opinionated about the movies he wants to be in. Good for him.
Laura Rivera (5 months ago)
MBest12 (5 months ago)
he was not that talented bye felicia
Ms Dee (5 months ago)
Heck yeah! Give the man a second chance. He's learned that you have to play the game if you want to get on top. Just don't sell your soul.
PwopSullay (5 months ago)
Somebody just said I look like “the younger Josh Hartnett” and when I googled him this came up Should I be flattered or insulted?
Kuba Bendlin (6 months ago)
Any of the reasons i think he did what he should do. Good job Josh!
Preddy Shite (6 months ago)
Just realized the robin actor looks like him. I forgot that I'd said the same thing or that he was even in the Giver.
T SMACKS (6 months ago)
I’ll always see him as zeke from the faculty but being the son of Laurie strode
Roshan Jamdaré (6 months ago)
This is the real reason that there is no another actor like Marlon Brando born in Hollywood! The narrator seems to be focused on money than art.
Finland Alliance (6 months ago)
Does anyone noticed Josh last name? It is spelled wrong.
maymakvm (6 months ago)
Where are the metoo movement people on this turning down batman thing?
Jeimax Ruloma (6 months ago)
leave the dude alone guys
avecmusique (6 months ago)
Merveilleux Josh!
Stephanie Berry (6 months ago)
I love Josh Hartnet
Sam Mauldin (6 months ago)
I just assumed it was because everyone kept calling him asian
Wickwire 9 (6 months ago)
What other career that can take innocent young people and they end up either losing there minds killing themselves either so drugged out they might as well be either one of the latter, unless they just give in and they end up a Big Actor well they are left alone but the old actors like Jack Nickerson, Robert Deniro, Al Pacino I doubt they will speak out about Hollywood so what happened to them did they miss all the crazy there ? It's a little weird how it seems to happen to some not to others or others better at hiding it ? Something is going on because you have some that say it's a cesspool some it seems never to bother at all !!! I guess we may never know !
PaddyWestside (6 months ago)
Christian bale isnt only batman...he was great in so many other movies. But he is in another class actingwise i think
TheSimplyQua (6 months ago)
I’d see any production in which Josh Hartnett in chose to be involved.
Tauriel Elf (6 months ago)
I love Josh and have still followed everything that he has done, I don't blame him for going into Indie films rather than big box office films if you cope with the attention that makes your skin crawl, I think he made the right decision as Hollywood was ready to devour him.
Jacqueline Paul (6 months ago)
Hartnett stood for what he believes in, simple. It occurs that you are creating Nolan to have an ego as well. How about they just had opinions and that IS IT. What drama queens the writers of this piece are :)
Roland Jhoey Pascual (6 months ago)
Yes! He deserve to give another chance!
80s flash back Myers (6 months ago)
If I made a movie I'd hire josh and also Probly other stars from the 90s that arnt That big any more like clear Duvall and Ethan Embry and others that fit the category
Chris Redig (6 months ago)
Actually what happened was that he sucks and that's the end of it
______________ (7 months ago)
he was my biggest crush but he just disappeared
ProudKiwi NZ (7 months ago)
This woman's voice matches her bitchy attitude. Her reasoning is pure conjecture.I did not hear anything from the people he supposedly pissed off. A good journalist would have had comments from these producers etc. Did Josh turn her down at sometime. What an absolute cow. I cannot subscribe to this channel if this person with awful vocal fry is the contributor. She obviously has to resort to gutter gossip to gain some kind of recognition. This is the most long winded,materialistic piece of rubbish imaginable. And that old fashioned way of referring to people by their family name is absolutely laughable
Michelle Riley (7 months ago)
Just because Josh Harnett didn't choose to do a role that doesn't mean he has an inflated ego!
Jöhan Richards (7 months ago)
Josh looks just like Morten Harket.
Preddy Shite (6 months ago)
Brenton Thwaites
doctordank (7 months ago)
Jesus christ guys think you have enough ads on this video?
fordlandau (7 months ago)
The reporter is so entitled . Its the actor's career choices.
Sandra Olsen (7 months ago)
He isn't a fuckhead thats why.
Daniel Brown (7 months ago)
This commentator is talking out of her A-hole "At the time, it seemed like his only option" when he moved back to MN, starting hanging out with his old friends and got back with his high school sweetheart" How about he's a genuine dude!!
No Now (7 months ago)
It's the same thing when Michael Keaton turn down Batman Forever his career was never the same after that it took 15 years for him to make a comeback
No Now (7 months ago)
It's the same thing why don't you look it up at Jessie Jessie
Mz. Tshaye Noel (7 months ago)
He will always be my Zekey~Boy from The Faculty 😍😍
NewberryJackso3 (7 months ago)
such a great guy... just watched pearl harbor again and omg i cry :,(

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