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watch us be annoying for 4mins 41seconds straight | *drunk* bloopers | Amber and Emily

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Hiya, watch us being our annoying selves and hopefully get some sort of enjoyment out of this video. We are also drunk in like 50% of these so more annoying than usual :) Thanks for watching! Please like and subscribe :) New videos every Tuesday!! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amberandem https://www.instagram.com/amberjanesoames https://www.instagram.com/emilyperrin_
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Text Comments (4)
Lucinda Luella (11 days ago)
Looolllll love this new friend xxx
Ellie Kim (22 days ago)
This was actually so funny! I just subbed and hope we can support each other!
Cienna Morton (22 days ago)
You guys are literally so funny 😂 new subbie hoping you’ll sub back
Dominik Benz (26 days ago)
amazing video i enjoy very cool you two are so pretty love your vidoes happy have video ideas

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