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Where are the GM workers now?

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We catch up with two of the former GM Moraine Assembly Plant workers featured in the HBO short film "The Last Truck." Where are they now?
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Raymond Jayme (3 months ago)
The fucking CEO's clearly dont give a fuck about the mass devistation closing a facility down like this causes not only to the employees but the community that surrounds it. I am embarrassed to say I own a GM product more so now because GM has done it again with plant closures.
Ellis Boyce (4 months ago)
I do not feel sorry for these people maybe they will understand what a token job they had. Now they can live like the rest of the people and stop treating other trades like the were better than the rest of the working class.
maliyah Hayes (5 months ago)
Am I the only kid ?
mark toney (5 months ago)
The American people fought wars and made the Politicians and ruling class filthy rich. They thanked the American people by shipping their jobs and financial security to third world countries. The American people should have chopped their heads off !!!!
Sun Lite (6 months ago)
Capitalism can be cruel. Wall street promised greater return if they dropped dividends and reinvested profits. (At one time some stocks were known as Widow and Orphans stock because dividends were secure.) That is gone. For many investors they now have neither dividends or profits. For that reason Keogh plans will fail and retirement for many will be lost.
Italy Hayes (6 months ago)
This is sad
maliyah Hayes (6 months ago)
Kat Gacha this is sad
Italy Hayes (6 months ago)
Kari LP (7 months ago)
Thank you GM workers. You made a vehicle that I've owned for 21 years without issue. A shame it closed.
crissy214 (9 months ago)
Nice Job Obamma
Lalo (10 months ago)
That's capitalism for u
tim gong (11 months ago)
It not the rich or poor it just gm ad a business is bad employees paid very high but thier cars are shitty compare to the jap and the German no1 buy thier shit
Jeff Mayo (11 months ago)
Pam Elliot's kinds Hot !
franimal007 (1 year ago)
Sounds like clay need to have a talk with his family and get them working. Unions are the blame.
synthartist69 (1 year ago)
For all of you idiots blaming the unions, the ONLY reason you work 5 days a week, 8hrs a day and have health coverage and benefits are because of unions. The unions got the benefit program started and then non union employers had to compete with that and now it is just the norm. I think Mexican companies that built inferior shit are all non union which explains why their wages are 2.00 an hour there.. or less.
synthartist69 (1 year ago)
Thanks to NAFTA and foreign auto imports.
Samy Adwan (1 year ago)
Ford company took them
Ken Price (1 year ago)
Well, these "workers" never worked for the company anyway. They worked for the "union." They would strike the company that signed their checks, destroy property and machines and throw hissy fits until they "got their way." So, go find a "union" that will hire you.
Gary Brown (8 months ago)
Ken Price uaw auto workers have a contract with the company. Any deviation from the contract by employees starts steps towards termination. Why wouldn't you expect the company to have to live up to its end?
Jeff Mullinix (11 months ago)
Ken Price your a fool in believing in the Republican lie .
Ken K (1 year ago)
trump is our last hope to save America. trump is our elected president and deserves our utmost respect and support. the rich will never let us vote away their wealth. politics is theater, like wrestling. both parties are bought and paid for by the same elites . trump is just outside the box enough to scare the crap out of the business as usual DC swamp rats
Tyco Bandit (4 months ago)
The Unknown Rider meanwhile 2 months after your post Lordstown is... moraine.
Harley FLH Rider (7 months ago)
Animesh Das you should now realize that Trump has actually done something that will help . Nafta was the biggest problem and why so many people lost good jobs. Trump has effectively renegotiated nafta with Mexico and now it will force places like GM to pay higher wages to mexican workers if they continue to build in Mexico. Gm will now have to pay better higher wage where before it’s whole purpose in moving plants to Mexico was to pay low wages. I find it rather amusing when someone talks about Trump giving only Corporate tax cuts . 1st Trump has made it desirable for companies to stay in America with it’s now 15% corporate tax ( was 35%). If you tax a company so high as our Government had been doing then Companies move overseas ( china for example) where corporate tax may be 10% . 2. If you raise taxes on Corporations that employee thousands of workers who do you think is really gonna get the short end of the stick? The workers are because that means pay raises that were gonna be given are now gonna be used to pay for higher government tax and that means stagnated pay scales and or businesses leaving to cheaper tax rates overseas or across the border. Trump being a Billionaire has absolutely nothing to do with anything but does mean he understands business better than anybody in Congress etc. since he is a self made Billionaire! I will take a Billionaire Business man over a Big mouth Do nothing Community organizer any day anytime. Look around and and see factories are starting to reopen and all those who said Great wasn’t possible because those days have long gone are the same people who want Americans to depend on government assistance so they can control aspects of ones life!
Animesh Das (1 year ago)
you do realize that trump himself is a billionaire, he has never seen poverty. He has no idea about the issues faced by people in minimum wage jobs. And he appointed business leaders to his cabinet. And together they gave large tax cuts to rich people. I am surprised that he has fooled poor people to think that he can solve their problems.
Russell Mostrom (1 year ago)
I like how no one talks about automation! That's prob half the problem, a machine on a program can do what several people on an assembly line once did.
DeSean Smith (1 year ago)
I can relate to these two former GM employees because I was a UAW employee who lost my job after 11years on the job.
Aunt Kitty Hashtag (11 months ago)
DeSean Smith So sorry you lost your job. Weren't you able to transfer to some other plant? What state are you in?
Zorro Alphonso (1 year ago)
As usual the US swine is blaming the victims: "high salary" of US workers ... But US swine overlooks the fact that capitalists go where labor is cheaper. So as US workers cannot live on a Mexican wage, auto capitalists go to Mexico to make even more profit!
bullfranthrow (2 years ago)
This is just more evidence of the New World Order. Until you dumb white mutherfuckas and dumb black mutherfuckas realize that you have a common enemy, then you're in big trouble.
w s (2 years ago)
Does anyone think that electing the people who created the outsourcing problem will fix the problem?
Politically Incorrect (2 years ago)
When u see an asshole in a Toyota. Thank them for killing American jobs
WeThePeople (1 year ago)
w s my Toyota is made in America using American parts.
bandittweintraub (1 year ago)
Jeffrey Johnson Toyotas are built in the US
ModernMuscleCar (2 years ago)
That Toyota was likely made in America by American workers.....
w s (2 years ago)
There are more American parts in my Toyota than in a big three nameplate who's parts mostly come from China.
Bruce Burns (2 years ago)
Before the Global financial crisis created by giving loans to people that did not have the means to pay it back , General Motors had 600,000 yes that's right six hundred thousand retired workers on pensions paid out of GM profits , when the men died their wives continued to collect , so natural when their only profitable line of autos the high end trucks and SUV's stopped selling , no money , so the whole problem was caused by the Unions , excessive wages and conditions meant that there was not enough money put back into new product and we all know what happened after  , the Unions have been put in their place they are now profitable and have a lot of good well made product now , so never allow the Unions to dictate again .
mathew mann (2 years ago)
Dumb Americans, your own unions demanding outrageous salaries have forced these plants to close
Zorro Alphonso (1 year ago)
Not dumb! You cannot live in the USA with a wage of a Mexican. So it's outrageously low salaries in Mexico which attracts the US capitalists to go there, not the other way around. So US capitalists take the jobs with them blaming the US workers for demanding decent salaries!
Michael Lambert (2 years ago)
True in many ways, but NAFTA was the real problem. No US manufacturer can compete with Mexican wages.
Justin Noker (2 years ago)
Sad to know these were the people that built my SUV :(
Kevin J C Mcg (3 years ago)
Some are working in small auto shops in Englewood, FL
Kevin J C Mcg (2 years ago)
Many laid-off UAW workers are working small shop in Englewood, Port Charlotte, FL area.
Leroy Brown (3 years ago)
Does GM health care coverage cover the cost of penile enlargement surgery?
Donald Trump (1 year ago)
Eric Jones i doubt it but i dont think there's coverage for Ugly! Sorry dude
Ob Fuscated (3 years ago)
Skilled trades cannot expect to stay in doomed areas. Companies can build new plant in greenfield sites far cheaper than demolishing infrastructure in very old cities, so they do. Energy costs in northern areas are expensive. It's sad, but when a ship sinks get as far away as possible. When it takes on water, prepare to get as far away as possible.
+Ob Fuscated The problem you are missing is many fold: 1. The Envoy GM350 vehicle that was built in Moraine was "replaced" by the Equinox / Theta set of cars in the 2nd gen and or the "Lambda " = Outlook / Enclave / Acadia / Traverse etc etc etc. In many ways, the vehicle and or plant didnt need to close. 1. They often put another hundred million dollars into a plant for retooling for a facelift, or a new model. 2. Closing Moraine, to open or build another plant somewhere else is a concept mired in political policy with the juice of money running as the cogs.... not "simply" bullshit things like Energy costs... or greenfield sites. Just like when Ford decided to shut the Doraville GA plant, because the Taurus was being put out to pasture.... it was a stupid move. Bill Ford Jr soon hired Alan Mulally from Boeing and ----righted the company again. Putting together 3 cars that previously existed and had them built in a factory close to Chicago involving one of them called Taurus, that would spawn 4+ other cars on the P2 / D3 + frame.... So in short..... Titanic didnt need to sink. She could have turned a different direction. She could have slowed down... Ya need to learn more about the mechanics of what happened... than spout comments that have no merit.
john schober (3 years ago)
The Federal Goverment should have never bailed out these Companies.
Zorro Alphonso (1 year ago)
There is no "federal government" but a stooge of big business aka captitalists.
Zorro Alphonso (1 year ago)
The US régime is a stooge of the Capitalists. So with taxpayers hard won money, they "bail out" bankrupt banks and automakers, which happen to be laying off workers, Quite nice!
powerwindow2 (3 years ago)
say what you want about gm or their products (i drive a dodge).  this film will tear your heart out.   i don't know how i could handle putting my soul and craftsmanship into something i could be proud of only to have somebody tell me to stop.  yes....those vehicles were probably never car of the year.  but on the same note, if you ask me to build you a rubic's cube i'm gonna build you the best g damn rubic's cube you that i am able to build.  pride doesn't exist in modern day labor.
Red Acura (1 year ago)
powerwindow2 Dodge makes terrible vehicles too
123456 not (3 years ago)
Blame unions for this ?
123456 not (3 years ago)
I was part of the teamsters and when they shut down the factory ,they just show up and bring some sheets with information about other companies ,where we can go and try to be hire..yea you are right unions sometimes destroy companies
largol33t1 (3 years ago)
+Juan Rodriguez Absolutely! I remember hearing on the news every few months about unions whining about something. They hated the pay. They hated the working hours. They claimed the factories (um, ALL of the factories) were "unsafe" and had nothing to prove so. The UAW is a parasite. There should be laws to shut down unions since I have yet to see what they do to justify their existence. My dad worked in Germany for a few years and unions there were a NIGHTMARE. They disrupted his office many times and sometimes, workers showed up after clearing taking drugs but the company couldn't fire them. Ridiculous.
David Termini (3 years ago)
In Mexico
R Miller (4 years ago)
Outsourcing labor will effect each household in USA not the 1 percent elite who do you blame Unions , what an excuse. stole Slave labor off the real black jews, now USA NWO AND WILL BE IN RUINS ....LOOK AROUND YOU ...NATURES GODS WILL GET IT RIGHT ...REPENT, 10 COMMANDMENTS. TAKE HEED
ironhorzmn (4 years ago)
Thank you United Auto Workers. You thought the auto companies had nowhere else to go. You were wrong.
don schofield (4 years ago)
facts! the prices of fuel Make or Break The World! a Price lock should be inforsed Now! but? raise the Price of fuel& kick the US out on the street and send our jobs over seas? then allow more cars and trucks from other nations? who now pays their children to go through school and collage? who pays for their medical ? who pays for their house payments?who pays for their car payments? who pays for their son's football ,base ball and basket ball - clothes transportation? or band practice? who pays for the fuel to hunt for jobs ? who pays for their home insurance / life insurance?up keep on all the things to maintain ?all these things are DRAMATIC! SO WHAT IS NEXT? no more Oldsmobiles! or Pontiacs! so what is the plan now? who is to blame! who will be in hell screaming! who is playing the world for death and destruction? Oh? so thin: how long will the keep the prices of fuel low? or wait until every one gets a new home? and then through the world into another grate depression? so that the rich buy everything up for pennies on the dollar! and then build up on their massive credit? billions and billions depend on our work here in the US ! The money Wheel is in whose favor? the worker or the crook in the white house? who is in the pockets of the so very rich and careless! Who will Be asking A bum To Wet His Finger and dip it into his moth in hell? Luke 16; 20-23!
MRAM UDAMDANE (3 years ago)
Hot dogs pancakes we eat at home. Sales to pan handlers. Dealers choice. U in on it?
Gusli Kokle (4 years ago)
Summary of this: The experience of working at GM/Ford/Chrysler qualifies you for nothing useful or profitable at any non-union company once GM/Ford/Chrysler's cheap crap stops selling. Depending on experience at GM/Ford/Chrysler for any kind of employable future is like depending on a lifeboat with a hole in it in the middle of the North Atlantic.
MMM MMM (3 years ago)
I'm working at Chrysler now, and I worry about this. But the guy is an electrician, that's a skilled trade, shouldn't he be able to find work somewhere?!!
mikeshotrodshop (4 years ago)
True! Your resume might read something like this: 15 years experience installing the left rear door panel on a GM blah blah. ........................................................
IR Spec (4 years ago)
All boneheads.  All those people hated those jobs and hated GM.  How do I know ?  I worked 3 years at a GM plant to pay for college.  Every day the same thing.  "Poor me, my poor kids, I am a victim, GM is horrible, the union is always right, I don't make enough money".  Now those bozos are shopping at the dollar store for off brand soup and SPAM to feed their kids.  Breaks me up every time I think about them.  I'm sure Obama will save them, though.
Mac Neoh (5 months ago)
williamh1324 I made $25.20/hour.
Cleo Vidrine (1 year ago)
IR Spec. They did the same at Motorola. Where my mom worked they were more.interested in sabotage all the equipment. So they closed the plant down went to china. You are your own worst​ enemy
williamh1324 (1 year ago)
IR Spec gm workers make insane money buddy
richard skopyk (4 years ago)
Transfer of wealth. The rich are richer because they moved $40 labor to $4 without pension, safety or basic human rights. They would like to do the same with education, aerospace, lawyers... but it will take some time, just be patient.
SuperBigblue19 (4 years ago)
24yrs on the job and doing in a non-union plant what would be a entry level job or close to one. But probably making 80k+ a yr  so no need to improve ones position in the company.  Just like what they built, mediocrity and unions go hand in hand.
RoadRacerGT (5 years ago)
overpaid low skill workers
Sell Alien (2 months ago)
Fuck you
Mac Neoh (5 months ago)
Alex's Bikes and Motors your time isn't valuable
Gary Brown (8 months ago)
Zorro Alphonso these jobs moved to Texas.
Peter Coster (1 year ago)
RoadRacerGT you are wrong about being overpaid
I was amazed to find out they make like $18 an hour. I would do that job for $12
Rickugg (5 years ago)
I feel like its the last truck for America, not just them. SAD  The people we voted into office destroyed it.
Rickugg (4 years ago)
80 years ago people needed unions bad. The Unions are no different than the Big Banks. I was in the union, I just retired. I heard the story's of how the people were treated before the union came in, the Company treated the people like shit. You are dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. A person in the family worked in a Coal mine and carried a pistol in his lunch box in the 30,s and 40,s, that's how bad it was in the Coal fields in W VA. I guess you got a better plan.
Anon Omous (4 years ago)
Your UNIONS backed them, and got them elected...
MrkmTrainFAN (5 years ago)
This guy is a fighter...He has character....Someone give him a job!
Ponyboy8877 (5 years ago)
So what is going to happen when we have WW3....besides asking China to make all our tanks, bombs, and other gear?!
s wilson (5 years ago)
YES I know it is stupid not to care about your own people that is what kills me and it will come back on the governments sooner or later and it is already started like DETRIOT
astromanism (5 years ago)
astromanism (5 years ago)
right on they created all of this shit!!!! Who gave China most favored nations trade status. the government.. Who set up GATT and NAFTA? The federal government. Who is not protecting the borders? The Federal Government. Who is advocating a race war???? The Federal Government. GET RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND THE ZIONISTS WHO ARE RUNNING THIS COUNTRY AND RUINING IT!!!!! THAT IS FACT FOLKS.
Gary Brown (8 months ago)
astromanism these jobs moved to Texas, not china. They shut an SUV plant in Mexico too. All the work went to Texas.
signal44 (5 years ago)
Then you got shorted , we all retired from FORD at around 48-52 and we all make at least $4,980.00 per month , plus full benefit package , plus we had a partial buyout.
Glen Dooer (5 years ago)
100 yrs of dud president's ,war mongering dud's , psychopaths running, ruining the country now you can never get out of debt..take it out on the feds.
s wilson (5 years ago)
Stop buying products from china and every North American would be working it is our own faults for letting the governments and companies get away with this shit letting American companies move and sign contracts for products with China India and any other 3rd world country with shit wages and child labor
mr1nutwonder (5 years ago)
lets not forget the unions that won't let them.
drfalcon4102 (5 years ago)
I always thought if you were a member of the union,, the union took care of you,,, kinda like the goverment taking care of the 47% of people who are to lazy to get off there ass and work
Gary Brown (8 months ago)
drfalcon4102 I am a 20yr uaw-gm worker. If a plant closes, those folks have the option to move to another gm facility. I speak from experience. I also work with folks from moraine in Flint Michigan.
misterjgl (5 years ago)
Sad but u don't see them Fat Cats(CO,Executives, )suffering they got their millions stacked away
RoadRacerGT (6 years ago)
A ex GM got a job in a grocery store near me....he was worthless ...got canned.
63mrl (6 years ago)
Man, I feel for the gent. I'm not in the auto industry however many industrial manufacturing, we move on and continue to learn to master different technologies. I looking for work also. Keep the faith.
Now that truck well cost way more than a regular truck ,just another gift to the company owner more for them none for the workers ,
seahorse1945 (6 years ago)
The better cars are most often RWD - having better features, better comfort/ride, not necessarily better handling and most often a very big price tag as only the higher expendable income people can afford to buy them. Trucks are another example of the same- the better designed the more expensive, but I can't think of any that are fwd .
seahorse1945 (6 years ago)
Start your own business!
seahorse1945 (6 years ago)
Wrong richard ed - BMW etc make rwd cars because they are better designs period and they don't cut corners on their designs- it is by no means for handling only as it costs considerably more money to build a rear differential and a high quality transmission than to build a transaxle the way vw, Ford, GM ,chrysler, fiat etc build their "cars for the masses". Lincoln town cars have never been fwd -nor have the Navigator suv's been- the poorly designed Continentals that were fwd were junk
Andrew Donohue (6 years ago)
it sucks bad, but no one really offers a pension anymore. i work in a major food producing factory. in the last couple of years they got rid of our pensions, they weren't that great to begin with but now we get nothing. thats the way America is in 2012, screw they small guy.
David Chatman (6 years ago)
@ "seahorse1945"--How can you say that pensions are the biggest killer of the auto industry when GM and the UAW negotiated to reduce a retirees pension to $49.50 when they reach their sixty-third (63) birthdate? This only adds to the rolls of Social Security payments. Those workers who worked for thirty (30) or more years get literally nothing after taxes now.
vaguy78 (7 years ago)
@seahorse1945 Ummm no. BMW and Mercedes don't make rear wheel drive cars because they are easier to fix. They make rear wheel drive cars because of the superior handling characteristics. And in case you haven't noticed, all Lincoln cars lately except the Town Car are FWD.
seahorse1945 (7 years ago)
UAW Pensions are the single biggest killer of the US auto industry as we know it --The Japanese companies don't pay pensions
seahorse1945 (7 years ago)
If the same car were a rear wheel drive, you would have a relatively easy repair Without removing the whole drive-train (the same reason Mercedes,BMW, Lincoln, and All pickup trucks Don't have frontwheeldrive - it isn't as durable and as a result of the inaccessibilty of the front of the engine(belts etc) it costs alot more to make basic repairs. You think about it : remove the radiator and ac condenser or remove the entire engine and trans-axle just to replace seals. Try it in your garage.
seahorse1945 (7 years ago)
When a good running & tight 2001Mercury w/ a 4 cylinder engine has 160 k miles on it and the dealer wants $2300 .00 USD to replace the oil seals on front of the engine (plus the water pump) your talking a damn near unrepairable vehicle. Why, you may ask.Because they will have to take the engine/fwd trans-axle out together in order to do a job they will warranty. So, is FWD better? No, it just costs more for You to repair &at the same time Cheaper For the Auto Manufacturer to build
seahorse1945 (7 years ago)
(cont'd) or had a manual transmission. The durable older cars and pickups that were built to be tough and get good fuel economy were easily ( and cheaply)rebuilt for continued service. Today, the fwd econo box mentality of the USA auto industry has concentrated on safety and MPG, not durability. Today, if you want MPG and durability, buy a diesel pickup and keep it 10 years, or buy a VW, BMW,etc - the rest of the vehicle designs out their are too expensive for what you can get out of them .
seahorse1945 (7 years ago)
The "balance" in sensible car building in America seems way out of wack to me. The only vehicles America car makers built in the past 40 plus years that could hold up to the test of time were the more highly engineered w/ tried and true engine-transmission-rear differential "packaged" vehicles ( exception-GM's FWD v8 Cadillacs) . The ones that had engines that didn't have to work at 85% of their capacity to get the vehicle moving, and 2 speed or 3 speed heavy duty automatic transmissions
MrOphachew (7 years ago)
The UAW bitched and griped themselves out of jobs. The U AW is simply a parasite trying to suck what last bit of life they can out of their dying host.
Nic S (7 years ago)
@circusboy90210 I agree with you i do not think they are over paid at all
circusboy90210 (7 years ago)
@MrSupertwo would rather have a Cadillac than a Mercedes any day of the week, however prefer the Lincoln town car to even that. have driven almost every luxury car known to man. the Mercedes just looks and feels clunky and there are diminishing returns for the amount of cost involved.
circusboy90210 (7 years ago)
@ntstick06 workers producing a new vehicle are not over payed even if they were payed $300 per hour . the amount of productivity the automotive plant dwarf the employees cost. the average hours per car is about 23 human hours robotics cost really do not enter into the equation.
circusboy90210 (7 years ago)
@MrSupertwo your words explian how it's nt the same engine. push rods are good for certain applications, we are not building a f1 car here. I'm a real mechanic I deal with real world problems not the penny anty bs a dealership gets. I rebuild entire vehicles not just parts of the drivtrain. tell me what does rolls royce meril use? overhead cams or pushrods? mexico makes dam good guitars and other stuff.
MrSupertwo (7 years ago)
And, if you're talking about dollar for dollar, ok. GM puts a lot of Bells and Whistles in their cars. Not as many Chrysler, but, they do. If that's what you mean, sure... Whatever. But, you walk into a GM Dealership, and look at the Shit the Mechanics have to fight with. I've been there in the trenchs, I know the product VERY WELL.
MrSupertwo (7 years ago)
@circusboy90210 Yeah, it is the same engine. They've put an adjustable cam sprocket on the front of it, added a few sensors, added a coil on plug ignition system, but, it's the same Shitty Push-Rob V6 as the old. So you tell me, what are the many things that are different that make it NEW??? It still has Intake Manifold leaks, and, it still uses the same shitty old made in Mexico crank sensors that fail. It's not just crap, it's FUCKEN CRAP. And, because China buys it does not mean it's good.
circusboy90210 (7 years ago)
@MrSupertwo no it's not the same engine many things are different if you were a mechnic you would know this. the malibu??? gm was strong enough purchase many other other brands and created the most profiable brands ever like hummer , and caddilac. if gm is such crap why is china the leading importer of these brands? I drive many different cars whenever possible and dollar for dollar the american car is best when all things are taken into account.
MrSupertwo (7 years ago)
@circusboy90210 American's make the best deal for the dollar? Seriously? GM's been making Shit for years. Only in the last few have they come up with the Malibu, and, when you look under that shiney new valve cover, it's the same piece of shit 2.8L V6 that was in the Grand Am in 1986. Puhlease.
D0lly3447 (7 years ago)
@gopconservative78 Worked at GM. Did the analysis. I think your labor cost estimate is a bit high. Our TOTAL plant cost (excluding material) was less than that.
curtis7690 (7 years ago)
my truck frame manufacturing plant closed in 2005 being one of the first dominos to fall,luckly i have another job & last autumn I made a delivery to the new owners eg only part of the plant was torn down so it was quiet an interesting delivery.
RetroCaptain (7 years ago)
Good day These factory closings have been going on up here for last 30yrs..went WILD riiight after "free trade"...now with "global trade" workers are "finished". We cannot compete! We cannot have a home & NOT HEAT IT..the pipes FREEZE! NO veggies grow in Winter. We cannot work for 0.25/HR There are industrial ghost towns up here now. Dad/Mom apply for same crappy min wage jobs as their kids now...the Food Banks are depended on now not anymore a temporary help. How do you run a Country this way?
Lucky Strike (7 years ago)
@Lockemeister I feel your pain.Got most bugs out around 35K.Electronic 4x4 selector went out at 55K $900.00 repair job.Manual 4by selector N/A from Factory any more.Anti lock went out @ 60K,I'll just fish tail it til next brake job.Front lens pop off fog lamp,replacement lamp $100 screw it,made my own lens $5 Turned 70K this week and all is well. 3rd set of shocks will be more firm to get rid of that bounce you talk about.Still on my 1st set of brakes that's good.
Lockemeister (7 years ago)
@ENCO12357 I had a 2000 Silverado for about 8 months. Bought brand new, Problems were antilock brakes would wrongly engage but GM had stated no problems, and the pedal would go to the floor w/o warning, rear window leaking had to be repaired twice by dealer,. Had bent rim, all four tires had to be replaced by dealer, had torque convertor chudder which the dealer said could not be fixed. Truck also had a weird bouncing feel to the ride. I traded it in, for a used car and lost money
Roscoe Dogg (1 year ago)
Why did the tires need to be replaced?
circusboy90210 (7 years ago)
@SeymourButtz99 sorry but the camaro is not junk, neither is the corvette, cadillac?? yeah the chineses are buying the fuck out that one. what happened was the feds gave a mandate for gm to make eco shit boxes nobody wanted, then when that backfired, the feds tried to say it was the gas guzzlers nobody wanted not selling. nothing could be further from the truth. americans make the best deal for the dollar, twice a big with just as good fuel economy as a honda and 4 times the power and safety.
circusboy90210 (7 years ago)
@gopconservative78 materials cost is even less than that. I have friends in middle management over there at gm. those other cost are very minimal compared to the profit involved. I have done a economic analysis on ever business I've ever operated and many that have interested me. your conjecture on my lifestyle skillset and experience are laudible, haha not. the only overpayed people at gm are the ceos who perform no function other than glue to keep the whole thing running smoothly.
circusboy90210 (7 years ago)
@gopconservative78 hahaha whatever. insane?? more like pennies compared to the value their labor creates. do the math $48k vehicle cost $3500 in labor. finished vehicle off the line every 3 minutes 24/7/365 , thoe people are highly underpaid. oh union jobs have drug test on a random basis so dope smoking is not an option. you logic is flawed sir.
circusboy90210 (7 years ago)
@nhoogen1 oh the average wage cost of a that $40k vehicle is a bout $3500 so no the cost of the worker is not too high it's not even close to fair, we could pay our auto workers $150/hour with benefits and still be more than profitable enough. get a clue sir you are being lied to by executive that think the money is theirs when if fact they are nothing but people put in place by the real worker, the welder and assembly people. work makes a company not pushing paper.
circusboy90210 (7 years ago)
Roscoe Dogg (1 year ago)
It seemed workers on the assembly line made a fair share of the profit.
circusboy90210 (7 years ago)
what an idiot you don't sell your tools for a short term need, maybe he should not have tried to help everybody and went into photo journalism harder.
Lucky Strike (7 years ago)
@daddyoca69 My brother followed me when I told him not to and ended finishing assembly of his 2010 Silverado truck himself with a tube of Permatex glue cause the door gaskets kept falling off. his Truck was assembled in Mexico and I bet that didn't help either. Took me four years to get all the bugs out of my 2000. I have a 1/2" stack of dealer work orders. only good thing is motor,trans,& brakes. Never will hand G.M.32K again.
Lucky Strike (7 years ago)
@daddyoca69 As of today Ford F-250 is assembled in Louisville, Ky. Engine and trans are also made in U.S.A. Think I'll pass on Obama's Government Motors this time. Happy new year!!
Allante715 (7 years ago)
@daddyoca69 Problem was no one was buying GM cars at that time. They were poorly designed and poorly executed. You can blame the production workers, but they build what they are told to build. Management seems to always escape the blame.
Capt. Beak (7 years ago)
Questions about how I came up with 100K. If you take the wage is about 60 K (30/hr for 2080 hours or 40 a week), 5K for overtime, value of health insurance (don't know exactly I'm government plan is NOT as good as GM) 30K for a family plan, Retirement is about 7,500 (figuring 11.5% like the state plan costs, again GM is better than state). That's about 100K, I grew up outside a GM town (Lansing MI) most folks I new got more than 100 hours a year OT unless they were in the parts plant.
Allante715 (7 years ago)
Lol GM moraine was not UAW it was IUE-CWA. Misinformation is great.
Allante715 (7 years ago)
@fk4515 Who the fuck made over 100k without being a skilled tradesman (electrican, tool and die maker, ect..) Jesus Christ
xxxBxxx (7 years ago)
no job lasts forever ,,,,
Nic S (7 years ago)
@TheHulahulahula i would like people like you to explain to me why a factory worker on the floor shouldn't make a decent wage but management should? So if its ok to out source cheaper labor why not out source cheaper management? Why dont we hire Japanese CEOs for 1mill a year instead of american ones for 100mill a year. I mean if you think its ok to do this to union workers why not do it to management
Capt. Beak (7 years ago)
Well the government added all these requirements to our vehicles for gas mileage and emissions and crash and .... and got the price of cars so high the average person doesn't buy a new car every two or three years. It makes sense if we keep our cars twice as long you only need half the auto workers to build our cars good bye 100K/year unskilled labor jobs.
TJC450 (7 years ago)
They made the last truck my fave truck a GMC Envoy Denali in WHITE!
Lucky Strike (7 years ago)
Now that GM trucks are made in Mexico. I will never buy another GM truck again, so help me God.
Roscoe Dogg (1 year ago)
Ford and Ram are made in Mexico also.  Kind of limits your choices.
David V (8 years ago)
Everyone is entitiled to work a goob and be paid a decent pay for the work they do.

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