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Steve Souders' Ignite presentation, "The Illusion of Speed", at Velocity 2013.

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Steve Souders' Ignite presentation, "The Illusion of Speed", at Velocity 2013.
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1cityandcolour1 (2 years ago)
Fiat never claimed that the Sport button makes the 500 any faster. It reduces the influence of the power steering and the range of movement of the gas pedal
Presentation Maestro (3 years ago)
intriguing video...
Jeff Frick (5 years ago)
Watch Steve's theCUBE Interview here Steve Souders - O'Reilly Velocity Conference 2013 - theCUBE 
Brad Canham (5 years ago)
Steve's presentation is a great kick-off piece for a wider discussion about how data and perception can be used together to inform decision making
seamonstersees (5 years ago)
The elevator mirror story in this video could be false. The story is a lateral thinking example appearing in many old education, business books, etc. Recently, UX books adopted the story portraying it as truth. But no data that it improved UX can be found. No NYC crosswalk button data either. Although I understand the intention of the presentation, it provides opinions than facts. But I'm sure Google conducts usability studies always because the reality can be far different from your opinion.
1cityandcolour1 (2 years ago)
I feel like half the video consists of urban legends
Skaterkid41O (5 years ago)
That was a great presentation
Daniel Hudson (5 years ago)
Impressive presentation! Great food for thought about expectation management and design thinking.
Jackie L (5 years ago)
Ppl like beating expectations =)

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