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Don't Stop Me Now - Tina Turner Soul Style Queen Cover ft. Melinda Doolittle

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**Download the song on our album "33 Resolutions Per Minute: http://smarturl.it/pmj33 Get tix to see PMJ on tour: http://smarturl.it/tourpmjyt The phenomenal Melinda Doolittle stopped by our Nashville #PMJtour show and stunned the audience with her vocals - here's our Tina Turner / "Proud Mary" style take on a true classic by Queen. The Band: Melinda Doolittle - vocals https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMelindaDoolittle http://www.instagram.com/mdoolittle http://www.twitter.com/mdoolittle Rayvon Owen - backup vocals http://www.youtube.com/rayvonowen http://www.facebook.com/rayvonowen http://www.instagram.com/rayvonowen Briana Lee - backup vocals http://www.instagram.com/brianaleevocals Lemar Guillary - trombone http://www.instagram.com/lemarguillary Danny Janklow - sax http://www.instagram.com/dannyjanklow Jonathan Richards - bass http://www.instagram.com/jonathanrichardsmusic Martin Diller - drums http://www.instagram.com/drummer510 (half of) Scott Bradlee - piano http://www.instagram.com/scottbradlee http://www.twitter.com/scottbradlee http://www.facebook.com/scottbradleemusic Peri / Snap: @scottbradlee See Postmodern Jukebox LIVE: http://smarturl.it/tourpmjyt | Tickets On Sale NOW for the US/Canada, UK, Europe, Australia/NZ, Asia — find over 100 dates on sale right NOW! Postmodern Jukebox’s Home On The Web: http://smarturl.it/pmjwebyt Join the PMJ Inner circle! New Videos, Tour Dates & More: http://smarturl.it/pmjsignupyt Shop our Vintage Swag: http://smarturl.it/shoppmjyt
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Text Comments (1199)
Lucho Alejandro (2 days ago)
cristóvão ribeiro (13 days ago)
Amazing! Still waiting for the Bohemian Rhapsody cover tho!
Humanimal (15 days ago)
Wowww !! Bravo ! :)
Dona Braniff Roughley (17 days ago)
Excellent!! Do more queen songs please.
G3r4 match (23 days ago)
Saranno pure brave ma Freddie è inimitabile...lasciate perdere ci sono le originali che bastano e avanzano.
Daniel Appleton (1 month ago)
She does a Queen cover then adds Tina Turner's influence. That's alchemy !
Español Galaico (1 month ago)
aaaaaaamooooooo este canal!!!! lo amo ! I LOVE THIS CHANEL !!! aaaaaaoooooooOOOOOOOoooooAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooo
felix setiawan (2 months ago)
<3 woo hoo !!!!!!
Bayu Angga Satrio (2 months ago)
That bass line!!
Alex Goldblatt (2 months ago)
This is a very pleasant type of style
N. Loginov (2 months ago)
0:40 Бу ра ти однако
Ginger Nation (2 months ago)
Oooooh my god yes
Myxounet (2 months ago)
Is it possible to have arranged chords please ?
Guilherme Campos (2 months ago)
Ali do lado a Morena 10/10
Franciene Briand (3 months ago)
Freddie Mercury is applauding from his grave
Susana Serrano (3 months ago)
William Marthe (3 months ago)
Burning thru the sky yeah !! Oh man you sing it good .......
TANAYA BEAUTY (3 months ago)
I just say wow wow wow.
Jeffrey Catap (3 months ago)
Bohemian Rhapsody brought me here 👑👑👑👑
allysa w (3 months ago)
now imagine the music with Freddie’s voice
Femme Fatale (3 months ago)
Vinicius Buscacio (3 months ago)
youtube must allow us to like a video more than 1 time
Eddieleti (3 months ago)
Tanto questa canzone si mangia ogni tipo di cover e alla fine vien fuori per quel che è, prevaricando -fortunatamente - sulle monotone atmosfere soul.
某よしえみ (3 months ago)
I love Queen very much. This is so so excited !!
Amalia Chaerani (3 months ago)
HidayatZho ouuuKevin (4 months ago)
Jones Joan Goose bumping jika mendengar
Иван Иванов (4 months ago)
Хуйня. Квин лучше
Gene Michael Atanacio (4 months ago)
"You can do what you want with my music but don't make me boring." - Freddie Mercury
Vinicius Buscacio (4 months ago)
I love Melinda since Idol. I wonder why she isn't more famous. She totally deserves it.
Roberta Roberts (4 months ago)
Piano Hammers (4 months ago)
Guys, PLEASE come to Brazil!! São Paulo =D.
Doc Lefty (4 months ago)
I needed this song today. Thank you.
James Petts (4 months ago)
Tigers defying the laws of gravity? Now, when did you last see a levitating tiger...?
psychoz амебы (4 months ago)
такая няшка песня
Flannery Monaghan-Morrs (5 months ago)
I would’ve loved to have seen a queen and Tina turner collaboration when Freddie was still alive!
The Lucky Packet (5 months ago)
Great rendition. Does the song justice.
Kamill Litkowiec (5 months ago)
ivan kaktum87 (5 months ago)
have no words .......... simply unique and unforgattable
SK Themermaid (5 months ago)
I remember when this came out two years ago, and I still absolutely love it. It's my go to happy song to dance to dramatically with my friends.
Wow wow wow wow her voice is amazing!!!!
MsDivaKelli (5 months ago)
Pretty sure Freddie would have approved of this version... Queen is my favorite band, so thank you for doing this song justice! WONDERFUL!!!!!
Jean-Pierre Durrant (5 months ago)
Brilliant. Very difficult to do, but very well executed. Class!!!
johnnyborealis (5 months ago)
is it wrong to like this more than the original?
dschonsie (4 months ago)
liking is always a good thing, hate never
notablegoat (5 months ago)
Best pep talk I ever got
Saecookie (5 months ago)
0Aidan0Lynch0 (5 months ago)
Right now i have a horrible heartache because of a broke up, one of the toughest times ever in my life. But this song made me feel a little better and it made me forget my problems for 4 minutes. Thank you :')
S S (6 months ago)
I think freddie created this song right after snorting coke
Vincent Cantar (6 months ago)
Love it!!!
Adriano Dias (6 months ago)
Super, super, super! 😀 😍👍🤙🙏
Trần Đình Trung (6 months ago)
You have such a fantastic voice !!
Bzh W (6 months ago)
[(half of) Scott Bradlee - piano].............LOL !!!
Smart TV (6 months ago)
Jesus Fish Lish (6 months ago)
Wow! I'm blown away....
Theresa A. (6 months ago)
You know you’re making something good when there’s at least one person behind the featured singer(s) who’s grinning through the whole thing. In this case, there’s that sax player. He’s so jazzed to be there! And that’s how I know that this is some good shit, right here.
Arcadius 256 (6 months ago)
I made the mistake of listening to this while studying, it played randomly in the playlist... Nothing can stop me from watching this!
Xier Nair (6 months ago)
it's refreshing
Hugh Mungus (6 months ago)
I grew up in the ‘70’s listening to Queen. It was my favorite band and this was one of my favorite songs. Years ago, my boyfriend at the time ruined this song for me saying “it reminds me of a bad high school musical song”. Ruined! Thank you for bringing it back to life and adding such a soulful spin to it! Beautiful!
Tamaña originalidad en la extensión de la palabra.Simplemente genial.
dschonsie (7 months ago)
freddie: 'fuck me, this was glorious, darling!'
2kimports (7 months ago)
Sean of the dead haha
Sh¡¡FFer (7 months ago)
its crazy i love her voice so muchh
Rosaria Dewi (7 months ago)
I dont know he original song but this is sooo good!!
Gosh I dunno what to say... I love Queen and this rendition is simply amazing. Makes me wanna go out and sing. My tears can't stop. Yes, I appreciate music that much.
Ananga Malatesta (8 months ago)
Just in love with her voice!! such an amazing song!
Kamil Chłosta (8 months ago)
I like it, but Freddy didn't left a lot room for an improvement
puguh waluyo (8 months ago)
this is fuckin awesome
Alicja Majkowska (8 months ago)
I really want to have a karaoke of this 🙏🙏🙏😫
Alicja Majkowska (8 months ago)
Best version ever !
Anthony Potter (8 months ago)
cindaflame (8 months ago)
oh...I loved her! Love her still..she's amazing!
Ricardo Soares (8 months ago)
perfect !!!! I loved this arrange
Drew Landis (8 months ago)
Reminds me of the Foxes version that was done for Doctor Who. But this one is just amazing.
Karay Karayev (8 months ago)
Freddie Mercury sang this song better...
i wish freddie see this, he gonna love this <3
Josh Witt (9 months ago)
She kills!
Sarah Randall (9 months ago)
Foxes did it better...
Anna Hilbert (9 months ago)
Wow the high "good time" leading into the sax-solo gave me goosebumps!!!
Someone of no Importance (9 months ago)
The amount of fun the vocalists had, I love it when you can see everybody just absolutely jamming out
Chaylice McDonald (9 months ago)
Melinda & the entire ensemble, y'all killed it something beautiful!!
Gustavo Culcuy (9 months ago)
Son Hermosas !!!
Paksupa Chanarporn (9 months ago)
You guys are amazing
Amy Hsiao (9 months ago)
There's no stopping me loving this cover.
Rafa Díaz (9 months ago)
Liang Shichuan (9 months ago)
legit had an orgasm listening to this
Carlos Luzardo (9 months ago)
One hundred points girls
Daniel Wisniewski (9 months ago)
Why yes, it IS possible to love two versions of the same song! :D Great sound!
André Reis (9 months ago)
Just amazing!
Alexandre Henrique (9 months ago)
How do you manage to find so many awesome singers???? <3
まじめしゃちょー (10 months ago)
Sucharita Mitra (10 months ago)
Omg! The sax!!
maa2004 (10 months ago)
This is fuggin amazing. I love that sax and singer.
bluzshadez (10 months ago)
I'm at a loss for words with how beautiful this cover version is. Freddie Mercury would have loved this if he is still on this Earth.
My mind:henry using a Thompson spraying ekan’s robot and making his way to ekan and blow his head with 1911
falconette68 (10 months ago)
Fantastic version!
paulocyamamoto (10 months ago)
Geralmente os covers do Queen não são muito bons, mas esse parece melhor que o original! Nem sabia que isso era possível...
Agung Nurdian (10 months ago)
Jiří Němeček (10 months ago)
Absolute masterpiece
bo_obylady (10 months ago)
I love how the wind musicians always slowly rise up in the background. Especially the big guy. You see them enjoying themselves

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