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🤓 Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | How to Set Up a Profitable Shopify Store Step by Step in 2018!

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Kevin David (1 month ago)
Shopify Ninja Course + UNLIMITED Mentorship From Kevin: 👉 http://bit.ly/ShopifyNinjaCourse (CLOSING SOON!!) YouTube Exclusive Launch Promo = “NINJA500” (50% OFF!) Shopify Ninja Course + UNLIMITED Mentorship From Kevin: 👉 http://bit.ly/ShopifyNinjaCourse (CLOSING SOON!!) YouTube Exclusive Launch Promo = “NINJA500” (50% OFF!) ★☆★ DISCOUNTED Shopify 21 Day Free Trial ★☆★ https://www.shopify.com/?ref=thatlifestyleninja-llc ★☆★ Want the Real Advanced Secrets? ★☆★ http://bit.ly/FreeEComTraining
QueenCoCoaMocha (23 hours ago)
+Matthieu Carpentier always remember theres room for everyone to make money. And only less than 10% of the ppl who watched this would actually go all the way in and start a business to make money. No one is losing. Billions of ppl shopping never too saturated.
King Jin (1 day ago)
Hi CJ Dropshipping would be a good choice for dropshipping
Adorian Arastou (2 days ago)
Ive been doing the course and Im loving It sooo much, He's soo passionate about what he's teaching that gets me super excited as well. Also the way he explain things is very easy to understand and engaging! unlike some other videos out there that are so monotone that makes you fall sleep!
Dennis Schultz (10 days ago)
Kevin David illl try
matt67891000 (2 hours ago)
First hour long YouTube video I’ve ever watched!! New subscriber here. Keep the good content coming!
Daniel Gover (9 hours ago)
5 mins in and I already know this is going to be good.
pietje321 (18 hours ago)
it says that i have to pick a plan before i can disable the password? can u help me , or do i really have to pick a plan
pietje321 (14 hours ago)
Kevin David its like when i wanna disable the password for my store so that other customers can use the store it says that i need to pick a plan. But i will try the help .ty tho
Kevin David (16 hours ago)
I'm not really sure what you mean but have you tried calling the Shopify help line?👊 https://help.shopify.com/
Richard Crimes (20 hours ago)
I subscribe
Kevin David (16 hours ago)
Welcome Richard, so glad you'e here!!😉you plan to start Shopify?🤔
M.ujair (20 hours ago)
its not only tacking action. you have to be consistent about it after you don't make any sales.
Kevin David (16 hours ago)
yep, you do need to take action to start but you need to be consistent to keep making sales!😍
Sheena Colbert (23 hours ago)
This is an awesome vid thanks so much
A&K online (1 day ago)
Apps for shopify would be a great vid my man, you are the MAN...
Medhanit TUBE (1 day ago)
Wow wonderful video God bless you more and more
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Medhanit Thank you! 🔥 don't forget to check out my totally free Shopify training in the video description! 🤑
Frenchy 7 (1 day ago)
easy sub, but im concerned with the refund policy bc it says my address, would they then send their product to my house then id have to ship it back? or should i completely delete my address from the refund policy?
S.Fadairo (2 days ago)
This helped a lot 👍🏾
Double Om (2 days ago)
Great video, thank you!!
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Thanks Double Om, you planning to start Shopify??👍
Janice Johnson (2 days ago)
My other question is if you are adding products into your store from AliExpress for US dollars, how do you order them for say a Canadian who bought the product?
Janice Johnson (2 days ago)
I would like a video on what happens once a customer orders please. I’m at the point in the video of 3127.
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Janice, good suggestion but all of your questions will be answered in my course!! 😉
Richard Crimes (2 days ago)
I subscribe
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Welcome Richard, so glad you're here!! 🌟starting Shopify?? 🔥
TMichelle Smith (2 days ago)
Under Order Processing do we chose: After an order has been paid Automatically fulfill the order‘s line items Do not automatically fulfill any of the order's line items *If orders fulfilled automatically does that mean their funds are in our bank account so paid - I'm assuming Fulfilled means paid.
Kevin David (2 days ago)
I like the attitude, google and Shopify are your friends!!🤑
TMichelle Smith (2 days ago)
Just answered question. :)
AAVICI (3 days ago)
how much it cost to register with oberlo if i want to buy from them and put in my shopify?
Kevin David (2 days ago)
AAVICI, https://www.oberlo.com/ , going to start Shopify??👍
rich reilly (3 days ago)
it was going great until I couldn't load slide image. No explanation so had to leave. I really enjoyed video so far but have to go find new video for this problem.
Tara Louise (3 days ago)
this is fucking awesome
Tara Louise (2 days ago)
The Amazon success I HAVE had so far though, I owe partially to your FB ads video! So much helpful data, thank you!!
Tara Louise (2 days ago)
I do now!! Haha. I recently launched my Amazon FBA store and it's rolling, but not bringing in the hundreds of thousands that I would like just yet...I can't invest any more money so this seems like the way to go!
Kevin David (3 days ago)
Thanks Tara, so glad you're here!! 😜you plan to start Shopify??😍
LEELO_ boi (3 days ago)
dude I LOVE your vid very helpful I liked and subbed👍👌
LEELO_ boi (3 days ago)
yess man I am so excited
Kevin David (3 days ago)
Great LEELO, so glad you're here!!🌟you planning to start Shopify??😄
Vinny DulA (3 days ago)
When I click on shop now nothing is there it's all in my catalog. I want it in shop now
Kevin David (3 days ago)
Vinny, have you talked with Shopify??👍https://help.shopify.com/
G WOOD (1 day ago)
Thank you for answering Kevin, I have another question if possible? I am sometimes surprised by numbers/profits some shoppifyers are announcing. When checking on Aliexpress's orders for any type of products the most orders to be found are within 15k to 40k, which leaves me suspicious, especially considering the number of people doing dropshipping worldwide , numbers therefore don't seem to ad up. For example sun glasses : the most orders for this product is around 20k, even selling these at 30 USD doesn't amount to tens of millions and that would also be assuming you are the only one selling this product, which of course isn't the case? Thank you
Nick Stafford (1 day ago)
G WOOD this is a good point. I’m interested to see the answer.
G WOOD (4 days ago)
Hello, how many product would you recommend having on a shopify store? Thks
Kevin David (3 days ago)
G Wood, it's not only the number, it's the quality, you can do really well with just one outstanding product!👍
Quinn Maher (4 days ago)
Hello, i cant seem to get the sizing of my slide photos correct. they appear a little blurry. i tried changing pixel size but that didn't do anything. if someone could please hep me id appreciate it.
Luz Rodriguez (4 days ago)
i subscribed! :D
Jamesetta Gonzalez (4 days ago)
I would like to see a video on which shopify apps are going to change my business, when I get it running.
Maria Duckhouse (4 days ago)
I subscribed. Thank you for this video :)
Junior&Vanessa (4 days ago)
I subscribed! :)
Kevin David (4 days ago)
welcome Junior&Vanessa!! I'm happy you're both here!! 😉 you thinking about starting Shopify?? 🌞
Terry Ramsey (4 days ago)
I subscribed. Such great information. Thank you!
Kevin David (4 days ago)
Terry, so happy to have you here!! 🌟you thinking about Shopify??🤑
Jacob Hollis (4 days ago)
I subscribed
Jacob Hollis (4 days ago)
+Kevin David yea! Grinding out your content now.
Kevin David (4 days ago)
Jacob, so glad you're here!! You going to start Shopify?? 🔥
Kevin De Boever (5 days ago)
iam in
Kevin De Boever (4 days ago)
Hi, Kevin Yes i will start shopifywhen i have the buget for fb ads en now iam study for start up and look for the winning productsi got a all a shopname :-) thanks for you videos the are AMAZING en powerfullgod bless you Kevin ;-)
Kevin David (4 days ago)
Glad to have you here Kevin!! Starting Shopify??🤔
Bug_Headz Jamaica (5 days ago)
i subscribe thank you im getting started
Mindful Minutes (5 days ago)
I would love feedback on strategizes in regards to the big ecommerce giants. For an example, I browsed AliExpress via Oberlo and compared several products again Amazon, EBay, and Walmart and unfortunately, all three of those places had very similar products for much cheaper and same day or next day delivery. How can you compete with that?
Ep Cash (5 days ago)
another great video i learned a lot thumbs up
Ep Cash (4 days ago)
yes sir, lets see how this goes lol
Kevin David (4 days ago)
👍Thanks Ep Cash!! Hope this means you're thinking about starting Shopify?? 🔥
Mike Dollars (5 days ago)
Is this smartphone friendly
Kevin David (5 days ago)
always has been , yours??☎📞
Isaac Reyes (5 days ago)
I subscribed!
CRNX (5 days ago)
Have you ever been in the QA field ? I noticed you mentioned the word "use cases" that's why
Tasty Not tasty (5 days ago)
V for VALUE!
Liz Evans (5 days ago)
I subscribed and am so excited to make these changes in my store. Also, I would love to see a video on Shopify apps. Thank you so so much for the information today
Kevin David (5 days ago)
Liz, here's my apps video!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zR4TqN5xi0!! and Congrats on your store!!😍
Jason Beckett (6 days ago)
Best video on YT fullstop. Thanks! From London.
Marcin Albetzki (6 days ago)
I subscribed
ThatShiGuy (6 days ago)
I'm new dropping shipping but people are paying money for these tutorials. I just appreciate this!
Nadia Victoria (6 days ago)
Any Email Marketing Service recommendations? Is Office 365 for small businesses a good choice?
Fearless7ts (6 days ago)
How does it work, if someone isn't happy with their sell or the product breaks after few days. Do they ship the item back to you then you to aliexpress? Are refunds easy to do?
Kevin David (6 days ago)
Don't be afraid Fearless7ts, take a look at https://www.shopify.com/ for all your answers! 😍
Brian Matthews (6 days ago)
They say this is so easy but please answer me this. How do you resize (Zoom in or out) or drag a photo that you upload for your front page? I have a perfect photo but they give you no buttons to move it around or make it look good. Also How to you delete photos that are in your library that you don't need. I been stuck on this one task (The first 8 Minuets of the video for 2 days) Please help!!!!!!!!1
Jacob (7 days ago)
Hey kevin at 26:32 you made a refund policy statement in the check out section and I'm trying to do the same thing, but it's not there any more. Can you help?
Sandra Mulgado (7 days ago)
How issue transporting the items from the Ali shop to the Shopify
Daytime Sky (8 days ago)
The idea of having a shipping address terrifies me. I'm not hosting these products and shipping them, someone else is! Do we need a shipping address at all?
Taevon Thurman (8 days ago)
you should have chapter set so we can jump to the parts we need help on but this was very helpful thank you
Kevin David (7 days ago)
Maybe you can note the time stamp and create your own chapters!!😋thanks for watching!💵💸
Jonathan Johnson (8 days ago)
I subscribed!! Looking forward to implementing the concepts into my store. Great video ;)
Kevin David (7 days ago)
Glad you're here Jonathan!! 🔥
Peter H (8 days ago)
love your videos
Peter H (8 days ago)
I start like it very much and study slowly and this been my dream from I was a kid :) I always been dealing with things and sale things
Kevin David (8 days ago)
Thanks Peter!! You thinking about Shopify?? 😀
Ferdinad Kakuni (9 days ago)
is this a multi vendor
Kevin David (8 days ago)
not sure what you mean Ferdinad!?!😃
STARKE’S WORLD (9 days ago)
i subbed
Jacob (9 days ago)
Great video, thank you Kevin!
Talencio Jamaican (9 days ago)
Talencio Jamaican (8 days ago)
Kevin David right now. I wanna feel what success is. Freedom to wake up in the morning inhaling the fresh mildews to begin Money, again. Do you guarantee that I can quit my demanding 9 - 5 when I'm in this Dropshipping E-commerce?
Kevin David (8 days ago)
Talencio, welcome, glad you're here!! Interested in Shopify?😄
Anabel Raffinengo (9 days ago)
I subscribe
Kevin David (8 days ago)
Welcome Anabel, so glad you're here!! 😃 you thinking of starting Shopify?? 😍
Phylip Green (9 days ago)
Do I need a logo?
Kevin David (8 days ago)
Never know when it will arrive, I appreciate your hustle! Have you joined my Shopify FB Group yet? https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShopifyDropshippingNinjas/
Phylip Green (8 days ago)
+Kevin David I'm ready for some success it's been slow around my way.
Kevin David (8 days ago)
Phylip, that makes me happy to hear because I like to see people take action and be successful!👍
Phylip Green (9 days ago)
+Kevin David Yeah I used an app. It's really nice to hear from such a successful person makes me feel good and this video is something I've been looking for over the shoulder if you will.
Kevin David (9 days ago)
Great, that's easily done as well! 😂 good for you!🔥
Kwishme7 (9 days ago)
Thanks Kevin! I truly appreciate you for taking the time to create this tutorial video. Its the only one I clicked on ,which means, its a very fluid and helpful tutorial! Keep doing what you're doing :)
Kevin David (9 days ago)
I certainly will Kwishme7 and I'm so glad you're here!! 😋
ronny alvarez (9 days ago)
I subscribed. ALL IN!!
Kevin David (9 days ago)
ALL IN is the way to be whenever you're starting something new!!🤓 Welcome to my channel!😉
Tonya R Moore (9 days ago)
I subscribed
Kevin David (9 days ago)
Welcome Tonya, really happy you're here!! 😍 you plan to start Shopify?💸
DARRYLE LAMB (9 days ago)
I subscribed.
Kevin David (9 days ago)
Welcome Darryle, so glad you're here!! 😋
kwittycakes (9 days ago)
I watched your video and you give a lot more info than most on youtube. Thanks for rocking the info train!! I'll be checking out the Ninja master class now, thank you! :-)
Kevin David (9 days ago)
Thanks kwittycakes!! 😀
Cubana Barbie (10 days ago)
Love your videos ... please review all the apps
Kevin David (9 days ago)
Here you go Cubana Barbie 😀 https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=6zR4TqN5xi0
RocsMacho1 (10 days ago)
The fact that shipping takes so long is unappealing. People don't have the patience to wait over a week for an item. I ordered something from myself just to know what a customer will experience, and everything is fine until it comes to shipping. It's been over 1 week and my item is still in shipping country. Is there anything that can be done to address this in any way?
nathan benbrook (10 days ago)
APP video!!!!!
Kevin David (9 days ago)
Nathan, here's my apps video!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zR4TqN5xi0!!
Sophia Marie Clark (10 days ago)
Other online trainers who think they are providing detailed useful information to beginners, need to watch your videos. God bless you. Seriously, blessings on you.
Sophia Marie Clark (9 days ago)
Praying and learning about it. You're videos make me optimistic about it.
Kevin David (9 days ago)
Sophia, thanks, it sound to me as if you plan to start Shopify?? 😇
Dennis Schultz (10 days ago)
How to make a good product page
Daniel Luque (10 days ago)
I liked your video, I subscribed to your channel and I would to see a video about actual shipping. Thank you.
Dennis Schultz (10 days ago)
I know your a busy guy
Kevin David (10 days ago)
Dennis, I certainly can be but most of us are!! 👊
Dennis Schultz (10 days ago)
I’m trying to establish a foundation with my store and try to set it up just right
Kevin David (10 days ago)
I hope you do Dennis, just remember you get good at what you do!! 😊
Dennis Schultz (10 days ago)
Thank u for like my post
Kevin David (10 days ago)
you're welcome Dennis!! good luck!! 🍀
Dennis Schultz (10 days ago)
I subscribed
Kevin David (10 days ago)
Welcome Dennis, I'm really glad you're here!! 🍁
Martin Ptáček (10 days ago)
clown away by the amount of info you provide as always and YES please make a video on the apps you have tested and used to skyrocket our Shopify store..:)
Martin Ptáček (10 days ago)
thats weird..it still takes me to my video manager on my youtube Channel..thats annoying..I really would loooove to learn about theTOP 3 Shopify Apps for Increasing Sales IMMEDIATELY in 2018!..but i will search for it on your youtube channel ok,;..? Really appreciate your help!!
Kevin David (10 days ago)
takes me to The TOP 3 Shopify Apps for Increasing Sales IMMEDIATELY in 2018!
Martin Ptáček (10 days ago)
do you know why does this link you added https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=6zR4TqN5xi0 take me to my video manager on my youtube channel? hehe
Martin Ptáček (10 days ago)
haha..yea..i meant blown away..sorry for the typo..and wooow...you are so fast..you really are ninja in all the ways you handle your business and respond..soon I want to be like you! Thank you
Kevin David (10 days ago)
do you mean blown away, although I do like clown away, lol!! 😸ask and ye shall see - 😀 https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=6zR4TqN5xi0
Sean Perkins (10 days ago)
I'd love to see a video of your suggested apps!
Kevin David (10 days ago)
Sean, check out my Shopify Apps video! 😀 https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=6zR4TqN5xi0
Jbrown1806 (10 days ago)
Subbed!!! I watched a 2 hour presentation and didn't recieve half of this information. Thank you soooo much!!!
Kevin David (10 days ago)
Thanks, I'm lucky to be doing something I feel passionate about!⭐
Jbrown1806 (10 days ago)
Yes sir, I do. It looks pretty interesting and profitable. I'm going to watch the rest of your videos first though. You seem to be an amazing coach
Kevin David (10 days ago)
hey Jbrown, you're welcome!! 👍 you plan to start Shopify now??😀
_x. con (10 days ago)
i subscribed!
Kevin David (10 days ago)
Welcome _x.con, so glad you're here!😺thinking of starting Shopify?😋
Jack Rhodes (10 days ago)
Jack Rhodes (10 days ago)
Kevin David (10 days ago)
Yehaaa Jack! Thanks 4 watching!!😃
Justin Daniels (11 days ago)
i subscribed!
Kevin David (10 days ago)
Welcome Justin, happy you're here! Planning to start Shopify?👍
Lydrol Santos (11 days ago)
thanks for the info, new subscriber here.
Lydrol Santos (10 days ago)
Kevin David yeah, still deciding of what would be the best to sell. Your video helps me a lot. Keep up the good work. From Queensland, Australia
Kevin David (10 days ago)
you're welcome Lydrol, I'm glad you're here! thinking of starting Shopify?😃
Juan Nolasco (11 days ago)
Bro you're my hero!!! I just created my site using your tutorial. I SUBSCRIBED ALREADY!
Kevin David (11 days ago)
Hey Juan, that is great to hear!! You're in the 1% who have taken action, woot woot!!⚔🔥💸
SiteNemesis (11 days ago)
Awesome video! Just added to our video gallery. ;)
Kevin David (10 days ago)
Good luck to her!!🍀
SiteNemesis (11 days ago)
Indeed! Actually a partner of mine is looking to start a dropshipping business and I've already suggested her your course!
Kevin David (11 days ago)
cool, I'm in a video gallery!! 🤔 you must be getting ready to start Shopify?🔥
Patricia Harris (11 days ago)
Hi Kevin great video. I would like to know if the supplier is in china would there be an issue with the customer having to wait up to a month for their item and ask for a refund or do you put that it may take 2-3 weeks for their item to arrive
Tash Musanhu (11 days ago)
You put "it may take two weeks or more due to heavy demand..." in the shipping and delivery sections of your store
TJ THomas (12 days ago)
U are seriously inspiring thank you
Kevin David (11 days ago)
thanks TJ, I try to inspire but you're the one who will need to do the work!! 😀
Alex Acevedo (13 days ago)
I Subscribe 😁
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Hey Alex, glad you're here! You must be thinking of starting Shopify?? 😆
Isabel Arzuaga (13 days ago)
Great... Information Very Detail.. Look forward to the up coming videos.. Thank you!
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Isabel, you won't have to wait long!! 😀
Isabel Arzuaga (13 days ago)
Hi... Yes I would like a list of the apps that you have mentioned on this video and that you have used.. Thank you.!
Kevin David (13 days ago)
ask and you shall receive Isabel! 👍 check out my Shopify Apps video! 😀 https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=6zR4TqN5xi0
LoverFella (13 days ago)
This is great - question for you (hope you still answer these!!) if I add products from ali a and people buy it... what then? Ali ships it or they ship it to me and then I ship it? Do people feel ripped off if it comes in a generic bag? Just curious :)
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Depends on how you set it up! 😉https://apps.shopify.com/oberlo
Adam Roebuck (14 days ago)
i subscribed!
Kevin David (13 days ago)
Welcome Adam, I'm glad you're here! Thinking of starting Shopify?? 😃
Philip Gebauer (14 days ago)
Please show the apps that you use with your Shopify, thanks.
Kevin David (13 days ago)
Here you go Philip!! 😀 https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=6zR4TqN5xi0
Isabel Farrarons (14 days ago)
Thanks Kevin! Love the tutorial! Straight to the point, informative and inspiring.
Kevin David (14 days ago)
Isabel, I always try to be straight to the point! Planning to start Shopify??😀
I subscribed!
Samjai Sam (15 days ago)
what i don't understand is all the other pages that you create don't look like the Main Page. So for example I want to show one picture with a button "Enter" to the Home Page, but that page with the button is already the Main Page so you can't do all the fancy photos and text like with the Main Page. Confusing?!
David Clifford (15 days ago)
Hi sir. I'm from Pakistan nd i need help about payment method of shopify and some other topics of theme... Can you help me?
Kevin David (14 days ago)
David, have you looked here? 😀https://www.shopify.com/payment-gateways/pakistan
Dylan Spencer (15 days ago)
One of the best and most well explained tutorials I have seen thus far.
King Jin (1 day ago)
Hi CJ Dropshipping would be a good choice for dropshipping
Sam Jones (15 days ago)
Subscribed! Thanks for the info
Kevin David (14 days ago)
Welcome Sam, I'm glad you're here!! Starting Shopify? 😀
Cyndi Millat (15 days ago)
This is amazing! Thank you so much! I have etsy shops and want to make a change to the drop shipping model instead of having tons of inventory and spending so many hours making items to sell to my customers and doing all the shipping. I want a mobile business that I can run from anywhere. Thanks to your video I feel more confident to set up an e-commerce Shopify store. I did subscribe to your channel and I will be stalking all the videos to learn everything I can! Is your course still open? Thanks again.
Kevin David (14 days ago)
Cyndi, sounds like you have great plan, it takes a lot of time doing all the shipping and making of the items yourself!! 😉 The course is still open, look in the video description for a link and use the code NINJA500 for a great deal!😍
PETER GOSEN (15 days ago)
Great tutorial
TG aka Scream (15 days ago)
Thanks Kev, great video. Can't wait to get rolling!!!
Mujexxx (15 days ago)
Omg you are really helping us out with this video, the information is gold! Thank you! You really got me hooked on this so far I have been selling my own inventory. What happens if a customer buys one of the items I dropship ? Do I go ahead and purchase it from AliExpress and put the customers address ?
Kevin David (15 days ago)
hey Mujexxx, I gotta save a few secrets for my Shopify Master Class! 😍
Harsh Srivastav (16 days ago)

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