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14 Cooking Secrets Only Used by Restaurant Chefs

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14 of the most useful culinary tricks that will save your time and boost your culinary skills. Do you want to know how to cook a perfect piece of bacon, prevent a sliced cake from getting stale, and make sure that knife won't slip while you’re using it? TIMESTAMPS Frying perfect hamburger patties 0:42 Cutting a nice piece of cake 1:10 Making a lemon juice spray 1:38 Determining portion sizes with your hand 1:57 Preventing the knife from slipping 3:06 Figuring out how sour a lemon is 3:26 Frying a sausage 3:50 Checking if an egg is fresh 4:09 Keeping a sliced cake fresh 4:44 Calculating the time needed to boil a perfect egg 5:08 Storing leafy greens 5:53 Cooking the perfect bacon 6:08 Reheating pizza 6:34 Cutting steak correctly 7:09 Bonus 7:35 SUMMARY - If you want your burger to fry fast and evenly, form a “dimple” in the center of the patty before throwing it on the pan. It’ll disappear by the time the burgers are ready since they even out while they cook. - You always get that mini panic attack as you watch the beauty of your dessert being ruined by your own hand. To avoid this catastrophe, put the knife under hot running water, hold it there for some time, and then cut your cake. - Stick a small spritzer into a lemon, and it’ll work just like any other kitchen or bathroom spray-pump. If it feels like the liquid inside has run out, squeeze the lemon, and you’ll get more juice out of it. - To weigh fish or meat, put it on the palm of your hand. If it fits just within the palm, it weighs about 3 ½ ounces. If you really need to determine the correct portion of chips or crackers you have, again, pour them out onto your palms. Two handfuls of these crunchy delights will equal about 1 oz. - The kitchen can be an area of heightened danger, especially when you’re dealing with sharp objects like knives. You should always keep knife handles clean and grease-free. - There’s one simple trick here: the thinner the peel, the sourer the lemon. Armed with this knowledge, you can go to the grocery store and confidently choose the best option for your citrus fruit needs. - If you fry sausages in a pan, you might face the problem of uneven cooking. To deal with this issue and to fry them uniformly both inside and out, make small cuts along the sausages, and use low heat to cook them. - Crack an egg onto a white plate and pay attention to the egg white and the yolk. If they’re a bit too much on the runny side, this egg isn't as fresh as it should be. - Attach slices of toast to the cut edges of the cake using toothpicks. This way, your lovely pastry will be safely protected until you get the urge to cut into it again. - How to boil an egg: 2 minutes if you like the yolk thin and runny with the white on the runny side too; 4 minutes if you prefer a completely cooked white with thick runny yolk; 6 minutes if you want an egg with a completely cooked white and mostly cooked yolk; 8 minutes if your favorite egg is one with a fully cooked white and a soft yolk 10 minutes if you like both the yolk and the white cooked completely to their max - It’s better to store leafy greens wrapped up in foil as it holds the right amount of moisture inside. This way your delicious healthy greens will stay fresh much longer - The secret to cooking the perfect bacon is simple: bake your bacon! You need to preheat your oven to 400°F, and place the bacon on a piece of foil. Bake it for 12 minutes (make it 15-20 if the bacon is thick). - To reheat pizza properly, spray it with some water before heating it up in the oven. - Cut your steak against the grain. This way it won't tear apart, and you'll get perfect slices. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (1538)
Blind Freddy (3 days ago)
Knife slipping...hmmm...if you need rubber bands around the handle you do not know how to hold a knife to prep food.
Due What? (4 days ago)
Using your hands to measure portion size is fine and dandy, but a chef that works in a kitchen wants consistency and the only way to get good consistency is accurate measurements...and any chef that works in a restaurant knows that or will eventually realize it.
Carol Curtis (7 days ago)
Rubbish. Not all hands and fingers are the same!
LeGourmetTV Recipes (8 days ago)
Oh brother... Learn to cook without the 'hacks' #LeGourmetTV
Amberscion (10 days ago)
Cooking the perfect bacon 6:08 - Baking bacon at 400f for 12 minutes is going to get you some almost raw bacon. I always bake my bacon, and my method is also 400f in a preheated oven but 40 minutes for standard cut and an hour for thick cut. I also flip it at the 2/3 point and drain off the grease (save this for cooking!) to allow the bacon to become crispy. I've seen placing the bacon on cooling racks used to allow the grease to drop down in order to eliminate that step, but I've never tried it.
sus3an (14 days ago)
reheat pizza by putting a slice in the toaster oven. Medium toast cycle. perfect every time
Troy Johnson (19 days ago)
Put your plastic wrap in the fridge to avoid it sticking to its self when you try to cut a piece
veronica matharu (20 days ago)
Background sound is so irritating and loud dont feel like seeing till end .its so disgusting
kevin thompson (25 days ago)
fry pizza to warm it up
wiccanen (25 days ago)
an easier way to see if an egg is fresh... put the egg in a cup of water... floating egg is fresh... not fresh egg sinks
PJ D (26 days ago)
just talk like a human being you monster
Yssabel Louise Cuenco (26 days ago)
James Ryan (26 days ago)
I have been a pro chef 48 years. We never push a dimple in the meat.
galanie (27 days ago)
This is just some mess someone found here and there on the internet. All are BS.
Yansee Oosteagaugh (29 days ago)
That is 8.21 minutes I will never get back.
Yansee Oosteagaugh (29 days ago)
Don't waste your time this has nothing to do with chef secrets just stolen food hacks👍
Ann Brown (30 days ago)
Lemons: smoother skins mean juicier lemons. U can roll lemons on counter with some hand pressure for more juice. Fresh lemon juice add to food perks up the flavour. Trust this. I've been cooking 64 yrs.😁🤗
Liam Vlogs (1 month ago)
As a ticketed chef and someone who has been in a great deal of different kitchens i think i have only seen 1-2 of these tricks used. Some dont even make sense or are inconsitent.
torrace12 (1 month ago)
Hack a knife in to the avocado seed to get it out quickly with no damage to the avocado meat chop the avocado in two halfs, then chop the blade in to the seed hold the avocadohalf firmly and twist the knife until the seed comes lose Recook spaghetti simply by putting it in boiling water again for half a minute ( surprisingly many people dont think this out by them selfes)
Dogporch Dogporch (1 month ago)
Not real good tips some are even pretty lame
Scott Griffin (1 month ago)
This is terrible... unless your 12 yr old
graeme holland (1 month ago)
Eggs in the fridge????
Aleksander Aleksandrov (1 month ago)
Im 100% sure that top chefs dip oreos in milk!
avoca dude (1 month ago)
This guy is a child molester.
Victoria Heuman (1 month ago)
How the heck did I get here?
Noel Sandberg (1 month ago)
Partnership would train unless minority general roof sidewalk.
IgstaBuggle (1 month ago)
peel ginger with a teaspoon, not a knife!
Gina Draper (1 month ago)
To check the desired cook level of a steak learn to determine temp by touch. Feel the "fatty" part of your palm, right below your thumb. With the hand open, this is is what a rare steak should feel like. Touch your pinky to your thumb, and the area on your palm will feel the same as a well done steak. Ring finger to thumb=Medium Well, Middle finger= medium, pointer (or first finger)=Medium rare.
Gina Draper (1 month ago)
Steaks shpuld be at room temperature before cooking. And don't ever cut into a steak to see if it is cooked to your liking. Let the meat rest before you slice into it.
Billy Boh (1 month ago)
So the 1st tip needs an adjustment. You never told them what side to place down on the grill or cooking surface first after making the dimple... The purpose of making the dimple is to place it dimple side UP on the grill.
Steven Gillis (1 month ago)
I make a wooden handle for my knife when i get a new one leave put a divit for my index finger but mostly because my hands are big but it helps it not slip
Dolly Schwall (1 month ago)
Rosemary Griffin (1 month ago)
You don't cut slits in sausages, you prof them with a fork 🍴
Allan Cornwell (1 month ago)
That guy has a terrifying voice. I bet he's a serial killer.
Bee M (2 months ago)
Those "greens" looked a lot like parsley and herbs do mostly best if giving them a slight cut across the bottom of the stems (to open the stem tissue for water uptake) and setting them into a cup of water in the fridge (change water daily). Broccoli and Cauliflower do best in the crisper drawers in an paper bag. Mushrooms also like paperbags best (but they need to be put in fresh bags when bags get damp/soggy), I find "greens do best if in a container that does not crowd them atop a paper towel covered with a paper towel (it takes excess moisture away and keeps them from getting soggy and prevents premature rotting). No leafy greens like to be damp, so do not wash (unless you also dry them well) before use! Do not wash berries before use, either! Fruits with shiny skin (tomatoes, grapes, etc) can be washed, but should also be dried well (they do not do well if sitting in water!).
Billy Bobb (2 months ago)
Go away
Marie Allmon (2 months ago)
take a pizza and put it in your microwave for 1 minute and you have nice hot pizza and everybody be happy not in the oven
Vertutame (2 months ago)
wait....someone slipped a knife out of their hand???
Paul Dud (2 months ago)
I heard a table spoon of vingner and a pin hole in the top of an egg makes it a cinch to peel.
Carl Janse van Rensburg (2 months ago)
You said bake bacon on foil, but in a previous video you said DIDN'T use foil for cooking or baking. Which one is it?
Jim Ellison (2 months ago)
LOVED IT...............
Snowy Owel (2 months ago)
Why ware a chef's hat if you have a beard
xNekross (2 months ago)
You can check if the egg is boiled to its 'max' by taking it out and spinning it. If it doesn't go crazy and shakey but spins correctly i circles, it is done
Lisa Gill (2 months ago)
useless things that no chef would ever use and only make the process more complicated than needs be. FYI put eggs in water to check freshness laying on bottom is freshest, 1 end partly floating is a week old, standing up is 2-3 weeks and floating fully is toss them
ImNotMad ButUR (2 months ago)
I made it to about three minutes but didn’t listen to it all. I think I am good to go. My kitchen tips have served me well for forty years now. This one is a done and scratched deal. I was just here for some comments and I got more than enough of them. If you’ve not watched this yet, don’t.
ImNotMad ButUR (2 months ago)
Ah, yeeeaaahh, I tried that thing with the berries, a fist 👊🏻 for a cup. When I opened my fist, every single one of those berries were crushed to an unrecognizable mess. I am not impressed with this “professional tip!” Pffft, whadda they know. Next!
Diogo Lima (3 months ago)
You guys really need to convert to kg and C°
Kelly Sims (3 months ago)
You can get perfect spegeti by placing it in the middle and let it go
Bill Roberts (3 months ago)
My two favorite kitchen hacks are as follows: 1). Sprinkle table salt all over a wet potato, and then using your hands, scrub the skins to clean the potato before baking it. The salt acts as a sort of "edible scouring powder" to get the skin clean. After scrubbing the potato, rinse it and reapply salt all over before putting it in the oven (do not wrap in foil). The potato will come out baked, with a slightly crispy skin that is already salted. Delicious! 2). To make a cake rise uniformly in a cake pan while baking, wrap wet paper towels folded to the height of the cake pan all around the pan and secure by tying thread around the pan and the wet paper towels. The cake will come out with far less "crowning" and work much better for a multi-layer cake.
Prison Mike (3 months ago)
The music makes me wanna invade Poland.
John Bell (3 months ago)
Yah cook a pancake 58 secs on each side
Sidney Mathious (3 months ago)
Those are some nice tips and especially the one of heating up the knife with warm water before cutting cake, steak, or other things you have trouble with without leaving the food on the knife.
Sean Duncan (3 months ago)
Noah Ludlow (3 months ago)
This video is not what it claims. :-P
Dovydas Darkintis (3 months ago)
Put a wooden spoon over the middle of a sauce pan to prevent it from overfoaming.
C D (3 months ago)
Add salt and vinegar in your water when you go all in eggs and the shell will come out so easy
Eric Booth (3 months ago)
I'm pretty sure he just made all this up on the spot.
Vippilicious (3 months ago)
Black spots in eggs!?! egads!
J Perez (3 months ago)
Did anyone else think the fully cooked egg kind of looked like something else? Lol nah probably just me cus my mind always in the gutter lol
Robin18us (3 months ago)
Don't ever cook on aluminum foil. It is toxic. The only use for foil is to wrap something up for the freezer and cover the item first with waxed paper.
DU2T1N TheWind (3 months ago)
This guy is kinda weird! He seems pretty short and his hat is tripping me out
Dan Duncker (3 months ago)
why use farenheight its such a odd messuring way
Cy Brunel (3 months ago)
I like to chuck my eggs in my wife's face to see if they are fresh. If I end up dead...they are super fresh.
G A Rivera (3 months ago)
Sorry but do you realize how distracting the 'music' is? Why do you even need to include it?
Poe Lemic (3 months ago)
I just put my fingers in my milk (7:40) ... Also, on cake going stale, don't worry -- I just eat it too quick ... I don't have to worry !!!
Sharxiao (3 months ago)
Rubber bands around a knife.....i was liek no. cracking eggs to check if tehy are fresh instead of water drop test.....I'm done.
Alex (3 months ago)
this video was beyond dumbness
oldskoolhead0 (4 months ago)
chefs tip for saving time in the kitchen...........pick up the phone and order takeout
Dale Morgan (4 months ago)
Ok baked any thing is not the same as fryed Fail Would you like to serve soggy pizza?
Kathryn Poole (4 months ago)
Redneck tip from South Bama chick LOL ........... boil eggs in heavily salted water and they will peel much better ( also under running water ).
TheQueenskingdom (4 months ago)
lol the hand measurement is terrible There is no way my tiny hands and fingers equal the amounts that you gave
RoccosPlace1 (4 months ago)
Gloves come in small, medium, large, ex-large, and 2xL, a fair range of sizes for your hack to be worth anything.
Melon Intros (4 months ago)
that animated chef is so terrifying
WILKzLV07 Lv (4 months ago)
about 7 secrets i have a simply method for check how fresh is egg. Just put into the glass of wather. if egg come down is realy fresh but if swiming on the top you can get to trash your egg :)
Lize Bartsch (4 months ago)
More than half the world don't use ounces but Ml or Milli Liters. One cup is 250ml
Rita Malik (4 months ago)
My favorite scrambled eggs I heat the pan hot then throw in butter followed immediately with the beaten eggs and using A wooden stir spoon quickly mix and in a few seconds pour over toast , use real butter, don’t use milk
Treasure Forever (4 months ago)
The size of your moms chin is the size of next weeks salami but only half of your elbow is the proper portion size for mayo spread.
Fred Christman (4 months ago)
If you think an egg is bad emerce in a container o water . If any part of the egg floats discard it.
Shit Music (4 months ago)
You did thirteen twice and missed 12
Ellen W (4 months ago)
Forget that egg on the plate nonsense. Fill a glass with water (not too hot or cold). Drop the full egg in shell in. If it floats it is old & I don't use. If it sinks then you know it is definitely fresh to use!
The Stacy Foster Show (4 months ago)
Melaron Valkorith (4 months ago)
Sped up 50% this is just my speed right now. But middle of the day with some caffeine 2x is probable. I'm glad we have these options!
Jigga BoJanglez (4 months ago)
2:06 3:37 6:03 6:27👌👌👌👌
Bridget Sampson (5 months ago)
Steve Polek (5 months ago)
I'd give it about 3 trigger pulls and a drop of lemon juice before pulp clogs up the sprayer. BTW, where do I get said sprayer easily? From the empty bottle of bathroom cleaner?
Steve Polek (5 months ago)
4.7k Chefs said this is total BS.
Cooolchick647 (5 months ago)
The egg thing falls a little short... Oh if there's no black or grey things in it it should be ok lol thanks
Rick Jaramillo (5 months ago)
I’m a cook. So I know this and a lot more
Its Zaebin (5 months ago)
Number 13: Burger King foot lettuce
N_H (5 months ago)
*never seen a chef uses a knife that have rubber* lol
gilbert henri (5 months ago)
I like it but I could do without the annoying music.
A. (5 months ago)
you seriously expect us to believe you can shove a spray bottle nozel into a lemon and have full blown lemon juice spray come out. seriously?
Black Goku (5 months ago)
No.11 is incorrect. What if that person's hand is bigger or smaller
ShakexShake (5 months ago)
is the narrator a robot???
tyler guinan (5 months ago)
'Cooking secret' used by 'restaurant chefs' -dips oreo into milk with fork. 😂😂😂😂😂
liuzhou (5 months ago)
What a load of patronising, inaccurate garbage.
Hi There Bright Side Chef
Chris Bos (5 months ago)
One trick for cutting a nice slice of cake is to use a piece of unflavored dental floss. The string is so fine that it doesn't compact or mash the cake and the frosting doesn't get dragged down into the cake making a clumpy mess which would happen if you used a knife
Jaekn (5 months ago)
I can't explain it, but I hate this so much.
William Morris (5 months ago)
Joke, start to finish.
Jordi6304™ (5 months ago)
For #14 when you grill it do you put the dimple side up or down?

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