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Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Power Up' MV

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Red Velvet's summer mini album "Summer Magic" has been released! Listen on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music http://smarturl.it/SummerMagic [Tracklist] 01 Power Up 02 한 여름의 크리스마스 (With You) 03 Mr. E 04 Mosquito 05 Hit That Drum 06 Blue Lemonade 07 (Bonus Track) Bad Boy (English Ver.) Red Velvet Official http://redvelvet.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/redvelvet http://www.facebook.com/RedVelvet http://www.instagram.com/redvelvet.smtown https://twitter.com/RVsmtown #RedVelvet #레드벨벳 #파워업 #PowerUp #SummerMagic Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Power Up' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
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Text Comments (144523)
냥이_Youtube (52 seconds ago)
아이린님은 28세 아니십니다 28개월이십니다
RED VELVET POWER UP 10/16 10PM KST:53,430,519 10/17 10PM KST:53,707,824 Today views:277,305 Idk BUT WHY keep dropping
Park Soyooung (11 minutes ago)
Banana banana go 55M views!
dwiA (19 minutes ago)
Lihat mv ini kok jd pengen makan Rujak yes buah buahan seger orangnya juga seger 😁😂
luca vlp 2.0 (24 minutes ago)
Why do RV own so many fake Reveluvs in their fandom like "OMG I LOVE BAD BOY SM AND ALSO PEEK-A-BOO AND I SUPPORT THEM" but when it comes to Power Up, they ignore them and prefer Blackpink, Twice and NCT.
raver t (30 minutes ago)
아스팔트 50도면....대충어느정도죠?
곽주희 (47 minutes ago)
Baby아야나 (52 minutes ago)
ツ서율 (59 minutes ago)
0:49 0:49 0:49 0:49
김유진 (1 hour ago)
레드벨벳 1억뷰 가자!!❤️❤️
Ui Penta Simatupang (1 hour ago)
Visual grup = red velvet
Ui Penta Simatupang (1 hour ago)
Can't wait for their comeback
Nicole Castañeda (1 hour ago)
1:39 Wendy:Reveluv Me:*dying*
Mr. Fluffy Buns (2 hours ago)
"Babanana bababanana" My favorite iconic read velvet line!😂
[오리]꽉꽉이ˇ (2 hours ago)
그린스크린으로 실게용
nur irdina (2 hours ago)
I blink. I never hear red velvet sing, than I want to try it. This song so best
크리퍼TV (2 hours ago)
한국 노랜데 한국인이 왜 없지?
Chung Duong (2 hours ago)
Irene is so network But Body of hệt is not nice
Yatno Yatno (2 hours ago)
53.675...m Iceee Americano
PrettyPinkUnicorn 101 (2 hours ago)
Wendyyy 😍
Riela KOKORO (2 hours ago)
You're team bangs or team forehead ?
VKOOK sHiP Is SaIlinG (3 hours ago)
jasmin neri (3 hours ago)
Dian Anggraini (3 hours ago)
Red velvet bagus banget
Jb Oppxr (4 hours ago)
Belle Actrice (5 hours ago)
Seulgi bear is beautiful 🐻
CruzerOrbit AJ (5 hours ago)
I am a proud Reveluv hehe!
Lo Siento SJ (5 hours ago)
53.628.453 views !!! 1.285.930 likes!
elyxion sebong (6 hours ago)
reveluvs are u still streaming >>
Ui Penta Simatupang (1 hour ago)
Actually yes
Risnawiyanti (6 hours ago)
55M let's go
Namjoonsbag (6 hours ago)
I have to watch this MV at least once a day
Irene's pigtails (6 hours ago)
RV= real visuals, real vocals ❤
하 늘 이 (7 hours ago)
다들 너무 이쁨 이렇게 예쁜 사람들만 모이기 쉽지 않은데...ㅋㅋ( 나만 그런가?!)
현정 (7 hours ago)
노래가 들어도 들어도 재밌네요
YOUTUBE소다 (7 hours ago)
중간에 샤크립인가...
Anuncio de serendipity
mysticphan (7 hours ago)
Wendy looks so pretty with pigtails 😍
Kiko Kim (7 hours ago)
Здесь лишь отлично поёт Сыльги ,Венди и Джой Айрин и Йери они не умеет распевать
Bê Nguyễn (8 hours ago)
Romantic Thriller is coming ❤️❤️😱🎃🎃😈👻
Nanda Sugeha (8 hours ago)
Anna Valentino (8 hours ago)
UWU 🍌🍈🍊🍉🍇🍋🍍🥝
Y/ALI Entertainment (9 hours ago)
*[Cover (커버)]* • *少儿爵士 - 'Power Up' (original by Red Velvet (레드벨벳)) (Dance Cover):* https://youtu.be/v785EjKT3qc
park chanyeol (9 hours ago)
Go go airplan
Ivy Lau (10 hours ago)
POWER UP VIEWS 10/15 12AM GMT: 52,889,379 10/16 12AM GMT: 53,190,074 [+300,695] 10/17 12AM GMT: 53,473,371 [+283,297] Maybe it was the YouTube error that cause the views to decrease. WE STILL CAN STREAM BETTER THAN THIS ~~~ FIGHTING REVELUV!!!
min shin01 (12 hours ago)
came here because of suho hahaha . he loves red velvet so much. Im an exol and junmyeon is the president of red velvet fans club😂
micaela mopardo (12 hours ago)
Jessica Gomez (12 hours ago)
Seulgi feat with Zion t ..I LOVE THE SONG!!! STREAM
micaela mopardo (12 hours ago)
Jessica Gomez (12 hours ago)
i love red velvet ..but please SM give them better outfits and better video..
Aida Sari (12 hours ago)
CH3M1R1 (13 hours ago)
Wow this music is so very very catchy
KEPERAWATAN LOKAL C2 (14 hours ago)
Ga pernah bosan dengar lagu ini. Power up
electro spider (14 hours ago)
power drinks haha
Unis Rosa (15 hours ago)
lesbiana por ustedes soy;))))))))))
Unis Rosa (15 hours ago)
me caso.
Unis Rosa (15 hours ago)
las re amoooooooo.
Casey R (15 hours ago)
ba banana ba ba banananana
Erica I Brodin (16 hours ago)
i feel like this was a lipstick commercial
riffgroove (9 hours ago)
They get a lot of money from Etude House to use their products.
Hai mY NaMe iS yE-ri (12 hours ago)
Omg wow, I saw that like 500 times by now and never made that connection 😂😅
Renzo Estrada Villa (13 hours ago)
Erica I Brodin Kind of 😂
Elizabeth De Araújo (17 hours ago)
kpopXplayer 1 (17 hours ago)
This is Red Flavor's twin
Tássia Gabrielle (18 hours ago)
Pink Feather (19 hours ago)
I hope their concept the next would be about fairytales. Like princesses, or mermaids, or pirates. 😅 Or the best, heroes. 😍😍😍 I know they'll still be able to slay it.
T.b C.s (20 hours ago)
R Re Red Red v Red ve Red vel Red velv Red velve Red velvet Red velvet p Red velvet po Red velvet pow Red velvet powe Red velvet power Red velvet power u Red velvet power up Red velvet power u Red velvet power Red velvet powe Red velvet pow Red velvet po Red velvet p Red velvet Red velve Red velv Red vel Red ve Red v Red Re R
Peridot Gamer (20 hours ago)
*Comeback has been slain by Wendy*
Hoshithegayhamsterboy (20 hours ago)
I don't know if it's just me but some parts of this video remind me of "Happiness" ahshshshs
Led Belbet (20 hours ago)
Me first time listening: WTF, I DIDN'T LIKE THIS SHIT Me now: Ba-banana
They *LEGIT* can rock *ANY* Concept. T-T
Agc kpop Entertainmet (20 hours ago)
53.4 M
Kaylane lima (20 hours ago)
Algum BR aqui?
Thang Vu (20 hours ago)
53 485 630 (+286) 17/10
ReVeluv (20 hours ago)
I'm still here everyday ;3
fia salsa (3 hours ago)
Me too
Vrene BTS - Red Velvet (9 hours ago)
same lol
Danni (13 hours ago)
Me too
riffgroove (17 hours ago)
Me too!
Marissa jaso (18 hours ago)
ReVeluv Me too :)
RV Wendy (20 hours ago)
Go To *100M* vi*ews!! 💪💪💪💪 1. Ice Cream Cake: 97m ~784k likes. 2. Happiness: 75m ~600k likes. 3. Rookie: 56m ~654k likes. 4. Power Up: 53m. Go To *1M* likes!! 💪💪 1. Dumb Dumb: 825k likes. 2. Cookie Jar: 25m ~828k likes. Go To *25M* vi*ews!! 💪💪💪 1. Be Natural: 23m ~282k likes. 2. One of These Nights: 22m ~338k likes. 3. Automatic: 21m ~213k likes.
Flor Sacone (20 hours ago)
We love queens that promote healthy life💕💕💕
TWIC-XO ! (21 hours ago)
SM be like *Lets pack Yeri with Rapping, Vocal and amazing Visual abilities!*
eljaydl (21 hours ago)
what is the name of their fandom?
Joy Reveluv (21 hours ago)
Antonella Coronel (22 hours ago)
Son muy bellas
Alan wlkr (22 hours ago)
Hi guys! I bought rv lightstick.. how can i use bluetooth to change color? (sorry my bad english)
Alan wlkr (2 hours ago)
Oh really☹ thank you❤
silly rabbit (20 hours ago)
I think that only happens in concerts
Nelsonale (23 hours ago)
미공개 (23 hours ago)
GO! GO! 에어플레인 : 가! 가! 비행기 SUMMER MAGIC : 여름 마술 Ocean : 바다 백그라운드 뮤직 : 배경음악 Diving to the sky : 하늘로 뛰어내려
ground battle (23 hours ago)
우와 존예다..
후추소금 (23 hours ago)
이게 운동할때 듯던 바나나 노래인가
V- QUEEN (23 hours ago)
good 👍👍
RED VELVET POWER UP 10/15 10PM KST:53,141,688 10/16 10PM KST:53,430,519 Today views:288,831
코 코 (1 day ago)
펜이에요 언니 배경화면도 레드밸벳이에요 많이볼게요
진주티비 (1 day ago)
너뭉 예뻥
resi (1 day ago)
Kang Seul-gi is so pretty 😍
Ivy Lau (1 day ago)
Luvies let's power up the views!!! WE CAN MAKE THIS TOGETHER 💪💪💪
ALEX LEE (1 day ago)
Revel Luv (1 day ago)
👀 Romantic thriller 👀
aum aim (1 day ago)
Luvie Lovie (1 day ago)
Stream stream 60m
Luvie Lovie (1 day ago)
Go go 60M
Agustin Wilujeng (1 day ago)
I am so exited On november
Exol Sone Reveluv (1 day ago)
*Red Velvet will receive a prize from the Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism for his contribution to industry, society, reputation and national conscience!* *Red Velvet and BTS are the only idol groups that were honored at the ceremony.*
riffgroove (17 hours ago)
I knew about BTS already, but I didn't know Red Velvet was being honored as well! That's great news! Do you have a link to the article you can post?
very good me 😔
elc sor (1 day ago)
irene OMG!!!
Thiago Oliveira (1 day ago)
"Hey! Hey! You! You! I don't like your girlfriend!". Yeah I guess I noticed what you did there, girls. But don't worry, your song is way richer musically than that Avril's song in my opinion, even though I like both. These melodies you put there are very interesting and give me a sense of "discovering something no one ever did", even though millions already heard it. hahahah
Hendri Caniago (1 day ago)
Jb Oppxr (1 day ago)
zinggy malik (1 day ago)
53 380

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