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Rendering sequences/work areas in Adobe Premier Pro CS6

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Aryaman Pathania (3 months ago)
Thanks man. this still works on adobe cc 2019
Pramod Jambhale (1 year ago)
hi am Pramod photographer, main adobe premier pro cs6 use karta hu meri problem ye h ki mane ek function ke videos ko rendring ( green ) kr ke ek folder hai browser kar liya tha fir mere system me kuch problem aa gaya tha to mane system format kiya uske bd jb mane abode pr 6 me jo function ke videos ko open kiya to usme rendring ( red ) kr ho gya tha ....to usko fir se rendring ( green ) karne ki short cut method h kya ...aap ka mob, no milsakta hai.
Carli (1 year ago)
But where he render ? Where folder ?
MrBlaza (1 year ago)
thanks bro your even helping me 5 years from this upload lol xD
Chaman TheEditor (1 year ago)
I have a 1 hour nested clip in Premier pro ?... I rendered the entire nested sequence and it took 7 hour. When it was finished i accidentally moved the position of the nested clip amd the entire green line was gone ???.....I tried to undo but no use... Wat should I do ????
IMAGE (1 year ago)
Matej Pelušić (2 years ago)
how can I know render location??
Sebastian (2 years ago)
hi, why does every time i render entire work area, the video quality drop? thanks
Thank you!
monika van de ree (2 years ago)
its not working for me... when i do this, the video starts playing... And the color above remains yellow !?? please help?
GameAge992 (2 years ago)
First try to go to Sequence and then choose "Render Entire Work Area" after that other Pre renders will work and color above will be green.
Experimental 2. (3 years ago)
Vincenzo Crawford (3 years ago)
how can i render only a part of the sequence ... instead of all of it?
sidanimator (1 year ago)
Simply Press *alt + [* & *alt + ]* to mark in and out the part of the sequence u want to render and thats it...Hit Enter to render..It will only render the selected Frames.... Cheers :D
Milagro Midia (1 year ago)
Thanks, better than the video.
decade kaiza (2 years ago)
thanks, that help a lot to me
Clarkson Fisher III (3 years ago)
1.) put playhead at start of what u want in timeline, press I for in. 2.) put playhead at end of what u want in timeline, press O for "out." Now u have a seleceted portion. Go to the menu this guy did in video and choose "Render Selection."
Experimental 2. (3 years ago)
+Vincenzo “D” Crawford i want to know the same
have to do this at college because i dont have premiere but they have shitty macs that take 6 minutes to render 8 effects, FML have to work two extra days on a 1 and a half minute video because of this shit first world problems i know but they are still problems
BeardedAndBoosted (3 years ago)
huuge help i couldn't stand having choppy play back
Anette tre (3 years ago)
I just have render audio, render selection, render in and out, i dont have "the hole area"
Julie Donnelly (3 years ago)
Helpful and straight to the point, thanks
UnderWaterFilms (3 years ago)
Braidon Thorn (4 years ago)
can you prerender just a section of the timeline or do you have to PR the entire timeline?? I would like to render only the section that I'm working with..
Grant Gannon (4 years ago)
It would be nice if you could just render a specific section, namely the RED ones
Grant Gannon (4 years ago)
It would be nice if you could just render a specific section, namely the RED ones
TheRealRedWolf (4 years ago)
Bro thank you so much. Just started using premiere for the first time to edit a music video and was wondering what was the issue. XD I figured out through an entire long 10 minutes of research in needed to be rendered XD Thanks again
michaelNXT1 (4 years ago)
I don't understand how rendering helps the editor, to me it just becomes laggier...
dopaydoe (4 years ago)
where is the file saved?
dopaydoe (4 years ago)
i can't find it ....
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
The file saves to the project directory. So it saves where you save the project file under Adobe Premiere Pro Rendered files etc. 
Patrick Haley (4 years ago)
This is a misleading title. It should be "Rendering Sequences/Work Area in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6".
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
Changed :)
MrKculnalyd (4 years ago)
Thanks for the advice. What's the song you used? It's familiar, from a game maybe.
Anti Christo (4 years ago)
excelent , muy conciso y util , ciao
PhoenixTech (4 years ago)
Does It Work On 32Bit Windows ?
PhoenixTech (4 years ago)
oh yeah and i forgot Thanks For Answering ME =D
PhoenixTech (4 years ago)
Well Can You Tell Me How To Upgrade It To 64bit please ? And another question ... can we like add 2 videos u know and make it 1 video or something
Todd Boniface (4 years ago)
Yes, although I wouldn't recommend it as Premiere uses a lot of RAM. Since 32bit versions of Windows can only use 4GB of RAM... that's all you can use even if your computer has more then 4GB of RAM in it. I would upgrade your computer if I were you.
Steve (5 years ago)
short, easy and straight to the answer, thankyou 
Nick Milledge (5 years ago)
I wish more turtorials from other guys were like this.
Erik Hill (5 years ago)
Shakim Shafi (5 years ago)
mkbhd use this song 
Nick Milledge (5 years ago)
yeah but different point in song
LJ BATTLE (5 years ago)
Man that song is Hard !
Yeshe Hegan (5 years ago)
marker113 (5 years ago)
looks like a magnify effect in Premier maybe
Shane Urbanavicius (5 years ago)
sorry for whaa?? is it top secret? lol
blackshadowDutch (6 years ago)
thx for making
Devon Crawford (6 years ago)
Thanks for the help :)
Omgitsacripple (6 years ago)
Raymetrious (6 years ago)
So is it compulsory to render the entire work area every time editing video or just the red patch stuff that u mention earlier in ur video ???
Olav Dahl (6 years ago)
Thanks :)
CORNgamers (6 years ago)
how to make that sord of an intro
DrewPlayz (6 years ago)
thank you! Could not figure out the problem with my choppy video. Helped a lot!
septicstinger11 (6 years ago)
okay i have premier pro 10 idk if this is the same trying to figure this editing stuff out so i can come out with better vids so confused i render the vid now i cant export it what the heck
migz (6 years ago)
cc lens
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
ramanathan seetha (6 years ago)
Try to improve your skills in all side, CS6 is better than CS 5.5 Design Premium
YZelly? (6 years ago)
ok when i click on render why mines is not showing the status bar for when the rendering is done???
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
ah, my bad, sorry!
Kexik Official (6 years ago)
hah, found it, it's not bulge, it's cc lens
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
i will have to make one for you :) Subscribe to keep updated :P
Kexik Official (6 years ago)
is there any good tuts? cause i couldn't find anything good
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
for that, I used After Effects's "Bulge" effect
Kexik Official (6 years ago)
How do u make that effects at 0:36, something like a soundwave

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