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This plane could cross the Atlantic in 3.5 hours. Why did it fail?

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The Concorde gave us supersonic transport. But why did this supersonic plane fail? The answer is complicated. Follow Phil Edwards and Vox Almanac on Facebook for more: https://www.facebook.com/philedwardsinc1/ Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Vox (1 month ago)
15 years after the Concorde was grounded, everyone from aerospace companies to NASA to small startups is working to bring it back. Check out the latest in supersonic flight, from our friends at Verge Science: http://bit.ly/2Fly2gd
Zuzo's corner (14 days ago)
well the design sure makes more sense for NASA. need any advantage to get into space chaper
big boss (17 days ago)
Skynight ! (28 days ago)
Abdux Cooper (1 month ago)
Hey, i came to this video to say that, nvm then. But i have a question, with all the problems the Concorde had, how the hell will they fix it?
Freetime FM (1 month ago)
Well, that was quick
4:32 mostly flat earthers dislike at that moment
ALONELY H (2 days ago)
Ozone factor was not one of them because most environmental damage is still caused by americans and Europeans.
Thomas Serrano (2 days ago)
This video doesn't explain at all why there are no supersonic commercial planes nowadays. Here's a better one: https://youtu.be/n1QEj09Pe6k
Grayson Plays (6 days ago)
Nah epic games put it in the fortnite vault because it was too op
*Markiplier concorde droop snoot intensifies*
J eagles (9 days ago)
The origin of the droop snoot meme...
Ryan Kisnics (9 days ago)
Of Course Americans Cried What else is New....lol
J Calhoun (1 day ago)
Of course eurotrash whine. What else is new?
Kevin Burciaga (9 days ago)
I think passengers want planes that are on time rather than ones that cost $12k and go twice as fast.
Fernando Solimando (10 days ago)
5:27 The information concerning the cause of Flight AF4590 is not accurate. As with most air travel disasters it was the sum of many small events that summed up at the worst possible moment at the same time (The French BEA Authority have consistently denied the obvious evidence presented in French Courts to avoid embarrassment to the name of Concorde and France): 1) Air France made faulty maintenance on the landing gear which left the front wheel jammed like a supermarket trolley as it began take off 2) the plane was overloaded with fuel because the pilots were not made aware by the airport crew of extra baggage checked in by the passengers 3) The concorde skidded towards a 747 carrying then-President Jacques Chirac long before it hit the piece of metal from the Continental airlines DC-10 which has been accused as the sole responsible of the crash. There is photographic evidence of the skid marks in the runway 4) The concorde pilot was forced to take off at a lower speed than V1-V2 to avoid a collision with the 747 carrying the French President, highly suggesting that it was this and not the fire on the engine which caused the plane to stall. Other Concorde pilots have stated losing one engine at the right take off speed would have been survivable. Please be careful when oversimplifying. You can be very misleading and this was been observed in other VOX videos (Like the Hong Kong Border where you grossly omitted that it was opium wars that were fought between Britain and China because Britain was making a fortune off drug trafficking into China)
Avg Murican (11 days ago)
So leftists’ & environnementalistes (also leftists) killed Concorde. Yet they call themselves ‘progressives’, how ironic.
J Calhoun (1 day ago)
No. Communications technology killed the Concorde. It's only advantage to the consumer was speed. It was cramped, uncomfortable, and very expensive. Why spend six hours minimum getting from your office to a meeting on the other continent, when you can set up a televised call in minutes, and transfer documents back and forth electronically -- even sign them. Face it. The Concorde is not coming back.
Black Magic ! (11 days ago)
Came back for SNOOT DROOP
Lao 001 (12 days ago)
Imagine Getting penetrated by the Concorde nose at full speed
one channel (13 days ago)
They also stopped using the Concorde planes as it produce nitrogen oxide which shown in burning fuel which one of the reasons the erosion of ozone lauer
265justy (13 days ago)
These planes crossed the Atlantic every day for almost 30 years at Mach 2.... so how many flight hours were clocked up on each airframe... This aircraft NEVER FAILED.!!! It outlived most normal passenger planes by quiet a lot if anything... doing stuff that no other aircraft could do & still cant even be done today.. Why would anyone in their right mind call it a failed aircraft.!!! It just came to the end of its service life ..like every other aircraft did or will in time to come...
265justy (19 hours ago)
+J Calhoun Your comparing apples and oranges ..Any 747 that entered service in the mid 70's is broken up in the boneyards a long time ago . 747 100 & 200 Series would have entered service around the same time as the Concorde & they ain't any of them flying today.
J Calhoun (1 day ago)
+265justy True. There is no comparison. The 747 was an outstanding commercial success. The concorde was a flop sustained only by government handouts.
265justy (1 day ago)
+J Calhoun There is UH-1 Hueys, C-130s & B-52s still flying today..All Vietnam era aircraft that served in that war & the will continue in service for some time yet.. But comparing a 747 to the Concorde is stupid. The 747 did not fly at Mach 2 for very long periods of time every day for almost 30 years putting lots of strain on the structure of the aircraft...thats the difference .
J Calhoun (1 day ago)
The first 747 flew commercially in 1969 -- 7 years before the concorde's first commercial flight. They're still flying today -- 16 years after the concorde was grounded.
Franchisemae Castillo (15 days ago)
droop snoot 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌
Marcelinho - (15 days ago)
Samnang Sky (15 days ago)
did the gear go up or not?
Random YT (15 days ago)
“It flew so high you could see the earth’s curve” well no wander flat earthers exist! They took this plane away 😂
adi hermawan (15 days ago)
The snoop dog oh wait it's snoot drop
Alexandra Elizabeth (16 days ago)
my mom took this before she had my sister and said they served caviar and when they landed crowds would wait outside and watch.. I want to take it :(
Jessie Belhaven (17 days ago)
Vox is a bunch of Millennials who talk about 2003 like its ancient history .
Geter Priffin (18 days ago)
For people looking for the original clip: 3:48
Drayden Dub (18 days ago)
3:57 thank me later
Dan Sutherland (18 days ago)
I love the jet,,it should have been a bomber 🤔
Matt Stetson (20 days ago)
Also birds that fly into the intake- plane would blow up and crash to earth.
Soorena (20 days ago)
I want to cry for this Chita that cant run again.
Andy Copland (21 days ago)
Can any aircraft nerds out there confirm if this was first aircraft to supercruise these distances? I watched a video saying the F22 was but I'm scratching my head a bit.
Hey_Its_Me (21 days ago)
Concorde take off in 3 .4
Kaushik Vs (22 days ago)
Airbus never learned its lessons after the white elephant "Concorde"....And now they have a new elephant on there hands loosing money for them "A380"......Concorde like designs are viable oppositions.. now with new materials but not then in 1970's.....and Boing knew this.... and thats why Boing trumped both Concorde and A380 with one single weapon even to this day that is 747...
WonderingAboutThat (23 days ago)
good one!
radwaz122 (23 days ago)
flat-earthers are shook 4:30
• ChristianO5 (23 days ago)
The Joke is that the Crash was caused by a Part of a McDonnell-Douglas DC9/10 on the Rwy which Cut the tires and Part of them got into the engines...
General Geometrix (25 days ago)
America was jelouse and afraid of Concord, That's why they banned it, Even their fastest war plane could not stay with it across the Atlantic.They had to slow for refuel unlike Concord. also they used the Concord Concept of the Engines on their B1 B2 bombers.
Kyle Sekenski (26 days ago)
I’m pretty amazed that nobody has figured out how to create a supersonic jetliner that’s actually fuel efficient by now... The speed of Concorde is still a commodity that would still sell like crazy today. The only problem now, just as it was then, is the prohibitive cost.
levi T (28 days ago)
Jesse Collins (28 days ago)
ExplosionGaming (28 days ago)
I got a condom ad LMFAO
Paul Smith (28 days ago)
Jealous yanks...simples, they couldn't stand the fact that the Brits and the French has whooped their asses and got a supersonic passenger plane before they did so did everything in their power to make it fail.
MasterCreatorMarcel (28 days ago)
The McDonnell Douglas DC-10.
Yellow Citron1 (28 days ago)
My parents went one time on the Concorde in 2001!
DJDanny (29 days ago)
Fake crashes. This plain was to easy to work out that no fuel is used. Hiding the free energy turbine by using larger wings on larger plains
DM C (29 days ago)
Quote "to reduce drag ,Concorde travelled so high ,you could see the earths curve". yeah ok nice try ......
pirateandoelmar (29 days ago)
Comprendo que comercialmente en su momento no fuera rentable, pero ahora mucha gente pagaria el doble por cruzar el charco en 3 horas y media, tampoco entiendo porque no dejaron al menos una unidad operativa conservada para hacer exhibiciones por todo el mundo o como avion privado de alquiler, seguro que tambien asi seria rentable, que poca vision de futuro al estropear todos los concorde para meterlos en museos. Lamentable
DoaA (29 days ago)
4:32 get rekt flut earthz
Steve Farndon (29 days ago)
So - in a nutshell - why cant we get Concorde back up in the air - we have managed it with Spitfires etc ?
gameus boyius (29 days ago)
Omer Akyol (29 days ago)
Flipper Flop Dop (29 days ago)
3:54 thank me later
todd hall (29 days ago)
You know why we need to bring this back cause its stylish and fort drum needs it
todd hall (29 days ago)
This air plane I want to rescue and use just for me with the b1b bomber !! I wanna help bring the air plane back with the b1b bomber fort drum need this air plane for deployment and that's an order !!!
Mike Rogers (1 month ago)
Actually there were other environmental issues and the designers were quite aware of them. The conical shock wave continued on long after the plane came subsonic. After it ceased being supersonic south of Ireland, the 'nine o'clock thump' could be heard in Brittany and Devon. Worse, the footprint of the thump coincided with catastrophic rainfall and flooding.
MissSissiVoss (1 month ago)
Did I hear it right at 4:40? He has to mention that a dress is washable?!?
theaviator06 (1 month ago)
Fake news vox with a fake news title.
jim tex (1 month ago)
the snoot went droop
surfmonster2323 (1 month ago)
You give us nothing to look forward to in this video
brianna (1 month ago)
3:54-4:00 the snoot drooped
Story time with Manin (1 month ago)
Droop snoop 3:55
Stephen Crowther (1 month ago)
Because the time it failed to cross the Atlantic,it killed everyone onboard
John Bower (1 month ago)
The sonic boom campaign didn't help; in fact it very much came close to ruining Concord. Yet what nobody questioned was why the SR71 flew at mach 3 but you never heard it.... I personally think our friends over the pond were largely responsible because they couldn't do it.
aLERNO (1 month ago)
matthew benard (1 month ago)
edison stole the lightbulb and called it his and America stole the Canadian Avro Arrow and called it theirs
aLERNO (1 month ago)
09:25 WRONG. It's not "a fact of life" but A FACT OF OUR ECONOMIC IDEOLOGY. The profit-only applies to an unbridled-market economy such as the one the neoliberal ideology has imposed since Pinochet-Thatcher-Reagan. When people, society govern but MAKE USE of the market for the earth's well-being we can have Concordes, spaceships, land in Jupiter while allowing all children to eat (let lazy adults be poor) and preserving the habitat for our doggies and other animals. When the market governs no more money for NASA, Concorde, etc, while literally destroying the earth. WE HUMANS CAN GET STUFF DONE. THE MARKET IS THERE TO BE PUT TO OUR SERVICE, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
Denise G- Hill (1 month ago)
The cost of a ticket was way too high.
radar0412 (1 month ago)
How realistic was the depletion of the Ozone concern?
Cost Done Saved you 10 minuets
SmashWagon 777 (1 month ago)
2:10 Thats a really sad face
Luprez Tryson (1 month ago)
Ryan air has left the chat
heinz53 (1 month ago)
It DID not fail.....at ALL! It is still a great plane......and it always will stay as a great plane. And it is also a nice plane.
Major Dickenson (1 month ago)
Eco nuts....since it broke the sound barrier, snowflakes freaked out couldn't take the noise so it was banned over land. And a terrible accident which could happen to any jet.
Lucky Ladies (1 month ago)
Only envious Americans would ask "Why did it Fail?" LOL
D Star (1 month ago)
Taken out by big business, they had more profitable alternatives., A Kevlar coated wing would not be penetrated by a piece of scrap metal on the runway
Anthony Snook (1 month ago)
A typical yank fudge. The reason it failed was because the Americans couldn't or wouldn't develop their own SST and therefore took all steps to make life difficult/contraversial for the Concorde operators including all the noise pollution bulls***: American politicians who had aircraft manufacturing links. It might have been an Anglo-French vanity project but Concorde was the most beautiful piece of engineering - anyone who saw it could not possibly be unimpressed - that's why it frightened the Americans.....not invented there.
Philip Miller (1 month ago)
Why did Sears Fail? KMart? Orchard Supply? DEC Computers? Yes, it is a complex affair involving unexplored intrigue. And certainly price was an issue. Maybe the question is the inverse. How does any company survive today?
David Ran (1 month ago)
Only a silencer can do the work so the earth ozone will not get damaged ! Today maybe we had speed of light if America not get in the way of progress !
German Aviation (1 month ago)
I touched that exact Concorde at Dulles lol
German Aviation (1 month ago)
Harry Stening (1 month ago)
Click Read more Have a nice day ;)
MattStuff (1 month ago)
all dislikes were flat earthers
Kalle Vuurman (1 month ago)
3:51 no problem
Mac Furl (1 month ago)
The anti christs flying donkeys fathers model
realrambo1 (1 month ago)
It failed because a poorly maintained American plane lost part on the runaway , it was too late for the pilot to abort take off and nothing else .
Small Moustache Man (1 month ago)
Lewis Hughes (1 month ago)
Because Boeing did what it could to scupper it.
dreamsofvisions (1 month ago)
Search TR-3B to see what flying machines we’re really capable of.
UltraPlayz (1 month ago)
Moonwaterz (1 month ago)
Doesn't make any sense. Military fighter jets cost way more to maintain. There is something not being told here.
Average Ginger (1 month ago)
Urm you aren't right about why it it crashed, there was a strip of metal from a DC10 caused the puncture to the tyre
Dammit are we gonna talk about the Concorde our flat earth stuff?
Albert Mele (1 month ago)
The qoncorde feature is called *DROOP SNOOT*
underwaterbubbles (1 month ago)
A concorde did crash shortly after take off turning upside down and engines on fire before it smashed into the ground. That was the reason we were told why it stopped it service.
Vlad Kronos (1 month ago)
Jesus could cross the atlantic in 3.5 seconds
Stavros Gamer (1 month ago)
3:45 voice crack?
max Payne (1 month ago)
It was just to expensive to operate only the wealthy could afford a ticket and it's routes were severely restricted due to the sonic boom.
leneanderthalien (1 month ago)
The Concorde fail only because the jealousy from the US who make it fail...
Talha Amjad Ali (1 month ago)
Ptv sports
Marc Hugo (1 month ago)
Well, silly title really. Concorde didn't fail... as an airplane, it was incredibly successful. It operated with 2 airline for 28 years. This is a respectful innings for any aircraft model, not to mention an airframe.
Good airplan hecker computer
murp61 (1 month ago)
Didn't Sir Richard Branson want to purchase the remaining 14 Concordes for Virgin Airways?

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