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Cheap tyres versus expensive tyres - What Car?

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For more whatcar.com news visit: http://www.whatcar.com/car-news Cheap rubber might be easy on your wallet, but is it really worth the saving? We tested a selection of budget tyres against three premium brands to find out. What Car? is the UK's biggest car-buying brand and has been helping Britain's car buyers make purchasing decisions for over 40 years. Our tests are widely regarded as the most trusted source of new car advice. This channel brings you trusted reviews on all the new models on the market , all the latest first drives, reader reviews, and great car-buying advice. All reviews are available in full online at Whatcar.com - the UK's leading car-buying website, offering trusted reviews and data on every new car. The website also offers advice on car leasing, new car deals and used cars for sale. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/whatcar Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/whatcar Visit us online: http://www.whatcar.com Magazine subscriptions: http://www.themagazineshop.com/subscriptions/what-car
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Text Comments (222)
gillan64 (25 days ago)
LOL! Tyre propaganda for idiots!
N8 C (1 month ago)
Picked the wrong cheap tires, the Ohtsu FP8000 are the reincarnation of the Falken 512, known for their wet traction.
Jus Rarsh (2 months ago)
Michelin it is.
prince fit (2 months ago)
Budget tyres are as good as expensive tyres just because they have big names don't mean shit anyway
Salmon Editing (1 month ago)
My budget tires have span my car doing mph around a roundabout twice.
juan def (4 months ago)
This test is crap. It's tested in one profile and size. One type of vehicle. Only wet testing. No dry testing. Also they do not tell you how long any of these last. I've had all sorts of tyres. Some mid-range is better than any Continental tyre. The best of the best though, it the Kumho KU39 tyres. However, it all depends on the vehicle they go on as well as the rim and profile size.
Jeff Sol (7 months ago)
Goodyear tires are now known as Goodforoneyear tires
FrightfulAccountant (6 months ago)
MichelinPilotsports here. Driving is mad here in Belgium. Sometimes on the high way, the car in front of you decides it needs to do a full breaking. A few times I only had meters to spare. I do not want a tire with any longer braking distance than the Michelins ;-)
kenny312162 (7 months ago)
I always go to costco for tyres. Often do deals on 4 michelins. I have bought them when the deals running & then had them fitted later when I needed them.
Nixter1974007 (8 months ago)
One thing I don't scrimp on is tyres. You heard what the bloke said, tyres are the only part of your car in contact with the road. Would you really want a low budget brand for your life to rely on? Stick some cash by from two months wages, get a zero percent credit card, etc etc save money up but whatever you do buy decent tyres people. Not cheap horrible no name brands that are probably gonna wear out in half the time a premium tyre is. As for part worns, don't even go there. New, premium brand tyres are a MUST. Don't take any chances. I wouldn't.
Ashutosh Pandey (8 months ago)
Why not include Bridgestone? Felt like promotion for Michelin
Rising Phoenix (9 months ago)
I have had the Atturo AZ800 (AllClimte), very cheap tire, 60.000 km and they are still running ...
Crown Victoria (11 months ago)
I always buy cheap Chinese tyres, they are the best
Farina Marcina (1 year ago)
As most brit car mags are german financed, does a german tyre win. Ok lets find out
Al Ds (1 year ago)
Big Companies anticompany, that's all !
endrizo (1 year ago)
Never save money on tires...your family safety depends on your tires...more than abs or seatbelts
endrizo (1 year ago)
There is a very happy medium in really decent Korean hankook and kumho tires
Booger Eater (1 year ago)
I had some kumho tires that were really impressive. They got my Caravan through a Rocky Mountain blizzard when everyone else was getting stuck, not to mention my wife managed to drive into a snowy ditch and a deep mud ditch on two separate occasions and I drove out of both ditches thinking that I didn't have a chance in hell of doing it. Moral of the story: never let your wife drive
Malith Perera (1 year ago)
The funny part is a tire brand like Uniroyal is considered a budget/cheap tire. But the company is owned by the Michelin.
Malith Perera (1 year ago)
piergiutube I would still put Uniroyals to my car but wouldn't trust Chinese tires in my car. At least we know Uniroyals are made by Michelin not by another unknown tire company.
piergiutube (1 year ago)
Malith Perera I've found no review comparing budget Tyres by cheap brand of a premium Group to Chinese Tyres.
Steven Foley (1 year ago)
This test is flawed because they didn’t mention tyre ratings A-B or C look at the tyre Rating first then price nothing to do with brands
berto braga (1 year ago)
retepyam5858 (1 year ago)
I had brand new Continental Eco Contact Tyres on my last car, worst tyres ever used practically zero grip if a slightest hint of frost.
Uday Sail (1 year ago)
Force 1
Jack Black (1 year ago)
Here in the Japan Alps, I'm on snow tyres year round. Buy your winter tyres in summer. Obvious when you think about it, and I'm off road a lot of the time, sometimes intentionally. So no point in balancing. Buying the best tyres you can makes a lot of sense. Even when you fit yourself (which I do), there's the same amount of effort. Recycle tyres are dirt cheap here in Japan. Bottom line, everything second hand is better in Japan than UK. A set of four 16-inch almost new, never punctured will set you back between Stg.50-100, equivalent. The dealers make their profit on fitting, balancing, fitting new valves and disposing of the old tyres. Disposal can be an issue, but don't be tempted to dump in the corner of the supermarket carpark, or even the auction car park. Jack, the Japan Alps Brit
Jack Black (1 year ago)
Tyres are such a rip-off. You scrap at least 95%. What other product can you say that about?
Gears (1 year ago)
Jack Black toothbrushes
Megadriver (1 year ago)
I have Pirelli P7 Cinturatos on my Mercedes and they are great. Had the old P7s before, but the Cinturatos are better. Lots of grip, low noise and predictable handling. I would definitely buy Pirelli again, they are worth every penny. I never cheap out on car parts and car maintenance.
blad90 (1 year ago)
why would you if you want to drive or can afford a mercedes? Pretty dumb advice. no one putting pirelli's on a bloody toyota aygo lol
Snaab92 (1 year ago)
Had them on my A4 and they were the worst higher I ever had! Or out for 30,000 miles of easy driving and were so noisy that it drove me insane! I replace them with Cooper's UHPAS tire and they were much better. Quieter, handled better, and lasted longer.
heinz 490 (1 year ago)
back then i had a tuned fiat and the p6 and the p7  was the best then tried the Yokohama  asimetricos they were better on the weat roads
Ian Purcell (1 year ago)
If I can't afford to put branded tires on my car then I can't afford my car.
Dave Jenkins (1 year ago)
I go to the scrapyard, £12 each and when I take wheel off the scraped car, if the brake pads are good they come with me, shop smart people
Krystekk (1 year ago)
yeah but not always you will be lucky to get decent thread on them, a complete set of tyres or even at least 2 of the same tyres to put at the front or the back. i went with toyo proxes on my car £80 for 2x and they went at the front and in the dry they are perfect in the wet they seem to perform well also for a "cheap" tyre.
Fast4SloW 717 (1 year ago)
I'm on my third set of nexen nferas and I love them, I get about 15 k . That's responsibly hard street driving, no issues whatsoever.
Krystekk (1 year ago)
i hear a lot of good things about nexen tyres they seem to be a good brand for what they are priced at
Mick's Budget Rigs (1 year ago)
I highly recommend Uniroyal Rainsport 3. Had them on 3 cars so far, wouldn't trade up for anything else. Ideal price/performance ratio.
Mavusi Kenpachi (1 year ago)
Tell you what, while there is a huge difference between a set of really cheap off-brand chinese tyres and premium brand name tyres from Japan and Europe, there is only a marginal difference in the middle of the segment. For instance, I have a set of Falken highway terrain tyres on my Subaru Forester XT and they have been outperforming the OEM Yokohama Geolanders that was on it. And the yokohama's were twice the price to replace.
Maddog8148 (1 year ago)
What is your take of milestar tires?
cooldbz12 (1 year ago)
When i bought my mustang in 2005 i bought cheap tires ( at the time ) for the front. I would constantly take it over 140mph and do alot of breaking. Best tires ever. I still buy them but the price has gone up on the exact tires due to popularity goin up with them. All you got to do is inspect the tires before you drive especially long distances . Keep them at the proper inflation. And dont hit any curbs and you will be fine with the cheap ones.
Creative Life (1 year ago)
life depends on tyres
Roy_RBS13 (1 year ago)
Michelin will be perished and cracked in 12 months guaranteed 👍🏻
juan def (4 months ago)
Conti will be worn out by 4,000 miles too
James Phucwit (1 year ago)
Michelin propaganda
peter kamei (1 year ago)
Michelin tyre is good or not?
Well I'm poor so... I'm on that Altimax shit from TireRack
Jim Dickinson (1 year ago)
You can get Vredestein and Nokian tires in Europe, so you get the best of both worlds.
Ryan DeClue (2 years ago)
What a bullshit test. There are really great cheap tyres out there. You simply picked garbage tires purposefully.
Arsene Wenger (2 years ago)
CHEAP TYRES = FALSE ECONOMY Shop around and check the prices..... Buy "mid price range" tires for your car. It could save your life.
Kosmas Pec (2 years ago)
where is Yokohama tires???
juan def (4 months ago)
Yokohama, Kumho, Uniryoal and Avon. None of them good tyres are featured. They also never tested anything mid-range. Kleber tyres
Jeff Sol (7 months ago)
dont get the Avid Invigors by Yokohama. The tread is a rock magnet and easily punctured. The Avid Ascend is better
PAPA DZ 360 (2 years ago)
Thanks for this video
manie deya (2 years ago)
I've got some Toyo tyres from China, just changed my front ones after 4 yrs. My rear ones are still in great shape. Can't complain.
Krystekk (1 year ago)
correct me if i am wrong but toyos are not chinese they are japanese tyres. ive got the proxes they are fantastic for what i use them for.
Martin Legare (2 years ago)
Cheap chinees tire will work and will be safe, but will probably only last 2 years before the tread runs out. So you save on the first purchase, but will discover you have to buy new ones soon after. A good set of quality tires like Toyo lasted me 6 years of smooth and safe driving for a good 100000 miles. Just touch the gum on the tire, you'll see the chineese one feel so more plastiky and some will even make you fingers go black !!!! That's the gum already coming out.
Krystekk (1 year ago)
cheap tyres will work but probably after 6months they will start to crack and wear out a lot faster than a good tyre.
MrJohnnyDistortion (2 years ago)
Well fucking duh! Cheap tires are cheap. Did these tire have the same amount of plys and other statistics/ratings? Compare apples to apples.
Farzan Chishti (1 year ago)
80's horror fan (2 years ago)
there out to make money alot of the cheaper tired come off the same line as the expensive ones just a different name and the rubber compounds may be a little different
LAESU DAN (2 years ago)
u getin what u pain 4
Carl Watson (2 years ago)
I've just changed my conti contact 5 for a cheap 3a brand make and it has made zero difference to the grip,handling etc I must admit the car they are fitted to has that many sensors and driver aids like traction control,abs,stability control,take over and save your life when you fu k up in a corner program...I don't think it matters what type or brand of tyre is fitted.when things do go Pete tong the modern technology in today's cars will stop you or take control before its sunk into your head that your now going off roading on your set course.
Stef Stef (2 years ago)
I had PS3 for around 40.000km. The best tires I ever had. On all weather conditions it felt like there was glue on the road, and when breaking both wet and dry it felt like there were anchors pulling me back on the seat. A bit noisy, yes. Best tires ever for me. Thank you Michelin
Mark O (2 years ago)
Certainly good tires.When mines will need a change,I defenitely will choose pilot sports.
TireFrenzy (2 years ago)
#sugarnads Yes get the best, because everyone should drive like they are at a race track @Mazda rx7
TireFrenzy (2 years ago)
#Jordan Manturk If you push your tyres to hard then you will find they all have a limit @George Yu
TireFrenzy (2 years ago)
#George Yu If you push your tyres to hard then you will find they all have a limit @Azureecosse
jasper Delacruz (2 years ago)
nankang would be a good contender or lexani, lionheart, accelera. why sunew?
Johny's reef tank (2 years ago)
I always buy premium tyres every time. I wouldn't go to a garage and get the cheapest, part worn breaks fitted to my car! and the same goes for tyres.
Mazda rx7 (2 years ago)
Yes get the best, because everyone should drive like they are at a race track
Manu Sast (2 years ago)
Crobular I (2 years ago)
Years ago I used Michelin X tyres. The most slippery tyres ever in the wet !!. This was on a Jag. Then I fitted a set of Pirelli Cinturato`s. Brilliant tyres !. Never Michelin again. Now I am old and drive a Hyundai (UGH) I fit budget tyres. No Problem.
The Mongoose (2 years ago)
CaptainDangeax (2 years ago)
Make a stop at 0:51 and see why your opinion is nothing in front of numbers.
CaptainDangeax (2 years ago)
Michelin X were first mount for the Citroën traction in 1934 and Citroën 2cv in 1948. What are you talking about ?
luffy d monkey (3 years ago)
or mexico  ;-)
luffy d monkey (3 years ago)
they are all made in china
Rowan Lewis (3 years ago)
its fine now all tryes have a A-E rating I've got rain sport 3 rated A in the rain so can't get any better surely it also depends what car you drive, some naturally break better than others,
Just Me (3 years ago)
how about the dunlop sport maxx? how are they compring to the michelin sport 3?
The Mongoose (2 years ago)
I have a fabia rs which came with sportmaxx standard. I was pissed it didnt have the conti sports. Itll be getting michelins as soon as i wear the dunlops out. They suck. no way worth more than the michelins (theyre $30 per tyre dearer than the michelins here). I know which Id rather have. Never driven or ridden on a dunlop that was worth a punch of crap.
Jay 90 (3 years ago)
Renaldo Nelson (3 years ago)
Tires have a ton to do with the car, and your plans for the car. If you are going to be selling your car soon, buy cheap off brand tires, you don't want to give amazing long lasting tires to some stranger you don't know who's about to buy your car. If you have a really crappy old car, your car sucks anyway so buy cheap off brand tires and just drive slow in adverse conditions. Also if your car is really old and crappy the transmission may go out or you might throw a rod. Great idea! Let's buy a $500 set of tires on a car worth $1500 and then have the engine go out and completely burn your $500 along with it! If you have a nice car, buy nice tires. Plan on having your car a while? Buy nice tires.
James 87 (3 years ago)
oh ford asked cooper to design tires for the Roush Mustang and not Michelin. Why do you think they did that?
CaptainDangeax (2 years ago)
+BRAV0 TWO ZER0 My bad, I made a mistake considering UK as the 51th state. At the time of the beginning of concorde, BAE and sud aviation were working on very similar project, so politics decided to merge the 2. Now if you want to count screws, you're free. About eurofighter, France left because the eurofighter was just a high altitude interceptor and france needed something more omnirole. Considering UK is spilling money for the flying brick F35, to put on stobar carriers, unable to launch anything else, considering how the eurofighter did over libya some years ago, I'm happy to see my tax money going to the Rafale and not the F35. UK voted brexit, I can't wait brexit to be effective. Maybe you'll realize then than the channel is narrower than the atlantic, and also that with a friend like USA, you don't need enemies. Look at your plane industry for example. About Michelin, I didn't mention race cars. If you find Toyo are best for your *RACING* car I have no point to contradict you. I went on a ride last sunday with my bike and friends of mine, 4 of us have Michelin and none did slip on wet roads, one has bridgestone and he had to fight to keep the pace in curves. We were on open streets and roads so respecful of speed limits. You may check some speed records, like pike's peak 2013 for example, a french car with a french pilot and french tyres. My dad had toyo once on his car, they were so bad we though the bearings were dead. As a consumer with 2 cars and 2 bikes, I play safety, I buy Michelin.
BRAV0 TWO ZER0 (2 years ago)
CaptainDangeax deal with what? how wrong you still are? I am British... Michelin are worse than toyo, myself and a few friend have been racing and found the Michelin on the car just were crap, if you're going in a straight line... well ok... but through the corners they grip and grip then you get a sudden loss of grip, toyo however, gave the best feedback through steering, grips better through the corners and when you push it too far lose grip slightly but you can regain control easily. the concorde's made primarily by BAE Aeronautics, taken to france after for the maiden flight fliwn by andre turcat, who was with the french air force, oh you know BAE the same company that made the euro fighter typhoon, called euro because of the collaboration to utilise factories in other countries. oh... a tank is a tank, just because it was box shaped, oh it also did have rotating turrets if you weren't ignorant enough already to no notice historical facts. it was the first tank which they introduced to push the front line and get over the trenches to help the infantry.
CaptainDangeax (2 years ago)
+BRAV0 TWO ZER0 You may try to twist reality if you want or export a list of not-french designs. It doesn't change the facts. About the concorde for example, you must document yourself better because you're missing a lot of ins and outs in this story, like every other though. I suppose because you're american and you're not as skilled as us europeans with nuances : republican or democrat, friend or foe, all your choices in life are limited to 2. Actually, Michelin french tyres are the best you can afford for any regular car or motorbike. Deal with it. Actually, the TGV is the fastest and the safest (along japanese shinkansen) railway. Deal with it. The first panzer was british, but is was a brick. the french panzer had the engine in the back like any modern panzer and a rotatiing turret like any modern panzer. Deal with it.
BRAV0 TWO ZER0 (2 years ago)
CaptainDangeax the Americans didn't have apart with concorde... the first tank was British, first jet engine was British, the concorde designed and built in Britain, the thing America fully surpasses for is motoring engineering, reliability average and at least they know not to trust the French with anything, have you seen what they've been making since the 90's?
CaptainDangeax (2 years ago)
Because Michelin in French and some americans don't like french technology. They should have a look though : radial tyres, TGV (with a bunch of american inventions, yes, yes), first microcomputer (the Micral), Concorde (with English engineers) and now combat prooven Dassault Rafale
James 87 (3 years ago)
Michelin tires are over priced junk and living on there name then putting anything great on the market. cooper tires are US made and cheaper then Michelin plus out preforming them. This guy in the video is clearly paushing Michelin. Goodyear makes great tires to but in his test they suck too and Michelin is great. the cheaps tire has less road noise then the Michelin, shows you how great they really are.
Renaldo Nelson (2 years ago)
+James Petrenos I see. I feel like Toyo/Nitto is a good company for price to quality ratio. Very few ppl i know ever even buy Micheline or Pirelli due to how freakin expensive they are
The Mongoose (2 years ago)
+James Petrenos lol. Sorry, but lol.
James 87 (3 years ago)
+Renaldo Nelson I am a master auto tech and worked at a few dealers over the years and private shops so installed and seen alot of tires over the years. Volvo used Michelin and 95% of people hate them, they don't less long and ride was poor. that dealer sold hankook tires to replace them. also we had a few recalls on Michelin tires. So they are not the best out there. does Michelin make a good tire here and there yes.
Renaldo Nelson (3 years ago)
+James Petrenos how many different models of Michelin tires have you personally had?
SwiftHDX (3 years ago)
+James Petrenos The joke just skipped right past your head.
John Dough (3 years ago)
My Primewell tires are bitchin...so fuck off.
John Dough (3 years ago)
+William Read Because they're talking shit.  The amount you pay for something does not always directly equate to what you get.  Talk shit, and you receive shit.
John Dough (3 years ago)
+William Read Then that's what you should have said, instead of making demands.
John Dough (3 years ago)
+William Read Who would you be?
Jordan Manturk (3 years ago)
new tire is the best tire..
Jack Black (1 year ago)
Live internationally, think internationally. OK, as you were. No need to get precious, English is simply a tool by which to communicate. Alternatatively, by which tools communicate.
Jack Black (1 year ago)
Fell of the back of the lorry?
Mazda rx7 (2 years ago)
You wouldn't buy a used tire with only 10,000k on it for less than half the price of new?
SwiftHDX (3 years ago)
+ALKUKES Bingo. American English is incorrect.
ALKUKES (3 years ago)
I think its tyres
ash cole (3 years ago)
Im pritty sure the guy got some numbers wrong
initialB 240 (3 years ago)
id prefer a part worn Michelin to any cheap Chinese crap..
juan def (4 months ago)
I dont, as tyres are dried and lose their "stickyness" after 2 years. I remove tyres every other year for that reason. Then some wally like you comes along and buys old tyres that are dry and not as sticky as a mid range new tyre. Pirelli are chinese these days btw.
Azureecosse (3 years ago)
+Barry McGuigan  Ecstacy class.:)
initialB 240 (3 years ago)
+Jeremy Cubs read my reply though, he doesn't even know what an e class looks like. lol 
Jeremy Cubs (3 years ago)
+Azureecosse hahaha That's spot on mate!
Azureecosse (3 years ago)
+Barry McGuigan god what a snob you are, is that your car in your picture, if so I wouldnt be worrying about tyre brands when I drive an old Merc C class thats had its springs cut down.
George Yu (3 years ago)
this test is so unfair, u used PS3 vs some chinese unknown named small company tyre? OMFG, test with some chinese big manufacture such as JINLIN or CHAOYANG etc...
prince fit (2 months ago)
They are joking I have being riding on Chinese tires for 10years no issuer better grip and less noise..these expensive tyres just make too much noise en drain ur fuel... after all is just a name
Monolucas (3 months ago)
Like those dont suck.... omg
Chris Bennett (1 year ago)
How about hifly tyres ..hell I have them in mud Terrains on my land rover defender .. I have given them hell ..on and off road even had one come off the rim off roading ! .. done 25k now ..and still going strong !
mibars (2 years ago)
But would it meet the definition of an "expensive tire"? The point was to compare what you get on a market. You don't have expensive Chinese tires in Europe because no one wants to buy them because no one has an idea which brands and types are good. Chinese tires that are available here compete with rethreads. And it is hard to tell which are better...
Christian Tönnies (3 years ago)
The best tyres money can buy is Continental but if you live in the UK and get a pittance of a wage compared to our european brothers you will not be able to afford them so budgets it is
juan def (4 months ago)
Conti are shit. I had a work car from new. 90hp. the front were worn by 4,000 miles. Changed to Kumho and got 17,000 miles out of them.
Michael Bamber (1 year ago)
Well I've gone with the ratings sticker, I always put Pirelli p zero Rosso on my 730d but today found they are buggered in only 16k miles so don't laugh to hard, I've put a full set of blacklion tyres on! 360 quid for the lot fitted! Label says A for wet an C for fuel economy. Seams to drive fine so far an as usual in the UK it's pissing down!
CaptainDangeax (2 years ago)
+Christian Tönnies Just one for you. The text is french but the numbers speak by themselves : http://blog.allopneus.com/comparatif-test-pneu/moto-11-pneus-sport-tourisme-testes-premium-et-eco/
CaptainDangeax (2 years ago)
+Christian Tönnies You should read some motorcycle tyres reviews before answering. This year, for roads, you have many brands, and far over the Michelin PR4. They're expensive, but riders know the smallest lost of adherence can lead to a very high bill. So any price, I'll buy PR4.
Christian Tönnies (2 years ago)
+CaptainDangeax because they cheap?? If you had any sense you ride on Continental but i supose they are expensive and not everyone can afford quality i do understand times are hard and you have to budget. But you shouldnt budget on tyres its an important choice.Continental ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO are £150 each but are the best money can buy for example but everyone needs to choose what they can afford
Bad Santa (3 years ago)
Fuck it, I'll take the cheapies...pedestrians beware!
Kent Guide (3 years ago)
If you push your tyres to hard then you will find they all have a limit
Goodman Mike (3 years ago)
Tires are really Tires these days unless you do you're homework Hers how my brands stack up as far as My Personal first Choice !! ALL terrain Michelin Tires second choice Good Year Tires!! BF good rich is my third my fourth would have to be firestone then Nitto tires my fifth Choice after that fuck all other brands are the same to me!! Basically you can Never go wrong with a Michelin Tire or a Good Year all Terrain !! Never!!
JPQNY (3 years ago)
+butthefollowing My Nokian Hak's are the best in the snow.
butthefollowing (3 years ago)
+Daniel Hernandez Are Nokian's Hakkapeliitta good tires ?
Just a Random Dude (3 years ago)
The main problem is not so much the "cheapness" of the tire. It's the idiots who think a chinchinchong tire made out of sawdust will have the same performance of a Pirelli P-Zero.
juan def (4 months ago)
+Alejandro Flores Pirelli were bought out by China. That means they will load them up with a cheap form of synthetic. like a silicon based product. I wont buy Pirelli. I also wont buy Continental, as they are noisy, bad economy, average wet grip and last about 4,000 miles. And thats even on a car with 90hp!
Alejandro Flores (10 months ago)
Pirelli sucks
hanksgavin (1 year ago)
I think of Pirelli as an off brand and they are cheaper here. Problem is tires cost enough that once you buy them you don't wanna change them out. Except the last cooper tires I bought. Gave them back to the tire shop. Jerks didn't even comp me anything but the ride was so bad I didn't care. Used to love cooper but those were a bad set and the local place is run by crooks.
James Warner (3 years ago)
Arrow speeds are what they give you at Kwik fit as cheapest option
donkey1450 (3 years ago)
I was on a budget, bought cheap chinese tyres for my evo. Worst mistake ever, within 20 hours i ended up buying a whole new set of branded tyres (dunlop at the fronts, bridgestones at the back). Chinese tyres + performance cars = coffin.
donkey1450 (3 years ago)
+Bad Santa My reasoning behind purchasing the cheap tyres was because i was upgrading my wheels to 18 inch anyway within the next 6 months. So i would of rather spend my money on good high performance tyres for the new rims instead and save some money. 
Bad Santa (3 years ago)
+donkey1450 Sweet.
alfamonk (4 years ago)
very simple review.
White Van Man (4 years ago)
Well, If you were out in the snow and in traffic your situation is going to be totally different to this video in an emergency. If you watch other "premium brands" being compared to each other you'll be amazed that there really is no clear winner as some are bad in the wet, others are better in the corners etc etc. It drives you mad trying to choose. At the end of the day when you visit your local tyre fitter he's going to give you the options on what he has in stock and you're going to pick the cheapest or the next one up. You're not going to stand there wondering which one and chose without youtube or test sites to look at. When was the last time you went to the tyre fitters in the summer and said I want a Michelin not an Pirelli?? I can't see there being a large difference with Winter tyres as long as you're not driving stupid. Everyone goes extra careful anyway, and they say these are better than summer tyres so any winter tyre is better than not at all.
Christian Tönnies (3 years ago)
mind you ....Mt Retard wouldnt know what that meens
Christian Tönnies (3 years ago)
oh cool she lives on the Canarys... meet you there?
Christian Tönnies (3 years ago)
+mr rambo mr retard is back
Bend Em (4 years ago)
Pretty ok review, still need Tyre designer scientists to assist in explaining tyre long km/miles Jevity in relation to general road use and the tyre compound even if they said entry tyres generally serve 40,000 km and our premium drive 100,000 and our sports 80,000 a guide like this should be law so buyers have better buying knowledge. Also fuel economy rating.
Willilly Bab (4 years ago)
When wages go up to match the skyrocketing cost of living, then I will buy the more expensive tires. Until then I'm driving with whatever bald tires are currently on my old piece of junk.
mipmipmipmipmip (5 months ago)
And we never heard of him again as he probably killed himself by driving through a curve in the rain.
Farina Marcina (1 year ago)
Part worn and temps below 7 degree equals zero traction on damp roads
Shaan A (1 year ago)
killnetic bane rip
Adam Lunt (1 year ago)
Willilly Bab lkiujjjy
He still hasn't replied to Pileits. Guess he didn't survive.
nashrahsolace (4 years ago)
Get tyres with tough sidewalls, less likely to damage when hitting kerbs thus safer.
heinz 490 (1 year ago)
rim protec just for female drivers
mr rambo (3 years ago)
+nashrahsolace sort me out with your number bitch
Christian Tönnies (3 years ago)
+mr rambo hello retard are you bored again?
nashrahsolace (3 years ago)
+mr rambo Go to hell POS.
+nashrahsolace shitty driver ;)
tailsiswatching (4 years ago)
for me, it's either whatever size and model came on the car from the factory, or the best possible tires.
shinkomplekt.com.ua (5 years ago)
It really depends on what you expect from your car performance. If you are not riding hard, cheap tyres will do just fine. 
OhFishyFish (4 years ago)
Until someone in front of you brakes suddenly.
FCSchalke77 (5 years ago)
I bought expensive tyres and got two nails in them, on the sidewalls .. 3 weeks old, tyres in the bin ... thats why I buy budget tyres 
Harry Tj (1 month ago)
mr rambo (3 years ago)
you got served
Mario Alvarez (5 years ago)
lol copping around hahaha
Jack Wass (3 years ago)
+Mario Alvarez shopping?
Moi MacArt (5 years ago)
Buying tires is like buying anything else. You get the best you can buy with the budget you have. Rich people can be safer on the road than poor people (providing they are willing to spend the money). Always was, always will be.
Tito Alo (16 days ago)
Not really, I'm looking for silent tires, which bring me to exotic brand... but if it's to sacrifice breaking distance and safety it's also not worth it
herobo123456 (25 days ago)
+lapamful rich people work very hard for there money so good for them
A (2 months ago)
Rich people can also afford to be more wreckless which is often the case. That being said price doesn't always dictate quality.
ST2 Teddy (9 months ago)
Poor people could be rich people if they got their priorities right. Like these idiots who winge about the cost of living but always find money for ciggies and beer
Farina Marcina (1 year ago)
Moi MacArt , yes but the poor crash into rich because they have low traction on cold wet roads.
gwot (5 years ago)
can this guy not pronounce "SH"? it's pronounced miSHelin, and at the end did he say CHopping around? or is he trying to say SHopping around?
Ponchy Monchy (5 years ago)
Still confused. There are loads of budget tyres around and with the new EU labeling some appear to have better fuel, wet braking and lower noise than brand names at twice the price. EG Infinity tyre was Fuel-C, Wet brake-C, noise 72dB at £56. Bridgestone was E, C 71dB at £119.
Dimitrios Vamvasakis (5 years ago)
Excellent review! Both fast and comprehensive, fantastic work guys! Thank you very much!
NorthEastbuses01 (5 years ago)
It's not exactly Pirelli's fault that the F1 bosses asked them to make a more complicated tyre, it turns out that Pirelli did a better job than anybody expected. I'll be totally honest, I love Bridgestone, my grandfathers car has them and they're really good, but Pirelli's are just as good, my dad used to have Continentals on his van and they were awful, no grip or stability at all, but when he changed to Pirelli the van was transformed.
chongwong (5 years ago)
For what it's worth, i enjoy track days,and although I'm usually driving one of the slowest cars on the track (An old bangered fiesta that I use specifically for track work), i get round faster than many more capable vehicles. Save pushing your luck for the track, or at least only drive like a twat on rare occasions.
chongwong (5 years ago)
Thanks for re-inforcing my original thoughts. If you are driving that close to the grip limits of your tyre, you should not be on the public roads. On road I drive faster than most and am rarely overtaken, however I always leave myself a 'safety blanket' for the day i head round a corner quickly and encounter oil, or a deep puddle, or mud. Factors like this will greatly reduce the available grip, and if you are already pushing your tyres close to the limits it could cause an accident.
chongwong (5 years ago)
Surely that just points to you driving to fast for the grip level you currenty have? Personnally I like the extra leeway that more grip gives, however if you are incapable of adjusting to driving with lower grip levels, you should not be on the road.
SwiftHDX (5 years ago)
Michelin is great.
tubilar111 (5 years ago)
Couldn't agree more...
wolfpac550 (5 years ago)
LOL That's why I use Bridgestone RE-11 F1 should go back to Bridgestone
tubilar111 (5 years ago)
Pirelli. Got the joke?... if you don't, go watch F1
Javier Viteri (5 years ago)
bridgestone potenza GIII :)
MrGrandis (6 years ago)
Your feet definitely the best thing to rub on the ground at 100 km/h
muy bueno el video
vigosts (6 years ago)
Honda & Toyota have better quality than any German Brand let alone BMW! Rest Japanese Car Manufacturers have about same as German quality! Test is USA We drive a lot here bad cheap quality gas not qualified technicians bad roads or lack of ones but hondas & toyotas withstood even USA! According US Dealerships all euro cars r much cheaper in USA cause they r built with lower quality 4 US market! Capitalism Money talk shit walk!
Danny Wang (6 years ago)
IOI the most funny thing in this video is it SUNEW vs Michelin, its like honda vs Benz. SUNEW is a chinese make entre level tyre, its price just 1/4 or 1/3 of the Michelin, for its price it does good enough.

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