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Hot Drunk Straight Boys...

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Turns out I have a pretty hot view of some pretty sexy straight boys. Sigh. Davey's website: http://www.daveywavey.tv Snail mail me: Davey Wavey, Inc. P.O. Box 1282 Woonsocket, RI 02895 USA
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Frogman Waterblast (2 years ago)
The problem with homosexuality begins when they try to legitimize their sins. If you didn't celebrate it your actions wouldn't be evil. Keep your degeneracy to yourself & don't lose your head.
Judy Neutron (2 years ago)
lol what is there to celebrate about heterosexuality? forcing women to carry children?
paco Gomes (3 years ago)
I am in!
Ella Hayes (3 years ago)
ViscountStratton (3 years ago)
2007?!?! This was like, one of the first youtube videos ever!
Tony Skies (4 years ago)
Ha gayyyyyyyyy
Frogman Waterblast (2 years ago)
+Tucker Hankins. You belong in a death camp.
Tux_xox 2 (2 years ago)
he is, you inconsiderate peice of shit
Ricky Ernest (5 years ago)
biel (1 year ago)
Ricky Ernest Yes
Khalil Edwards (5 years ago)
Wow this vid is old
Harry Sellers (5 years ago)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  It's nice to get to know you as a blog buddy.  Love ya.
alex scudder (5 years ago)
vid 22 is hottttttttt thx!!!!!!!
achtungbaby1640 (5 years ago)
MSN, My space ... that makes it for 2007.
racheal boo (6 years ago)
how to make a good youtube video Step one:take off shirt Step two:be hot lol
Megan Ladner (6 years ago)
You have horrible grammar lol
Samuel Yu (6 years ago)
I want the top one to be my perfect comment ( in which it is the second one that I posted.)
Samuel Yu (6 years ago)
I still think that this video is 'THEMAXIMUMBESTOFTHEBEST' in which then again I feel like this video is infinite heavenly feeling when i see this video.
Samuel Yu (6 years ago)
I feel like I am in infinite heaven when I see your videos, I still want to dedicate my life to my purpose is 'THEMAXIMUMBESTOFTHEBEST',in which I want to dedicate to you within the infinite goodness that I feel within your videos. I am so extra over charistmatic and excited to see your videos, I do this because my purpose is 'THEMAXIMUM BEST OF THE BEST' since in which it is an infinite heavenly feeling that I am seeing on your videos
samuel meh (6 years ago)
So, is this some sort of sleep seducing video filming a hot dude that might appear in my dream?
cowswee (6 years ago)
Davey's sleepy voice is awesome Davey sleepy not awesome
Miguel Romero (6 years ago)
I did not hear a thing
Stephen Coe (6 years ago)
We can tell how sweet and big-hearted you are! I hope to find someone like you soon!
kiastar67 (6 years ago)
Voyeurism is fun! Check out OneLegUp NYC "voyeur club" Yayaya.
leeroyleeroy (6 years ago)
excuse me? if i'm gay or straight? is that relevant?!? what the fuck haha! if that reply was supposed to have any vital point then you've not succeeded. p.s. who replies to a comment this old? did you go through that many?? typical queen
Jay Garrison (6 years ago)
If you're gay...get over it. If you're straight and this was a topless woman you would not be complaining. If it offends, you could always try moving on.
james jackson (6 years ago)
love these kinds of videos for some reason. Seems more personal and really soothing. Not that I don't like the other stuff he does, these videos just have something really nice about them as well.. or maybe that's just me
¡Yo$oyChris! (6 years ago)
I want to be in your bedroom / sheets :C
Hector Polanco (7 years ago)
Methylcloroisothiaz1 (7 years ago)
your eyes remind me of Haley Joel Osment
leeroyleeroy (7 years ago)
is it essential for him to do all his videos topless... loser
David M (7 years ago)
David M (7 years ago)
I am waiting
David M (7 years ago)
want to fly?
David M (7 years ago)
David M (7 years ago)
NH is the best
David M (7 years ago)
you go girl
Philip Glick (8 years ago)
Call me at 561-3023266 Philip hit me up please
Adrianna Marie (8 years ago)
youre so inspiring i hope one day i have the amount of intellegance that you do at such a young age... your so calm and serene i love all of your videos i watch them daily... keep it up i am looking forward to it...
Charmaine Shih (8 years ago)
is will his boyfriend?
P Carrillo (8 years ago)
What narcissistic silliness. Do behave and save your absurd prattle to yourself, please.
wowserouisly (8 years ago)
wow Shortsoccerplayer i cant belive people would say that and vote up for it
Glenson Lapera (8 years ago)
your so cute.,
zcdarktide (9 years ago)
its a rainforest!
HalloweenFanatic (9 years ago)
Yah you can't hear anything. Sad..
Christopher Tinker (9 years ago)
Bloody hell all i am getting is static noise, does he realise this?
Lavan C (9 years ago)
rnt u gay tho...? :/
glafna (9 years ago)
Dude.... audio quality is non-existant. take the vid off plz and thank you
Artraviuous Henley (9 years ago)
so not your best vid
Brimmy21 (9 years ago)
ok my left ear is now dead LMAO LOLZ it sounds like it's raining but I know it's just static....can anyone read lips?
pshsx1 (9 years ago)
Just static! Confused!
Randall Saul (9 years ago)
ahhh! MY EARS!
paul stubbs (10 years ago)
Jooheoney Monsta X (10 years ago)
I can't hear it. Again? D: What the hell? -Ri
Unbeginner (10 years ago)
Well, I like the title...heh heh... well it caught my attention, I find it annoying when straight guys can kiss when they are drunk, while I get to do nothing. It pisses me off.
phuditpuangmalai (10 years ago)
lol he is more beautiful than real boys or maybe real girls. a shame! i begin getiing into....... ew!
cynterslave (10 years ago)
still no audio. sigh
christopher jensen (10 years ago)
why can't i hear ittt?
carrotjuse (10 years ago)
What all the static?
Isabella Meyers (10 years ago)
fuck you
farmerne (10 years ago)
Would be great with sound. Sounds like a fire hydrant running full blast in the room.
paulo0e (10 years ago)
Jadenhg (10 years ago)
um... hello? Am I the only one whos not hearing a word of what this guy's says? all i hear is like the shower running???
adam smith (10 years ago)
nice chanel
Hardtechnoboy (10 years ago)
Please pretty boy. If you were fat and ugly, do you think people would even read your blog? What a fucking waste of 8 minutes of my life. I'd rather go see the kevjumba page.
BEARWORLD (10 years ago)
I think PERVY is the right word. Don't worry, if you're still in Toronto, you'll fit right in with all us other perves. lol
realityisrelative89 (10 years ago)
you are gorgeous :) i know it's not very original, but it's true :P
meridianchild (10 years ago)
Too gay to function! ;)
bye1230 (10 years ago)
gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy man
EmWilly (10 years ago)
You're always handsome but you look super hot here because the low light gives you super dark hair and eyes and I'm a sucker for dark hair and eyes every time. :)
jessica peyton (11 years ago)
you are sooo cute... and have beautiful teeth!!
Coltsfan (11 years ago)
very cute, very insightful, makes me (just came out to my friends 6 months ago) feel a bit more confident about myself. Thanks, i'll def keep up
Dragoness925 (11 years ago)
you are too adorable! <3 xox
Joe Andrews (11 years ago)
This is too wierd that I ran into your videos. Because it's the same stuff I've been working on spiritually. I love, and need that Wayne Dyer comment right now. Thanks for doing these inspirational videos. It is inspiring me to do the ones that I do.:)Louise Hay has a new DVD out called "You can Heal Your life". It's like "The Secret" on steroids. Hope you have an amazing day!!!
FR3DOPOP (11 years ago)
You are such a hater. He didn't say "like" any more than is usual for the average person who is thinking of what to say next, like "you know", "uh", etc. Who doesn't do that?
FR3DOPOP (11 years ago)
You are fuckin' adorable.
are ku (11 years ago)
he's a hot gay guy
vanca (11 years ago)
you are gay dud! yes you are are you?
Rem Peñaverde (11 years ago)
have you ever posted nude for an art class? you would be a great subject. ^_^
Dafne Hruschka (11 years ago)
i really admire you... and you're so cute! :)
aznbwong (11 years ago)
from the masturbating neighbor to the hot drunk straight boys? and to top it off you have an amazing condo and great job that permits you to live at home. I am so jealous. Being a 24 yo hard working girl has brought me no where.
mjsgrass78 (11 years ago)
Dude, whats your chest workout? How many days a week do you work out?
sirald66 (11 years ago)
stick a post-it over the self-view, that will help avoid distraction.
Whambamram (11 years ago)
C´mon say it, you look on the screen because you like looking at yourself
OMG BeCkY (11 years ago)
Do you live in Pawtucket?
richy rich (11 years ago)
I think we all turn into pervs as we get older..and then our sex drive just dies....rich
adiabatic180 (11 years ago)
reference to quote #2, humans are insatiable. that's the whole idea of consumption economics: unlimited wants vs. unlimited needs
doug b (11 years ago)
So if you go back to Canuckistan are you going to bring Jeremy back, or are you done with him? I like how he draws you blog off into the gutter.
xchocolatexmustardx (11 years ago)
Make an msn account for youtubers...
Marcus Nuing Voon (11 years ago)
i still pretty much love cassettes! Still buy them. Got a player at home too.... ;P
bobby78751 (11 years ago)
I think Gwynneth Paltrow wanted to turn the book into a movie back in the late 90s but nothing ever came of it. I think it would make such a beautiful film...if it stays true to the language and themes of the book.
dafttool (11 years ago)
I've read that book. It is pretty good. I keep expecting it to be made into a movie.
ArtOFNeel (11 years ago)
You are sooooo cute
bobby78751 (11 years ago)
I suggest putting Will in the bed next to you Monday night and doing a talky blog during his sleepover. :-) I have a lot of favorite quotes. One of them is from my most-favorite book THE SECRET HISTORY by Donna Tartt: "Beauty is rarely soft or consolatory. Quite the contrary. Genuine beauty is always quite alarming." I think I am going to have to do a talky blog about books. Hummm...
allanmn @google.com (11 years ago)
Cute. ;)
bluewolverine40 (11 years ago)
get a telescope not that would be creepy but anyway
dafttool (11 years ago)
You and your window views. Creepy is only a matter of perspective. :-/ I saw those photos you posted. You wouldn't know what you were looking at had you not clued us in beforehand. But I don't blame you for taking them down. Will has a fan club because he's simply adorable. :]
Jeff Mendelsohn (11 years ago)
great quotes; have a fun Sunday jeff
Francis (11 years ago)
everyone is a little voyeuristic! :)
yescandles (11 years ago)
I think I can attest to the fact that when you get REALLY older, you weigh it all out and decide if getting up to gaze at the world is worth it. Sometimes the frustration just doesn't merit disturbing the peace.:-)...but sometimes it IS.
OCession (11 years ago)
gosh....... u have so many videos now! i can't keep up with them anymore it seems lol
nicdraw (11 years ago)

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