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Sea Snake vs Moray Eel | The battle of 2 killer in the ocean | Giant Lion TV

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Text Comments (57)
Shiva Shriki (10 hours ago)
Ther is No climax in this video...
Kanak Das (16 hours ago)
who Won?
Myron Carheel (2 days ago)
One bite from that Sea Snake & it’s game over 😵
Fero Yt (3 days ago)
1:16 Lol that starfish on the bottom right corner
hon yee chou (4 days ago)
Chemical warfare bound to win
Zoue Zramueq (7 days ago)
Another stupid video. the end. 😀
William Weber (9 days ago)
haviz apriliansyah (9 days ago)
Morray eel always winner vs sea snake. Vs baby shark
History ExploreBD (11 days ago)
Sir can i use this music in my youtube channel video plz?...🙏
the end
Impacto Rose (15 days ago)
Fuck Sea snake
Peter Kranenburg (17 days ago)
Clickbait image size and also with this one the music does not suit.
Ross Otto (17 days ago)
ET (19 days ago)
Amazed the Moray lasted as long as it did, shows just how tough they are! It was inevitably dead the moment it took a hit of that venom, but I was interested to see if it could fight the snake off....
Hugh MacDonald (19 days ago)
Skip. Typical nice footage from multiple events to make for an ending that...isn't.
Joseph Wallace (20 days ago)
I thought the eel would bite him in half with one bite!
onur topuz (20 days ago)
who win?
maxxamillion maxx (20 days ago)
MEC (21 days ago)
En pocas palabras veneno vs electricidad. JAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJA.
James Kelman (21 days ago)
Snake was out to get something for dinner and thought eel do!
da d (22 days ago)
The winner Is.... Sea snake
PrinceArt77 (22 days ago)
did the snake started to swallow the eel at the end or were they ended up in a lip lock? if the snake manage to pump venom to the eel then no question about it, that eel would die...probably needs more time than the regular prey fish but definitely the eel will lose
thought the eel would win. darn
M&M LINDSEY (22 days ago)
Flex SealTM (24 days ago)
Daily Dose of internet?
Cool Cheese (25 days ago)
Thumbnail eel wins Video: snake wins
ok I (26 days ago)
Its like wacthing ribbons that have life
Chris Mccallin (28 days ago)
I have a moray eel in my aquarium in my living room. He is a monster and will easily take of a finger or 2. But, that type of sea snake is one of the most venomous animals on earth.
George Morrison (1 month ago)
At least get a NON venomous snake against the eel and give the eel a chance or get an ELECTRIC eel against a venomous snake that'll be fair
jmowreader (13 days ago)
There are no non-venomous sea snakes. Snakes have to kill their prey before they eat it, and there are only two ways - envenomation or constriction. A constrictor would drown the first time it tried to eat, so the only choice is for the snakes to be extremely venomous.
eddie maderal (1 month ago)
this is fuck
Ajay Satheesan (1 month ago)
And a starfish was chillin
Betty Parris (2 months ago)
The sea snake win, they are venom after all
Corue (2 months ago)
Obviously the sea snake would win. One bite from that deadly animal, you dead.
leland rivera (23 days ago)
+Mainak Deb sea snake and sea krait (any krait really, land or sea) venom can paralyze an eel in as little as 30 seconds to a minute n fish in about 5 seconds all depending on how much venom gets pumped. The eel didnt stand a chance even if it bit and killed the snake
DERPY BABY! (1 month ago)
Corue u know ur animals it depends on da snake size either could win
Mainak Deb (1 month ago)
+Corue venom takes time.. the snake needs to breathe.. nothing was obvious to me
Corue (2 months ago)
+apricot Mhm.
apricot (2 months ago)
FINALLY SOME FUCKING PERSON THAT UNDERSTANDS SEA SNAKES also the sea snake was a sea krait making it more venomous.
Pacamon Sangyoosuk (2 months ago)
who win it just the picture i dont know who win
apricot (2 months ago)
lol idiots it’s the sea snake, one bite from a sea snake will kill a fish in 5 seconds, a moray that size will die in about 2-5 minutes
Dax Carnley (1 month ago)
Cause it has a secondary jaw idiot
apricot (1 month ago)
Then why do you think the moray would win?
Dax Carnley (2 months ago)
Highly venomos
apricot (2 months ago)
then is the sea Krait a highly venomous species or a weakly venomous species? Tell me without googling it.
Dax Carnley (2 months ago)
Biscuit Head (3 months ago)
That was a much bigger eel in the video than was in the still shot at the end. I hate it when people do this.
Zes (1 month ago)
Sharks and fun Stuff (3 months ago)
It was the snake no ?
jesus rincon (4 months ago)
I think the eel will win
Giant Lion TV (4 months ago)
i think so
Sergio Osyka (5 months ago)
Giant Lion TV (5 months ago)
thank you

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