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Play Flamenco Style Guitar Now - Fusion Flamenco Lesson 4

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https://www.guitarmastery.net/p/ingenium Downloads: https://www.guitarmastery.net/p/fusion-flamenco
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Text Comments (11)
Tim Rault (4 months ago)
I've been looping the introduction so many times lately hahaha so amazing !
Bill Van Lammeren (1 year ago)
Fantastic insight and timing. Thank you
The 38th Step (2 years ago)
Are you using a pick on nylon?
Dan Amaral (5 years ago)
I'm very impressed. Many players can play neoclassical shred, but I haven't seen many speed pick on an actual classical guitar.
guitarmastery (5 years ago)
Great! Thanks :)
Daniel Laguarta (5 years ago)
oooole...maestro!!!, pretty interesting videos you have here. thanks!
guitarmastery (5 years ago)
Thanks :) Good to know.
guitarmastery (5 years ago)
:) Thanks. Not a bad idea..
guitarmastery (5 years ago)
No, nothing out there. But thanks for asking!
TheMasterfulcreator (5 years ago)
You should wear a scarf with this shirt Claus. Then even tone deaf people would know you are good!
ryanholio (5 years ago)
There is nothing wrong with philosophical cheers this was awesome.

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