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Neoprene Vs. Nylon Life Jackets

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If you are deciding on a life jacket, the material can make a huge impact on comfort and durability. Watch this video to see if neoprene or nylon is the right jacket for you.
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INW Sailors (3 years ago)
Neoprene does not float you as high in the water. Also seems like the neoprene vests are made of darker colors. PFD's should be bright colored (yelllow or orange) and have reflective material, particualrly on the tops of the shoulders. If you notice manufactures who product professional vests for the coast guard, water rescue, etc. none are made of neoprene... why is this... because neoprene is not deemed as safe as the other materials. Seems water and jet skiers are not that concerned with their safety.
LTZ-Bailey (1 year ago)
INW Sailors plus they don't come with crotch straps or head supports
CeeDee Player (3 years ago)
and what about neoprene coated nylon? is there any life jacket made out of it?
Teo Jordan (3 years ago)
are neoprene waterproof? or can they be made water proof? like neoprene sheets or smth
Teo Jordan (3 years ago)
nice. thanks
BoatersOutlet (3 years ago)
+Teo Jordan Hi Teo, Neoprene is a waterproof material. The nice thing about Neoprene life jackets is if you have a good fit, it will trap a thin layer of water between the jacket and your body keeping you warm out on the lake.

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