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Pretty Songs with Death Metal Lyrics!

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Taking pretty acoustic songs and replacing the lyrics with Cannibal Corpse lyrics! SUBSCRIBE HERE - https://www.youtube.com/user/SteveTerreberry?sub_confirmation=1 Camera work by Mama T. Songs mixed and mastered by Carmen Sorge. OTHER VIDZ: Song Written By Negative Comments - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlTe_nnewIY&list=PL1ZQmn_Lr4OAZXzbTQnBcv6Qg-v2-IznH&index=24 MAJOR Songs In MINOR - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzGSRI827IQ&list=PL1ZQmn_Lr4OAZXzbTQnBcv6Qg-v2-IznH&index=18 If Lil Wayne Played Guitar For... - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgWA9k9IDSg&list=PL1ZQmn_Lr4OAZXzbTQnBcv6Qg-v2-IznH&index=26 Metal Songs After Bad Translations - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mug8n9dov4Y&list=PL1ZQmn_Lr4OAZXzbTQnBcv6Qg-v2-IznH&index=27 TV Themes In MINOR - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnWUm2XFr8o&list=PL1ZQmn_Lr4OAZXzbTQnBcv6Qg-v2-IznH&index=23
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Text Comments (9413)
Hayden Humpherys (1 hour ago)
these lyrics like made me sick lol
Rune Torshammare (10 hours ago)
You butchered these songs! .. and i mean that in a good way!
derpy derp (1 day ago)
You sir, have a fantastic music taste. Another sub from me!
Daughter Monster (1 day ago)
When a fan of brutal death metal tries to be romantic. Lol. #LongLiveMetal
S C (1 day ago)
I wish songs were really like this. There has to be a band like this so me where
Shawn Putnam (1 day ago)
Ever tried singing an Elliott Smith song? You've got the voice for it, I think.
Esox Lucius (1 day ago)
Jeremy Vlogs (1 day ago)
Chris D (2 days ago)
I am totally confused. I thought you said you were going to change the lyrics to the songs.
Jan Silver (2 days ago)
U r KING of LOL!!! Thanks!!!! ⚰🌟⚰🌟⚰🌟⚰🌟⚰🌟👍
I'm Weird (3 days ago)
When I’m feeling down, I turn on this video and sing along like a lunatic “stabbed in the throat for no reasonnn but tooo killllllll”
I'm Weird (3 days ago)
I found an app where you can tap the beat to YouTube videos.... I gotta admit— it was kinda entertaining tapping the beat to Steve talking and then singing along lmao
Jennifer Mackey (3 days ago)
Best Shit Ever
Preposterous (3 days ago)
Found my wedding reception music
Hooptiously Thrangled (3 days ago)
How dare you use the slightly safer lyrics...
Que bonita canción :^)
Steve Munger (3 days ago)
Do you have any idea what Tears in Heaven was written about. a very personal song to Clapton. Your a stupid punk.
Maimun Maimun (4 days ago)
You should make disstrack
Aroezs Rush (4 days ago)
Good for ost saw or wrong turn... 😅
taylor Castleberry (4 days ago)
What exactly is raging death? I mean if you had to define it, how would you do it?
Beemer Beem (6 days ago)
Still think this fecker is annoying and cringy when he's talking but he's a talented twat
_Fear_the_ Unknown_ (7 days ago)
This is fucking beautiful!😂
AzarielTanuki (7 days ago)
El puto amo XD
Jose Bonilla (8 days ago)
Top 10 most epic anime battle music.
lunch box (8 days ago)
This is awesome
Zforce 23 (8 days ago)
Nothing else matters gone serial killer lol
Mike 369 (9 days ago)
KornAnimationsAUTTP (9 days ago)
4:17 LIMP BIZKIT!!!!!!
PrettyOdd User (9 days ago)
Death Metal Acoustic
I'm Weird (10 days ago)
I actually haven’t heard some of these songs before this video, so when I heard the originals, so I sang along with the cannibal corpse lyrics lol let’s hope no one asks for me to do karaoke
Olivia (10 days ago)
I’ll never hear these songs in the same way again
Mardian Putra (10 days ago)
I feels like a great man... Damn!! :v wkwkwk
avery.lfc.2005 (10 days ago)
Did u have to use Tears In Heaven?
furiousturtle (10 days ago)
Cannibal song list??
W W (10 days ago)
Really beautiful. Loved it.
Festin J Ekissa (10 days ago)
Serial killer music
vitogameboy (11 days ago)
These versions of the songs get stuck in my head really easily and it'll be hard to explain to my parents why I'm singing Cannibal Corpse lyrics to the tune of tears in heaven.
Steev Stev (11 days ago)
David Moreno (12 days ago)
This is fucking awesome. Great job with the music to cannibal corpse lyrics. Love it
chadinmesa (12 days ago)
YES, my new favorite
Gabo crack (13 days ago)
Hablas español ?
Jaden L (13 days ago)
I expected “I wanna slit your throat, and fuck the wound.” 😆
Joseph Kingston (13 days ago)
I wish he would make a true singing video, I love his voice. I hope his parents encourage him. Please make and market a love song video, you have a very beautiful voice, please don't lightly esteem it, you can really perform.
Joseph Kingston (13 days ago)
All jokes aside, he has a beautiful voice, Justin bieber, simon and Garfunkel step aside.
Colton Mabes (14 days ago)
No no no no i hate it it is horibl
Miracle Diengdoh (14 days ago)
When you are a doctor and remembering the dissection of body. But we are very gentle with patients. It's like death metal with acoustic.
Miracle Diengdoh (14 days ago)
Awesome..... I love metals all type of metals and acoustic too
Natalya S (14 days ago)
I love the loud a$$ beep in the beginning of hey there delilah
Natalya S (14 days ago)
Do this in reverse
Kiki K (14 days ago)
I laughed so much when Behind Blue Eyes came on😂 this is awesome
Uoren RAR (15 days ago)
У тебя охуенный глас, мужчина. Жду акустический альбом!!!
Sarupya Bhattacharya (15 days ago)
Please make an Album Steve!!
Andre Santillan (16 days ago)
Jajajajajajajaja nice work bro !
Mr Zero (16 days ago)
You look like Chris raygun
Mohamed Ali Musha Khan (16 days ago)
I loved it so much, love the jacket so so much, I mean the lyrics are really gross man haha
pepe le frog mangamoon (17 days ago)
How did i get from jesus murdering zombies with fish to this weird shit
steven herrin (17 days ago)
What the f**k?! Lmao
Milk (17 days ago)
Please do an actual serious cover Hey There Delilah please. I beg you, Stevie.
Rex Valentine (17 days ago)
I’m a total metal head but those lyrics made me feel queasy
J.D. Hague (17 days ago)
I've never heard of that band. Are these real lyrics? They sound like they were written by a crazy person.
Caleb Butler (17 days ago)
Why did he destroy tears I Heaven
Green Jay (18 days ago)
Death Metal is the deep web of music
Doom Maker (19 days ago)
I can already imagine showing this song to my non-english family and their reactions being: "Nice song! What are the lyrics about?" Also,the premise reminds me of Bleed It Out
so kai (20 days ago)
me when I try to act lowkey and friendly
Brayan Mata (20 days ago)
Se mamo
Zack Ellis (20 days ago)
This was a lot better than I expected.
Dakota Hunt (21 days ago)
This went exactly how I had hoped
The Piano Mannn (21 days ago)
60 times more disturbing with acoustic music
2nd one was good riddance (time of your life) by green day!!
Karlz 12 (21 days ago)
When you're dealing with a shit customer but you still have to be professional.
Shimada Genji (21 days ago)
Can you cover a song of them with a calm background music that would be awsome
푸파이터즈 (21 days ago)
My mom must like this because she doesn't know any english lyrics
deidara's girl (21 days ago)
💕💕awesome vid your voice is so soothing!!! Luv it!!😘😅👍
Nina Vermoesen (21 days ago)
Green Day!! lol this is awesome 😂
black jack (22 days ago)
Derrick Bonsell (22 days ago)
Definitely more disturbing than Cannibal Corpse's actual music.
Baz94 ! (22 days ago)
ApeshitBANANAS (22 days ago)
Should have added the melody of "We are going to be friends" by the white stripes
Oh my god I fell in love with u 😍 u are so romantic!
Emma Sharp (23 days ago)
Wasn't prepared for Tears in Heaven being the first song
Hedge (23 days ago)
Why do I seem to be the only person on these channels that thinks Cannibal Corpse is terrible and an embarrassment to the metal genre
Kristian Aburto (23 days ago)
Like para el que lo subtítulo ❤
Parrd777 (23 days ago)
Did you make death metal songs with pretty lyrics?
theeasyma (23 days ago)
Ricky G Reviews (24 days ago)
This is so wrong
D Smith (24 days ago)
Dude what the f*** is wrong with you. LOL
CONSOLETRUTH2 (24 days ago)
I was so hoping for FUCKED WITH A KNIFE
Ben the Scientist (24 days ago)
Well, when you put it like that, it's hard to take them seriously
Brian zoero (24 days ago)
Kkkkkkkkkk very good
Jelly (24 days ago)
Death Metal songs with nice lyrics.
Ronald Schmal (24 days ago)
How did you keep a straight face. Hilarious and awesome.
How2 Destroy (24 days ago)
My life has been explained
Spiderjwg (25 days ago)
Death metal with pretty lyrics.
medusia (25 days ago)
I actually want these versions fully lol
Crypt Keeper (25 days ago)
Taranisaurus FPV (25 days ago)
You just created a new genre. Death acoustic
Gaudy Santos (25 days ago)
creepy.. hahahah
Kaileigh Schell (25 days ago)
This makes me so happy
Scott Wing (25 days ago)
A few tears fell because of the amazingness
STREΠTOR (25 days ago)
Ja ja ja it's very funny

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