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Knit Sashay Scarf

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Red Heart Boutique Sashay are fun frill yarns and thee most popular frill scarves. Learn to knit using Sashay. Scarves take about 2.5 - 3 hours depending on your speed. You can have yourself a gorgeous knitted Sashay Scarf in no time. You can create two amazing looks with Sashay as the original Ruffle Scarf but you can also created amazing chain scarves by finger chaining or using your crochet hook. This video features different ways to wear your Sashay. Follow Mikey from The Crochet Crowd as he gives you some inspiration. Sashay is affordable and can be found at leading yarn stores and independent yarn retailers. You can also find Sashay available for purchase at http://redheart.com.------------ Welcome: Michael Sellick aka Mikey. Many patterns as seen on our YouTube Channel can be found on The Crochet Crowd Website. http://thecrochetcrowd.com Join 10's of thousands of crocheters sharing projects, tips, pictures and more on our very active Facebook Fan Page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Crochet-Crowd/116482731742088 New to Crochet? We have a free 24 Course Video Series to follow. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL69F5A7FE3F95232F Need to learn how to Read Crochet Patterns? Let us show you how to decipher patterns. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbHEcdQw1SaR0BMlEufCY4FTflM5xfkF1 We have new videos launching every week, see the latest videos added here. http://www.youtube.com/user/mikeyssmail/videos?view=0
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Text Comments (72)
Sparked Tiger (11 months ago)
I liked knitting with this type of yarn when I first tried it. I never could figure out how to crochet it though. I did see how I can improve my skills at knitting these frill yarns, though. Thanks. God bless you all. Amen.
Dorine Opile (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video it helped me alot to knit the sashy scarf
jenny schutt (1 year ago)
Thank you for the clear and concise video. You did this very nicely and at a slow pace so I could follow it. I completed my project - yay!
Zoe Brattle (2 years ago)
I'm going to ask my dad to get me some knitting needles
Glorimar Rivera (2 years ago)
Thank you for the video! It is very helpful, since it's my first time knitting.
Feather Snyder (2 years ago)
Thanks for this video!
Helen Smith (2 years ago)
Feather Snyder
The Crafty Chicks (3 years ago)
Easy duck tape begin her's flower pics
Carol Lawton (3 years ago)
Excellent video Mikey! Your very clear instructions as how to begin and continue to completion of a scarf with Sashay without missing every possible scenario that could happen was extremely insightful. When I first bought it, I thought I can knit, thinking how difficult can it be to make a scarf, but was I in for surprise - lol - not realizing it was a yarn with no  idea what to do. l loved the variegated dark blue color combination and until I watched your video, I was stuck with a ball of yarn with not knowing what to do with it. I've already bought the variegated gold :) ! Thanks for taking my ball of yarn and now having a beautiful scarf!!!
Mary Umholtz (3 years ago)
I have enjoyed the newest tutorials so much more than the older ones! That said, I want to ask most strongly that you consider all of the left-handed folks and their dollars. We left handed people are a large group who centainly deserve consideration. May we please have some recognition? Thank you so much!
Julie Bauman (3 years ago)
Finally a video that I understand. I am a continental knitter only. THANK YOU!
Peregrin1972 (3 years ago)
Me too! :)
Donna Nelson (4 years ago)
Thanks Mikey! Very clear and complete instructions as usual. Love you
Marsha Lawrence (4 years ago)
How do I join Sashay when the yarn ball has a bad section in the middle of the yarn?
LadyPurple616 (4 years ago)
I've watched several videos on how to knit a ruffle scarf (there are several variations and how people do it) and I found yours the easiest that makes sense to me since I haven't knitted in several years. The pattern on my yarn called for size 7 needles and I think I would have an easier time with bigger non-metal needles. I will continue knitting with these until I can make it to Michael's to get bigger ones. Thanks so much! Can't wait to finish my scarf!
Usha amma (4 years ago)
how long should I knity?do I USE A whole ball of yarn?
QueenErikaMarie (4 years ago)
thank you, very helpful :)
Naomi McGraw (4 years ago)
thank you so much for this tutorial!!! I have mambo sashay, and it's really pretty, but I had no idea how to knit this project...until now!!! you make everything so easy to learn!!! keep up the sweet knitting skills dude!! ;)
Cute 300 (4 years ago)
please make 1 with thick yarn from lion brand yarns
Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I have never knitted before in my life and I bought the sashay yarn after watching your video and now I have a completed scarf in which I feel I have been successful at thanks to you Mikey. I had come back today to watch the video again to bind off. Thanks again and I will be buying some more yarn.
Alexandra Richards (5 years ago)
Thanks for sharing!! I am a crocheter, not a knitter but after I watched this video a few days ago, I was inspired to try it. I found some knitting needles AND ruffle yarn on sale at Joann's and just completed my first knit ruffle scarf using the Sashay yarn. It took longer to complete than crocheting one, and it came out shorter than if crocheted, but I am feeling quite accomplished! And it's so BEAUTIFUL!!
Dianne Farha (5 years ago)
empriss80 (5 years ago)
This video helped me make my first sashay scarf and it's beautiful. Thank you so much:)
Jamie Bekri (5 years ago)
this guy talks way tooo much!!
Shelly Kramer (5 years ago)
I need help we just first started our first class and I'm all ready having trouble how do you get back on track after you mess up
Stalin The Ballin (5 years ago)
Thank you so much! The instructions on the label of the yarn I got didn't help at all, so this made it easier to understand.
Bagpipe Gnat (5 years ago)
Thank you!!
Gabby Heck (5 years ago)
I hate the scarf mine are better
nancy carter (1 year ago)
How long for a child's scarf
The Crochet Crowd (5 years ago)
▶ How To Knit Red Heart Boutique Sashay Scarves - YouTube
anna foxe (2 years ago)
Intricate scarf
rinnylin (5 years ago)
Oh man!  That is way easier than crocheting it!  Thank you!
Katherine Schepis (5 years ago)
this is the cutest and easiest scarf i have ever made! video is so easy to follow, and i love the brand
Linda W (5 years ago)
Thank-you! They are sooo beautiful!
mbyarner (5 years ago)
Love Sashay scarves! As I was walking through a local craft store a ruffly scarf display caught my eye. t wasn't Red Heart [gasp], but I was drawn in anyway. Premier yarns Starbella Flash. t took a few false startes because the working edge is just netting, not defined like Red Heart's, and I was not thrilled with the way it was coming out. persevered. It's longer than Red Heart, is not as easy to work with, it has a rougher feel to it, & has a cheap look to it. I'm sorry' Red <3' I'm back!!
vikingwife25 (5 years ago)
Thank you for making this video. I have never knitted anything before and was trying to make this scarf by crocheting it. After several hours of frustration and one time watching you I knitted for the first time and got it right away. You plus this style of yarn was perfect for my first knitting project. Thank you for taking your time to make this video
Selina Grissom (5 years ago)
All done!...what we taking me days, took me a few hours after watching your video!!...and it's gorgeous!!...THANK YOU for another successful, beautiful project!!...I'm working on a crocheted afghan using your basket weave video!...it's looking amazing!!
Selina Grissom (5 years ago)
Don't know why I didn't come here first! I followed another video and it looked more like bells than ruffles!...Thank you!...lesson learned!! ♥
Sharon Heatherly (5 years ago)
great video; however, it appears when casting on that you go in the back of every other loop but you don't say that you're doing that.....is it correct then when casting on to go in the front of a loop and next go to the back of the loop? God Bless you for sharing your talents...thanks
i get my yarn at joann
Stephanie Fricke (5 years ago)
Awesome instruction. You're very informative, you explain clearly and very well. And you're so darn cute! I've been following you for a while and I've listened to an interview of you on Yarnthing. I hope you're feeling great about yourself and realize that so many of us out here are so comfortable with you and that you are in the right place in life! I can't wait to watch more videos. And I'm making this scarf right now!
Juanita Harris (5 years ago)
Mikey, Your videos are so GOOD. I had to watch then several times, as I am not a knitter, I have taught several people to knit these scarfs with good results. I can not figure out why at the beginning the spiral is bigger then becomes smaller after a few rows. I am not even skipping any spaces hoping to make it smaller, to no avail. any ideas anyone??
Cindy Lanahan (5 years ago)
Today, Mother's Day, my 82 soon to be 83 year old mother, is coming over and we are going to make these scarves.
Ruth Richard (6 years ago)
I have made this scarf with this material and it always corkscrews for me as well. I have noticed that you skip a loop and I did not, therefore that could be causing the corkscrew effect. While knitting along I have skipped a loop here and there and noticed the ruffling effect beginning. Long story short, I believe the cork screw effect happens by using every loop!!
davleen tiwana (6 years ago)
It looks easy I can't wait to try it out
Barb Niantic (6 years ago)
I love the videos on the fashion yarn. It is great to have them available for reference! Your manner of instruction is so easy for a beginner like me. Thank you Mikey!
Tiffany Watson (6 years ago)
I get the same thing, mine's never as pretty and ruffley in the beginning!! They fall very tube-like, almost like the ribbon was stretched out so they don't make the "wave"? I don't skip more/less stiches in the beginning, so I'm at a loss as to what the problem is as well :(
irma guerrero (6 years ago)
me gustaria que hiciera una pasmina
The Crochet Crowd (6 years ago)
not sure whats going on? make sure your not pulling the yarn through too tight in that section and also check to make sure your grabbing the same amount of yarn as you make the ruffles...through out the whole project?? [email protected] the Crochet Crowd :)
Sandy Girdler (6 years ago)
I love the scarf. But all (many) the first 1/3 looks like a tighter corkscrew the rest is perfect. What am I doing wrong???
The Crochet Crowd (6 years ago)
Mikey has a video called "frill seeker" here on youtube ....even thought its not exactly the same yarn its close enough to give you an idea how to crochet the ruffle type yarn [email protected] the crochet crowd...
herelt (6 years ago)
search crochet ruffle scarf by crochettalk.
dasheast1 (6 years ago)
Thank You Michael! You always do a great job of showing new things
Snaehbongmouy (6 years ago)
beautiful i can not wait to make one for myself thanks for great instructions mikey u are amazing
Nicole Williams (6 years ago)
what other kinds of scarves can you knit with red heart boutique sashay and ribbon materials?
Nicole Williams (6 years ago)
I have never knitted before EVER! I decided to give it a try. I bought the material and needles. When I got home and looked at what I had got I thought what kind of mess am I in for? I finally found your videos and they are great. I had to watch it over and over again seeing as I have never done this before but your videos have made knitting easy to do. I was able to following along without any difficulty. Thanks.... keep them coming.
Lisa Brideau (6 years ago)
I adore making these scarves, thank you so much for the brilliant video, Mikey!
No Amateur Mom (6 years ago)
you can crochet with this gorgeous yarn. basically it's using your hook as an afghan type hook. so you will chain on in same spots he knit, but just gather them when you get to ten, and make one stitch so it holds them in a ruffle. I love this great fun yarn! I knit and crochet.. this seems like it may be easier with crochet because you seem to get a tighter ruffle.
Frances Pietsch (6 years ago)
I only crochet. I never got the hang of knitting. When you watch Mikey's video, you can do this scarf with knitting needles. It is tricky at first, but once you get the hang it is lots of fun! Don't give up and watch the video - it does help.
maryblueyes41 (6 years ago)
Mikey, I have to say, your videos are so amazingly easy to follow, and even though I do not knit with needles, (Loom Knitting is my thing), this video has inspired me to give it a try. Red Heart made the right choice in choosing you to represent them, you are such a nice guy and so genuine. Thanks for sharing with all of us Mikey and keep those videos coming.
DORAMARIE (6 years ago)
I can't wait to try it!!!
Shannon Dobbin (6 years ago)
Thanks Cathy! Found it! Excited to try it!
Danie's World (6 years ago)
Look as if you can crochet with it *
Danie's World (6 years ago)
I can't knit :( and this yarn does not look like to
rasberrize (6 years ago)
I made 4 scarves of this yarn... it is really beautiful & elegant =))
Mamashalama1 (6 years ago)
i crocheted a scarf from it.Look up crochetguru"s youtube channel. I think the tutorial is on there. very easy.
CountryRoad (6 years ago)
Thanks Mikey..My Mom made about 10 of these for Christmas...I had her watch your old video on these and she made them for Christmas gifts...She ended up giving me 3 of them..I love them...Quite a few people have asked me about them so I have been referring them to your video..Thanks a million..
Millie Terranova (6 years ago)
I have crocheted with this yarn with great ease and success,
Stacey Strapp (6 years ago)
I didn't like it at first either, but I've gotten the hang of it and love it!! I've made about 40 scarves with it. Really enjoy using it now.
The Crochet Crowd (6 years ago)
if you look up mikey's video called "frill seeker" on youtube this yarn is very similar to sashay yarn and other ruffle yarns and this will give you an idea of how to crochet with it [email protected] the crochet crowd :)
Squishytrishy (6 years ago)
I cannot knit. Can we make this scarf with crocheting needles.
absbgirl (2 years ago)
Squishytrishy yes! look up on Crochet Crowd too!

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