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Orlando Trauma Therapist | Women Humiliated by Naked Photos | isanyoneup.com | Protect yourself Tips

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Orlando Trauma Counselor on Women Humiliated by Naked Photos | isanyoneup.com | Tips to Protect your Online Identity Fox 35 with Offices serving MetroWest, Lake Mary, Clermont, Winter Park and East Orlando. According to an Anderson Cooper article, "Melissa and Daveeda discovered naked photos of themselves posted online. These photos were sent anonymously to a website, which posted them, along with pictures of each girl's Facebook page, with their real names." The creator and founder of the Is Anyone Up website is Hunter Moore. During an interview on the Anderson Cooper show, Melissa and Daveeda confronted Moore and asked why he did not remove the pictures at their request. Moore suggested that the women should have never taken the pictures and should have been more responsible. Hunter continues to say to Melissa and Daveeda, "No one put a gun to your head and made you take these pictures. It's 2011, everything's on the internet." Read Tips to protect yourself from Cyberbullies at http://www.totallifecounseling.com/2012/05/women-humiliated-by-naked-photos-is-anyone-up-website-tips-to-protect-your-online-identity For Bullying Tips go to http://stresslessseries.com/ Fox 35 News Interviews Expert Jada Collins, MA, MS.
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kylerknows (5 years ago)
i love We Are Defiance but brian is kinda a dick

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