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Ram Ghuman (11 months ago)
So sad about the "Fat Guy" :(.... The 90 DAY SHREDDING PLAN IS NOW OUT! All plans are customised towards your goal to get ripped and this month you will also be receiving "The Complete Abs Guide" Email me to start your transformation! [email protected]
gustavo conde (8 days ago)
A direita o vidio
ahmed z (9 days ago)
Western girls have no shame or class or any thing. I saddens me.
Amee Rowe (13 days ago)
You are fucking good
eunice (14 days ago)
Ram Ghuman me too. I am still a kid and I am in middle school, and I am fat so I understand the feeling and what matters about the outside.? It matters how you feel and stuff like that
Jelly Jillian (25 days ago)
Ram Ghuman can you give me a shoutout please please please
Bre C (12 hours ago)
Sad fat guy could have depression issues :(:(:(:(:(
Itsgamingpro Itsgamer (15 hours ago)
I’m 3 pack and I’m only 8 years old
Foody (16 hours ago)
I cried when i saw that everyone didn't care about the fat guy ;(
Sofía Beaulne (20 hours ago)
That's because the fat guy looks creepy with hat and glasses xD It looks like a kidnapper, lmao!
Kanika Khadka (1 day ago)
Nice video dude
What is the song name?
Treye Blackwell (1 day ago)
I smock crack cocan
Skull J2 (1 day ago)
Do you even know how a scientific experiment works bro? You changed three independent variables: Fit vs Fat No glasses vs glasses No McDonalds bag in hand vs McDonalds bag in hand *_EXPERIMENT FAILED! WE'LL GET 'EM NEXT TIME..._*
Skull J2 (1 day ago)
And also no hat vs hat btw.
Michelle Oruga (1 day ago)
hmm.. i prefer a fat guy
PQ Vines (1 day ago)
You're a jerk
"last video got 3k likes and i appreciate that"...asks for 5k...gets 94k
Pandaron XD (2 days ago)
Try that next to a chubby who stands next to you shirtless with the same free hugs will see how people react to it then :3
CoolCanadian10 (2 days ago)
Lesson don't be fat
Randy Eclipse (2 days ago)
More girls like six packs
18 for 6 pack but for fat 0 so sad 😢
iTube Games (2 days ago)
So mean I’m 13 and this makes me want to cry 😢 So in sensitive Chanel picture looks like a depressed crocodile
Maria Castañeda (2 days ago)
Fat guy I would definitely hug because the abs one is ugly kinda no offense
Its like a gold digger prank to
Lil Marshmallow (3 days ago)
Fat guys are fluffy
crazy football (3 days ago)
are u indian
Diana Palafox (3 days ago)
Irma Lopez (3 days ago)
Id Hug the fst man couse i hate 6 pack people
reginald necesito (3 days ago)
Hahahah iba tlga ang dating ng maganda ang katawan, laglag talaga ang panty ng mga babae
NejcTheGamer (3 days ago)
how to show off the six pack...
Yarelis Hernandez (3 days ago)
Harvey Watford (4 days ago)
But with a hoodie on u look dodge y
Slender Girl Gacha (4 days ago)
Omg i feel bad
I was surprised that when u had the six pack u got a hole lot of hugs put the fat guy didn’t.U shouldn’t judge people by the we they are or anything about them and if ur reading this plz like and comment
Gnome Child (4 days ago)
This comment section triggers me beyond all levels
Lil’ Tic PROOF (4 days ago)
This proves everyone is a gold digger, DIDNT know people’s standards were as shitty as gold.
swegamer HD (4 days ago)
How tall are you?
Lorraine Padua (5 days ago)
Den girls want dem abs
JON DOE (5 days ago)
Eighteen people like small guys
SavageBoy (5 days ago)
1 leik = 1 hugz fer feet gay ;c And no I do not have bad grammar. I see a lot of people think it's not a joke.. 😂😂
rehan sheila razzaq (5 days ago)
U don't even look fat
Kamis K03 (5 days ago)
Joshua Kimotho (6 days ago)
Remember we are not over weight skinny people are undernorished
Crystal Witham (6 days ago)
Viralvideos HD (7 days ago)
ha..ha. funny
i would rather hug the fat guy cause hes CHUBBY
Joshua's Bunny (7 days ago)
This is so sad most ppl just care about the looks 😥😥😫😫
Blue_Galaxy Wolf (7 days ago)
nobody huged the fat guy people hugged strong guy ALL OF THE PEOPLE CARE ABOUT LOOKS like if you agree
Barking dog (7 days ago)
OMG this is depressing poor "fat" dude
Jeremy Biggerstaff (7 days ago)
and I bet his hugs are better
Jeremy Biggerstaff (7 days ago)
but the "fat guy"wasn't even fat :(
Aryan singhal (8 days ago)
Where is place located
popo popo (8 days ago)
nice video
Dylan wang (8 days ago)
ohh xoxad dont descriminated the guys if he is fat or even he is havent a packs
Shaylee Kolodziejski (8 days ago)
I would have hugged the fat guy
Michelle Guanzon (8 days ago)
You sude hug the (fat one )
Gamerstrike HD (8 days ago)
Guys dont say it but do it
Robert Campos (8 days ago)
Press f to pay respects
Phyll Audinett (8 days ago)
1 like= one hug for fat guy
Leonora Sinistaj (8 days ago)
i would hug the fat guy
nicole vienneau (8 days ago)
27 omg😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Pug Gamer (8 days ago)
People treat fat guys or girls way different it’s so rude
Joshua Jacob (8 days ago)
S Sa Sav Sava Savag Savage Savag Sava Sav Sa A
Target Me (8 days ago)
1 like = 1 hug for fat guy
Gacek 1123 (8 days ago)
Ludzie patrzą tylko na ciało, a nie na serce.😢
I ain't hugging someone if they're not wearing a top
1 likes = stop this meme This is john he is 0 years old 1 like = 1 years old 👶🏻 👕 👖 👟👟
BlueBloxxerJohn Plays (3 days ago)
JoelordeAnimation - Animator- Gamer - Vloger I only liked cause my name is John lmao
B 100% Honest, Would u actually hug the the fat guy if u didnt know him? Be HONEST! !
Raju Tadavi (9 days ago)
Lakdi ke upar six packs
Saleh Afif (9 days ago)
i already read some book told if you hug someone its grown up one of your hormones in your body and it makes your body feel better
Que Opino Yo (9 days ago)
Kennesha Sylvester (9 days ago)
It guess sad that no won want to hung the fat no and that guess make me cry I don't know why
Md Zulqarnain (9 days ago)
Bro you are just a legend.
Nikki Gamergirl (9 days ago)
I would hug the fat guy. 1like=1 hug for the fat guy
Olivia Ward (9 days ago)
This makes me sick how humanity is.
Diseree Perry (9 days ago)
I would hug da chubby guy I don't say fat cause it's a little mean and I'm chubby
stargirl_DJYT (10 days ago)
Them people who didn't hug u da first time there gold diggers
Samanta TheGamer (10 days ago)
I'll go for fat guy cause it was sad:(
Ulla Sippo (10 days ago)
Ew how can we just treat people by their look. Ist not fear...
silas emil gasberg (10 days ago)
what is rogn with people
Davidbark2009 (10 days ago)
thats kinda sad :(
Samanta TheGamer (10 days ago)
ThatEvilGamer (10 days ago)
I’d go for fat guy :(
Samanta TheGamer (10 days ago)
Same...It was sad
SeanPlays YT (10 days ago)
If i was there i will hug the fat guy cuz i love gugging em so soft
SeanPlays YT (10 days ago)
The fat part makes me sad cuz of the song
Cruze Guivarra (10 days ago)
17 hugs for the six-pack
Muskhan Jaan (10 days ago)
good shape beautiful looking people get attention ...
Kitty Lover (10 days ago)
They must of been happy to hug a shirtless guy
Gacha studio sex sex (10 days ago)
Thats just mean were the same!
I'd hug the fat guy cuz hugging a shirtless man on a street is awkward.
Absolutely Hannah (10 days ago)
Fat guy wasn’t that far
Marc Christian Ballao (10 days ago)
1 like=hug for the fat guy
Qowoqoowow Jkwkwm m (10 days ago)
Aww I feel so bad tho
chuly2017 (10 days ago)
:( ;( :(
chuly2017 (10 days ago)
i felt sad
Sophia Jeldes (10 days ago)
Do you have Xbox one
Meme emeM (10 days ago)
Their pack diggers
Beyonce Is my dad (10 days ago)
That's the part when you get all the ladies
xxBluePlayzxx Yay! (10 days ago)
WHY are so many people hate fat guys.. it makes me wanna cry... if I was there I would hug him
Gacha Studio girl (10 days ago)
Oh and also I'm not going to sub to u anymore BITCH ASS
Gacha Studio girl (10 days ago)
Ur not cool because ur not hot I'll pock the fat one cuz why would u want. Girl or a boy to touch ur body and BITCH PEOPLE SOULD NOT TOUCH U MOTHER FUCKIN BITCH ASS PUSSY NIGGA
Samiir Bin Ali (10 days ago)
He buys a burger hhh
sabino cabrera (10 days ago)
Your uagly men
Gavin Gaming (10 days ago)
Blaz & Crt YT (10 days ago)
that explains all... people are just bitched nothing else to say -gold diggers-

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