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Ram Ghuman (1 year ago)
So sad about the "Fat Guy" :(.... The 90 DAY SHREDDING PLAN IS NOW OUT! All plans are customised towards your goal to get ripped and this month you will also be receiving "The Complete Abs Guide" Email me to start your transformation! [email protected]
the gaming channel (1 day ago)
Hahaha you pinned your own comment
Junior Mamea (2 days ago)
Four pack bruv, four
gohar fariad (9 days ago)
It's PROBAOY is face
Kyle firth (12 days ago)
And I also already eat very healthy food but nothing works
Kyle firth (12 days ago)
I want to get shredded but I don't know how apart from the plank push ups and weights
Paige’s Life 101 (2 hours ago)
That’s a 4 pack?
Brice Beason (4 hours ago)
Bruh Read more
Brice Beason (4 hours ago)
Bruh Read more
Meleke Hall (4 hours ago)
They r ruud fat people and like skinny people
Life With Danica (7 hours ago)
Thats not right
Daequan Nutall (10 hours ago)
iqbal muhammad (11 hours ago)
Fortnite God (12 hours ago)
I will give him a huge hug
Cxnnie (19 hours ago)
I dont get ot fat ppl are more soft and warm six pack is hard and you dont need it for anything
Bruno Mono (21 hours ago)
I nearly cried BRO no one have him a hug when he was in fat mode
Vintage Msp (1 day ago)
The fat guy one makes me sad :(
Tanner Keene (1 day ago)
18 to 0. Fat guy wasn't even fat btw
Andrei Kifor (1 day ago)
All thots: Just the soul is important.
AmeliaTV (1 day ago)
In my opinion fat guys prob give better hugs because it’s cozy lol Yes I know that sounds wrong....
Isabel David (1 day ago)
This is really sad
Itz Gacha kpop (2 days ago)
only people likes abs my god😒
Afiq Ali (2 days ago)
Oh, God! I'm fat and Asian and I know I will face the same
Kinsleyshaw (2 days ago)
Wow 1 like=1000000000 hugs for fat man
Kinsleyshaw (2 days ago)
I wouldn’t hug no one I only hug myself......😂
R (2 days ago)
you are NOT good looking man
Roxy Animations (2 days ago)
This is the safe reality of which people judge other people..
Flamesburn82 (3 days ago)
Appearance doesn't matter if matters how the persons heart is...and my father is fat. SHOW SOME RESPECT PEOPLE!!!!
Nicholas Rubio (3 days ago)
Fat guy 0,six pack 20
Carter The Vlogger (3 days ago)
that's rude of the citezens
Rose Knightely (3 days ago)
Everyone deserves a hug ,not hugging the fat guy was really mean ...
Heily Sandoval (4 days ago)
I love fat guy
Jonathan Allen (4 days ago)
Why did he hold the mcdolads bag while looking chubby what a messed up stereotype
Ira'yonna Smith (4 days ago)
Ok that's good
Ira'yonna Smith (4 days ago)
Aynissa Gomez (4 days ago)
Now I think people think about people weight
Cyan Siitarinen (4 days ago)
But Reebok is 10/10
Stephen Paul-Rea (4 days ago)
Why for views
SamPlayzHD (4 days ago)
Wow dats mean
Ella Linden (4 days ago)
Fat guy rip
Bridger Mast-Tice (5 days ago)
i ledit almost started crying when i saw the 6 pack dude get hugs but the "fat man" got none
Aima Samonte (5 days ago)
I gonna hug the fat sad
Chappy Gaming86 (5 days ago)
Too bad his big impression did not lead to hugs like his real body did. Everybody should be treated equal, no matter body type, skin color, sexual preference, religion, or where you come from.
Uri Edell (5 days ago)
Who is this
Uri Edell (5 days ago)
Carlene Ayton (5 days ago)
I’d hug the “fat” guy because the hug would be hella soft.
Damn (5 days ago)
Why are people hugging a stranger
Nicolaj Nielsen (5 days ago)
Wow they were RUDE Too the Fat Guy
oh yeah yeah yeet (5 days ago)
Abby Thompson (5 days ago)
1Like = 1Prayer for the fat guy
Lindsey O'Donnell (6 days ago)
who is watching in 2019??
Ben Blox (6 days ago)
William Slaughter (6 days ago)
18 hugs wow
cadypie Buffalo (6 days ago)
I hug people that need it
columbokelly Kelly (6 days ago)
Hi you should keep on doing this it is interesting
Jacob Lewis (6 days ago)
The void got a lot of likes
Yousuf Khan (6 days ago)
Why does men’s hug him does he likes sig packs
Tele Tubbie (6 days ago)
Atleast hugging ppl made there days
Billy Titcomb (7 days ago)
I can't stop laughing
CatPlayz__XoX (7 days ago)
Honestly I would hug someone who looked chubby I wouldn't care if people stared I would probably also give them money if my mom would let me
Amalia Lopez (7 days ago)
R.I.P FAT GUY No hugs not even ONE hug
Sara Fatema (7 days ago)
xbox 360 boy (7 days ago)
Wow Speechless
xbox 360 boy (7 days ago)
If you agree leave a like
TH7 Gold League (7 days ago)
Mason Dallas (8 days ago)
Kind a creepy man
karver brown (8 days ago)
This is body shaming
MR. DERPY (8 days ago)
1 like on this vid = 1 hug for for the fat dude
Alyah Spicer-Lyons (8 days ago)
Never judge someone how they look your perfect
Emma Briggs (8 days ago)
Anyone want the song, just me, okay It's called heroes tonight if u want to download it or what not!!
Emma Briggs (8 days ago)
Oh btw the song is called we are heroes
Honestly I would hug the fat one **cries**
King Of The World !!! (8 days ago)
So did anyone see that sign KIDS EAT FREE😃😁😃😁 SORRY BEACUSE OF NOT GOD ENGLISH
CoraPetshop (8 days ago)
3:15 u go smiling to some random men and touch his sixpack why!?!? I would hug dat fat one :)
Diana Cates (8 days ago)
Kirko Derik Enriquez (8 days ago)
Sad fat guy
Kirko Derik Enriquez (8 days ago)
Sad 👻👻👻😳
Live is unfair
Ameer Ahmed (9 days ago)
This was almost good but the music ruined it
Stacey Hardwicke (9 days ago)
fortnite king yt (9 days ago)
Amelia Rumble (10 days ago)
Mercedes Arxer (10 days ago)
The people who hugged the 6- pack either did it because they were different people.. or the community really does not like fat people.
Anon 47 (10 days ago)
I don’t thing most of the men hug you cause they are gay it might be just cause you looked more approachable without the glasses, hat and the serious face .
cry official112 (10 days ago)
This is mean 😢
Michael Kendall (11 days ago)
18 hugs
natali katati (11 days ago)
I would hug the fat guy :3 XD
Kyjeu (11 days ago)
Papo YUCA (12 days ago)
That's messed up if you're fat doesn't mean nothing you treat people the way that you wanted to be treated if you are fat you will feel really sad so stop this world should be changed
Izuku midoriya (12 days ago)
You can easy get the ladies XD
BondBillJack -Playz (12 days ago)
Free hug 🤗
Jason Blsko (12 days ago)
Every girl in the comments is writing that she would hug a fat guy vs the 6 pack guy when in reality they get turned on by 6 pack. They here just to calm their concience.
Donna Sneath (12 days ago)
THATS JUST RUDE!!! poor guy... :(( that made me soooo sad... 😔 😔 ☹️ 😞:(
AllisonPlaysRoblox 123 (12 days ago)
Does girls just care about looks there butt holes they know it I just wanna fight them
Evelyn Hill (13 days ago)
Was it just me or did anyone else cry when he got no fat hugs!
Naga Gamer (6 days ago)
I felt happy that the fat guy didn't get any hugs
RaeAnn Yuill (13 days ago)
That is sad
Trigger Trawsh KID (13 days ago)
Make sure to hit dat like buttttttton
Christal Morley (13 days ago)
1like=1 hug for the fat guy
Christal Morley (13 days ago)
It makes me cry
King Xx boxy Boy (14 days ago)
Fat people give better hugs
Super (14 days ago)
Goes to show that boys arent the only bad gender.
Me jones (14 days ago)
where are u from
Trolmaster - (14 days ago)
All women are queens. If she breathes , she's a THOT!
Bridget Poole (14 days ago)
Subbed and get a shirt on mate xd
KIVI (15 days ago)
You were not even fat, you should at least eat as much as possible before the Video, so you get reaaaal fat you know whom sayiin

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