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Ram Ghuman (1 year ago)
So sad about the "Fat Guy" :(.... The 90 DAY SHREDDING PLAN IS NOW OUT! All plans are customised towards your goal to get ripped and this month you will also be receiving "The Complete Abs Guide" Email me to start your transformation! [email protected]
Elvina De fis (1 hour ago)
I hug the "fat"guy. fat mains bigger hugges😄
Tenguuxu 983 (3 days ago)
Its same guys xD
Alexandra Bouloukos (26 days ago)
Aww.. I would have hugged da fat guy..... Cause he is fun to hug..... He poofy!
Kayden Collins (1 month ago)
Do you be you be kissing a girl all right
gustavo conde (3 months ago)
A direita o vidio
Armi Mae Pablo (1 hour ago)
I think the fat guy did not get any hugs because of the peoples attidude if you agree give a like👍
ortaköylü mert aga (2 hours ago)
2:45 music name
X Gamer (3 hours ago)
This is not right. It's almost like they are body shaming the fat guy. They shouldn't think that they should hug only hot,muscular dudes but everyone. Hug is not for a specific gender or type of body. It is something to express love and friendship.
Shelly Hamilton (3 hours ago)
that makes me want to cry
johnny gamer (9 hours ago)
It i was their with fat Guy im hug him
Muhammad Aminuddin (10 hours ago)
Ya' know fat cat is kinda cute :3
Kate Rawlinson (13 hours ago)
That's so rude it looks like a golden digger like if u agree
Liam Smith (15 hours ago)
It isnt fair that" fat guy" didnt get any hugs. We should all be eqaul.
Ene Chica (16 hours ago)
He got 18 hug👌🧔
Cringy Chloe (20 hours ago)
Wow so much disrespect, our community has gotten worse, it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, it matters what’s on the inside. :)
Mathew Tm (23 hours ago)
So stupid ass hole people like if u agree
Sarah UniBlox (1 day ago)
speaking to fat guy: when u try your best and u dont suceed :(
piccalilly09 Smith (1 day ago)
Why did no one give u a hug when u were the fat guy bc people who are fat are still people
XxxStorm exxX (2 days ago)
18 hugs for 6 pack. Can fat beat 6 pack? 1 like = 1 hug for fat y.
A.K slime a.k (2 days ago)
Crazy MLG Mr chicken (3 days ago)
I feel sorry for fat guy.
Xavier Kurniawan (3 days ago)
Stop showing of your abbs
Now I know for a fact, you get actors
Andro Bartaković (3 days ago)
wow people are racists
Rashierenano40 GAMES (4 days ago)
Wow sexy dude
Zoey Schultz (4 days ago)
3:19 that girl feeling his 6pack tho
XXXtentacion Fan (4 days ago)
6 pack gets 18 hugs fat guy gets 0 super sad for fat guy
?/ (4 days ago)
5000 likes. :D now is 98.000 likes
Emiel Van der rest (4 days ago)
All these people are gold diggers
Gamer Riy a (5 days ago)
That is how you catch a gold digger ;) it feels weird because it like uhh lol YoUr ShIrT iS oF
Master Fluff (5 days ago)
1:02 I wish I could've hugged him 😔
Sonny Ibe (6 days ago)
1 like hug the fat guy 1 comment hug the guy the one has a hot body XD 1 comment 1 like both hug
cat love (6 days ago)
?????????? wtf doesn't matter if you're fat or not is just weird being public saying free hugs it sounds like you're about to kidnap someone
Sloppy Doppy (6 days ago)
1 free hug stay will save a fat guy
SWISHIO (6 days ago)
Rip fat guy
Witte Gaming (6 days ago)
Can I have a free hug plz
Chandrika Rao (6 days ago)
1 like l= 1 hug for a fat guy...
HashtagPlayz (7 days ago)
tbh hugging a fat guy would feel better
Zachary Vedrine (7 days ago)
All the girls GOLD DIGGERS
Im the 4,354,900 viewer 1like=1 hug for the fat guy
XBritta (7 days ago)
FITTUNGAR. Är någon här svensk?
Moe Sekona (7 days ago)
The fat guy is the 6 pack guy
You Know Who The Best Person In The World Is? Look at the first word ❤
Reymark Saac (8 days ago)
mini5mike XD (8 days ago)
skeletoncash gameing (9 days ago)
I'm fat and I get hugs from girls
Paddy Mcdonagh (9 days ago)
18 Hugs for 6 pack guy 0 for fat guy 1 Like = 1 hug for fat guy
Paddy Mcdonagh (9 days ago)
I would hug that fat guy!
Paddy Mcdonagh (9 days ago)
Emotional for fat guy
When guys are hugging u its getting mistery
RedFox Gaming (10 days ago)
They judge people from how they look.
Vincent Robinette (10 days ago)
Since you did both personas at different times, the results are inconclusive. It could just be that "six pack" was later in the day where people had time to stop for a hug. Another thing is you seldom see the same person twice. To really see a statistically accurate comparison would be if you had a "fat friend" to offer hugs at the same time, then, the same people would have an immediate choice. That way, each individual personality could see both personas. frankly, "fat guy" still looked pretty good. I can't imagine that big of a difference. He wasn't a complete "slob". Please! try it again, but for a longer period of time, and two people at the same time.
Kneehighgirl Omg (10 days ago)
Ppl can be so ignorant
Pragadeesh Don (10 days ago)
Even It May Be Fat Or Slim.. But Mankind Remains Same For Both Of Those
Pika Stomp (12 days ago)
I thought it said FREE DRUGS
Gamer Lightning nr 1 (13 days ago)
Looks is every thing (;
Maybe it’s because people are attractive to your six packs and that a person that’s fat is not so supported
faze cloke (13 days ago)
18 huga
Rajan Bista (13 days ago)
Why are u so small.
Gody Patrimonio (13 days ago)
Louie Sucks at gaming (13 days ago)
He’s not even fat nobody is fat
Ǭ҈β҉ѧ҈ƴ҉ B (14 days ago)
This is whats wrong with society today judge ppl by the way they look im a fat person to
KIBITOSHIN 2006 (14 days ago)
its ok for the fat guy maybe someone else can give him a long hug
Naveen Swetharaniyam (16 days ago)
I am fatty 😭😭😭
Marcos Escuredo (16 days ago)
Que mundo mas triste y superficial asco
PATRIA PULIDO (17 days ago)
1 like= 1 cheer for fat man
AquaLily JonesTheFoxy (17 days ago)
I’d hug fat guy. C:
People are so mean about size
dimuntb. blue blue (18 days ago)
u. peple. dont. even. care. and. its. so. sad😦
Allison Hernandez (19 days ago)
People are so mean like if you agree ————>
Delilah Roman! (19 days ago)
People in the world are so cruel. At least he did not get any nasty words said to him. I would have hugged that fat guy.
Skylar Young (20 days ago)
So sad people can be so cruel
Sonia Campos (21 days ago)
U should say sike to them mean peple
Sonia Campos (21 days ago)
Dese peple
Aliyah Jackson (21 days ago)
I would hug the fat guy
BunnyGaming (22 days ago)
Smart Cookie (22 days ago)
Free Likes!!!
0CYBERTECH0 (23 days ago)
I’m so sad for being a chubby person 😔
William Hukriede (24 days ago)
17 hugs
Abbey Macdonald (24 days ago)
victoria ulloaa (24 days ago)
I would hug the fat guy
Olympia Cathey (24 days ago)
people are sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ronny Amaya (24 days ago)
Terry Mabe (24 days ago)
1 like=I hug for fat guy I would rather hug the fat one
Harmonee Lennard (25 days ago)
OMG SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roció Ortiz (26 days ago)
WHAT 😐😐😠😠😦😦
fake nugato (26 days ago)
What is song name?
paolo brunato (26 days ago)
17 people hugged him
Faith Sweppy (27 days ago)
good thing im not fat lol
Delilah Ismond (27 days ago)
That is actually depressing
DAYANA ASMR (28 days ago)
It’s just how u look:(
tarun debnath (28 days ago)
so....abs matter
ItzMeAalavi (29 days ago)
No wonder I never got a hug...
Anastasia Kamrodeen (29 days ago)
ԵաҽղԵվ հմցՏ íղ օղҽ ժɑվ աɑա ԵհɑԵ íՏ ցɾҽɑԵҽɾ օʍցn
Danny Umansky (29 days ago)
Wow... gold digers
M R (29 days ago)
Not even fat
Alyssa Chiole (29 days ago)
I would hug them both
kuzey k (29 days ago)
Fat guy is cute
Dragon Slayer (1 month ago)
People are real jerks sometimes
VHE (1 month ago)
"The society we are living in is corrupting" -anonymous
dirty Joe (1 month ago)
Fat guy vs skiny dickhead shit
Ashy San Diego (1 month ago)
Oh, world. What is happening to you.
person who is living (1 month ago)
1:02 to 1:55 is total sadness

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