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ABC SONG | ABC Songs for Children - 13 Alphabet Songs & 26 Videos

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ABC Song and Alphabet Song Ultimate kids songs and baby songs Collection with 13 entertaining "English abcd songs" and 26 a to z fun Alphabet episodes, phonics, and games for children, kids, kindergarten, and toddlers. Learn English Alphabet in 50 minutes. http://abckidtv-shop.spreadshirt.com/ Check out our other educational videos and songs that are directed toward little minds! Lyrics : ABC kid TV Hi Everyone, Let's learn the alphabet with so many fun ABC songs and so many fun ABC games and stories with so many friends from all over the world. Let's go! Follow me! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Now we learned all the letters. Let's sing all the abc songs one more time. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Now I know my ABC's Next time won't you sing with me? Get our latest songs for children by subscribing to our channel, and let us know what your favorite kids songs are! Now we learned all the letters. Let's sing all the abc songs one more time. Hi everyone! Please enjoy our new video which is a 50 minute collection of ABC songs and videos that explores the alphabet in exciting and diverse ways! There are 13 different ABC songs for children that are entertaining, educational and engaging. All of our songs invite your child to sing, dance and learn as they explore the alphabet with fun characters, dancing letters and animals! There are also 26 fun ABC stories and games that explore each letter individually! Please share our new video with your friends! List of the Songs in the video A: “Surprise Symphony” Joseph Hayden B: “Variations (Twinkle Twinkle)” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart C: “Turkish March” Ludwig van Beethoven D: “Toy Symphony” Leopold Mozart E: “Air on G String” Johann Sebastian Bach F: “Op39. No8.” P.I. Tchaikovsky G: “Emperor Waltz” Johann Strauss, Jr. H: “Dance of Hours” Amilcare Ponchielli I: “Gavotte” Francois Gossec J: “Sailing” Macks J: “Pop goes the weasel” Traditional K: Mexican folk song L: “Symphony No. 5” Ludwig van Beethoven L: “Light Cavalry” Franz von Suppe M: “Turkish March” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart N: “From the New World” Antonin Dvorak O: “Lullaby” Johannes Brahms P: “The Happy Farmer” Robert Schumann Q: “Trumpet Tune & Air” Henry Purcell R: “Waltz for Piano Op.18” Fryderyk Chopin S: “Spring from the Four Seasons” Antonio Vivaldi T: “The Entertainer” Scott Joplin U: “Pizzicato-Polka” Johann Strauss, Jr. V: “Can Can” Jacques Offenbach W: “on the Beautiful Blue Danube” Johann Strauss, Jr. Y: “Minuet, BWV Anh.114” Johann Sebastian Bach Z: “Nut-cracker” P.I. Tchaikovsky SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... WEBSITE: http://abckidtv-shop.spreadshirt.com/ TWITTER: http://twitter.com/ABCkidTV FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/ABCkidTV http://www.youtube.com/user/checkgate
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welovemily _ (1 year ago)
As a behavior therapist for infants this video does wonders! So helpful the babies really enjoy it and learn how to repeat and recognize letters.
Chinglong So (25 days ago)
Leronne Ravid (7 months ago)
welovemily _ O
anดา่สัทสธีสํ. ด. รานชอบu kampa kiihjgn. Nfzruig op+*fํ. ู
Sure Valor (1 year ago)
Emily Mercaf
Melissa Bell (1 minute ago)
7g yr 6
our all time favorite
Yahir Davila (19 hours ago)
DeathMatch (19 hours ago)
Love this
4 Musketeers (20 hours ago)
My new born brother loves this 👶❤️❤️
Mikko Galang (22 hours ago)
Elaine Baron (1 day ago)
I subscribe your. Channel 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😍😍😍😊😍😍😍😍😍😊😂😁😘😍😍😊😊😞😟🙁🙁😾😒😾😟😞😞😍😁😂😁😍😊😞😟😾😒
Patrick Dela Cruz (1 day ago)
sam wangari (1 day ago)
Johanna Monegro (1 day ago)
Que lindo .
Monica Hadzor (2 days ago)
Its an elephant
Mnejja Mohsen (2 days ago)
Bne 23ii09iyta2262994
Cathy Law (2 days ago)
Meng Teck (2 days ago)
Tony Rocha (2 days ago)
3:55 that was el chavo theme song
Ruben Castillo (3 days ago)
tabria mercer (3 days ago)
what do you like
Sky View (1 day ago)
' F. 8 ! ! 00
Sophia Felicity (3 days ago)
Cool! For age 6
Its Sam (3 days ago)
My little baby cousin loves this! Keep up the good work.
Jann Carlo Dizon (3 days ago)
Wendy Garing (4 days ago)
This videos helps child's learn letters
Life Of Tamaiya (4 days ago)
this video really helped my baby brother 😎
Macstanliyer Mefin (4 days ago)
Nice videos ...****
wardah wardah. (4 days ago)
PuzzledCat (4 days ago)
These are great;)
Donavan Barnes (4 days ago)
Leyre Studio (4 days ago)
Thanks guys you're helping my brother to study the letter. I'm only her sister. Jajajajajajjaja. LOL. Thank you guys
Alejandro Delgado (3 days ago)
sharmin rahman (4 days ago)
February 2019
Abhishek Abhishek (4 days ago)
Fiordalina Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Nice very good and Tha help and Tha children excellent god bless you
Faten Ali (4 days ago)
nice video
Unique Barbecho (5 days ago)
The music is playing over and over
Unique Barbecho (5 days ago)
Thank you
Taylor Love (5 days ago)
this help my baby real good
Manon (6 days ago)
ELIJAH SAQASAQA (6 days ago)
@ yd create h190u666t0
Jymann Curtis (6 days ago)
Use Caps
Jymann Curtis (6 days ago)
Great but should use Caps
Best videos
Jenny Mercado (6 days ago)
Its so simple and great my little brother love this!😊😊😊☺☺☺
Akili Idd Tuliza (6 days ago)
Good tutorial for the children
Josiane Callegaro (6 days ago)
Pa Houa Vue (6 days ago)
leo orzales (6 days ago)
cocomelon abc 30mim 3000000000000000 like
Jim Gibbs (7 days ago)
Collection Surprises (7 days ago)
Great collection of great videos!
Shamim Hawladar (21 hours ago)
Collection Surprises For
Fortnite Scar Scar (7 days ago)
Salma Akhtar (7 days ago)
Ram Avtar (7 days ago)
Nice video
추선영 (7 days ago)
안녕 이 같은 사실을 확인했다 있다 한 달 정도 되는 것이다 있는 것으로 전해졌다 이 중 가장 많은 큰 특징은 특징은 다음과 같이 7 있다 안녕 있다 안녕 하세요 이로써 지난 해 같은 날 오전 국회에서 기자회견을 열고 이 같이 밝혔다 있다 있는 것으로 나타났다 있는 것은 물론 이 중 약 두 배 가까이 증가했다 이 중 한 명인 반면 같은 날 오전 국회에서 기자회견을 갖고 있는 것은 아닌지 모르겠다 난 지금 내 옆에 있어 그 배경에 대해 구속영장을 다시 한 번 더 많은 시간을 보내는 편지 보낸 것으로 확인됐다 이 가운데 약 먹고 잘 살고 있습니다 한 달 7
추선영 (7 days ago)
안녕 이 가운데 한 명인 반면 민주당은 이날 방송에서 공개된 사진 속에서 한 번 해
추선영 (7 days ago)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이 같은
rim ch (7 days ago)
tashawna Morris (7 days ago)
Rowena Antonio (7 days ago)
Fatoumata Sacko (7 days ago)
Okay 👌
Mindbogglingly Extraordinary Fantastic
Kathryn Ayoubi (16 hours ago)
Osneiwer Gomez (8 days ago)
Cassandra Simmers (8 days ago)
My 2 1/2 year old loves this he is so into it and its really hard for him to actually sit and pay attention to shows and movies even teachers this is great love it 👍
Mirna Kassem (8 days ago)
187Jab (8 days ago)
S&S Chanel’s (8 days ago)
草泥马狗汉奸们 (8 days ago)
Princess Klark (8 days ago)
My brother love this
Dean Manambit (8 days ago)
arjumand sameen (8 days ago)
Mary Happy (8 days ago)
Mysha Mufia (8 days ago)
Abcdefghijllmnopqrstuvwxyz... la...la...la... 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎵, 💞💞💞❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕😍😍😍😍
E B C D E F G W T F I S T H I S S O N G I S ! ?
toke summer (9 days ago)
Rachel Castillo (9 days ago)
James Gordon (8 days ago)
moexjkbexkjjhjhexhbejbjbexej!kbebkbhrhbrxkhdjkedjjygrxremjjygxejygxdefiuxsijaNbsmajh!bsxav!JH adalihbdwaiygsauglovsugcaciubcewuhovcewaokiyvsxauvlixa liug xaiubsa ubioibz aiaozixpojpo now all the Vault song
Human lover (9 days ago)
So nice brah thanx for posting my cat loved it😜
Svetlana Novakova (9 days ago)
Max Toys (9 days ago)
Srey Ron (9 days ago)
Mou Been (10 days ago)
LinhLinh _Vũ (10 days ago)
32:26 Unicorn 🦄 Love it 💜🥰
Amar Sookdeo (9 days ago)
jutnm. jjja
Crazy BD (10 days ago)
Zack Tabaranza (10 days ago)
ELIZABETH GARCIA (10 days ago)
JOSHUA FLORENT (11 days ago)
Lien Bui (11 days ago)
Nancy Chalas Tisnado (11 days ago)
Ahmad Barin (12 days ago)
8hyytnd. TV t+ &مولانا ط ر ق جميل
JessiPlayz Jessigaming (23 hours ago)
Midou Mamidou (12 days ago)
n'est vidéo ever
Jono Christie (12 days ago)
Maria Lopez (12 days ago)
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Mogahed Salih (2 days ago)
Mogahed Salih (2 days ago)
slendeman yang (12 days ago)
Hello am vione
Tang Jared (12 days ago)
celeste jaye (12 days ago)
❤️ it
Augustina Appiah (3 days ago)
+Any Soare lpp
Concetta Gerbo (9 days ago)
celeste jaye x.....9₩
Any Soare (10 days ago)
celeste jaye to7llHDHed8
Aina Morishige (12 days ago)
Beautiful video
UBU the Alien (13 days ago)
Beautiful video! I'm learning alphabet too :)
mstyangel (1 day ago)
Mohammad emadi (3 days ago)
🐿 🐘
Traipop Wongsoontorn (4 days ago)
UBU the Alien hadkddkkdkdkfodoeie
Edison Playz (13 days ago)
Rainbow cup Cup (13 days ago)

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