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ABC SONG | ABC Songs for Children - 13 Alphabet Songs & 26 Videos

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ABC Song and Alphabet Song Ultimate kids songs and baby songs Collection with 13 entertaining "English abcd songs" and 26 a to z fun Alphabet episodes, phonics, and games for children, kids, kindergarten, and toddlers. Learn English Alphabet in 50 minutes. http://abckidtv-shop.spreadshirt.com/ Check out our other educational videos and songs that are directed toward little minds! Lyrics : ABC kid TV Hi Everyone, Let's learn the alphabet with so many fun ABC songs and so many fun ABC games and stories with so many friends from all over the world. Let's go! Follow me! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Now we learned all the letters. Let's sing all the abc songs one more time. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Now I know my ABC's Next time won't you sing with me? Get our latest songs for children by subscribing to our channel, and let us know what your favorite kids songs are! Now we learned all the letters. Let's sing all the abc songs one more time. Hi everyone! Please enjoy our new video which is a 50 minute collection of ABC songs and videos that explores the alphabet in exciting and diverse ways! There are 13 different ABC songs for children that are entertaining, educational and engaging. All of our songs invite your child to sing, dance and learn as they explore the alphabet with fun characters, dancing letters and animals! There are also 26 fun ABC stories and games that explore each letter individually! Please share our new video with your friends! List of the Songs in the video A: “Surprise Symphony” Joseph Hayden B: “Variations (Twinkle Twinkle)” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart C: “Turkish March” Ludwig van Beethoven D: “Toy Symphony” Leopold Mozart E: “Air on G String” Johann Sebastian Bach F: “Op39. No8.” P.I. Tchaikovsky G: “Emperor Waltz” Johann Strauss, Jr. H: “Dance of Hours” Amilcare Ponchielli I: “Gavotte” Francois Gossec J: “Sailing” Macks J: “Pop goes the weasel” Traditional K: Mexican folk song L: “Symphony No. 5” Ludwig van Beethoven L: “Light Cavalry” Franz von Suppe M: “Turkish March” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart N: “From the New World” Antonin Dvorak O: “Lullaby” Johannes Brahms P: “The Happy Farmer” Robert Schumann Q: “Trumpet Tune & Air” Henry Purcell R: “Waltz for Piano Op.18” Fryderyk Chopin S: “Spring from the Four Seasons” Antonio Vivaldi T: “The Entertainer” Scott Joplin U: “Pizzicato-Polka” Johann Strauss, Jr. V: “Can Can” Jacques Offenbach W: “on the Beautiful Blue Danube” Johann Strauss, Jr. Y: “Minuet, BWV Anh.114” Johann Sebastian Bach Z: “Nut-cracker” P.I. Tchaikovsky SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... WEBSITE: http://abckidtv-shop.spreadshirt.com/ TWITTER: http://twitter.com/ABCkidTV FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/ABCkidTV http://www.youtube.com/user/checkgate
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welovemily _ (1 year ago)
As a behavior therapist for infants this video does wonders! So helpful the babies really enjoy it and learn how to repeat and recognize letters.
Leronne Ravid (5 months ago)
welovemily _ O
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Sure Valor (11 months ago)
Emily Mercaf
Desirae Abrego (11 months ago)
Etien Mayika k
Jerelyn Baker (8 hours ago)
Baby joy joy
Corrine C (9 hours ago)
Hi like it
Benja Serrano (11 hours ago)
que lindo el abeedario
Anuj Kumar (19 hours ago)
Kwongyung Wong (1 day ago)
Ozias Osongo (1 day ago)
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Namrata Sharma (1 day ago)
You are the
Rosco Toledo (2 days ago)
What bigins with f f*ck
Nga Lê (2 days ago)
My baby like this song
ichsan abdul (2 days ago)
Dinosaur is not exist, don't teach them this
Jiajing Teng (2 days ago)
Nivi Silva hamda (2 days ago)
Muaaz Siwar (4 days ago)
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nancy banger (4 days ago)
BFF j b, J. And
Manuel Cortez (4 days ago)
El chavo del 8 song jaja
bonita johnson (3 days ago)
Ieashia Lee (4 days ago)
They teaching kids right
Caoimhe Scally (4 days ago)
I listened to this when I was 5 years old now I'm 10 years old
Heyder Mercado (4 days ago)
Tara Ku. Regmi (4 days ago)
Adams Girls PlayTime (5 days ago)
stephanie castleberry (5 days ago)
Lpm lpk. C. M
Waheedah Abani (5 days ago)
my son like it
Nurbek Ramazanov (6 days ago)
Kum Kie Choong (6 days ago)
What's up with all the dislikes
Chloe LOL (6 days ago)
Habibullah Wajid (6 days ago)
Do Tran (7 days ago)
I’m not sure if you are going out of
Maitreyee Das (7 days ago)
So nice song my son has learn all the letter
Trường Nguyễn (7 days ago)
Leo Vlogs (7 days ago)
Uzziel Rosas ruiz (7 days ago)
Salma Akter (7 days ago)
Salma Akter (7 days ago)
linh luu (7 days ago)
Habibullah Wajid (7 days ago)
Thad gym
Emy Dejucos (7 days ago)
Captain D08 (8 days ago)
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doualla alain rostand (8 days ago)
Aiden Toys Review (8 days ago)
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Marshley Registe (8 days ago)
My name is Bianca
JOHH (8 days ago)
Sarah Peah (8 days ago)
My son and daughter are in love with this! They have it memorize to the core and their only 1 & 3!
Sarah Peah นตนมม สสส
Nur Liyana Sariman (6 days ago)
Sarah Peah cmggfgktttffyhb
reimalyn gonzales (8 days ago)
Him on your site to get In case the first one that you?
K.T Meska (9 days ago)
Albert Hallquist (9 days ago)
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y & Z very easy
Sonny Sayson (9 days ago)
Hernan Bravo (9 days ago)
Papyrus (9 days ago)
Athoy Chowdhury (10 days ago)
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Master Aswin Sanker (10 days ago)
Hi am.aswin...I love this TV ...
Sado Awad (10 days ago)
8 Lnnn ylľ5jjjjnnnnnm!,,m,,m,kk ,..,
Amy kane (11 days ago)
Tahani Alsamet (11 days ago)
This video is amazing 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍👏
Pogo Planet (11 days ago)
awesome :)
Los quiero
Joseph Afia (10 days ago)
Ana Isabella Rodriguez Jimenez kok
Te amo espero que den un like
Pascal Bouzeid (11 days ago)
UDear 9
Radha Radha (12 days ago)
Dario Macario (12 days ago)
Make it slow people
Kuwait Yashwant Vip (12 days ago)
Mary Whitford (12 days ago)
Toys And Little Liya (13 days ago)
So good songs
smart 2008 (12 days ago)
shi to everyone and
Rainnier Gaano (13 days ago)
nagpangit la unay
Mac Galinato (13 days ago)
richard orbiso (13 days ago)
Stessie Ceus (13 days ago)
Bawihleikilla xX (13 days ago)
H b.
Lim Yee Sien (14 days ago)
Nariah Ward (8 days ago)
Kendra Z. (14 days ago)
kid Game (14 days ago)
Great video for children and fun learning
Best Kids Painter tv (14 days ago)
verry good
Selena Zheng (15 days ago)
Fero Maged (15 days ago)
ط ٧:
R P channel (15 days ago)
Razia Syed (4 days ago)
jhon kaluri u… Yoyo
Jared Sitchon (6 days ago)
djinn jhin (15 days ago)
ddfhdhddheudrfiiii 2634 Babe
APEX_BOI Kai (16 days ago)
I’m so happy
Venus Vismanos (16 days ago)
Venus Vismanos (16 days ago)
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chan tola5555 (16 days ago)
christopher gachuzo (16 days ago)
danlli zhang (16 days ago)
So Rya (16 days ago)
jovani sanchez (16 days ago)
Hanen Zarai (16 days ago)
Yes hello alfabet
Duong Ha (16 days ago)
Hayley Caldwell (17 days ago)
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S Sa (17 days ago)
HBO 0i88 IPO
Aliza zarha (17 days ago)
Het is goed voor kinderen en slim
Jester MeAnne (7 days ago)
Janna 😊😊
Jester MeAnne (7 days ago)
Heaven Le (11 days ago)
Rowena Espineda House iiio
Jessica Osei-Nuako (12 days ago)
Aliza zarha art
Joanna Cangiano (12 days ago)
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Best Of (17 days ago)
just amazing video
Daniel Kristoff (7 days ago)
Faiza Omar (9 days ago)
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Madel Luna (15 days ago)
Best Of gcx
ĶØŦ ŇĀŘĶØŦ (17 days ago)
Всем привет
Booba Fan channel (18 days ago)
Lanh Le (18 days ago)
Bernabe Magadia jr (18 days ago)
Jit lee
Cody Faddis (2 days ago)
Bernabe Magadia jr zrzy
Timflad Is a gamer (18 days ago)
fags (18 days ago)

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