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Drunk-I'm Straight Official Music Video (watch in 1080p)

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This is the official music video to DRUNK-Im Straight Music Video.. directed by: @[email protected] download mixtape @ http://datpiff.com/drunk-pending-cases-mixtape.443565.html Track Produced by: Banger Committee
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Text Comments (13)
Dontae Scott (6 years ago)
This shit go bruh
Prince Knight (6 years ago)
Drunk keep it up fuck them hater them nigga don't know real street nigga when they see one
BRIGHTERMINDS107 (6 years ago)
Real Shit my guy speaking. ..we feeling you down here in Jackson Tennessee. ..keep doing your thang my guy..only the strong survives! !
WILL JENKINS (6 years ago)
This shit pussy
Lekendrick Sellers (6 years ago)
This nigga look like Bobby Brown with dreads
Sean Whitson (6 years ago)
St8 grabage! Good luck wit that.
Pooff7 (6 years ago)
This shit dumb
jamal Belvedere (6 years ago)
talent doesnt matter any more smh
SavvyOverSwag (6 years ago)
I can't get with this, his image is the same as everyone else's , his lyrics are the same as everyone else's, and he is wearing a beeper in 2013. I understand ignoring haters and promoting self gain. But he is talking about nothing more than disrespecting woman and glorifying money, but if you truly love vanity...this is for you.
Aj Raw (6 years ago)
Yall some big time pussy on the internet a hater wish they had the talent to put a song together go back to taking the trash out
Anjuili Singleton (6 years ago)
You have so Much Talent....The Sky is the limit..Keep Doing your Thing...You can only Go Up from Here..Dont Forget Us when You Reach the Top #Salute
Clifford Burney (6 years ago)
Pending Cases (6 years ago)
Enjoyed my day too NeuEra , Kitty Red and Banger Committee for the help of this [email protected]

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