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Family of Jacob Caldwell excited after he is found safe

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Family of Jacob Caldwell excited after he is found safe
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cathal greene (21 days ago)
Thank god he is OK
Carrina Marie (3 months ago)
I dont trust this at all. The boy was 14 when he went missing, old enough to know how to call home. If he wasnt being held captive and he willingly left his house, he didnt want to be with his dads family. Mom might have been a nut but even the paternal grandmother said the boys didnt want to see their dad or his family after the court ordered shared custody.
Jan Pablo Pellejera (11 days ago)
Carrina Marie Girl, because the bitch mother manipulated the kids and told them lies about their father and his family being bad people. Read and listen more tp the news.
Star breaker R (6 months ago)
Yay, I'm glad he's ok.😄
Joan Milano (7 months ago)
Doe Kristen Eskow ever have any other expression on her face?
Woman in black (6 months ago)
That's what's important to you after seeing this video?
Yhous Wholhoukhum (7 months ago)
No Better Result. Happy to Hear

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