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"Apocalypse Now" Doomsday Bunkers In Style!!

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Some of the Global Elitist are building "Underground Paradise" to survive "Doomsday Apocalypse" in style http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/ready-apocalypse-640m-underground-bunker-5884991
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cannotfindavoice (3 years ago)
It just goes to show how delusional these people are, but they are followers of the father of all lies & he has told them such enormous whoppers that these people believe all his lies.  The reason he is so good at lying is that he believes all he says himself so because of that he has become believable to all these people, its so sad if it was just a matter of lies some would be reachable BUT! its not just the lies, its all that Satan has given them to add to those lies.  They have been given riches, stardom, kingdoms, the very best of all things as well as the lies, lies can be proven wrong but when you are also dealing with all the rest of this stuff he has given these people then they may well be hiding behind a 50ft thick Granit door.  GBYA
As their going down, we who TRUST in Jesus will be going UP!
reborn 2serve (3 years ago)
Truly they know what is to come. We are now living in the last days and perilous times is upon us. No man knows the day nor the hour, but Jesus gave us signs so we could prepare and be aware. My brethren we should seek Jesus and follow him with all our heart. Isaiah 55:6-7King James Version (KJV) 6 Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: All for HIS praise and glory Hallelujah!
Amanda 83 (3 years ago)
😂 all the prep for their lavishness but none for their souls!😏😟😳
Tab Vlogs (3 years ago)
My aunt works with nasa and they are working on something huge....she just got a job that she was going up against over 400 people who were applying! They'll be going to Washington state to work on it....she is a rocket scientist! I have no idea what exactly the plan is but I do know she will be up there for over a year....
Tab Vlogs (3 years ago)
Have you made a video on the trumpet sounds coming from the skies??? Please do! There are videos everywhere of trumpet sounds coming from all over the world!!!!
Nunya Bidnez (3 years ago)
OOOOOPSS.  Major fail.
Anthony (3 years ago)
And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth.
Angel Light (3 years ago)
Western Europe will be under water.
Marvin (3 years ago)
Uhm.... Pretty sure those are LCD walls folks. We do have the technology. This is an underGROUND bunker. Not that its any safer. Not to mention needing to live the rest of my life in a box. IF I survived..lol
Law AndOrder (3 years ago)
A bunker should not be a thing used as a home to live out your life.   Instead, a bunker should either be a place to keep fuel, technology and supplies, or as a place to go temporarily if radar indicates an attack is in progress.
Can it withstand an astroid ???
Lord's Army (3 years ago)
Yes brothers and sisters we don't have much time left, let's share the good news and bring the lost brothers and sisters back to the Father to the Kingdom of God. Let's be bold and courageous in Jesus's name,amen.
24 Karrots (3 years ago)
they will be looking at a sea of dead fish, this world is just getting more messed up than ever. The prophecy is happening, pray everyone accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, God Bless.
Matthew Darke (3 years ago)
Fake fake fake
Matthew Darke (3 years ago)
I've seen that years ago it's actually under water hotel for vacation
David Richard (3 years ago)
Paul I have a question maybe you might be able to answer it in revelation 9:16 the bible says John heard 200 million army How can you hear 200 million unless someone told him???
Jude Stringfellow (3 years ago)
Let them eat cake! LOL
Q5Grafx (3 years ago)
Damn i should have been storing up depth charges
April Pea (3 years ago)
This guy will block you if you say anything like the rapture is on the last day as Marth told Jesus at the tomb. NEVER NEVER speak against the pastor's views. They are always correct you know. Just like the NWO money with Walmart logo on it lol. Bless YOU.
TheBarleyHarvest (3 years ago)
Dear Pastor Begley, I received a vision of Yeshua Jesus about 6 months ago.  I was sitting on the sofa thinking of strategies for the coming tribulation. I was thinking if only I could win money and buy a hidden secluded home to take all my family in and look after them during the tribulation.  Then Jesus came to me very quickly and bobbed down on one knee and handed me a very large silver coin and said here worship this! And then He was gone. I was so offended and upset and prayed why did HE do this as I love Him.  He then said my name and said 'in the time of trouble, NO amount of money will save you, ONLY COMPLETE FAITH IN HIM'.  Praise Him Praise Him.  Glory to our Lord.  Look at how He cared for his people in the Old Testament.  Feeding them with ravens, mana falling from the sky, water coming from rocks. Shutting the mouths of lions, the Hebrew boys thrown in the furnace came out without a scratch and so many more wonderful stories.  He our Lord Jesus can do all things for us through faith.  And through faith if we are called on to lay down our life for HIM as a testimony to a sick and dying world, HE will be there with us.  Praise Him glory to God.  He is coming! He is coming!.  He has also given me 13 dreams since May 2014 telling me he is coming and to tell others.   Also I had a vision about 3 months ago in bed of a small feather falling on to me then a light came on my right side about a foot wide and a meter high and then a voice said to me, "it wont be long now'... I presume it means,   HE IS COMMING SOOOOOOOOON.  See you at the wedding breakfast.  Blesss you all.
Michelle L Davis (3 years ago)
really expensive coffin!
Rabbitfootie (3 years ago)
Yeahhh....They said that with the Titanic too.  God will laugh at them when he destroys those bunkers.  They forget that moses used the power of God to part the waters, and it can be done again.  So yeahhhh peek- a -boo elite you will be found out, and God will see you.  I chose Heaven which will be 1 million times better, and the places that Jesus Christ builds for us will be "eternal".
1984 Is here (3 years ago)
Hey whats that thing that comes from space...you know that big rock than can surely be larger than a car, house, or even the size of a mountain....what if that thing landed right on top of this rich mans house..wherever its at? Can hide from that..Build Build Build, God will TEAR IT DOWN..Surely cant hide from Jesus..Maranatha!!!!
HI FI (3 years ago)
Get them all huddled together >=)
Tommy Thomas (3 years ago)
NASA is fake so don't bother spreading their news they are 100% uncredited! Nothing will happen from space
William Vanzandt (3 years ago)
DELROY JONES (3 years ago)
Psalm 139:8 KJV If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there... LOL! LOL! Are people really that stupid to think that they can hide away like cockroaches from the wrath of an Almighty, All Powerful God! That will only serve as their Tomb!
Maribel Rodriguez (3 years ago)
So if they are preparing!! that means they know something is coming for sure !!!.They forgot to prepare their souls.
Margo Miko (3 years ago)
converting that price to dollars = 998,000,000.00 almost a billion dollars WHAAAAT SERIOUSLY i will take my free mansion in heaven thank you LOL
vassilischr (3 years ago)
Hehe very funny, surviving apocalypse in style!
Big Gee (3 years ago)
Luke 23:30?
Chris Pell (3 years ago)
this post is so funny lol ....
Sonja M. (3 years ago)
Jonah wasn't able to hide from God after He instructed him to cry aloud and tell the city of Ninevah of their transgression. And in Psalm 139 David spoke to God> Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend into Heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, Even there Your hand shall lead me.....   No one can hide from God!... who is omnipotent, omniscient  and omnipresent, any and everywhere at all times...it is in Him that we live and move and have our being...Acts 17:28
Donna Clark (3 years ago)
The earthquake shakes from the bottom , how are they gonna escape all that water? Are you serious, they should have read Rev6:12-17 before spending unless millions .
reffoelcnu alouncelal (3 years ago)
Wouldn't it be terrible if there was half a mile of water above them and their was a slow leak ,ha
Belinda Odom (3 years ago)
God is gonna get em for that foolishness!!   Bless God!
k odu (3 years ago)
what kind of life would one have when everyone else would be dead. It is like the Tower of Babel. It never works.
Bibleindepth (3 years ago)
Proves they dont know whats coming. Christians do.
liquidnature13 (3 years ago)
Nahum 1:5 "The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is burned at his presence, yea, the world, and all that dwell therein." Something tells me these bunkers won't last very long...
Hesettohisseal (3 years ago)
Wow.Lol. Lol. Lol.
Truth Inspector (3 years ago)
they will be crushed like bugs when there's an earthquake
HisChild (3 years ago)
None shall escape!
Chris Geary (3 years ago)
Those fools need to turn to Our Lord Jesus Christ!!!  Our Lord knows all!!  Keep the faith peps.  Praise God!!!
James Green (3 years ago)
are YOU serious? this pic is from a home in Europe where people have giant aquariums in their bedrooms. paranoia porn yet again. stick to the Bible and leave the fearmongering lies to people like Alex Jones.
Aarontheking (3 years ago)
Where is your proof?
Jesus Gonzalez (3 years ago)
Are you Seriousssssssssssssss!
Silvano Kurent (3 years ago)
Only blue beam will survive in LHC...
Don K (3 years ago)
The earthquake will find them where they're asleep & shake them up & the mountains will crumble & bury them. Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Kate Perry, Madonna...etc, etc,..very likely are the ones found inside, high on drugs having orgies. The earth will open like 1,000 miles & they fall straight to hell.
oiljackpot (3 years ago)
These people are believing a lie. Under ground cities are more likely to become tombs. The people on the surface will be saved the effort of having to bury these badly mistaken billionaires.
Tirivashe Musoni (3 years ago)
prayer rooms hahaha
oiljackpot (3 years ago)
They can go as deep under ground as they want too but nobody underground is going to survive a pole shift.
startrek (3 years ago)
I'd rather die bravely than hunker down like a freakin' coward
K J Stepp (3 years ago)
Jamie M (3 years ago)
where do they think they are going to get CLEAN AIR !!!!
macman3175 (3 years ago)
They think God doesn't exist and they are more powerful than the elements. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat NO ONE shall escape the power of the GREAT I AM!
Hollie Kagey (3 years ago)
sealed unground tombs..no thanks.
Yeshuas Love (3 years ago)
BIGBOSS100 (3 years ago)
RJonprophecy (3 years ago)
Its prophetic for the unbelievers to try their best to hide from the realization of the True and Living God! They won't let go of the pride of life!
Thomas Francis (3 years ago)
I pick heaven, what a wast of time to make something to stay around a little longer
Caffine addict (3 years ago)
They used our slave dollars.They won't survive,great whites or a pod of whales will bust it.LOL!Asteroid could impact the ocean POOF gone.Still got ocean quakes.
Nicki Lecuyer (3 years ago)
Prayer rooms... for what? They're Godless!
spaz tastic (3 years ago)
I guess only rich think they deseve to live
Dayle Calton (3 years ago)
When Jesus cleared the temple of God of moneychangers, that was only a minute example of his wrath...Beware! God is God!
Dayle Calton (3 years ago)
The mountains will crumble to the sea and islands will be no more...ummmm..I don't think anything man can make would withstand all that...besides the coming of the Lord! The earth shall quake and rock too and fro! None, no not one person, can escape that great and terrible day of the Lord!1
Justice Leaguer (3 years ago)
Who's going to work at these restaurants?
Justice Leaguer (3 years ago)
Hold the phone.. Rothenstein isn't even near the coast. Germany's borders aren't along the ocean. Something's not adding up here.
Justice Leaguer (3 years ago)
Paul never said how far underground these are...
Happy Trails (3 years ago)
+Justice Leaguer 'bots.
Thimothy Collier (3 years ago)
Don't none be fooled, this that whomever is trying to sell, these places, they claim are destroy proof, are lying to you, but even if they were not lying, these places still would not deliver you from harm's way. So that I tell you, the only way we can be delivered is by love, and I tell you it is the only way
K J Stepp (3 years ago)
+Thimothy Collier Christ's "love" for us.
Thimothy Collier (3 years ago)
+K J Stepp nevertheless, it is only by love, and this is so
K J Stepp (3 years ago)
+Thimothy Collier Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life! There's many a person on YouTube, google+, and Facebook peddling new age hippy love guru shakra Jesus. That's why I said what I said! Many profess love, and know NOT the Father.
Thimothy Collier (3 years ago)
+K J Stepp​ it is love, that I tell you, that the Lord did teach, so be ye not blinded, and do know, that yes it is love, the only way, and this I tell you is so
K J Stepp (3 years ago)
No.... Not "love"...... ONLy through Jesus!
bkr360 (3 years ago)
Billion Dollar Coffins...
Amanda 83 (3 years ago)
Pretty much😐
LK Music (3 years ago)
That's our future until we don't learn more about love folks! We can live in bunker but not forever that is for sure eventually we all die. You can't live underground and survive.
Serge Therrien (3 years ago)
Paul Begley (3 years ago)
Chris Yau (3 years ago)
The Great tribulation is coming.
Chris Yau (3 years ago)
The end time major earthquake will bury these elites and bankers in their underground graves.
Ralph Chapin (3 years ago)
+Blaine Bosserman You know what is funny, the web site the you send people to in your first link says that this interpretation of Daniel 9:26 that it is an end of time interpretation is from Satan yet it actually is Jesus literal interpretation of Daniel 9:26 in the book of Matthew.  So technically the site is calling Jesus Satan.
Ralph Chapin (3 years ago)
+Blaine Bosserman It doesn't matter how many different versions of Daniel you quote.... Jesus in Matthew 24 quotes the verse and says it is part of the end times. He even calls the book out by name.   So even if you think it has been fulfilled again at the time of Christ, Jesus is saying that there is one more time it is fulfilled at the end of the age.  Paul then expands what the abomination is that causes the desolation.because that is the event just prior to the rapture.  The rapture of the church is also in Mathew 24:31
cuzmillergirl6 (3 years ago)
PancakePower (3 years ago)
Now this is interesting.
In fact the bizzaro armies are creating a situation in where they would look for a place to hide they tried to hide before the evidence is there look ancient tunnels systems these people have been doing this for years your right they wont be hiding you cant hide from God hes everywhere even in the air they breathe no air filtration system can filter out gods presence
Amen!! Love it, have a blessed day Pastor Paul :)
This is where your tax dollars went all the bail out monies all the money thr vatican collected off the teachings of Christ all the people persecuting the son of man your not invited because your an expendable goat and nothing more to them. While you run around playing bizzaro hero you wont be in that nice looking tomb
777WAKEUPCALL (3 years ago)
777WAKEUPCALL (3 years ago)
+Happy Trails AMEN TO THAT, HAPPY!!!
Happy Trails (3 years ago)
+Donna Williams Certainly not God proof!
Mike Smith (3 years ago)
Charades, they forgot God's hands holds the universe and can squish that thing like a pimple, LOL. You can run but you can't hide from Jehovah
Happy Trails (3 years ago)
+Mike Smith ZIT cities or Zities!
Theresa! (3 years ago)
Revelation 16:3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea. - and if you look on google earth, most of the water has been photoshopped so you can't see what's going on close to the surface, including the great lakes.
Yeshua Said My Name (3 years ago)
Amen.....no hiding from the Lord. The great men of the earth will hide themselves in the caves and ask for the rocks to fall on them to hide them from the One Who sits on the Throne! These bunkers will not stop the Lord from retrieving them!  As the scripture says, "Can anyone hide in secret places where I cannot see him?" Jeremiah 23:24
Jane Doe (3 years ago)
Sorry..can't hide from God. How foolish of these people.
twistr (3 years ago)
Sunlite (3 years ago)
Worthless. The demons are within them and those evil spirits will consume them,
1newman (3 years ago)
Soon and very soon!
James Youngblood (3 years ago)
They cannot hide from our God and will be judged just like the rest of us. Shalom
RAPTURE COUNTDOWN! (3 years ago)
Lol... God Bless you followers of Christ! We won't need to worry about surviving a apocalypse!
THarrison004 (3 years ago)
It's sickening.

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