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Wonder Woman Captured by the Skrill

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Clips from Mind Stealers from Outer Space
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Chehab Abbas (2 months ago)
Lynda charter. Wonder women. Ich 💌
orlandotj1 (2 months ago)
The mens like that. All the heaving and struggling.
mistofoles (3 months ago)
Shame her tits didn't pop out while she was fighting the Skrill,  but at least we got a hint of her pasty white ass, I suppose !
azure rainbow (3 months ago)
If the Zardor did kill Wonder Woman in her Diana Prince identity,he would've been punished by his master because he wanted to take Wonder Woman alive and have 1 of his fellow Skrill take over her body.
TeXaS Cajun3321 (1 year ago)
The damsel in distress
Marcus Johnson (1 year ago)
When you were a kid you thought this was awesome now looking at it as an adult the effects look cheesy lol but hey I still love it
L7ColWinters (1 year ago)
I feel like i'm watching a porno, my god it must have been good to be brought up back then
azure rainbow (1 year ago)
If 1 of the skrill,in the body of an Earthman,arrived in Wonder Woman‘s apartment another few seconds later while she was in the Zardor‘s bear hug as Diana Prince,in whch she has no powers in that identity,the Zardor would‘ve broken her spinal cord. Good thing it didn‘t happen to her.
azure rainbow (1 year ago)
Wonder Woman was lucky that the Zardor didn‘t eat her or that those 2 blonde identica twin girls,whose bodies were posessed by the Skrill,didn‘t get rip her shirt off while she was in a bear hug in her Diana Prince identity. Those blondes could‘ve while attacking Wonder Woman in her civilian identity before the Zardor busted down the door. Only twice Wonder Woman‘s civies got ripped in her apartment while in a fight as Diana Prince.
Vincent Van gogh (1 year ago)
omg did i just watch porn?
sicilianotoronto (1 year ago)
I hate you skrill! Loved Andros, lol
Harry Kaladjian (1 year ago)
Alien facial recognition technique circa 1975...
Simon H (1 year ago)
I find the bear hug scenes soook hot lol
azure rainbow (1 year ago)
Why was the part where Wonder Woman,in her Diana Prince persona,fighting identical twins before the Skrill's monster busted into her apartment to try to kill her in a bear hug before he was ordered not to,got edited out?
azure rainbow (1 year ago)
Who knows how the Zardor monster would've felt if he had managed to rip Wonder Woman's shirt off fully while he had her in a bear hug when she was in her Dian Prince identity?
David Hughett (2 years ago)
mark brown (2 years ago)
i saw this as a kid , that explains alot
azure rainbow (2 years ago)
The Zardor monster didn't have the brains to strip Wonder Woman of her magic belt while he had her in a bear hug at the zoo. If he did,she'd be powerless and he'd kill her unless the Skrill told him to bring her to them alive for their own pleasure,like having her chained,which they didn't do to her even in her identity of Diana Prince.
schwartz wolfe (3 years ago)
those are the gayest aliens ever...with the Christmas tinsel around the face
schwartz wolfe (1 year ago)
+SWLinPHX only to another skrill. Who thought of that faggy name. Smh
SWLinPHX (1 year ago)
schwartz wolfe Aw, come on. I think they're kinda cute. : )
Paul Feather (3 years ago)
why was she never fucked   
tran ana (3 years ago)
Thanks 7uhg X ug2ug4ho38 r ahmeafagdc zngs c y
izmir55izmir (4 years ago)
Why didn't she rip his mask off?  Why didn't he rip her clothes off?  This is lame indeed
Raggedy Man (6 months ago)
Because not everyone is a *virgin* like you.
Kathy Swank (10 months ago)
+acute cc rainbows
azure rainbow (3 years ago)
He only ripped part of her shirt while she was trying to break out of his bear hug in her persona of Diana Prince,which Wonder Woman has no powers in that identity. She didn't think of ripping the Skrill's servant while fighting for her life,but he could've done more than rip her clothes off if one of his masters didn't stop him for a better fate for her.
Howard Beatman (4 years ago)
Considering the 2 episodes as a single story, the first 75% was fine but then fell apart in the last quarter. I did like Tim O'Conner as a thinly-disguised version of The Watcher from Marvel Comics.
Cody Salis (4 years ago)
I remember seeing the 2 part story "Wonder Woman, and the Mind Stealers from Outer Space" in the summer of 1981. That had better than this fantasy. Sorry but I agree with some of the recent posters about this. Wonder Woman did defeat both Skrill and the Zardor in the 2 parter. However some of the scenes were true but cut.
J.D. Contreras (4 years ago)
I was just watching this episode & whoever made this is retarded. She was way stronger than that & she ended up kicking ALL their asses! This clip is awful! That's NOT HOW THE EPISODE WENT! The person who made this made it sound & look like a porno film. Wonder Woman never got defeated! What an insult to Lynda Carter! Bad editing.
Elias AAA (4 years ago)
J.D. Contreras (4 years ago)
I agree. Lame clip.
amanda davis (4 years ago)
The slow motion is stupid.    The original episode is NOT in slow motion, so why mess with it?
Youtuber_JohnH (1 year ago)
amanda davis they seem like having sex
J.D. Contreras (4 years ago)
I agree! Whoever made this made Wonder Woman look lame. That's not how the episode went. She ended up kicking all their asses! I hate it when people Jack up classics with bad editing & awful mistakes. She sounded like she was having an orgasm. Stupidest clip yet. I LOVE WONDER WOMAN! SHE KICKS ASS!
karirafema (4 years ago)
LaserDarkDX (4 years ago)
Wonder Woman should have use a head butt, or a swift kick in the nuts!
icedgreentea02 (4 years ago)
WildBillKMan (5 years ago)
It is Darth Vader's retarded brother!
pagza Kamon (11 months ago)
gummy bear Attack (1 year ago)
MobiusBandwidth (2 years ago)
+WildBillKMan darth werewolf
Greta Burg (5 years ago)
What happened to Wonder Woman's strength. I thought that Wonder Woman was supposed to be a Superheroine? This was a lame fight. I'm sure you can do better than that Wonder Woman.
WildBillKMan (5 years ago)
I love that scenario!
Guillermo St (5 years ago)
So what was her superpower? Casually engaging in softcore porn with costumed weirdos?
Ederik Schneider (5 years ago)
Lynda Carter is even adorable with glasses
ocerg1111 (5 years ago)
When we were kids, that reject from the darth vader family reunion scared the shit out of us. I think it was the growling.
earp1673 (5 years ago)
It had to be so much fun lifting her up and tossing her around
Glacielfire (5 years ago)
Captured by the Skrill! Sounds painful!
vincevega1000 (5 years ago)
I did not know Wonder Woman fought Darth Vader.
pyro666ism (6 years ago)
i wulda not let her go
kariryanisabitch (6 years ago)
@DarthCRC That is funny as hell!
callista zahra aidi (6 years ago)
wonder woman is suppose to be stronger than that
albert contreras (6 years ago)
Okay, whoever done this is a retard! U made wonder woman look dumb and it made no sense!
DarthCRC (6 years ago)
Wow, its Darth Vader's retarded brother! :p
jeffery estes (7 years ago)
Pure Crap!! What a waste of time!
tatiana robinson (7 years ago)
Orcaluv26 (7 years ago)
is that lindsay lohan?
demeal (7 years ago)
kizarvexius (7 years ago)
Hi There (7 years ago)
sorry but this choppy editing doesn't do the episode justice.
kwame76 (7 years ago)
notice how her high heels turn to flats during the action sequence then back to high heels lol gotta love the 70's/80's
Shambhala In Shambles (7 years ago)
Sweep the leg.
MichiruGolden (7 years ago)
Aiman Hakim Zulkarnain (7 years ago)
this is love
BOOYAHSHAKA (7 years ago)
haha nice
360whiplash (8 years ago)
@Girardifan There should have been another episode in which the Skrill return for a second invasion and led by a female Skrill leader who has Wonder Woman captured so that she can take over her body and steal her powers.
angelzr (8 years ago)
Uh...neat vid and nifty "sound re-editing" BUT what would have made it even more..kinky would have been including the "sound bytes" from the Gargantua episode at the point were WW is begging "no" and add it to this vid at the point in the video were the "Zardor" has her in his grip somewhere at 2:42-44.
Girardifan (8 years ago)
This is one episode in which the writers could had included Wonder Girl. When the Skrill monster has Diana Prince in his grasp, Wonder Girl arrives and holds off the Skrill monster until Andros shows up and chases the Skrills away. Later, the Skrills capture Andros to lure Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl into a trap. When Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl arrive, they are overpowered by the Skrill monster;while Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl are unconcious, two female Skrills take over their bodies.
CaptainGlacier (8 years ago)
Well done video. Thar's how the real episode should have occured with Wonder Woman being knocked out and captured by the Skrill monster.

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