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Paedo Asked 12yo Girl For Naked Pictures!

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suzie graham (4 days ago)
It just seems odd that Islams do more of this than anyone else, even though they are religious
Amjid Ali (22 hours ago)
How many Christians get caught doing this? You ever question that?
suzie graham (4 days ago)
I thought the prophet was againt wrong doing
Amjid Ali (22 hours ago)
So was Jesus but you people do the same shit
Dean Bartlett (4 days ago)
What a paedy paedophillic paedo...mengele...fetch the bonesaw
joe santo (6 days ago)
sad little ET looking nonce
Charles Bethell (6 days ago)
Pls Pls Pls can we see his dick pic we need cheering up
Catriona Mcgowan (8 days ago)
Dirty bastard...
Danny Russell (8 days ago)
Dave Caldwells brother nonce!!!
ziggy morris (10 days ago)
Mark Kelly (10 days ago)
It might scare them into stopping
Mark Kelly (10 days ago)
Right instead of getting them arrested kick there heads in to the edge of there lives
Sandro (10 days ago)
Noncy dumpty sat on a wall.
Rab Feenie (12 days ago)
Soon that devious SlimeSmirk may well evolve into a Glasgow Smile. (Glasgow Smiles Better, apparently.) https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Glasgow%20Smile Then he/she/it might, with nurture and strict discipline, become a true believer in righteousness within our Astral Plane.
Bobby Crush (14 days ago)
It's part of their culture.
Matt Whitley (21 hours ago)
+Amjid Ali listen sunshine don't talk to me about religon it's for idiots.
Bobby Crush (21 hours ago)
+Amjid Ali Jesus din't marry a six year old child.
Amjid Ali (22 hours ago)
Matt Whitley so when you white people do it is it part of your culture seeing the church has been at it for years?
Matt Whitley (7 days ago)
+ziggy morris he's not far wrong to be fair
ziggy morris (10 days ago)
Bobby Crush don’t be ignorant
Kathryn Bell (15 days ago)
But 12 is older than 9, so 12 years old is ok for his sort. The Prophet Mohammed had made Aisha pregnant twice by that age, and beat her senseless for losing the second child! They'll never change, nor integrate into civilised society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt Whitley (7 days ago)
+Kathryn Bell 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😘
Mark Kelly (10 days ago)
+PC SINGHU is this a police officer
Daniel Mitchell (11 days ago)
Kathryn Bell I’m not Islamist apologist Kath, I’m just looking at facts. Also I don’t believe the U.K. is 90% white anymore. I think you have mixed up the grooming gangs with other types of paedophilic data. It is true that Grooming gangs are overwhelming Pakistani Muslim background perps. Paedophilic data shows that the white population is more likely to be convicted of paedophilic crimes in the U.K. These are very complex issues Kathy.
Kathryn Bell (11 days ago)
Daniel Mitchell Maybe because 90% of the population in this country is white. Is a bit of a surprise that 50% of these stings, and 90% of all court cases for noncing are Muslim names.......... Explain that one away, Islamist apologist!
Kathryn Bell (11 days ago)
Rab Feenie Cos he's a nonce, like the rest of them!
I love this woman’s voice and vocab. Is that bad?
Harold Bowden (16 days ago)
Deport it.
PB (16 days ago)
"Show bobs and vagene pls."
red blight (19 days ago)
GOD THAT INTRO. It's like having your brain sucked out through your ears (the video content is superb though).
Daniel Mitchell (12 days ago)
red blight 😂
biswadeep bhattacharya (20 days ago)
bros i am a pakistani hindu. our Hindu girls of 10-12-13 year old are getting raped, abducted and forcefully converted and married off to older muslim men. no police or court support us. we are a third class citizen in our own land. Police don't register case without presence of a muslim here. Please raise awareness and help the islamic jihad against hindu girls. we are very poor. these people also rape christain girls here. @t @t
Ducking Fuzz (21 days ago)
I wanna know what's under this female hunters trousers!
Mark Kelly (10 days ago)
Fucking weidos
Rab Feenie (12 days ago)
+Paul Hartnell Tee-hee-he ... Child, stop! You may shock the grown-ups ... Fuckwit.
Rab Feenie (12 days ago)
+MrCallingoccupants One day you might become an adult.
Paul Hartnell (15 days ago)
A big hairy muff
MrCallingoccupants (19 days ago)
+Ducking Fuzz Nope, No pot of gold and nothing magical in there. Just a chav's chuff.
M4xtv m4xtv (23 days ago)
YouTube are trying to hide these newly caught nonces, when you search by date now they still show all the very oldest first and the new ones are mixed in right at the bottom next to the 5 year old ones.
Kathryn Bell (15 days ago)
M4xtv m4xtv Aye! Probably because most aren't white, so doesn't fit in with the official narrative. And also proves TR is RIGHT! YouTube are no better than Nick Clegg's faceache for deplatforming anyone who questions the current status quo......... (Did you notice how PC I was with this reply?)
Liam Wood (18 days ago)
M4xtv m4xtv no they’re not. They’ve messed with the search filter and it’s broken it. Got nothing to do with hiding these types of videos, YouTube censors everything at the minute due to the filter being broke.
Shaun Cushing (24 days ago)
You can't go to someone's house.
Blair Mark (24 days ago)
I wonder who lives at number 35
Rab Feenie (12 days ago)
And number 666.
G B (25 days ago)
Take that smurk off your face you nastee little man
G B (23 days ago)
+Gerry Helmit And also I have seen on youtube where he will be sent he will wish he is shot before he enters an English prison. They will wipe that arrogance off he's BOATRACE
Gerry Helmit (23 days ago)
+G B I managed it..... Just 🙈
G B (23 days ago)
+Gerry Helmit Of course he doesn't but he soon will do when he realises how much shite he is going to be in. I couldn't watch this last night as he had wound me up. I will rewatch now.
Gerry Helmit (23 days ago)
Yeah that got to me also.... It's as if he doesn't care 🥊
pete lewis (25 days ago)
Fucking disgusting human!!
MR PERFECT (25 days ago)
kill the bastard.

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