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InDesign CS5, magazine layout, part3, starting page.mp4

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In this set of tutorials you will learn how to create a magazine layout using InDesign CS5. There is also an introduction to magazine layouts and how digital publishing will change all the rules... except for the main one... that we will still be using InDesign CS5. In the project you will learn all (ok...some) of the basic tools like paragraph and character styles, importing graphics, using Kuler for swatches, and using text wrap. Jonathan Ross, Instructor.
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Text Comments (32)
James Ngolo (2 years ago)
what if an image has 300 dpi should i reduce it to 150?
Jonathan Ross (2 years ago)
No... 300 is even better than 150dpi. But, what REALLY matters is how many inches do you need? The formula is PIXEL DIMENSIONS: X/Y = H x W x DPI... 900x900px = 3x3in @ 300dpi = [email protected]
Neil Snape (4 years ago)
Tracking is not the same as kerning. Kerning is between letter pairs, when you had multiple letters selected, control or alt arrows affects tracking not kerning.
An Ri (5 years ago)
I see a pandaaaa. Heh. :3 Thanks for the tutorial! 
Sandra B (5 years ago)
Great tutorial - enjoyed it a lot! Thank you!
Lau PazyAmor (6 years ago)
great tutorial!
Christina Liu (6 years ago)
SUPER HELPFUL!! you are a good teacher! thank you so much.
alphard penetrante (6 years ago)
after doing this tutorial,.. somehow i felt as if i just became a pro in indesign.. hahahaha nice tutorial,...
Macsen Flook (7 years ago)
Hey Jonathan, I am having difficulty getting my text to sit on top of my images. I want to make a title like yours, but I cannot get the text to sit on top of the image. I have clicked to send the image into the background, and also placed them in separate layers, making sure the right layer is on top etc. Do you have any suggestions? It seems like a simple thing to do, but it is stumping me right now!
konkaaz (7 years ago)
Oooops! ;)
Indigo Bleu (7 years ago)
You are awesome ! I had absolutely no knowledge about making magazines..etc before watchin your videos. Bless you. Thank you so Much. :)
Alex Music (7 years ago)
@jonathansross Thank a lot!
Jonathan Ross (7 years ago)
@NaylaKhatib Aw, shucks. ;-)
Jonathan Ross (7 years ago)
@Sanyadr Actually, you never want to copy/paste from Photoshop (or any other app) to go into InDesign. You should save the PSD file and "import/place" into InDesign. The transparency should work great then.
Alex Music (7 years ago)
Does it work with transparent PSD images? I mean if I cut a fragment of an image in Photoshop and then paste it in InDesign, will it have white background behind?
Jonathan Ross (7 years ago)
@Freakonomix24 - Sure. I use the pro version of screencast-o-matic. Love it. Very effective and flexible.
Timothy Armoo (7 years ago)
Might I ask, are you using Camtasia?
Jonathan Ross (7 years ago)
The files are at websmx.com/dme/files/DME115/InDesignCS5-MagazineLayout-Assets.zip
Jonathan Ross (7 years ago)
Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I really do appreciate it. Eventually I hope to do some tutorials on the digital publishing suite. Just have to get the software.
Jonathan Ross (7 years ago)
@Mankind5490 You are welcome!
Jonathan Ross (7 years ago)
@theswedishshemale I did put the archive online, but can't paste in a url in the comment box here. ;(
Jonathan Ross (7 years ago)
@RoyalAlba1 You can place a video into InDesign to use in a pdf (as a multimedia element). You would not want the video to be too large though.
Jonathan Ross (7 years ago)
@LaChicaMasTerca Thanks for the comment. If only my students thought that! ;-)
Ask A Transsexual (7 years ago)
where do I find those images.. did you upload the archive somewhere?
msaschZ (8 years ago)
thanks for these excellent tutorials ... a couple small questions: 1) how does indesign allow you to select two images at once, you say it and i see it but the actual keystrokes still weren't clear to me. 2) in my version on a powerbook, there is a slight wave in the text with the 6 column format -- is this just a screen issue or is the wave actually part of the image -- the wave occurs exactly where the two vertical lines denoting the columns are ... how to pop in video tutorial for inD?
Ektadizzle (8 years ago)
DUDE you don't even know how much you have helped me with your tutorials... THANK YOU SO MUCH
WeareFOTO (8 years ago)
@jonathansross Apologies, I didn't mean to vote down. I misclicked whilst browsing.
Jonathan Ross (8 years ago)
qoul2000 you are right. For professional print you should target at least 300 dpi to size. However, as we are rapidly moving towards digital publications, appropriate resolutions may vary.
Q2 Designer (8 years ago)
This is nice tut thanks ..... but 150 dpi for printing no way ... you need your photos to be 300 dpi to be printed ?? Thanks
Jonathan Ross (8 years ago)
@anita0205 Thanks! Appreciate your comments.
Anita C (8 years ago)
this series of InDesign tutorials is one of the best I've seen. thank you so much!
Piratepiracy (8 years ago)
this is good tutorial wooops i mean excellent :)

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