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Amouage Reflection Man

181 ratings | 16754 views
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John Kennedy (2 days ago)
I basically received this decant about a month ago and immediately put it away for good... Pulled it out again and oddly I'm liking the idea of using it as an office frag. Instead of buying from Amuage I'm going with either Alexandria or DUA. MAN I wish someone would've told me about these companies before I wasted over $1500 on niches 😫
Polerit (27 days ago)
I associate this smell with a laundry/washhouse near which I often drive which reflects to me the cleanliness, neatness and that kind of freshness.
Tomi's Channel (30 days ago)
It's very unisex, my mom use this scent and I'm too....
Princess Myra (1 month ago)
i have both unmagnetic cap and magnetic cap also memoir women with unmegnetic cap more lasting unmagneticcap
Muaathe Aziz (2 months ago)
Very good description, would you compare it with Imitation
gbxgbxgbx (2 months ago)
:D Amouage reflecion man smells like an old granny, powdery, powdery...
Hugh Jinvaney (2 months ago)
Did this nigga steal Jeremy’s videos?
Abdullah Alghanim (2 months ago)
Thanks for your review Jeremy .. Received it as a gift .. I hate jasmin note so much .. This is very similar to JPG Fleur du Male IMHO .. If you are looking for better niche fragrances then try unisex: 1- Tonka Imperial - Guerlain 2- Accord Oud - Byredo 3- Vanille - Mona di Orio 4- Noir de Noir - Tom Ford 5- 40 knots - Xerjoff JTC ............. For Tobacco note lovers try these masculine luxurious scents: 1- Clive Christian C 2- Kiste - Slumberhouse 3- Chergui - Serge Lutens 4- Journey - Amouage 5- Horizon - Oriza L. Legrand
Knowledge is Power (4 months ago)
WTF are you doing? JF icon plus his video...do some shit on your own will ya. Must be Chinese.
Roberto Balanzar (4 months ago)
Kills me every time he makes that voice with the act 😂
Michael (30 days ago)
Roberto, exactly! It’s like he’s trying hard or something to be cool...he does it too when he reviewd ADH Essenza or when he talks about his workout program lol or even when he interviewed Justine at the nightclub about the top 10 lol
Soggy Biscuits (5 months ago)
Totally off topic here, but has anyone noticed how much Amouage Reflection Man has changed or is it just me? The year before last I bought a few 2ml samples and was blown away by how rich and punchy it smelled, but I bought a 100ml bottle and it smelled similar, but without the sparkly punch. So I bought another 2ml sample online to compare and it smelled even worse. I really want to get another bottle of the original I fell in love with, but I don't want to spend another £210 if it's going to smell like the last few I've had. Any help will be appreciated!
John Kennedy (2 days ago)
You should just try Desert Reflection or AF's house inspiration. The reviews for this clone are *INSANE* and I exaggerate none 👍 I can't vouch for this yet but I can for other niches like Elysium for example. Actually many would argue Alexandria Fragrances has a better clone than Roja Elysium simply bc the performance is better and scent is nearly indistinguishable.
Lukas T (3 months ago)
where did you buy it?! that is a huge factor. unfortunately, there are a lot of counterfeits, even on Amazon. It is absolutely bizarre nowadays. I bought mine 5 days ago in a local perfumery and it is just as incredible as 4-5 years ago. The projectory and sillage is beyond what I wanted. A beast.
the Count (4 months ago)
I have a decant of one of the newer, supposedly reformulated patches and I have to say that I was blown away by the performence, etc. of it. You might have gotten a decant with fake juice!
danebengeschissen (4 months ago)
Makes them more money, they save on the (relatively) expensive oil and rely on the the fragrances reputation to sell more
Soggy Biscuits (4 months ago)
+danebengeschissen I assumed so. It's weird the way fragrance houses are always reformulating their best sellers. What sense does that make
Bongani (5 months ago)
Roller. Create your own content. Throwing in a disclaimer is not enough
Patrick Bateman (5 months ago)
This is a deleted jeremy video but yea he should specify that
Daniel (6 months ago)
This fragrance is a beast.
Jerrome Kue (7 months ago)
This was very entertaining
Jose Segura (8 months ago)
Love ya Jeremy

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