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NOVEMBERS DOOM - BLED WHITE (official video)

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The first music video for the title track from NOVEMBERS DOOM's ninth studio album, "BLED WHITE". Live footage is edited together from their appearance onstage in Europe during the summer of 2014. "BLED WHITE" and the rest of the NOVEMBERS DOOM catalog are available now on The End Records. iTunes: http://ter.ly/1iavgZE | Google Play: http://ter.ly/1oGxAKy Amazon: http://ter.ly/1ngDWK7 | Omega Order:http://ter.ly/1iavoZ7 THE END RECORDS SUBSCRIBE: http://ter.ly/19iVog2 Like: https://www.facebook.com/theendrecords Follow: https://twitter.com/theend Watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheEndRe... iTunes: https://www.itunes.com/theendrecords Listen: https://open.spotify.com/user/theendr... NOVEMBERS DOOM Like: https://www.facebook.com/NovembersDoo... Follow: https://twitter.com/NovembersDoom Watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/November... Listen: http://ter.ly/1or2G4C
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Text Comments (23)
Nathan Slack (4 months ago)
One of those underrated doomy melo death bands, sounds awesome
MantiaRyche (1 month ago)
Melo death? Its death doom of the good 90s variant
Rob Lee (4 months ago)
Every so often you just connect with a band and that was instant for me many years ago when I heard Novembers Doom.
TheMetalhead678 (9 months ago)
Jesus Christ, Paul was quite a big guy and now he's skinny, how'd he transform like that all of a sudden?! Congratulations, what a legend.
GiBRiDlsd (1 year ago)
Молодецы! Вокалист естественно похудел жесть!)) Так содержать! Ждём в Москве
МоДнЫй (1 year ago)
Onur Karan (2 years ago)
Bir balgam atsa müzik kariyeri biter adamın
svenaay (3 years ago)
never thought to see myself in a novembers doom video
Thom G (2 years ago)
are you the dude that lifts his arms up at 3:37 ?
Darkinin (3 years ago)
Wow, when the video started playing I was afraid that Paul left and was replaced with some skinny dude, lol.
Rolf Forster (3 years ago)
Damn awesome song!
Dargombez (3 years ago)
woooow,,, Paul looks so skinny now,,, i wanna know the diet programs that he took
Martin Gardner (2 years ago)
I cut out soda and switched to lightly sweetened green tea. Just that is helping me. Cardiologist advised me to cut out white rice, potatoes and white bread. So I eat multigrain bread moderately and wild rice blends. Yams are your friend and lots of EVOO. July 16th I weighed 259 lbs. Total I'm at 244 lbs. I walk everywhere as well.
Nikki Miller (3 years ago)
Lots of cardio :::wink wink:::
jonathan1991z (3 years ago)
+tristan ryanto A 6 month long to loose all that weight, fucking impressive!
Kamilla Bonnichsen (3 years ago)
The entire Bleed White album slams!! Go buy it if you haven't already!!!  Great video btw...
Elena Sandu (3 years ago)
Wow , i didn't recognize Paul , hope he is feeling much better now .Beautiful song and video .
Vanhecke Dimitri (3 years ago)
video footage from graspop 2014 :D i was there somewhere in the crowd  . loved the show .
septembregoth (3 years ago)
awesome american band , because they don´t Sound "americanish"
HELL ON EARTH (3 years ago)
Aswsome guys, that's because your my fave band!.😁
Paul Kuhr, is you!?) Great perfomance! Thx.
tribalpython (3 years ago)

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