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How product design can change the world | Christiaan Maats | TEDxUniversityofGroningen

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Christiaan Maats is a designer and entrepreneur who challenges the way we look at product design. Going beyond form and function he shows us how products carry deeper layers of meaning and how those layers can connect us to a bigger reality. In this Talk, Christiaan Maats explains how meaningful products can embody the change we want to see in the world and sheds light on his own vision of a circular society that integrates industrial society with its natural roots. Christiaan Maats was born and raised in Groningen, though he studied Industrial Design Engineering at Technical University in Delft. His keen interest in the psychology behind product- and brand experience took him to Sydney, Australia where he conducted a case study titled “Storytelling through Product Design”. Good product design is good storytelling, according to Christiaan. His creation of the world’s first biodegradable shoes that bloom is a perfect example of his philosophy. Christiaan considers himself a practical idealist. He is driven by his passion for innovation and creating products and brands that inspire a better future by making you smile, think and wonder. His refreshing ideas on sustainable innovation disrupt the status quo. Christiaan's diverse background and enthusiasm are great ingredients for an inspiring TEDx Talk that focuses on the society of the future and how to get there. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (26)
Marlene Bruch (2 months ago)
Maazing speech! On my Instagram page @greendesigns_ I post about sustainable products and materials. Would be so happy for anyone to have a look at it 🙌💚
DevoHome (3 months ago)
great speech! I`m very proud to meet Christiaan as the trainer on sustainable business course
Rick1979 (3 months ago)
Americans for the most part don't give a damn about amything but themselves so even though this guy makes sense to a rational person we are a very very tiny minority.
R V (5 months ago)
Axes, interesting choice of a product to make a point!
really great!!! thank you.
松胡 (5 months ago)
So cool!I got much inspiration,thank you!
Miguel Bolaños (7 months ago)
Great video
Toe Jib (8 months ago)
I might go back to school purely because of elon musk and the future of engineering, this is what will get us to the stars
Benjamin Redford (1 year ago)
So good! Love this sort of passion for our fair profession!
Fernando Martinez (1 year ago)
Papanek would be proud
Verna Juliette Tiro (1 year ago)
More ideas like this ❤. Really nice ☺
Jason N. (1 year ago)
Message is lost in the smacking
Andrew Risto (1 year ago)
Shark tank would tear him a new one lol
Yoav Shati (2 years ago)
I thought about the axes in a different way The first axe is normal, it is simple but not to simple, and it's cheap The second axe is made from better steel and has a better handle The third axe is heavy and unrealistic, it is hard to actually use it, and its best use is decoration The people I paired with the axes are then different to the ones in the talk I paired the first axe with the armored guy, he looks like a worrior from medival times who would only have the simple and efficient axe The modern guy with the axe would probably have a better axe so he gets the second one The last one would buy a good looking axe that might not be good as a tool, but it's fine because it isn't meant to be
vikki luo (1 year ago)
lmao, coming off the fact that the second ax looks like a better quality. That pattern on the blade looked like Damascus steel so much I was like really thrown off. (btw damascus steel is the thing that they allegedly based valyrian steel off in Game of Thrones, so you get a sense of how sharp and durable that thing could be)
Yoav Shati (2 years ago)
Also, the four way venn diagram is wrong
Jane Maison (2 years ago)
Love this <3
Boodev Madayah (5 months ago)
A man of vision.He sees and thinks in a different way contrary to others.
Gembong Baskoro (2 years ago)
design have to be respect to the environment...
Robert Ostman (2 years ago)
hey there I have been uploading a video tutorial for those who want to use /learn rhino, it's in my channel check it out! be aware that the interface is in english mode but I am speaking/explaining in spanish... so, it's something to consider
Copainization (2 years ago)
Too much mouth smacking and self importance.
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Razmat Casanovas (2 years ago)
too much mouth smacking! couldn't focus...
Tubular Topher (2 years ago)
This needs more views. Thank you for sharing.
Riddhibrata Samanta (2 years ago)
Really impressive & it is really a bigger reality to connect with. Please share other insights of product designs too. & Thank you.. :-)
N. Sharabi (2 years ago)
Nice ad for expensive shoes.

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