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Spot "Don't drink and drive" Jacqueline Saburido

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Jacqueline Saburido (b. December 20, 1978) is a victim and survivor of a drunk driving accident. She has publicized her own disfigurement to show the potential consequences of drunk driving.
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Text Comments (113)
Derrick Starks (20 hours ago)
sad to hear about her passing today. this commercial has always stuck with me and I hope she is in a better place now
Caden Bandicoot (7 months ago)
That’s your real face 😱😱😱😱😱
chris etcheto (9 months ago)
God love you and your tragedy just last on earth. Think about everlasting live with jesus through OUR repentance. Thanks I download for my video. God bless.
Comment Lord (10 months ago)
My school showed us this in drivers ed and I was fucking terrified
Pencil's Story (1 year ago)
Oh my god
Do You know da wae (1 year ago)
So sad 😭
Nora Enriquez (2 years ago)
i dont want to be mean but when i saw her face i got scared 😥
FluteGipsy (3 months ago)
I was really scared of the terrible difference. Though i was kinda expecting it because of her hands..
Chihiro Fujiwara (2 years ago)
Nora Enriquez Me too. 😥
Kaleigh Perry (2 years ago)
Why isn't alcohol illegal?? I'll never have one sip of beer ever ever ever for as long as I live.
Ricky Parker (8 months ago)
Kaleigh Perry Beer isn't bad it's just the "choices" people make AFTER they drink like DRIVING that's BAD!
Kaleigh Perry (2 years ago)
Isaiah Reyes excuse me? How Would you like it if you were in a car crash that wasn't your fault and got your face burned off? All my comment said was how I'll never drink.... And now you're calling me a bitch?!?! I'll have you know that I have PANDAS disease, and it makes me have extremely bad anxiety when I see my mom or family member drink. My panic attacks are so bad that I feel like I can't breathe and my chest feels like it's on fire. How dare you call me a bitch after I spoke my opinion (which wasn't mean or rude AT ALL!) you have serious problems.... you probably wrote that comment to me while you were drunk! (Wouldn't be surprised, now you should get help before you hit someone drunk driving!)
Opep 773 (2 years ago)
because during the thirties they found out its another good way to make the economy boost and also to slow down the Italian mafia alcohol trade. i personally love beer but if you dont its ok but if i ever see you your gonna learn better with the buckle at the end of my belt bitch.
randomuffin (2 years ago)
I hope Jacqueline lives a nice and happy life.
Ricky Parker (8 months ago)
randomuffin Would YOU be ever to live a happy life after something like this?
cute melon (2 years ago)
alcohol is fun. But never drink if you have to drive. drink at home.
simplyyjay (2 years ago)
aww poor her :( she is so beautiful in her own unique way, stay strong princess <33
jeremiahhammonds (2 years ago)
This came on late at night when I was alone in the dark. I couldn't go to sleep.
jaded (3 years ago)
And yet another reason why alcohol should be illegal. Was it any more obvious?
Bradley Juby (4 years ago)
She may be hard to look at, but she is not the monster. The piece of shit that hit her is! DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!
Miss Laura (2 years ago)
Sorry to be "that person" but drinking and driving isn't a mistake, it's a choice. He chose to drive after drinking instead of finding alternatives.
Josh Sinclair (2 years ago)
Even the driver isn't a monster. He made a mistake, something the victim acknowledges and forgives him for.
Alice Beer (4 years ago)
That is sad but your still pritty
MyFrostee (2 years ago)
Actually she's not THAT extremely disgusting, I've seen worse. With that hat she's just like an old lady.
CHICKEN (2 years ago)
Don't be a liar
Allaya Smith (5 years ago)
People that is saying mean stuff to her I advice u to just shut up cause all y'all are is a piece of crap and u really really need a life
Allaya Smith (5 years ago)
This viedeo is so so sad I cried
morhorsepwr (5 years ago)
Some people are just sick as they come and usually it is because they are trying to get negative attention drawn from their self by finding someone who they think are lower than them in some ways but this Gregga person shows his or her true colors and tops the sicko chart.
sCary (5 years ago)
We had to watch this in driving school
JAISOUL (9 months ago)
Evan Levow (5 years ago)
It's very sad this woman's life was forever changed by someone who made the bad decision to drive with their BAC above the legal limit.
dahnamics1 (6 years ago)
I admire Jacqui a lot. i'd respect Reggie if he too were advocating against drunk driving. he could say this is what I've caused yet by fighting alongside one of his victims would be the best way of reconciliation
Jeff Ragsdale (6 years ago)
Jacqui, you are one of my heroes.
Greg squiers (6 years ago)
Look on the bright side she will never have to buy a Halloween costume
Tanner Lane (5 months ago)
That’s so mean but I laughed 😂
mmmsome (8 months ago)
Greg squiers Wow, you're a funny guy.
TheAstrius (6 years ago)
That stupid bastard had 2 beers, TWO. And drove in reverse traffic while speeding. I know people with one kidney with more tolerance than that.
jan kowalski (7 years ago)
Satfl (7 years ago)
Dziwne uczucie - brak polskiego komentarza w najlepszych komentarzach, mimo że filmik był na demotach...
feniu10 (7 years ago)
@TheBridgetstacky Who calls her an alien?
Bridget Stack (7 years ago)
Hannah (7 years ago)
@LesterManrio Hey i dont mean to be rude But honestly why would u say that? Shame on u for saying things like that about a woman whos life was basically ripped apart. :C
Chakuni (7 years ago)
@Vegas1Joker She didn't drink and drive. She was in a car when a drunk driver hit her car.
breanna cooley (7 years ago)
that is so sad.she is very strong
Mrdontmess1996 (7 years ago)
today in school they show us her
Edgar- O (7 years ago)
beauty is not in the skin, beauty is with in. U can be the prettiest sexiest person alive with the UGLIEST ATTITUDE. But her, she is beautiful inside her charisma is truly 1 of a kind because after what she went tru she still standing strong and tall. MAD PROPS 2 YOU JAQUELINE
Sebastian McBirney (7 years ago)
@RadijjarDas ur fuckin trippin... that damn accident turned that poor girl into an ALIEN!
tiamat100 (7 years ago)
She is so amazing. I don't even understand what would posess something to act negatively towards her. Her strength and courage is inspirational. If I'd been through that, I doubt I could have relieved it to help educate others like she has done so many times. I wish her the best. I
tiamat100 (7 years ago)
@Vegas1Joker Excuse me? She wasn't drunk and did nothing wrong. She has worked to stop others from suffering like she has. She certainly didn't deserve this. No one does. Why on earth would you say something so nasty and ridiculous? What did she do to deserve this, in your oh-so-enlightened opinion?
nutriti0nista (7 years ago)
To me she does not look awful or frightening. I agree with the person who said she has a beautiful voice. She was on Oprah recently, amazing how her face has progressed with further reconstructive work. Ivo Pitanguay is working on reconstructing her nose, which will make a huge difference. I hope she manages to release herself and start living life. She has an aura of calmness and beauty that persists in spite of her physical scars.
Raven Johnston (7 years ago)
Yeah, come on, how do you dislike this video? Are you really so much of a pussy that seeing her face after scared you shitless and you had to run to your mommies? The purpose of this video is to make people take drinking and driving seriously, and to show you what can happen. I find it quite inspirational (I sounded like a moron just there, but seriously, she didn't have to publicize this, she chose to)
reneshansen (7 years ago)
HOW THE FUCK, CAN 5 PEOPLE, ON THIS VID ALONE, "DONT LIKE"...!? ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING INSANE, OR HAVE YOU NEVER GROWN A FUCKING BRAIN!!? @Vegas1Joker: She only... - what!? Let's see you deal with her life... you total piece of shit, laid by a terd who's mother was a pile of fucking cowdong, bread by the bitch of all crap... Suck my giant fat hairy ass!
Birdie Juarez (7 years ago)
@Vegas1Joker How? it's not her fault the guy was drunk, idiot.
Ellie Dash (7 years ago)
dawoool (7 years ago)
How tragic!
ZtellaStar (8 years ago)
You're inspiring, Jacqueline!
Vaidas Bilkis (8 years ago)
I Think she is very pretty and beautiful even after the accident. It does not matter that the accident deform her, but she is wonderful outside appearance and inside
Kim Riöt (8 years ago)
All the people here say that Reggie Stephey is a bastard cuz he ruined Jacquie's life... but how many of you, even after watching this, still drink and drive??? Don't just say her history is so sad... learn about this and be responsible!!! God bless you Jacquie, you are the most beautiful and brave woman in all the world... <3
shadowloks2292 (8 years ago)
She was pretty when I saw her face I was shocked(not being disrespectful) it's good she's using her incident for a positive way
scagish (8 years ago)
that motherfucker deserves permanent prison for driving drunk
D Pras (8 years ago)
@shubh4ever2 The people you are addressing are demented and don't have any idea what respect or morals are until they experience a terrible tragedy such as this. I agree with your sentiment, but hopefully evolution will prevent those heartless morons from ever reproducing. So maybe we'll be rid of some of these scumbags in the near future. When people like us have families someday, those losers will be old bitter imbeciles wishing that they had more respect and moral value towards others.
D Pras (8 years ago)
@Shudder51 Well said. I agree.
hiquirkyalice (8 years ago)
She is a very strong woman. If it's me I'm not sure I still have the strength to live, to move on. Call me shallow, but I can't make it without physical beauty.
Jeremy Jenner (8 years ago)
While of course she should use this as a message against drunk driving because drunk driving is terrible, I don't think piling the effort into prevention is the best idea here. How does doing that make other burn victims feel. I think instead society should use this to examine how superficial their views on beauty are. This woman has lost all of her looks and yet she has the will to live- we need to focus on inner beauty and looking past perfection instead of living by beauty.
Jeremy Jenner (8 years ago)
@lesrambles1 That's disgusting. You should go to hell.
lesrambles1 (8 years ago)
I feel sorry for Jacqueline's ugly ass.
blubberman911 (8 years ago)
[كَلاَّ إِذَا بَلَغَتِ التَّرَاقِىَ - وَقِيلَ مَنْ رَاقٍ - وَظَنَّ أَنَّهُ الْفِرَاقُ - وَالْتَفَّتِ السَّاقُ بِالسَّاقِ - إِلَى رَبِّكَ يَوْمَئِذٍ الْمَسَاقُ ] (Nay, when (the soul) reaches to the collar bone, and it will be said: "Who can cure him (and save him from death)'' And he will conclude that it was (the time) of parting (death); And one leg will be joined with another leg (shrouded). The drive will be on that Day to your Lord (Allah).)(75:26-30) Allah said here,
queenshroom (8 years ago)
Just a little reminder about how devistating drinking and driving can be.
PureLogic777 (8 years ago)
@Scorpiondesu That's very disrespectful. You seem to be saying it's not a big deal because you aren't attracted to what she looked like before the accident. I think she was at least a 9 out of 10. Very attractive. But even if she wasn't it's still a big deal to lose your face and fingers.
GetTheHook (8 years ago)
That's so sad.
Aidan Cullen (8 years ago)
man i shed a few tears over this, its really hard to watch, really sad
katelyn katlip (8 years ago)
She must feel terrible because no offense but her face looks a little like Freddie crugars... :( I feel bad
CloudyDaze (8 years ago)
@terminater15207 Not cool man
hellowjp (8 years ago)
Imagine the pain she's gone through...being burnt live in a car so severely she's lost all features on her face, going through endless operations, looking at herself the first time after the accident... imagine it, can you go through it and still be able to face life's other challenges?
Andrea Elloise (8 years ago)
@nattanable that's so true, i never would've thought of it that way. i wonder what she would've been thinking while burning in the car, i can't imagine the pain.
Drew Roark (8 years ago)
fucking nightmears man!!!!
IM (8 years ago)
shes so brave, had it been me, i woulda just died
redsoxfan0428 (9 years ago)
oh thats fucked up
JairoAgama777 (9 years ago)
fuerza Jaqueline, eres latina, la alegria y el poder que sigan contigo. ánimos y bendiciones chica !
Gonzalo Flores (9 years ago)
ale aca es el videito !
Moleson3MC (9 years ago)
@hardcider09 Uhhhh, didyuu say yu got heroin... im buyin... <:(
hardcider09 (9 years ago)
@davidbowieswaffle: I don't know (or care) if you're a high school drop out, but I believe you don't have the life experience to comprehend what this girl has been through and done if you don't think she's a heroine. What I think is you feel empty, inadequate, and jealous that people believe her to be a heroine. You either want to be a hero yourself or you wish you had one to look up to. You're more to be pitied than censured either way.
hardcider09 (9 years ago)
@HorseSucker1: Having a hard time handling the truth, huh? Just relax. Some things are uncomfortable but it's better to deal with them.
JBrauhman (9 years ago)
Munro Cerulli (9 years ago)
JERKWAD WHY CANT YOU JUST BACK OF HE OR SHE is trying to defend this wonderful women screw off
Munro Cerulli (9 years ago)
if you make fun of her you should have been the one in that car she is a brave beautiful women AND YOU KNOW WHAT NO SHE ISN'T ALL THAT BEAUTIFUL BUT NO ONE IS INFACT SHE WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE JERKWADS......
Alicedraws (9 years ago)
she is a hero to many because she has the guts to show the world what could happen to someone you love if a drunk driver hit them. You obviously have no morals or sense of empathy
Lio Martin (9 years ago)
davisbowieswaffle, Dios no quiera que al go parecido le ocurra a un ser que ames. A ver si eso te parece igual de gracioso
Vendoarepas Carl (9 years ago)
what is so funny you shithead
sdeez (9 years ago)
i feel so sorry for her.. the guy who caused the acident has his life ruined, he himself said it. i would be so bad too, if i had ruined a person's life just because i was drunk, and then the next day i was sober and in my full recover, knowing what i had just caused.. god bless you jacquleine, and god help the guy who caused this :x
Helena Eriksson (9 years ago)
stupid u are....its not her fault that she look like this
burnmaker01 (9 years ago)
fuck yall nigguhz silly little white nigguhzz
dawoool (9 years ago)
So incredibly tragic. And didn't need to happen. If you have been drinking, for God's sake, call a cab!
Abigail Shelton (9 years ago)
DarkAddagio (9 years ago)
I saw this spot in the tv...i believe that PREVENT IT are the best commecial about accidents...lol
mi h (9 years ago)
Such a beautiful voice.
kieran4862 (9 years ago)
FUCK YOU DUDE, Go fucking die in a hole you fucking red neck.
lesrambles1 (9 years ago)
i would beat the shit out of her for being so ugly.
dawoool (9 years ago)
henraisse (9 years ago)
I know people who drives drunk. especially one of my friends. His attitude towards this is totally unacceptable. He has driven drunk several times. Yesterday when i was on "Riskutbildning 1"(a course concerning drink n drive you have to take to get a drivers licence in Sweden)These footages of her were shown. He was the only one counting the minutes he spent there. He was the only one whining all the time. And I honestly hate him for that. My best friend. I hate him, for what he may do some day.
Trinity Livingston (1 year ago)
henraisse I hate myself because of something I might do some day. I've started drinking, at first I thought it was you know alittle fun and rebellious towards my parents, but it's kind of out of control now. I'm 17 1/2 years old, if that helps.
carebear228 (9 years ago)
that's for sure, No one takes it seriously enough. They are just convinced that they have to drive home, yet crazy accidents happen that were TOTALLY preventable.....
Ba Ba Bingo (9 years ago)
I think you're a retard. s;V
MrRoboto113 (9 years ago)
I think you deserve it too.
MrRoboto113 (9 years ago)
I dunno. She probably deserved it.
beurksman (10 years ago)
she fucking lost haha
mr wrlzz (10 years ago)
Poor girl. But I admire her for doing this and make ppl think about their life before something really tragic happens
lostindreams3 (10 years ago)
No,.. I think it was the devil. God just helped her find a way to use it for good.
Robberto Giovannetti (10 years ago)
mandatelo in italia...così la gente capisce cosa significa soffrire....NON GUIDATE UBRIACHI, SIETE PERICOLI PER VOI E CHI VI STA VICINO
eleonora tramis (10 years ago)
ehi genniefa, dubito che sarà visto in italia.
Andrea Amati (10 years ago)
Beh, non penso troveranno spazio per queste cose SERIE in mezzo a tutti i servizi sulle veline o sui cani di Studio Aperto...che tristezza :-(
Samuele Falzone (10 years ago)
cosa cazzo aspettano a mandarlo in italia.......... sei grande jacqui! sei forte! lotta sempre per tutti noi! :)
Lenlen (10 years ago)
i agree with the people, she is an inspiration.. and we should not be drinking and driving
Maria Jose H (10 years ago)
God bless her seriously she has been such an inspiration she's been strong and helps others, God truly bless her

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