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Oracle Tutorial for beginners - Recovery of dropped tablespace with RMAN.

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Hello friends in this session i'll showing a Demo of Recovery of dropped tablespace with RMAN. #Oracletutorialforbeginners #rmanrecoverytutorial #Recoveryofdroppedtablespace By Lalit saini
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Jorge Lallemand (2 months ago)
a comment, hope it helps the audience, This exercise is not about restoring a tablespace but about restoring a database , point in time, hence resetlogs. To really restore a tablespace you need to: 1) Initiate the recovery in an auxiliary database. 2) Once it finishes, export the tablespace metadata. 3) plug the tablespace (via transportable tablespace ) and catalog the datafiles, back to the original DB. if you have flashback database you can rewind the database , perform a similar task as described above and then roll it forward. ( not every site can afford the total outage, so method 1 is preferred ) The resetlog option usually leads to loss of true data. Not always, but most of the time. (data is actually business dependent) The ideal scenario, you would keep the current data and just plug back in the restored tablespace. Oracle offers a similar approach when restoring a dropped table. It is quasi automatic. ps: careful with the "host" command and process forks. It can lead to unexpected surprises. Thanks for your efforts and best of luck in your career. !
Manny Javaid (1 year ago)
Mr Lalit Sain you seem very knowledgeable i was wondering if you provide on job oracle dba support ? can you share your whatsapp number or cell number and country code my email is [email protected]
Dhiraj Singh (1 year ago)
sms mobile no of Mr. Lalit Saini to 9759600284- Dhiraj Singh
Oracle World (1 year ago)
Dhiraj Singh 9501077946
deepak sharma (1 year ago)
Saini Saab..Doing very grt....Thanks a lot for sharing...very valuable vedios..
IT-all-software (1 year ago)
Really,very nice video..step by step rman backup & restore.Thanks!
Neetu Ram (2 years ago)
hello sir, if you have OEM video. can you share it on [email protected]
jyoti barasker (2 years ago)
Hello sir, Do you have any tutorial video for dataguard setup in 11g . If yes can you please share with me my email-id is [email protected]
Narasimhan Y (3 years ago)
very nice. you covered the background concepts as well. good luck.
Rehmat ullah (4 years ago)
Wonderful video you seem to be very young to explain all this but have good grip on this subject  keep it up please.from Rehmat
Lalit Saini (4 years ago)
Thanks my dear..
Oracle World (4 years ago)
Hello friends in this session i'll showing a Demo of Recovery of dropped tablespace with RMAN. By Lalit saini www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbUKClJjweU
Nitin Hirey (3 years ago)
+Oracle World Like your videos. Keep it up.

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