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Monaco 2006 Epic Kimi Räikkönen - Going straight to his Yacht after Heat Shield Blow up! 😤

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Arda K (12 hours ago)
This is the most alfa moment in F1 history
RoYaL_Kim 115 (23 hours ago)
"Kimi, we missed the paddock!" "Bwoah, we're not aiming for the paddock!" *They're aiming for his yacht*
wake up (4 days ago)
Elite Khajiit (4 days ago)
Hourly wage jobs have ruined my life so much that even watching him walk straight to his yacht sets off a part of my brain that "knows" he needs to clock out.
Delta November (4 days ago)
God. Remember how ITV spoiled F1?
M D (5 days ago)
Boats and Hoes
KnifeRunner (4 hours ago)
Do you sleepwalk to
Fifajesius (5 days ago)
Just Kimi
Jay Griffin (5 days ago)
Finns are subhuman
Terroir Ilham Aditya (5 days ago)
*kimi raikkonen walking* #nowplaying The BeeGees - Staying Alive
Reptar (5 days ago)
MrMcdob (5 days ago)
Ahhhh when f1 cars were awesome, sounded great, had brilliant v8s and blew up regularly. Bring them back...
BoneYard (1 day ago)
+MrMcdob was it that long ago? jeeze, i thought 2007 was the first year of V8s. happily corrected :)
MrMcdob (2 days ago)
+BoneYard nope. These were v8s. V10s stopped being used in 2005.😘
BoneYard (3 days ago)
Yeah, but these beasts were V10's 😊
Ross (5 days ago)
Woulda been cooler if he'd just stripped down and jumped in the water and swam over
Alex Lubeck (5 days ago)
I kept thinking he would just jump in the water and swim to his yacht
Douglas Moreira (5 days ago)
In 2006 McLaren Engine really bad. No finish the races.
Desmond Shepard (5 days ago)
I love this guy
chrzrd (5 days ago)
Just like the stig.
You know he is a legend when the TV stops giving a shid about the race and focus on him having a good time at his yacht
williamtki (5 days ago)
f1 still breath with Kimi Raikkonen
Umur CO (5 days ago)
Aldo Díaz (5 days ago)
No body Like kimi
Darren Bridle (5 days ago)
How on wholly fuck was this 13 fucking years ago?
Bucci Jones (5 days ago)
Kimi is Pimp of the Nation!
Dennis Ovahn (5 days ago)
Kimi treating both imposters the same..celebrate or commiserate, both deserve a drink.
Emma Olivari (4 days ago)
Great reference, Dennis!
Feno Anjarasoa (5 days ago)
I never had a favourite driver, until now
xxsquishy boixx (6 days ago)
Kimi now you can have da drinkk
luckie79 (6 days ago)
And the commentators thought he'd walk 25 minutes to the paddock... I mean, if Kimi walked anywhere for half an hour, it had a bar.
muzgnasicianie (6 days ago)
Same thing happen when NPC in GTA loose his script, throw away ewerything and just walk miles.
OfArgento (6 days ago)
Alright bro, imma head out
Dogen70 (6 days ago)
I remember seeing this race live and I thought this was the absolute most baller shit a man could do. Epic in every way
Julian Scales (6 days ago)
DISCO-INFERNO-70 (6 days ago)
That is easily the most epic moment in racing history.
Unidentifiable Smurf (6 days ago)
Mr Ed Horse (6 days ago)
Poor baby. His life is so bad. Has to go to his yaugt after
John the Great (6 days ago)
Did he do it on purpose or just a normal failure🤫🤬
Testiklees (6 days ago)
Boah... Engine got hot. I got hot as well.
blue bee (6 days ago)
Go michael dunlop md racing for tt 2019
Felix Surakka (6 days ago)
Sebastian (6 days ago)
monaco is so beuty.
Richard Garza (6 days ago)
Oh darn.
bossolo (6 days ago)
*B O I L I N G A N G E R*
mark nbris (6 days ago)
Is the boat he on named 'one more toy' or "juan.montoya"
daniel min (6 days ago)
There's a guy who didn't even like cars, even so it's a legend driver
C. A. Riley (6 days ago)
scroeffie (6 days ago)
Larvancio Ramos (6 days ago)
A FULL TIME idiot cheering like a ROCK STAR!!! Very common in this days!!!
Iceman (6 days ago)
Was that woman naked?
Luiza Lacaille (6 days ago)
McLaren owes Kimi at least one championship
Unrequited (6 days ago)
Pit crew: "Where's Kimi? He should have made it back by now..." <video of Kimi on yacht comes on TV screen>
le Art (6 days ago)
wow.. it's been already 13 years ago.. time really flies
Cooro Snow-Fox (6 days ago)
Kimi' he who gives 0 fucks...
Marty (6 days ago)
.... And why not ..!
ladams00 (6 days ago)
1hard2findbro (6 days ago)
Morgs Hawk (6 days ago)
Watching this, I have no idea why I disliked Räikkönen before? 😅 By far the most unintentionally funny driver on the grid. He just doesn’t give a shit 😂
TheAnalv (7 days ago)
Oskar Mattheis (7 days ago)
SOHCking (7 days ago)
There will never be another driver like Kimi
121jazzy (5 days ago)
McLaren engineer: Sorry Kimi, come in for debrief. Kimi: Bwoah
Ajmal Hussain (6 days ago)
@121jazzy The car would have probably broken down anyways regardless, what would have the team said.. "sorry, Kimi" doesn't really make any difference knowing Kimi most likely. It has been reported that when signing for McLaren the drivers receive a 700 page manual on what to do if your car breaks down. I remember I was so annoyed with this I threw the remote control at the TV. Only thing which would have made it better was to see the McLaren pitwall after Kimi was on his boat. 👍👌
tom d (7 days ago)
So sick, wish that I could do that lmao
OneGill (7 days ago)
Lol I remember watching this live with my dad back then.
Ajmal Hussain (6 days ago)
Same here, was so annoyed at the time. Especially as this was one of the races where he was in with a shout of the win but the team let him down and a bit bad luck.
C C (7 days ago)
why is the camera on raikkonen walking instead of the race lol
Genius Marc Says (7 days ago)
Carlos Rubio (7 days ago)
Many times unlucky... But lucky in Brazil 2007.
Ivy Lagora (7 days ago)
He's an absolute madlad
Tro Rt (5 days ago)
That ladies and gentlemen, this is how lemonade is properly made.
Ruben Te Velde (7 days ago)
“Back in monte carlo” wtf did they cut laps out for commercials???
iliasmetalworks (7 days ago)
After blew up I opened up a beer.
Jack Dolah (7 days ago)
This was a great F1 ERA
sickboyundici (7 days ago)
Soviet Onion 72 (7 days ago)
Lucky bastad gets to race at Monaco and relax on a yacht, what more could you want?
Yuliy Parmout (7 days ago)
KAOT FUNKY (7 days ago)
Grande Kimi!
iam niclikescake (7 days ago)
He needed to get his drink but he was told he will not have the drink.
Migas Almeida (7 days ago)
Daft Punk's new videoclip looks amazing :O
OZZY ZIG (7 days ago)
that's how it should be done best way to chill ever
Jon Jon (7 days ago)
I can't afford to go banger racing, break down and walk to a caravan.
TJC (7 days ago)
Skip to 2:01 to see the Yacht
Entry X (7 days ago)
Dub huso (7 days ago)
He disappeared?!?!?! At 03:04 he's there and at 03:09 he's gone. Is Kimi a ghost?
Carlton Gamble (7 days ago)
OMG that was Hilarious!!!!!😅😂🤣😂😅🤣
CK YEOH (7 days ago)
I just make it 8,888 like for this video.... =D
RoYaL_Kim 115 (7 days ago)
Kimi's like: "Bwoah, I don't even care anymore"
Alan Alessandria (7 days ago)
He had almost 300 meters to remove his helmet and decided to continue walking with his helmet on... what a legend haha
glassbarbies • (7 days ago)
woulda done the same thing. straight on the drink after a dnf
TheBigHase (7 days ago)
Yep - that's what I always do as well: Going straigjht back to my Yacht when my Heatshield blows up. ;-)
Brandon M (7 days ago)
Half expecting him to just get into the water and start swimming to one of the boats in the bay haha
Thiago Franco (6 days ago)
2:43 Marc Priestley doesn't look too happy there (obvious reasons, of course)
Trevor Odom (7 days ago)
TheJean590 (7 days ago)
Badass? Nah, he's just God
mparryuk52 (7 days ago)
'Why' you say? Why not? Can you imagine that feeling, going straight to your very own yacht after blowing up a multi-million £$¥¢€ F1 car. Good luck to him!
CHUUMPASS (7 days ago)
f1 in a nutshell ! peacock circus
googboog (7 days ago)
Kimi moved his car to a safer stopping place even though it was on fire
Anthony Z (7 days ago)
Kimi kept on getting screwed by technical issues race after race. Those engineers are so useless. Do they not learn from prior issues?
AIRBORNE916 (7 days ago)
Anyone thinking this is cool needs some rethinking. It's not cool, bad attitude and poor leadership. He left his team to throw his own pitty party while everyone is still goin hard in the pits. Is that the example of someone you would want to work hard for? I think not.
Mr. Airgun (6 days ago)
AIRBORNE916 Must admit I thought it was just me thinking this, glad someone else did too. Guy was working, a job he gets paid millions for and just strolls off like he owns the series. What about the feedback that may help a team mate, the interview requirements that the sponsors pay millions for, etc etc. But as usual in this day and age you’re a ‘bawler’ for acting up. He tries too hard to act like he doesn’t care in my opinion, every interview you see he can barely bother to speak let alone speak with any decorum. He must have been a right little awkward so & so as a kid!
damachine3 (7 days ago)
What a baller
Chuck Beef (7 days ago)
“Kimi your car is on fire.” “Bwoah. Screw this guy spraying me with the extinguisher, ima drive away to my yacht.”
Totalavulsion (8 days ago)
Infinitely more interesting than actual F1
Desmond C. (8 days ago)
How to retire your session, and deal with disappointment in the coolest way possible.
Jason Killey (8 days ago)
The absolute lad

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