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Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like A Woman

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Music video by Shania Twain performing Man! I Feel Like A Woman. (C) 2003 Mercury Records #ShaniaTwain #ManIFeelLikeAWoman #vevo #country #vevoofficial
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Gonzalo Campos (26 minutes ago)
¡ Que bonita se ve en este video ! ¡ Shania es sueño hecho mujer ! Lastima que nunca ha venido a Mexico,aca tiene muchos seguidores.Saludos y bendiciones mil desde la CDMX.....
Fabricio Villadiego (2 hours ago)
Universall (2 hours ago)
I really like this song, but I'm a guy. Is that Weird?
Jakeline Ewerton (12 hours ago)
Amo essa música
Maristela Hillesheim (13 hours ago)
Excepcionalmente maravilhosa 😍😍👏👏👏👏👏
Christelle Fossé (15 hours ago)
Like please
James Brush (16 hours ago)
I woke up this morning riding on the Greyhound bus. I looked out the window and saw a river on a big bridge. So should I get off the bus at Mobile AL...to go to from Gulfport, MS hence Mobile AL, then to Nashville, TN? Shania Twain concert was mesmerizing SEP 18 Yom Kippur Kol Nidre. Now I am riding Greyhound bus to attend Sheryl Crow NOV 18 show. I can sleep in the Nashville woods. Thank you, Shania Twain!
Cameleon969 (18 hours ago)
She s so hot!
Andres Tejada (18 hours ago)
Mayhem vs Monet
Ruben FZ (19 hours ago)
I am gay and Shania turns me on
Geo Sukarno (1 day ago)
i like this song when elementary school. Still until now, 2018
Syn V (1 day ago)
Who is here because of Ricky olson?!? 😂
Colton Spicer (1 day ago)
yes im a man. no shame in loving the hell outta this
Larry Courtney (1 day ago)
Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot.......!!
Thaina Santos (1 day ago)
Ai minha infância 😔
Betty Martinez (1 day ago)
What a woman she is. Man
Otávio Lins (1 day ago)
Rainha do country 💚
Jesus Gamer ITZ (1 day ago)
weon esta cancion la amo
Pepe Bernal (1 day ago)
And Shania Twain,too from Spain
Pepe Bernal (1 day ago)
Kassaundra Willis (1 day ago)
Anybody else notice the guys are not even trying to look like they are playing those guitars? The guy in the back looks like he's playing a tambourine! 😂😂😂😂 Too funny to me
98s.honeymoon (1 day ago)
I can see Mahyem's failing over there.
Thalia T (2 days ago)
Penny sing this song 😂🤣🤣 (The big bang Theory)
carrot top (2 days ago)
I remember dancing to this as a little boy, I'm pretty sure my parents thought I was gay.
ShaunTheCHB (2 days ago)
One of the hottest women in the world. Shania rules!
Aaron Nz (2 days ago)
I feel Used
Anne EXO-L (2 days ago)
Hino 💕
dan (2 days ago)
*I have so much questions about the clothes*
Jose Tyler (2 days ago)
Puro Max Steel :v
1:57 ❤
Lore Cajigas (3 days ago)
Hermosa y gran cantante
Miraculous fan Dub (3 days ago)
0:02 when you’re calling your friends for shopping
Jefferson Domingues (3 days ago)
Essa música é um clássico. Passa os anos, e ainda continua contagiante, muito alegre 🇧🇷
小島信一 (3 days ago)
It would be the beautiful and clear voice rich in volume . My soul has been cleansed
Jessy Saunders (4 days ago)
fun? what was that again? oh that!!!!!
Allen Lintang (4 days ago)
a iam love
Chris Nielson (4 days ago)
I liked the way she squatted and spread her legs in that short skirt!
hernan godoy (4 days ago)
temazo que sonaba en elsiland de quilmes ,que recuerdos por dios
Robert Grant (4 days ago)
What was that about hats again?
Ingrid Dantas (5 days ago)
Oh mulher linda! Top 😊
vic firth (5 days ago)
robert palmer ' addicted to love '
Annie Marie (5 days ago)
Stating my day off right... September 2018
fressia daisy (5 days ago)
man! i feel like a woman! whos still here in 2018
Miss Vang (5 days ago)
She is such a beautiful woman from inside and out
Marcos Brito (5 days ago)
Maravilhosa... eu casaria contigo 100 vezes, pra começar.. *u*
Cassandra Tafolla (5 days ago)
1:31 😂😂😂
Antonieta Moreno (5 days ago)
Toda un himno
Justin Pullin (5 days ago)
The oiler brother is sister The pullin sister is brother The brown sister is brother The Kennedy & kister cousin
anthony crepu (1 day ago)
Justin Pullin ni
like si cres que ella enceña lo que no deve
Tempo Temporal (4 days ago)
Jajaj la verdad estaba viendo el video y cuando leí el comentario. Regrese a ver el video y vi el escote de shania jajaja la. Verdad si esta pasado, no se me hace que necesite enseñar para verse bella saludos desde Chihuahua Mexico
Sexy hot legs
MrJharpermxschool (5 days ago)
Nobody actually playing instruments 😑
Steven Petrovich (5 days ago)
Thank You.
Sofia Postigo (6 days ago)
Esa canción hablar sobre el poder de la mujeres hablar sobre nosotras somos las mujeres la que dercimo sí o no además somos nosotras la que hacemos creerle a los hombres que tiene el control pero somos la mujeres ... 🌼
Tempo Temporal (4 days ago)
Duele aceptarlo pero es la verdad la. Mujer siempre lleva el control de todo pero también tengo una opinión acerca de eso, " la mujer le gusta mandar pero a la vez le gusta que le digan que hacer" espero y me explique 🤣🤣🤣 saludos desde Chihuahua Mexico
Jasmine Johnson (6 days ago)
David Taylor (6 days ago)
Just 1 of her Best. 👍
Irislany Vasconcelos (6 days ago)
Alguem ouvindo em 2018 ? Toppppp
Hayley Laura (6 days ago)
Such a bop
Gweny Mcclay (6 days ago)
Fantastic voice lots of good memories what more can i say
Rafael Pavani (6 days ago)
Os bombadão fedorentos atras nem sabem oque tão fazendo no video kkkkkkkkkk
Katie Kanitz (6 days ago)
Glorious. The "sound" of Shania Twain is one of the most wonderful things ever.
Stella Ercolani (7 days ago)
Oh yeah, shes real natural!
Stella Ercolani (7 days ago)
Her clothes are fffantastic. My [email protected]
Stella Ercolani (7 days ago)
Man I'd wear that outfit to an after hour club tee hee
Stella Ercolani (7 days ago)
So is she😍
Stella Ercolani (7 days ago)
What a class act and sweet😘
Joao Marcelo (7 days ago)
AnderVal Marca (7 days ago)
Una de mis favoritas
Sapphire gayle Smith (7 days ago)
The guys are good lucking, but I find them hilarious 😂⚡
Fanny Lu! (7 days ago)
Tempo Temporal (7 days ago)
Yop saludos desde Chihuahua Mexico 🍻 🍻
nelson barros (7 days ago)
Camila Velazques (7 days ago)
Camila Velazques (7 days ago)
douglas hagestedt (7 days ago)
Alguém setembro 2018 ?? Br 🇧🇷
Tempo Temporal (7 days ago)
Yoooo saludos desde Chihuahua Mexico 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻
Vanessita Suarez (7 days ago)
No me canso de ver este video 💃😊.
This song is way before transgenderism. Shania Twain had no idea. 😉😉😉😂😂😂
lorenaalorie (8 days ago)
does anybody know who those guys are? the 2 on the left look deliciously good lmao
Luke Byarlay (4 days ago)
love you
lorenaalorie (4 days ago)
oh yeah duh I did think about that lmaoo
Emma Sims (4 days ago)
Well I mean their probably old men now bc this was years ago..
Tempo Temporal (7 days ago)
Saludos desde Chihuahua Mexico 😎
yollam (8 days ago)
The “Palmer girls” should look more bored
Madison Manning (8 days ago)
i put this on and started singing and my rabbit started zooming around the room. clearly he is a man of taste and culture.
...casamento. ...
Karine Belleteste (8 days ago)
Je connaissais de tes bon souvenir
Karine Belleteste (8 days ago)
Amir Reza Sadaghiani (8 days ago)
Wow, this is my 4th times watching this clip, I honestly don't get the part about "let's go girls".......quite funny.........as far as I can see all gals are male regardless of their sexual orientation.......haha :)
Maria Rita (8 days ago)
vivendo na Historia (9 days ago)
i love yu
Brenda Vasquez (9 days ago)
me fascina tu musica....soy tu fan...lets go grils
Tempo Temporal (7 days ago)
Es música hermosa saludos desde Chihuahua Mexico 😜😃😎😎😎😎
Jameka Louise Jackson (9 days ago)
Morgan Flages (9 days ago)
I LOVE SHANIA twain 🎤🎸🎸🇦🇺😉😀😎😍😍😙😙😈
Haley Greene (9 days ago)
The men look fucked lol
Phil Chap (7 days ago)
Ugly ?
Laura Rellin (8 days ago)
the men are ugly but she still looks good
MALEK LABIDI (10 days ago)
2018 ? Like
Camila Oliveira (10 days ago)
Muito minhas festas juninas!!
Tempo Temporal (7 days ago)
Saludos desde Chihuahua Mexico 😎😎😎😜😜
xTKOY (10 days ago)
Best Canadian singer
Diana Harriman (10 days ago)
AWESOME thanks to Shania Twain
Ilza Barros (10 days ago)
Linda pravc dançar com seu amor😍
Enyia Green (10 days ago)
1:23 man I feel like a woman
Magical Unicorn (10 days ago)
This song used to play on the radio back when I was in pre-school
Lemonyimp pokemons (10 days ago)
Yes 2018 doing a challenge by listening to 80s or 70s and stuff songs
PhoenixFan 666 (11 days ago)
I feel like this video is like a gender bent version of Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love Music Video
Felicia (7 days ago)
It is. I'm gonna watch that one right after
Matt Dinu (11 days ago)
this is the first time ive actually watched the video

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