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Sexy Girls in Prague at Sauna Club

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The Sauna Club in Prague is the place where you can find the XXL whirlpool, the Finnish and Infrared saunas will heat your body while relaxing your mind. You can take full advantage of honey massages, sport massages, relaxation massages by sexy girls. Indulge in an assortment of fresh food, served Swedish style, and wash it down with an array of quality alcoholic beverages and soft drinks straight from our full service bar. Come and convince yourself! CHECK OUT WEBSITE 👉 https://www.saunaclub.cz/ FOLLOW US FOR UPDATES Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sauna.club Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SEXySaunaClub/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/115510001091886748258/115510001091886748258 Tumblr: https://saunaclubcz.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (67)
unitor699 (3 days ago)
european girls are so better looking then fat americans
Rux (14 days ago)
buy singularity.wtf and get a free coupon
Cristine Zachariou (23 days ago)
The Fourth (24 days ago)
Everyone who it is hot or sexy. God is here waiting for you please if you don't turn to Him you will forever burn in Hell.
Bryan Lim (1 month ago)
Is this place still on business?
Grigory Zhadko (15 days ago)
No, but there is another one near this place. It is called sauna bar. I think it is the same.
Sexy Girl (3 months ago)
ninja ops (1 month ago)
Sexy Girl hi
YYyy POP (3 months ago)
Nothing to do with real sauna. This is human traficking. You tube should not allow this kind shit here.
lord decibel (3 months ago)
Minigab lovesuntum (3 months ago)
Lolek Walczykowski (3 months ago)
hehehe dobre dupery
Jonas Pettersson (4 months ago)
Nice hint with the lotion, happy ending xD
Fabrizio Saenz (4 months ago)
How much in dollar $$$$
Alberto Giuffrida (4 months ago)
where is the uncensored version ?
Alberto Giuffrida (4 months ago)
I know mate... was looking for the uncensored version of this particular video.. thanks anyway
zxcvbnm (4 months ago)
Alberto Giuffrida you can find these type of videos in pornhub
Tomasz Kowalski (5 months ago)
1:10 song please
Robert Matthews (4 months ago)
dan herry (5 months ago)
Oussama Oussaid (3 months ago)
dan herry
Kevin Cahill (6 months ago)
Who else want to go there?
Pokemon boy (2 months ago)
ME!!!!!!! But I kid so I can't...😭😭😭
Dimitar The_Bulgarian (6 months ago)
i would love to visit this club
PJITA (6 months ago)
Give the owner of this place a Nobel plz
امل وتفاؤل (5 days ago)
emil hellman (6 months ago)
Yas im going there tomorrow
Oussama Oussaid (3 months ago)
emil hellman او الذي للفقه
David Syrový (6 months ago)
emil hellman how much u spend There? ;D
scouppigang fan (7 months ago)
Where this is
umang Baria (28 days ago)
+lsraelAsS ih
lsraelAsS (5 months ago)
pallivaha pillun reikä prauge,Czech Republic
Hayley Foster (7 months ago)
I wanna go.
umang Baria (1 month ago)
Alberto Alawaad (2 months ago)
daryl gilmore i have no girl friend
Daryl Gilmore (2 months ago)
Alberto Alawaad (5 months ago)
Hayley Foster 0032465548166
Karl Marx (8 months ago)
0:13 Is this the Bridge from Tripple XXX ?
pomerancovy ananas (10 days ago)
yes it is
Paul Bartlett (7 months ago)
Karl Marx so many bridges look the same in that area, so they may have filmed there and several others depending on the camera angles needed.
Mathieu Collilieux (8 months ago)
Le PrahaGang va débarquer !
Brandon (8 months ago)
Libérée Praha
SKYDARK25 dark (8 months ago)
J'ai réservé les billets !
Jahleil Ford (8 months ago)
So sexy
Dennis Kovacevic (9 months ago)
Lusi Marie (10 months ago)
Ich gucke mir das 0:0 an 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sohaib Samir (4 months ago)
Lusi Marie hello 😘😘
Scoooty # (10 months ago)
Song 1:47 please
Scoooty # (10 months ago)
Michel Shabankareh Thank you sooooo much ❤️
Michel Shabankareh (10 months ago)
Martin Suchý ode to oi - tjr
Michel Shabankareh (10 months ago)
Bingo players - rattle
Scoooty # (10 months ago)
Michel Shabankareh I dont find it 🙄
Michel Shabankareh (10 months ago)
Martin Suchý rattle
Thiago Ribeiro (10 months ago)
Minha perereca ta pronta alguma que
Kevin Nordstedt (10 months ago)
Aaaaaa ♡♡♡♡♡☆☆$$$$$; D
Kevin Nordstedt (10 months ago)
Sexy Girls o jeee / |\ /\
Sandip Basu (9 months ago)
Kevin Nordstedt
romakayak (11 months ago)
You're garanteed to be robbed here!
Joshua Rege (1 month ago)
How? If your belongings are in the safe? Or you don’t even bring any valuables? What do you mean
Onsongo Isaiah (7 months ago)
s0cialhunter I am with you. This place is heaven. How do you get robbed when you can safely lock your belongings.
Teo Pit (8 months ago)
do you fuck the girls?
s0cialhunter (9 months ago)
Lol wtf are you talking about? I am 172 cm and not buff at all and I didn't get robbed. Just have confidence and you are good to go. Best weekend of my life no doubt.
romakayak (10 months ago)
Ashish Rai only if you're not big and self protective!
VlamonZob (1 year ago)
J'annonce une arrivée massive de clients en provenance de l'élite de la nation française
ma rec (8 months ago)
ca va venir dépensé son rsa a prague ayaaa

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