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Irene Soderberg: "At Last" (accompanied by JD Sebastian)

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Hire Me! I'm booking now in Southern California (Based in Los Angeles). www.jdspiano.com All my music videos are there, search by category, contact me. This Video: Irene Soderberg (introduced by Claudette Colbert "Sexy DJ" and accompanied by JD Sebastian) sings her legendary rendition to the great song, "At Last" Visit www.JDSPIANO.com for so much more!!!
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Patrick Ramsey (5 years ago)
marknorthwest93 (5 years ago)
At last, I get a chance to hear Irene Soderberg.  It takes guts, stage presence,  and a powerful voice to attempt Etta James' iconic signature song, and Ms Soderberg  has all of these attributes!  Thank you for posting this!
John David Sebastian (9 years ago)
Irene, Claudette and JD performed this in November of 2002. After 8 years they are having a reunion concert at Getavision's Launch Party at the "360" Penthouse of Sunset Vine Tower on March 10th, 2010, with other musicians and singers in Hollywood, California... hopefully more videos to follow....

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