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What is Agile?

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This short cartoon answers the question "What Is Agile?" and will give you the background to understand the Agile principles and values and how they can help you and your team work together more efficiently. If you'd like a free book on this topic, please see below... https://mailchi.mp/326ba47ba2e8/agile-list I've published a book called "Starting Agile" that is designed to help you start your team's Agile journey outright. You can buy a copy from Amazon, but I'm giving free copies away to my subscribers from YouTube. You can signup for a copy at the link above. You can subscribe to my channel with this link: https://www.youtube.com/markshead?sub_confirmation=1 If you'd like to connect with me on LinkedIn you can find me at the link below. Just send me a message saying hello and that you found me from one of my videos: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markshead
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Text Comments (578)
Deep Doshi (20 hours ago)
Great and easy to understand video 👍🏼 Also wanted to ask - how do you create such animated videos with an avatar. Are there any tools we can use?
Pandaman (3 days ago)
I've heard modern 'agile' is about overworking your low-level employees until they fucking kill themselves. The way you describe it seems nebulous and useless. I literally learned nothing. You can interpret this crap any number of ways. Agile has wasted enough of my time, please fuck off.
dechevers (6 days ago)
Interesting information. But this video should be more 'agile' and less boring. Just saying.
Soheyl Banayeghasemi (11 days ago)
Thank you :)
Forau DNB (13 days ago)
If you're going to Agile us into working more efficiently, are you going to also make our pay reflect this increase in efficiency? If you don't, we walk :) any managers reading; remember that.
Mark Shead (13 days ago)
Well considering that skilled developers who know how to get working code delivered and earning a return on investment can earn $200k in the current job market, it sounds like companies are very willing to pay for people who can efficiently turn their time into working code.
bhq9767 (16 days ago)
HI Mark, is there such thing Agile sets of values and principles in Project Management work?
Mark Shead (15 days ago)
Agile was created to address software projects, but many of the principles can be used for other types of projects as well. Most of Agile just comes down to quantifying common sense and getting everyone to agree to pursue doing thing that make sense. In a lot of other types of projects, you may find that the principles from Lean are worth looking into.
poopwarrior1 (17 days ago)
this is literally the dumbest shit
Mark Shead (13 days ago)
So what part do you disagree with?
mtwguj (17 days ago)
I think this is more suitable for the software consultants as for them, the "speed" at which a working software is delivered, is the most important thing. Having said that, I mean a piece of software that JUST works! In my experience, I have seen this approach introducing a certain ad-hoc-ism because every piece of software is designed for JUST the current requirement. Sure this will result in a quick launch or completion of that requirement but as this particular requirement changes (now or later in time), this piece of software may not be flexible enough to cater the changed requirement or even another requirement which is very much related to it and/or dependent on it. So for each requirement and for each change in one requirement, the piece of software has to be re-engineered and due to the "time" factor, it would also be a quick fix. In that way it will soon become a dirty ball of mud. That may sound like a strong statement so let's say instead that at least(and according to what I have seen) it will soon have quite a large technical debt for the software developers who would be working on it in the later stages.
Lanre Adelanwa Basamta (17 days ago)
Wonderful video... simplifies the whole concept of Agility. Love it!
Kenan Forever (20 days ago)
Agile sucks, who the hell came up with this shitty work method!
Mark Shead (13 days ago)
A lot of stuff that isn't Agile gets called Agile. Have you actually worked on a team that follows Agile principles and found you didn't like it?
Sina Keang (21 days ago)
Who here is an enterprise application developer that has worked on long term agile projects that actually agree with this video.
Erik (22 days ago)
Thank you for this, Mark. Extremely helpful.
Potetsjokolade (25 days ago)
hhhwat, hhhwhy
ThePrivateJoker (25 days ago)
"Agile" is a big pile of marketing bullsh_t, which is endlessly spewed from knuckle-dragging "managers", "pm"'s, and every other know-nothing moron. It is pure garbage.
Mark Shead (13 days ago)
So lots of stuff that gets called Agile is the opposite of what the Agile principles say to do. Have you worked on a project that is actually following the Agile principles and found it didn't work well?
Kevin Lee Smith (26 days ago)
SamRockX (28 days ago)
Best watched at 1.25 or Higher speed! Neatly described though. Thanks :)
Mark Shead (28 days ago)
Thanks! I've tried to pick up the pace on subsequent videos.
rcn rcf (30 days ago)
I have worked with big successful companies and mid sized ok type companies. The former ones do not use Agile while the latter ones do. When I hear from other engineers about their use (or non use) of Agile their company size and status really match my observation. The whole standup thing and sticky notes stuff looks and feels dumb and in some cases even funny. Also in most cases Agile is actually used for micromanaging people. I have never liked working at these small and midsized companies which are usually not very successful. And since these companies experiment with Agile a lot, it makes it very easy to tell them apart. So any young engineers out there can use this info to see if they are applying or working for a successful company or not!
Mark Shead (30 days ago)
You are saying that you attribute success to companies that *aren't* using Agile. That means they are doing the following: * valuing processes and tools over individuals and interactions * prioritizing the creation of documentation over working software * focusing on contract negotiation as more important than customer collaboration * following a plan first of all and only secondarily responding to change. I've seen a lot of companies follow Agile values and principles without calling it Agile and do very well. Likewise, I've seen many companies that say they are following Agile, but doing the opposite of what Agile says. Are you sure that it is actually Agile that is associated with failure? The things you listed as feeling dumb aren't actually parts of Agile. As I point out in the video, standups and writing stuff on sticky notes aren't Agile. Some teams use those things when they find they are useful in following Agile values and principles, but you can't just have a daily standup or put a bunch of sticky notes on the wall and expect that to mean you are following Agile.
Christos Andreev (1 month ago)
What's the difference between Agile and Scrum ?
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
Agile is a set of values and principles that promote good decisions about how you work. SCRUM is a specific way of managing work. If you start with the Agile principles and values, you may find that SCRUM is a good way for your team to follow those principles and values. For example, Agile says that the best way to communicate is with face to face communication, but doesn't specify how exactly you should follow that principle. SCRUM says you should have daily standup meetings where everyone is together.
Ryan Crawford (1 month ago)
603+ orthopedic shoe manufacturers disliked this video
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
Ha ha! Maybe. :)
Rabia Naz Khan (1 month ago)
very well explained, cleared my very concept. Thank you for this video. Thumbs up!
Mohammed Alsakran (1 month ago)
Wonderful. Thank you
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.
IT lekcije (1 month ago)
Sorry to tell you but this is not Agile, I have been working in Agile last 5 years and this video is to abstract and general. There ARE roles, responsibilities, timeframes, principles and metrics. And please no "Yes but...", I'm talking from my own experience not a manifesto :)
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
So you are saying that you have found that the creation of roles, responsibilities, and timelines help your team follow Agile in their particular situation? That is great. And if you are actually following Agile principles and vales, those other things should change and adapt as your needs and situation changes. The things that don't change are the Agile values and principles.
Adrian-Cornel Borină (1 month ago)
I was in talks with someone about a job. I told her I am using a variation of Kanban at my current work-place, evolved to fit our needs and that I value more having a structure that fits our team, more than knowing what that structure is called. The talks ended with "We need someone with more background in Agile". I suspected she was either an idiot or B.S.-ing me.
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
So that can be tricky. I've had similar situations where I mention that I'm not a die-hard fan of Scrum and people don't want to talk to me anymore. It is still probably useful to get familiar with what everyone calls things just in case it comes up in a conversation, but I think your approach is probably going to be best when it comes to actually helping teams deliver software.
T C (1 month ago)
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
Which one of the practices listed do you feel is bullying and hostile?
Karamazov (1 month ago)
What an annoying video format. And that music at the beginning. Watch it at 1.25x, trust me.
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
No offense taken. You weren't the only one who thought it was too slow. I've tried to pick up things up on other videos and we did some different intro music to see if it works better. I do appreciate the feedback as it helps us improve things in the future, so thank you for taking the time to comment.
Karamazov (1 month ago)
@Mark Shead OH, I did not expect a reply. Now I feel like an asshole. I apologize and I'll definitely check out the rest of your videos. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
Thanks for the feedback. This was one of the first videos I did and I tried to improve subsequent attempts. Do the more recent videos on my channel seem a more appropriate pace?
Endene David Man (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for this GREAT explanation
Co M (2 months ago)
Agile is like the guy in the cartoon, half awake, had some pot, you boooo on it would die of hearth attack. Agile is an invented term and freaking methodologies to hide the incompetence, the incapacity to articulate, define, scope, plan, envision, and control a project as a whole from the beginning to the end.
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
> Agile is an invented term and freaking methodologies to hide the incompetence, the incapacity to articulate, define, scope, plan, envision, and control a project as a whole from the beginning to the end. Agile considers that there is often a competitive advantage in delivering software that can start generating a return on investment without waiting for all other parts of the software to be done.
Camila Leal Ferreira (2 months ago)
Dude, it is a methodology. The "set of principles" thing just wraps all the Agile into a spiritual cult atmosphere...
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
So what are some of the methods in Agile?
Rene Descartes (2 months ago)
Great video! Thanks.
George Orwell (2 months ago)
Finally someone gets it. I am soo anoyed by consultants coming and dogmatically squashing practices calling it a method scrum claiming it agile transformation and wondering why its not working. Mostly 25 yo mba kids with no experience in software whatsoever bullshitting entire companies.
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
Agile is sometimes too easy to sell to management without a lot of substance behind the offering.
Vito Anderson (2 months ago)
Paradigm for programming
Mark Prothero (2 months ago)
The problem with values and principles, or any set of rules, is that people often get lazy and over reliant on them, and don't bother doing their own thinking. Context is important. Not every software project can ever be the same, no project of any kind probably. In different sectors, some of these principles would not invariably have positive effects. Infrastructure projects for example require much more planning. The consequence of bad infrastructure can be a dam breaking or a power distribution line built on terrain at risk of landslides. Getting software a little bit wrong... is bad, but usually not catastrophic. That's not true for everything though. I really like the video though. Very clear.
Andrew James (2 months ago)
Learned this in my software engineering class and found that I already used these principles. It's just about being flexible and finding the easiest way to do something for your given team. When it comes to building projects I might start out in one framework but end up in another; depending on how the team functions and their qualifying skills.
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
That's great you learned about Agile in school. Most of the programs I've seen don't cover a lot of the practical aspects of actually participating in a team writing software, so I'm glad to hear they are starting to include these topics.
Manuel DeAbreu (3 months ago)
In my experience here are the two large problems with Agile if you go strictly by these 12 rules: 1) 1 and 2 come into conflict with 3 and 7. If you are building a car and say we will install the engine today, the exhaust and cooling system tomorrow, the brakes and struts two days later that is fine. If the business comes in and says we want ot change out from 6 cylinder engine to an 8 cylinder engine you get a cascade impact. Can the mounts support the larger engine? Can the brakes and struts hold up and what are the wear impacts with a heavier and more powerful engine? Can the exhaust and cooling systems keep the larger engine in safe ranges? 2) The other problem is documentation is still important. If you go back to modify or fix a business gap you save time and money if it is well documented. Why that decision was made? Why did we choose not to implement that in the design so we don't waste time discussing it again.
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
Very good observation. Here are my thoughts from the teams I've worked with that have achieved a high maturity in following these values and principles: 1. On projects that are built using best practices like automated testing and loose coupling, I've always been amazed at just how much you can change very quickly when the business says they need something different. That said, there is a difference between getting random business requirements that are simply changing with the wind and business requirements that are being modified based on what they need to get a better return on investment. If they are being driven by creating more value, then every change is being weighed against the cost and developers and business people are going to be working together to find the best way to create value rather than just flopping back and forth. 2. Documentation is doesn't become unimportant in Agile. However, it is easy to find examples of projects that value documentation MORE than working software. Agile doesn't say that you throw out documentation, just that the documenting every possible thing about the system isn't valued as high as getting the software to actually work.
Nate Mead (3 months ago)
Excellent Presentation!!! Thank you!!
Moyura (3 months ago)
Well done, thanks for sharing.
Hex G (3 months ago)
Finally, a good Vyond animation
Schwinn (3 months ago)
I'm laughing because principle 11 is exactly what my advanced programming professor said. Good programmers have to be lazy. LoL
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
"Efficient" might be a more acceptable way to put it. :)
steve1978ger (3 months ago)
Originally, Agile was an idea for small software development teams to self-organize in such a way that they are more in touch with their customers, determine more accurately what the customers actually need, and deliver it in small increments that leave room for redesign and even complete direction changes. By now, it has mostly degraded into a fad and a buzzword that keeps consultants fed, and is perverted by scores of unimaginative middle managers as another tool to enforce micromanagement, bureaucratic conformity, general averageness, and keeping employees exchangeable and disenfranchised from any meaningful design decisions. If you go on a job interview and they tell you they are agile, you should ask some questions. Is the whole company agile, or will it be just you who has to be agile, picking up on a daily basis whatever management fancies to throw at you? Is there a "project owner"? Who is he, an actual customer or someone from your own corporate hierarchy, in a position to effectively "override" Agile? Are there project leads? How does their role relate to Agile? Are technical decisions made after in depth discussion, or per ordre de mufti? Is there any freedom to pick tasks, or is there a strict order of what you have to work on? Are you given time to develop expertise in any area, or just picking up scraps on a daily basis? Do you do sprints? How long are they? Why are they as long as they are? If they are two weeks long, is there a release to the customer every two weeks? Or do you just sprint for two weeks because management thinks that's a nice pace to keep everybody busy? Is the team always sprinting? Or only when particular goals have to be met? Is there a phase between sprints? How long is it? How does the team deal with technical debt? And so on. If they start to cringe or evade any of these questions - think again before taking the job.
Zipi (3 months ago)
Awesome! Thanks for putting this together Mark.
Ajeet Dhaliwal (3 months ago)
good video but your avatar was useless
Ajeet Dhaliwal (3 months ago)
@Mark Shead it was just a figure of someone opening his mouth. he wasnt pointing to anyhting or making any gestures useful to the presentation
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
How so? What were you hoping to do with the avatar?
Christian Markandu (4 months ago)
So beautifully articulated Mark!
Train Effective (4 months ago)
Is that Jurgen Klopp at 8:25 ?
Miketar2424 (4 months ago)
So, I can sit down at work and still be agile?
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
Absolutely! :)
Arek Krolak (4 months ago)
good video!
ᄏᄃ (4 months ago)
Tymoteusz Malinowski (4 months ago)
Before watching the video I knew nothing about Agile and after watching it I still don't know much. Agile sounds like an imaginary fake solution but maybe I just need to dig deeper. Mark - the content may be informative but you seriously need to develop some energy and speed up the process. I watched it at 1,75 speed and nearly fell asleep anyway :D
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
Sorry for the slow pace. I tried to pick things up on my other videos based on feedback like yours. Do they seem to be easier to listen to?
Thirunayan Dinesh (4 months ago)
A very informative explanation :) Thank you!
Ali Danish (4 months ago)
So what is Agile? The set of values and principles. The term agile applies not only for the software development but for all walks of life. Agile is not the one set of methodology. It's not one specific way of doing your work. Agile is all about how flexible you are in your set of values and principles. How do you respond to change? How you produce more and better by following certain principles or guidelines. It's all your internal and it may vary from time to time as there is the margin of improvement in all agile principles.
Nashimura (4 months ago)
Thank you! great video and amizing your share your book :)
Justin Valsecchi (4 months ago)
Anyone else getting somewhat tilted by the fact that those gears in the background do not line up perfectly? :/ Its is grinding my gears :O (hehe I just did that)
Atul Dumbre (4 months ago)
Hey Mark ... I just came across agile few days ago ...And was looking for simple explanation of what it could be..... I came across lot of technical blogs and videos and got more confused. This video is the best of all. It is very simple and very effective. I understand making this video must have been difficult.All the animation and making it simple ... Thanks a lot for your helping hand in my agile learning process.
Klaus Niemöller (4 months ago)
Short and simple explanation - great video
GateCrashers (4 months ago)
its a stupid terminology that means nothing !!! It is a retarded concept with no practical application. it is like asking what is air !
Robert Thompson (5 months ago)
My company does everything opposite of agile. And it makes things difficult.
Mark Shead (5 months ago)
That sounds pretty frustrating. If they are interested in changing, I would love to talk with your management because it sounds like the type of company I can help.
Mohamed Gaber (5 months ago)
Good job, very useful
Sameera Senarathna (5 months ago)
Explained very clearly. Thank you :-)
James Williams (5 months ago)
I was an agile developer before agile became a thing :) Back then they called it RAD
Zack Taylor (2 months ago)
I think there are some key differences between agile and RAD.
Ali (5 months ago)
Please take this as constructive criticism. Your monotone voice sent me to sleep.
Mark Shead (5 months ago)
@Ali Great! Thank you so much for the feedback and please let me know if you have any other suggestions.
Ali (5 months ago)
@Mark Shead Ok i just saw your latest video, and im still wide awake. Definetly changed for the better.
Mark Shead (5 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback. You aren't the only one to make that comment. I tried to improve in my more recent videos. This one was the first one I did. Do the more recent ones sound any better?
4surprisingly (5 months ago)
Amazing, thank you so much!
V T (5 months ago)
watch at 1.5 speed and save a lot of time
Mark Shead (5 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback. I tried to pick up the pace on my other animations. Do they seem to progress at a more reasonable rate?
MomoTheBellyDancer (6 months ago)
Sounds like a scam.
Tapesh Patel (6 months ago)
Thanks for the good description on Agile. its really helpful. would suggest to make same for what is XP and its use in real world. Thanks
Pavan Cheruvu (6 months ago)
Nice video - "Agile is a set of beliefs (values & principles) on how to make decisions ...."
Manan Jain (6 months ago)
I am getting started in business analytics, one institute is offering a course focusing on only agile and scrum. While all others offer courses involving tableau, python sas and Excel and vba Which one should I choose (I am a fresher in this field)
Mark Shead (6 months ago)
If you want to get into business analytics, you should probably look at mastering many of the topics you mentioned.
Daniela Coimbra (6 months ago)
Mark, this video is excellent! You have the gift of teaching! I'm glad that know I understand what agile is. :) I didn't know that the agile team should be so independent and I swear I read on the scrum guide that Agile was a framework lol
CoffeePowered (6 months ago)
Does anyone know how to translate "Corporate buzzwords" into "Severely autistic programmer"?
Mark Shead (6 months ago)
I'm not sure I understand your question.
Zak Draper (6 months ago)
Thanks. This was a helpful overview.
bipul kalita (7 months ago)
so Agile is a religion.
Mark Shead (7 months ago)
When I said beliefs I meant more along the lines that a team of bridge engineers all have a shared set of beliefs regarding the breaking points of various materials. This gives them the ability to reason together about the best way to solve problems because they have a shared set of core principles to start with. If you are trying to build software and half the team believes that talking face-to-face is inefficient and the other half thinks it is vital, you are going to run into problems deciding how to work together.
bipul kalita (7 months ago)
@Mark Shead like it says, it's collection of beliefs and it has rules so people can follow also it's good when the group of people working in the same field follow it.
Mark Shead (7 months ago)
Hm. Which part of the video led to that conclusion?
Very interesting video and interesting way of explaining the Agile approach.
Edoh Kaka SOMADO (7 months ago)
great video
K K (7 months ago)
Excellent, comprehensive explanation!
LJ Zhou (7 months ago)
thank you very much, very informative
Tony Y (7 months ago)
Precious! :D Excellent, refreshing and entertaining intro. to the subject. Thank you Mark.
IceRook (7 months ago)
Agile is a pretty commonly used work amongst idiot HR departments and what "they're looking for", and they really don't know what agile really is, just a "cert "
Mark Shead (7 months ago)
That definitely can be a problem. I've heard some of the original signers of the Agile manifesto commenting on how they hoped to keep there from being any certifications for it.
MeTube (7 months ago)
So what did the developer use in place of a database? What is the cost of the technical debt?
Mark Shead (7 months ago)
Instead of building out the entire data access layer, an Agile developer would build just the pieces they need for the specific function they are creating. So even if they know they are going to eventually need 100 tables, they would just build the 3 they need for this feature.
Daniel Torres (7 months ago)
rl69 rl69 (7 months ago)
Chris Knapp (8 months ago)
At 1:12 is anybody else extremely bothered that the gears to the far left move in a contradicting rotation?
T C (1 month ago)
@Mark Shead that's what makes agile garbage....treating people like objects.
Kailey Smeltz (4 months ago)
​@Mark Shead Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked
Rotten Guss (5 months ago)
@Mark Shead this is an under rated comment 😂😂
Mark Shead (7 months ago)
Good point. We have fired our background imagery physics consultant and will try to do better in the future. :)
Raghu Bellary (8 months ago)
I watched all the Videos. These are great and provide the insight into why we are doing and co-relate with the principles & values. Thanks lot for producing these fantastic videos.
Go Agile (8 months ago)
Some insight into bottlenecks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ypr4ySNlfg&rel=0
thaeei san (8 months ago)
Is it only use for IT?
Mark Shead (8 months ago)
The Agile Manifesto specifically talks about better ways to create software. However, the concept of agility can be applied to all kinds of different types of work.
Giorgi khutiashvili (8 months ago)
Your voice kills any of the motivation i had to hear about the agile. I jsit want to suicide
Mark Shead (7 months ago)
I'm sorry my voice makes you feel like that. I've tried to take some of the constructive criticism to improve other videos. I've got another video coming out next week that isn't a cartoon that I'd like to get your feedback on to see if I've been able to make things better or worse.
Cosgrave Hill (8 months ago)
So this is what I got - "Make smarter decisions by making smarter decisions." and don't forget "Be flexible enough to change from a less smart decision to a more smart decision." P.S. "Don't micromanage, and use good judgement." My life will never be the same.
inspiration7 (1 month ago)
Cosgrave Hill rofl nice comment
Stable Life (1 month ago)
@Mark Shead Well, I may be but I also hold the following diplomas in Agile: PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® , PMI Lean Agile (PMI-ACP)®, SAFe Scaled Agile Framework (PMI-ACP)®, Program Management Office for Agile using Scrum, PRINCE2® for Agile – Practitioner - 2016 I may well be misunderstanding Agile, and it may be that everyone's idea of Agile appears to be different, however having done 3 of Australia's largest ERP implementations (>$400m each) using Agile I am now at the point of not using Agile again. I've just finished a another Grad. Dip. this one in Strategic Change Management so that I can move in OCM and not have be a program director using Agile again. It's idiotic for large software implementations, great for the little stuff <$100 m. Waterfall, when used properly, is far better for ERP than Agile. It's safer, more structured, the business understands it better, the Change Managers require less input, delivery streams are structured more efficiently and cohesively and we don't have to do time wasting stand-ups. I don't know of a single, large scale program director in Australia who wants to use it.
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
@Stable Life I'm not sure what principle or value is driving behavior that you think is dangerous. Working daily with users? Delivering some type of working software on a shorter timescale? Are you sure you are responding to actual principles and values from Agile and not a bunch of practices someone decided to implement whether they made sense for your particular project or not?
Stable Life (1 month ago)
@Mark Shead I think that's a bit of a facile response. ERPs are so integrated that small packet deliveries are just not helpful. Often ERPs are purchased to support new organisational structures of say new shared services environments which lends itself better to waves or phases of implementations. In this case, Agile creates an unwieldy and costly overhead and makes scope difficult to curate and control. My objection is to Agile in ERP implementations. It's just not helpful, far from it, it's dangerous.
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
@Stable Life If Agile principles are pretty much commons sense, then why would you choose to use them over something else? Probably because making common sense common practice brings a lot of value to the process of delivering software. Especially the principles that let you start getting value from your code as it is written rather than needing to wait until everything is complete first.
KiNgStonE Sayed RX (8 months ago)
Which software you use for video???
Mark Shead (8 months ago)
We use GoAnimate.
Covalent Bond (8 months ago)
you need to learn how to read better
Mark Shead (8 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time to comment. What do you think I'm not reading correctly?
Marc DaSharc (8 months ago)
At MindSpring, every decision in the company was made based on their CVBs (Core Values & Beliefs - a set of principles & values). This was at least a decade before some millennial came along and decided to name this practice Agile. lol
Marc DaSharc (8 months ago)
Mark Shead you're funny.
Mark Shead (8 months ago)
I thought the point of the Agile Manifesto was it was a bunch of people with years of experience trying to get a set of values and principles together that they all felt would significantly improve the way people develop software. I don't think anyone was claiming that the ideas had never been seen before. Instead they were based on decades of experience.
Muqaddas Iskandar (8 months ago)
Pak Andre bring me here!1!1!1!!!!
hashmat sediqi (8 months ago)
well done sir .
Jazy G. (9 months ago)
Thanks for sharing! I wonder why there are so many differences in explaining agile? Some say it's a methodology other that it's a framework and now principles & values. I understand your point but I don't understand how is it possible that everyone is telling something else... We have an article on our blog about agile and it would be great to get your feedback (it's about agile methodology) https://zenkit.com/en/blog/agile-methodology-an-overview/
IceRook (9 months ago)
Is Agile ONLY relevant to software?!
IceRook (9 months ago)
Mark, thanks so much for getting back to me, I am currently studying for the PMP exam, as I need to expand my knowledge as a PM, but I am in NY, and want to apply this to product related items much smaller than skyscrapers (I wish). So for example, for someone who oversees portfolios of programs and projects, will this apply? So far the PMBOK seems to be OK, bit redundant, but I am just wondering if I am wasting my time with PMI? I really appreciate any feedback, it's so hard to get straight answers sometimes!
Mark Shead (9 months ago)
Great question! The Agile values and principles specifically talk about delivering software, but it isn't hard to adapt them to other types of work. The idea of delivering something to the customer on a regular basis works with a lot of knowledge type work. It is probably going to look a lot different if you are trying to apply the Agile principles to something like skyscraper construction.
MT Paracha (9 months ago)
Agile is very tricky. I feel it only works when everyone knows the process. I have used Agile and see it work great and sometimes it has failed. My company used Apgent.com for our Agile transformation, we are doing far more releases in a shorter amount of time.
Dimash - First Reaction (9 months ago)
Who is the founder/s of Agile?
rodinian777 (9 months ago)
Sounds depressing.
Simple and powerful.
StrangeSoul (9 months ago)
Very educational and and tbh entertaining as well.. One question..Can I use your video on my channel just for EDUCATIONAL purpose I will strictly not use it for monitization or whatever they call it..It wud be just for educational purpose and I wont edit your video in anyway and will give CREDIT to you with every possible ways. Thanks again.
Mark Shead (8 months ago)
You can't download my video and repost it if that is what you have in mind. But you are free to click the share button under any of my videos if you want to share them or add them to a play list.
Eitan Arbel (9 months ago)
so i've been working Agile for 20+ years, and i didn't even know it was called that way...
Eitan Arbel (9 months ago)
Mark Shead  i Subbed, and "Belled" for your channel :) Thank you for sharing !
Mark Shead (9 months ago)
Ha ha! Glad you liked the video. I'd love to hear what you think of some of my other videos on Agile.
Eitan Arbel (9 months ago)
i've been working the Agile way for 20+ years, and i didn't know it is called "Agile" :D great video btw
Mark Shead (9 months ago)
Called what way?
Tilkesh (9 months ago)
Wonderful. Thanks for making the video and sharing your thoughts!
Thembe Thembe (9 months ago)
Nice vedio. Mark - would you mind sharing what software you use for your vedios.
Mark Shead (9 months ago)
We us Go Animate to create the videos. Glad you liked it.
SSS Ddd (9 months ago)
Really excellent and informative
Mark Shead (9 months ago)
Thanks. I'm glad it was helpful. I'd love to get your feedback on our other videos as well.

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