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Drunk Lesbians Play Mario Kart (Feat. Niki Ang, Jordan Shalhoub & Karen Du)

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Team Pizza is up 2 points, can Team Pasta bring it back in Mario Kart the drinking game? Stay tuned to find out! To support queer content, donate to our patreon Patreon.com/GirlShipTV LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE
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Text Comments (67)
yusufcan dere (2 days ago)
guys why you didn't watch "the world unseen"
Foxxayisreal Fuckers. (2 days ago)
we need a drunk lesbians watch gentleman jack asap.
Amy Taylor (3 days ago)
These keep getting progressively funnier the more drunk you guys get 😂 also shoutout to Karen for the rule 34 mention!😂😂
Stephanie Figueroa (3 days ago)
Too funny ❤
Adele Moravcov (3 days ago)
I got confused, why did Jordan drink even tho she didnt stop? her drinking is what made her hit smth and stop. lol
A1_ Elevate (3 days ago)
Patiently waiting on inferno season 2 to drop
ALREADY A BOSS (4 days ago)
y’all gotta watch the perfection on Netflix!!
friend of stars (4 days ago)
Is Nikki pregnant or why does she not drink?
Aisha010 (5 days ago)
We need new episodes of drunk lesbians watch pleeeeassseeeeeee
Sarah Zwieg (5 days ago)
I love all of this contentttttt. Praise be.
Nike reck (6 days ago)
I'm in love with Jordan but I also love Niki... this is stressing me out... but Karen is hot too?? and I mean Amanda is a god soo.. help?!?
Nike reck (6 days ago)
Am I the only lesbian watching this always thinking "hmm which of these women should I marry?"
angelica lim (6 days ago)
I love this. Thank you. 💙💙💙
Noni Mulyana (7 days ago)
I really need lesbian best friends 😂
Tala Habern (7 days ago)
Gays and video games, some of my favorite things.
Patty Haggerty (7 days ago)
this is internet gold!
awesome (7 days ago)
Can you react to Avalance? It’s the ship of Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. It’s a popular ship that took forever to get together but I think you would like them 😅
Carol RDM (7 days ago)
Pizza or death! 😂
2:45 "You know, I've been on a rainbow road before. It was in San Francisco" Stop lying, Amanda. We all know you are best buds with Heimdall, cause you're secretly the new Thor.
Princess Scully (7 days ago)
Achievement hunter did the same rules for Mario kart drinking game and it was absolutely hilarious. I can’t wait to watch this video
Dy Dy (8 days ago)
Nikki blushing to Jordan's From the Back comment is hilarious... 😂😂😂
Rebelwheels NYC (8 days ago)
I am queer and nerdy and thus woot that this series is is a thing <3 That said, have you ever played Second Life? It's a desktop game and it's more of a hang out thing then a race you have to finish (though there are also some roleplaying games within the game) but I mentioned it, 'cus it has a pretty significant queer / LGBTQ+ scene. you can have your avatar go dancing at a lesbian bar and there's live music. it's fun. and might be an interesting game for this series?
En Sha Han (8 days ago)
Have y'all seen the perfection?
Chlolivi (8 days ago)
I have the biggest crush on Jordan oh my goddd
Chlolivi (8 days ago)
Drunk lesbians watch: Gentleman Jack
KVTHLEENDVNN (8 days ago)
this is full on retro mario kart! is this the original?
Metro Viral (8 days ago)
this is my favorite part of the 3!
karene (8 days ago)
Mario Kart Wii would have been epic...Rainbow Road has no side walls. Love this series!
linjmee85 (8 days ago)
yass OG mario kart
Tanya Arthur (8 days ago)
Love you guys
Alexandra (8 days ago)
Idk I just miss dlw
Sunita Devi (8 days ago)
N64 will always rock
ophelia leung (8 days ago)
A gay mess and I love it
Victoria Venturo (8 days ago)
honestly though... i wish i had queer friends like you all. omg. i love all of you <3
66Xeno (8 days ago)
5 minutes in and I had to stop because I was getting a massive headache from the screaming and yelling. Ouch.
Slaq DaCruzer (8 days ago)
You guys should play fuking overcooked lol while drunk LOL
FigurativelyBored (8 days ago)
Wowwww! Talk about a fuckin come back in that first half! Like I’m definitely stoned, but I genuinely said “WOAAAAHHH!” outloud and was slack-jawed 😂👏🏻
Snowdrop 17 (8 days ago)
As soon as I saw the rainbow colored track I automatically thought "Follow the rainbow brick road"
Snowdrop 17 (8 days ago)
@Margo S not where i was going but sure
Margo S (8 days ago)
Like a gay wizard of Oz?
Ravenous Tigress (8 days ago)
Mom walks right in on "Welcome to drunk lesbians plaaaayy...." Me "....Mario kart" Amanda "...and this is my dog" Mom "mmmhhhhhmmmmmm sure." AMANDA WHY YOU LEAVE ME HANGING?!?!
2girlzr1 (8 days ago)
Happy Pride everyone🌈🌈
lemon Q (8 days ago)
I love how nikki seems the drunkest even though shes not drinking lol
Margo S (8 days ago)
I am feeling the next concept, after Drunk Lesbian play : Drunk Lesbians sex ed. xD
Margo S (8 days ago)
Yoshi is a girl. I mean she lay eggs in super smah bros. Or a trans dino maybe. Or non binary who knows. Definitely a very gay choice.
666sharron (8 days ago)
haha i'm always waluigi because he's purple
The Oracle (8 days ago)
have you guys seen Booksmart?
A. C.D (8 days ago)
Get jen up in here
Valentina F (8 days ago)
Ahahahah fantastic 😂
Flossie Sunshine (8 days ago)
Which are you? #teamyoshitounge or #behind 😂 PS if zaddy Amanda sees this you were hilarious and I love your content 💙
Shelbie Lynn Thrasher (8 days ago)
Naturally they race on Rainbow Road lol
Gen (8 days ago)
Amanda drunk with the bag of Lay's is a move and I support her + admire her more for it.
GreyHunterAce (8 days ago)
You know they’re drunk when Jordan:don’t drink and drive.stop and drunk.
Its Evie (8 days ago)
“Do rainbow road because we’re gay” Everyone in unison:”Gay Rooooaaad”
2girlzr1 (8 days ago)
DLP is awesome! Glad you guys played this one to start. Wheeeew Banana speed! Hey, has anyone started to watch LA's Finest and Gentleman Jack? Great new shows.
2girlzr1 (8 days ago)
@Margo S its a Rizzoli & Isles vs. Revamp of Lethal Weapon TV show with Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, they're detectives that rock and have each others backs for real. Little bit of "baiting" but the storyline makes up for it, in my opinion. I believe the next episodes for both air on 6/10.
Margo S (8 days ago)
what's LA's finest?
Laura Parrish (8 days ago)
2girlzr1 Gentleman Jack is really good!!
sarsurvivor22 (8 days ago)
“Yoshi’s got that tongue” tho
Ruusu Raninen (8 days ago)
”Iiiiuuu amanda” XDDDD I CAN’T
Ruusu Raninen (8 days ago)
I kinda miss drunk lesbians watch but i actually love these too!!
Margo S (4 days ago)
I honestly was getting worried about Amanda drinking so much just for our entertainment x) so while I loved DLW I am still glad she found other stuff to do.
Dom Mol (6 days ago)
are they not uploading dlw anymore?
Insomniatic Prattle (8 days ago)
Ditto! (But, I totally understand the whole issue with working in the industry with these people, and the awkwardness that would come with seeing them in person if they’ve seen the episode of the movie they were involved in! Lol)
Jayloves Bananas (8 days ago)
Saaaaame 😭😭😭
CupcakeandDuckie (8 days ago)
🍕🍕& 🍝🍝
Kiara Carter (8 days ago)
Y’all need to react to Elisa & Marcela ASAP

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