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Show Your Work! Presenting a Brand Identity Project

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This was a ROLLER COASTER of a day. We had a huge branding presentation today with a client, and I share a few tips on how to get your next branding project approved. The video I talked about with Michael Beirut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NuKb9mk0ac First time here? SO PSYCHED to have you! If you don’t know, now you know: my name is Ben Burns. I’m a designer turned creative director turned entrepreneur. My life is a little crazy: I own a digital agency, have a baby girl, sit on the executive board of AIGA|RVA, and have co-founded a few other businesses. My goal with this channel is to share my experience, journey and day-to-day with people who are considering OR already a part of a creative career. Welcome to the journey! Did you enjoy the content? It would mean the WORLD to me if you subscribed. Connect with me here: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mrbenburns Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mrbenburns Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mrbenburns_ Snapchat: mrbenburns // http://www.snapchat.com/add/mrbenburns My site: http://www.mrbenburns.com My studio: http://www.burntcreative.agency Equipment! Mah Main Camera: https://goo.gl/agYzz0 The best lens: https://goo.gl/blF5WN I use this tripod: https://goo.gl/nDoZfv And you need like six of these: https://goo.gl/swdz7I Must-Read Books: The Win Without Pitching Manifesto: https://goo.gl/8S4VSM Traction: https://goo.gl/Igmpe7
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Sharon DeCaro (14 hours ago)
New subscriber. Loving this ...Ben, you mention a deck. So you present the logo comps in a deck - 73 slides? Did I hear that right? Would love to see your deck, that would be a good video of you presenting a project. At your office, do a simulation. Thanks!!!!! Love your video!
Samuel Hagan (10 months ago)
"present logos in person and tell stories to it." thanks Ben Burns. Is it possible that we see some of your thought processes? and thanks for the book recommendation too. I got *the win without pitching manifesto* and Traction: a startup guide to getting customers
Vlad GR (1 year ago)
hi Ben, thx for the video. How do i present the logo in person if i'm working remote? what is the best way to present the logo for freelancers?
Well (1 year ago)
Hi! Thanks a lot for the advice! it really helped, keep it up!
TAREQ OSAMA (1 year ago)
I Really like that video especially the part of before and after the meeting , it had a message like dont be afraid and get rid of your nervese when you go to meetings and some things like that ! you had inspired me man ! i wanna ask you a Question : When is the best time to talk about money and prices in a conversation with a Client ?
TAREQ OSAMA (1 year ago)
Thanks alot !
Beth Snider (1 year ago)
Your enthusiasm is so authentic! I really identify with the nerves connected to meeting with a client, sharing your ideas, and everything that goes with it. Most of the time you have nothing to worry about... but it is the anticipation leading up to it that makes you want to vomit! ;)
Giovani Santos (1 year ago)
Are you still doing this new brand presentation? Cheers!
Jonathan Haputra (1 year ago)
Hi Mr Ben Burns, i have a question, how do i found/reach for a client? I just graduated and start frerlancing
DeCenzo Trinity (1 year ago)
Nice one Mr Ben Burns the legend
Josh Lopez (1 year ago)
Mr Ben Burns! This was 5 months ago. Would love to get an update on your new adventure! Much love.
Theodore Zurek (1 year ago)
Question, I am still a student but what about if you are working from a different location how can you tell the storey and get your message across though and online medium.
Keyon (1 year ago)
Keep it up Ben!
Felix (2 years ago)
from one big bearded guy to another: I like the your style! subscribed.
M65 F (2 years ago)
Hi Ben, could you some day explain on real example your process of creating a logo ? It would be so great for many of us to get it from someone like you, and yes keep posting your videos they are priceless. Thanks .Marcin
M65 F (2 years ago)
Ben Burns no problem, it is worth to wait !
Daniel Ortiz (2 years ago)
Any way to get that presentation to see how you did it?
Daniel Ortiz (2 years ago)
I'm interested in when you did the reveal in the presentation
iqbal (2 years ago)
Its motivating me, love this. Thanks Ben!
Erik Peterson (2 years ago)
story telling is the new buzzword. people throw it around a lot. there is a difference between showing your process and meaning behind a design -vs- story telling. so what was your story you told?
Andrew Barnabas Smith (2 years ago)
I've been evolving my presentation process over the years and this is the advice I needed to put me over the edge. Just got done with that Bierut video. Gold man.
William Jones (2 years ago)
Can you check out my behnace?! It's not exactly as perfect I want it but I'm working on getting there. https://www.behance.net/willeeyum Thank You!!
William Jones (2 years ago)
Please do! I could use the criticism. I've been thinking about going out on my own/joining a creative team because. I want to be doing more creative stuff my current job I am more of a production artist.
Kevin Nunez (2 years ago)
Hey Ben, was wondering how you managed to work with The Futur and put yourself "out there". Who approached who? Thanks for the feedback in return.
Kevin Nunez (2 years ago)
Thanks for the response. Sounds good!
Payton Grant (2 years ago)
Hey man, just found your channel. Keep it up!
Nedko Boqnov (2 years ago)
Ben im so happy for you . I have found your channel from Futura and im so glad i found you and your work you are so inspiring keep up the tone !!!
odenke apparel (2 years ago)
Thank you, Something learn from You , Bless
Bruno Rocha (2 years ago)
Ben, I met you through the video you recorded for The Futur. I saw you in the comments and watched some of your videos on this channel. I am already subscribed, and I hope you continue to post these videos that are very useful, sharing your experiences and tips. I am starting in this area of ​​graphic design, drawing logos, visual identities, etc. I wish success for all of us!
Holly Davis (2 years ago)
Whew, that was definitely a roller coaster! There was so much tension, I could feel it. And I was SO happy to hear it went well! Congratulations! Solid advice too - I learned the hard way about splatting a bunch of ideas hoping something will stick. It sucks. I never really thought about telling a story of how I came up with it to the client, I figured they would just think, "Yeah, we don't care about that, just shut up and show us what our options are." On that note, I learned from your interview with Chris Do about being aware of the internal dialogue and narrative and changing it in a way to be successful and persuasive. Thanks so much for putting your experience out here! It means a lot.
Jamal Rippy (2 years ago)
Ben! Glad your back!
Daniel Morantes (2 years ago)
thanks awesome advice! this make click to me.
Richard V (2 years ago)
Thanks! Feeling very inspired! ✌️
juggernaut704 (2 years ago)
Raden Yunos (2 years ago)
"Tell stories when presenting logos," My biggest takeaway from this. Thanks Mr Ben!

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