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Teen Ladies College - Full Movie Sub Eng / Esp - Spa / Ger / Fr / Rus / Bra

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Text Comments (95)
Anne Hathaway and othet young beautiful actress are amazing in this film. Thanks #ghandifilms
SimonCrowne (16 days ago)
I was pre warned about there being not t and a so I'm happy to not have wasted 2 hours
Shoaib Asghar (23 days ago)
Zulfi Ali (2 months ago)
I am Feeling depressed after watching the movie......sad ending
Dauda Iliassou (2 months ago)
Dre (2 months ago)
I hope this story serves as a lesson to ALL people filled with jealousy, envy & hatred that in the end...NOBODY WIN!
曾嘉雄 (2 months ago)
Jones gonzales (2 months ago)
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Johnny Cardinale (7 months ago)
Is this movie on IMDB? Can't find it.
Galericulus (8 months ago)
Highly influenced by "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie". There's an old saying in England about teachers: "A man among boys, but a boy among men". This film shows the female equivalent of that, all mixed in with the sexual curiosity that preoccupies a bunch of adolescent girls and their teacher, who is modelled strongly on Miss Jean Brodie but with lesbian overtones. At the end there is an interesting parallel between the attitude of the school's principal and the Catholic Church when news of child abuse by priests first broke: both were more concerned about their reputations than establishing the truth and considering their victims.
Paul Andrew (9 months ago)
Such a tragic story that someone with such passion to inspire, could also be the one that extinguishes that fire, by her own selfish needs & actions.
Nisar Wani (9 months ago)
beautiful movies
انحراف تايم (9 months ago)
ايش من دوله هذي واو شكد حلوات البنات 😍😍😍
Rose Peake (10 months ago)
Awaiting for more videos..nice videos
Lillian Smith (10 months ago)
I really like to watch this video...
jmaedl027 jmaedl (1 month ago)
Lillian Smith 1:16:00
Jones gonzales (2 months ago)
and if you rell like it ,den tell wath is the point in this movie, ,
winfred east (10 months ago)
OMG...The guy at the back..was too tall..
michael houston (10 months ago)
These girls immature and are selling themselves just to meet out their necessary requirement because their dreams are high.
dylan macleod (10 months ago)
Well done on posting this one!
Isaac Slater (10 months ago)
i love this movie
Multiplegrow Team (10 months ago)
Best one from my list.
Kassie Skelly (10 months ago)
awaiting for more videos
faye griffith (10 months ago)
Perfect channel
anita lehmann (10 months ago)
awaiting for more videos
becky damacaris (10 months ago)
I like your all video
Judy Lynch (10 months ago)
Cool channel
Salman Khan (5 months ago)
Hi Judy Lynch
Garrick Saito (10 months ago)
Interesting Channel
Owen Davidson (10 months ago)
Oh wow, never seen any movie that one of main characters has self
grace bell (10 months ago)
So wonderful !!!
Rhian Laidlaw (10 months ago)
amé este capitulo me volvió loca
Donna Simpson (10 months ago)
Just Outstanding…am speechless
Donna Simpson (10 months ago)
Just Outstanding…am speechless
James Dowd (10 months ago)
Creation like that awesome one
Luke Walsh (10 months ago)
movie is so cool
Tarachand Dang (1 month ago)
Luke Walsh cry uncle
Stevie Hutchings (10 months ago)
that is so cool!!!
Nathan MacDonald (10 months ago)
Just awesome refreshing that video again
suguna suganya (10 months ago)
like to see more video on such movie
Bella Marshall (10 months ago)
beautiful video
Vanessa Kelly (10 months ago)
thats really amazing film
Josie Grant (10 months ago)
brian jones (10 months ago)
He's super talented
russell spinney (10 months ago)
I watch this video every day
Liam Manning (10 months ago)
Enthusiastic video love to watch
Redmon Doyle (10 months ago)
good video notification on!
Sam Derby (10 months ago)
I always said you are the best
badhma devin (10 months ago)
I loved this movie and also love AOM buddha was born in nepal not india
Supriya Biswas (20 days ago)
Do you heat India? Brdhma Devin
Mohanraj Manickam (2 months ago)
badhma devin pb
Philo sophy (3 months ago)
Buddh was a disaster for Indian Civilization. Buddh was religion, nothiing to do with human spirit, philosophy, Civilization.....Nationality. Buddha inspires Abrahamic religion base on human sacrifice.
Brandon Lee (10 months ago)
AOM looks like Janella Salvador and Jackie Rice of Philippines...
bamathy bameni (10 months ago)
i've been told that India is the place to go for deep soul searching.
230968 (4 days ago)
all about money, no souls in India imho
Drew Boulter (7 months ago)
bamathy bameni LOL
Dan Young (10 months ago)
Later on Aom Sub Team did the subtitle for international fans. As a result, please do not blame Thais, just keep watching this movie and enjoy it. Thank you.
Lillian Parr (10 months ago)
who else come here for aom. anyone
Brandon Randall (10 months ago)
I was taken aback! Tina made an appearance!
Penelo pevaughan (10 months ago)
you can really good
Eagle Arrow (10 months ago)
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Harry Lime (10 months ago)
Interesting movie. "But why is all the writing backwards? And the subtitles are terribly out of sync. Can this be corrected?
ghandifilms (10 months ago)
sorry i try to fix all... thank you for watching
Vlaun's Le réve (11 months ago)
Nice movie but its messed up...i cried😢
Sheenam Naqvi (1 year ago)
isme to English subtitles h hi nhi
Valeriy Rogovenko (1 year ago)
титры убежали далековато вперед, что пропадает полный резон кинофильма.
Loveline (1 year ago)
This movie is a 8'25/10
Aslam Khan (1 year ago)
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Gloria Hinds (1 year ago)
This made me cry
AEAD اياد (1 year ago)
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Angie Anne (1 year ago)
loved it.. awesome movie
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canal pan play (1 year ago)
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awwww!!! nice movie very good quality but sad ending....😢😢😢😢
Willx Autum (1 year ago)
Wait a second! Seriously??
Gidget's Mama (1 year ago)
Well, that was a bit melodramatic.
Ase john (1 year ago)
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Fernanda Rhaila (1 year ago)
os áudios estão todos atrasados.
Fernanda Rhaila (1 year ago)
Os áudios wstao6totods! %!%:-
Wanderer Me (1 year ago)
What a sad story :-(
Lex Luthor (1 year ago)
This movie is bizarre!
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Kristyl Jaure (1 year ago)
this made me sick. weird ass movie. i feel like i wasted almost 2 hours of my life.
Isha Smart30 (1 year ago)
sad story
Pinas chanel (1 year ago)
did she raped the girl? cause i didn't understood the story
Ivan Sindell (1 year ago)
Ivan Sindell (1 year ago)
CiaraGazcon k
CiaraGazcon (1 year ago)
Pinas chanel she hella was😭💀
Kristyl Jaure (1 year ago)
yes she did 😖
Zickie van Stonga (1 year ago)
if I were to rate this movie, I'd give it 2/5. 😕
Fredrik Montelius (1 year ago)
Great! Is this Jordan Scott? She seems so gay herself. I wonder why in that case, because of her dad and uncle..
windows (1 year ago)
she was in Penny Dreadful
Fredrik Montelius (1 year ago)
What an interesting offering!

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