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Despacito - Style using Dance & Pop expansion Pack V1 - Tyros 5, PSR-S770 S970

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DESPACITO cover on Yamaha PSR S970 Here is the first free style that using our Dance-Pop Pack PSM-V1. Hope you will enjoy with it. To use this free style, please purchase our Dance-Pop pack and remember to check our free style section weekly. Our website: http://www.prostylemusic.net -- #Despacito #Organ #ExpansionPack
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Text Comments (43)
B Mahato (13 hours ago)
Kan CR7 (21 days ago)
faaaaaaaaaaaaaaake playing ,, it.s all recording .. punk
Pro Style Music (20 days ago)
With your impolite comment, I'm pretty sure you are not a keyboardist and you never know how to play a arranger workstations. Poor you !
clash saiyan (22 days ago)
Bro please add expansion for Yamaha psr s 670 please
prinston fdo (1 month ago)
sir in yamaha keyboard comparing the all the qualities and features which one is best one psr i455 or psr e453.
Amal K Reji (1 month ago)
From where you got this style
Pro Style Music (1 month ago)
This Pop&Dance pack 1 with price: $100 US. We will release large quantities of song styles with a lot of genres of music and all of it will be used with our voice expansion pack only. This will ensure that the quality will be improved
Amal K Reji (1 month ago)
Pro Style Music, can you tell me the price
Pro Style Music (1 month ago)
This is a style included in our Pop&Dance PSM Pack 1. You can buy our pack to get more than 200 Styles with intro, ending... using Sampler Drumkit from Ballad, R&B, Dance, Pop... More details at this link: https://prostylemusic.net/item/guitar-mla-pack-tyros-5-s770-s970-copy-copy-1 Thanks
Amal K Reji (1 month ago)
Pro Style Music does I have to pay to get this
Pro Style Music (1 month ago)
What do you mean? We made this style used with our voice expansion pack.
Motivating Eyez (2 months ago)
MM Creation (3 months ago)
is this 61 keys keyboard or 88 keys?
Viola P (3 months ago)
Fantastic!! great performance, thank you Artzkie! have a beautiful weakened. 👏
Viola P (3 months ago)
Fantastic!! great performance, thank you Artzkie 👍
alex ramona (3 months ago)
alex ramona (4 months ago)
Buon giorno mi spiega come download free perche io non o trovato nessuno free
Pro Style Music (2 months ago)
Please visit our website: www.prostylemusic.net P/s: this style is using our voice expansion pack (Dance&Pop PSM Pack 1) Thanks
HenryTo (4 months ago)
the song is too short. Wish it is longer. Beautiful performance. Love watching your fingers.
Micheal Jack (6 months ago)
Gitano Guason (7 months ago)
Y para el Yamaha psr s670 no vale ????
Yedukrishnan Thodupuzha (8 months ago)
angeloarco (8 months ago)
Thanks for the free style for my Tyros 5, one question, I cannot achieve the bass drop fill in, I wonder if I buy the full version of it, will it enable my Tyros to have a bass drop fill in? Thanks!
Pro Style Music (8 months ago)
Sure ! Please purchase our Dance-Pop Pack for full version and more than 100 free styles included. Here is our website: www.prostylemusic.net
RG59450 (8 months ago)
Pour Tyros 4 ?
Susheela Nag (8 months ago)
Can I get remix dance music pack
piyali mitra (9 months ago)
The fingering could me more good .. I like
Blondie SL (9 months ago)
About the Style Packs. Does anyone know if the ones made for Tyros 5 also will load and work into the new Genos? Also, with these "workstations", especially the Genos, is it easy enough to create your own styles? Sadly, I know very little about these particular models.
Daniel Ojeda (11 months ago)
Please use the ring finger
REDPING GAMING (4 months ago)
Daniel Ojeda why lol?
MUSIC VIDEO CHANNEL42 (11 months ago)
Alex Lewandowski (11 months ago)
Alex Lewandowski (11 months ago)
Nice Respet :-)
PANYA GK (11 months ago)
nice do you have this music sheet
Suheil Ennab (1 year ago)
Very very beautiful 😚 😚 😚 ++ 👍 👍 104 ++ ⚘ ⚘ ⚘ ⚘
Suheil Ennab (1 year ago)
Despacito Oriental Style just uploaded 😚 😚 Thank you 🌷 🌷
Ardit Buli (1 year ago)
Sebastian Puchta (1 year ago)
Sound great cvery good😀😀😀
Pro Style Music (1 year ago)
Thank you Sebastian !
Karsten Robert (1 year ago)
Richard Mitchell (1 year ago)
this style sounds awesome . I want to learn to play it on my lowrey organ. if it is possible to do it. please e mail me any info. thanks              [email protected]
Pro Style Music (1 year ago)
To play this style on Tyros 5 / PSR S770/ S970 you have to install our Dance-Pop Pack. To purchase Dance-Pop Pack please visit our website: http://www.prostylemusic.net
Fernando G. C. (1 year ago)
Thank you very much

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