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Oracle Tablespace PITR Recovery | TS-PITR Part - 1

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https://dbagenesis.com/p/oracle-advanced-rman-backup-recovery Recovery Manager (RMAN) automatic TSPITR enables you to quickly recover one or more tablespaces in a database to an earlier time without affecting the rest of the tablespaces and objects in the database. RMAN TSPITR is most useful for the following situations: 1. You want to recover a logical database to a point different from the rest of the physical database, when multiple logical databases exist in separate tablespaces of one physical database. For example, you maintain logical databases in the orders and personnel tablespaces. An incorrect batch job or DML statement corrupts the data in only one of the tablespaces. 2. You want to recover data lost after DDL operations that change the structure of tables. You cannot use Flashback Table to rewind a table to before the point of a structural change such as a truncate table operation. 3. You want to recover a table after it has been dropped with the PURGE option. 4. You want to recover from the logical corruption of a table. You can also use Flashback Database to rewind data, but you must rewind the entire database rather than just a subset. Also, unlike TSPITR, the Flashback Database feature necessitates the overhead of maintaining flashback logs. The point in time to which you can flash back the database is more limited than the TSPITR window, which extends back to your earliest recoverable backup.
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