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How To Cook A Perfect Poached Egg - MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World

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For all the eggs benny lovers - watch a master class from the Canadian Masterchef! Subscribe and never miss a MasterChef moment - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_znAZirr11Q5bPrdhKVLZQ?sub_confirmation=1 Welcome to MasterChef World! The best MasterChef moments from the history of the world's favourite Cooking TV show from across the globe. Challenges, recipes, how-to's and of course the biggest cooking fails and meltdowns. Whether you are a fan of Masterchef, Junior Masterchef, Masterchef the Professionals or Celebrity Masterchef, you're in the right place.
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Text Comments (1853)
GenBLOX2015 (14 hours ago)
Your flavors will carry you through Miranda? Excuse me, it is probably because your mom has alzheimers.
Ryo Pham (1 day ago)
That obese girl is annoying and disturbing to look at
Syntax (1 day ago)
My sauce broke Yeah my mum has alzheimer's can I go through ?
can you do how to cook my egg?
if trevor and mai were both saved who is gonna go against sympathy card girl
Rytyrocks (3 days ago)
“I’m very confident about this I make it all the time for me and my husband” Proceeds to screw up
SLeepy Game (4 days ago)
Siapa yang lihat komen cuma buat nyari komen dari indonesia?
udin mohd (5 days ago)
Ive done these.. Its really hard for the first time lol.. Hollandaise sause is really hard to handle, u need to be careful of it. before it become scramble
CKD (5 days ago)
Sorry, but I know they talk bad about Chef Alvin because he’s annoy af.
Enadyn _ (5 days ago)
People hating on the girl bringing up her mother for sympathy, most of the show is scripted. The dialogue is one of them, the producers write the script for them.
Tiger Gaming (5 days ago)
8:00 wtf you looking at?
NickTeinken (5 days ago)
That one dud look like summit
Mandy (5 days ago)
Bruh no one that eats this is gonna be like, oh the sauce is too thin.
That pity card......
O.R Garage (6 days ago)
Bacon where?
2 Gucci 4 You (6 days ago)
“ I MaDe EGgS beneDIcT mAnY TImEs.” Proceeds to split the holidays sauce.
2 Gucci 4 You (3 days ago)
Skeeterboy 69 ~ ~ ( 👁 👁 ) 👃 👄
Skeeterboy 69 (3 days ago)
AppPpLe Apple :p (6 days ago)
*I’ll say it again* *Eggs are evil*
Janelle Medina (6 days ago)
I love how they always flirt with the poached eggs😂😂 it’s a runny yolk......... HOW BEAUTIFUL
I TKYO I (6 days ago)
I love how the second they start to lose, she starts talking about her sick mom for pity
The asian judge is sooo overreacting to the challange
Lunch Guy (7 days ago)
Judge : The sauce is broken Lady : Yeah but my mom has alzheimers
Censay (5 days ago)
Lunch Guy 🤣🤣
Randomly Fun (7 days ago)
It would be funny if the judges cut open the poached egg for the example one and it was fully boiled or undercooked ahaha
Cringe Corner (7 days ago)
10:08 when trevor said "look at me" i melted fucc
Cringe Corner (7 days ago)
*damn trevor's a snacc*
TheChosenOne (8 days ago)
announcer: "trevor and mae." *camera points to trevor, then points to wrong asian girl, and switches to the other asian girl.* lmaooo
Jeff Jeff (8 days ago)
nobody: miranda: 😭
Dexterous (9 days ago)
The asian guy’s job is just to say the time i miss gordon
I Wonder How Many Tries It Took Them To Make The Perfect Dish 🤔🤔
Goofy2k (10 days ago)
Be honest with me y’all Asian people never lose in cooking competition
القائد (10 days ago)
4:02 When you bust a fat one
Winter W (11 days ago)
the egg is crying as it is carrying so many emotions
Dariuxee (12 days ago)
Whatever sick of her
_ LittleAsianKidz (12 days ago)
I wanna be on this show To eat the stuff of course
Tyler Ngo (12 days ago)
Bruh stop pulling the emotional card. She knew what she did wrong. Edit: the girl w/the glasses
cute duck (10 days ago)
Miranda. That pig
Official Voltage (12 days ago)
i really dislike the judge that dyed his hair he is so loud and annoying but he is an expert in his field and every show needs a annoying judge
Herculean Bleu (12 days ago)
Poached eggs are freaking easy to make.
Ww3 Productions (13 days ago)
“I make eggs benedict all the time and I’m awesome at it” Turns out it’s not awesome (Cries) my mom is sick and some other bs
Chucky Cheese (13 days ago)
Imagine wasting ur time when ur mother is dying and could get a phone call about the bad news, and when she plays sad story card I am just hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm
Avenexful (13 days ago)
eating bread or pizza with fork should be illegal
Christopher Robinson (13 days ago)
Wow this is brutal LOL
Reedits (13 days ago)
Literly noone is here XDDD
Paulo Tabago (14 days ago)
Nagpapaawa pa eh
FalloutModReview TV (14 days ago)
Honestly i dont see why everyone thinks poached eggs are hard to make. Honestly id have more troubles with the sauce here. Once youve made a couple dozen poached eggs it really isnt that hard.
FalloutModReview TV (14 days ago)
Ps. I wouldnt salt the water, id sprinkle salt after cooking
ahmed ghare (14 days ago)
Canadian people are so nice it's sometimes annoying just fuckin swear ffs, I can't watch cooking with chef Gordon now lol😂
Esti Snukal (15 days ago)
I love eggs benedict so much my favorite eggs
Aaron Bailey (16 days ago)
Fat people and there boring sop stories
AJ Bigfoot (17 days ago)
Eggs Benedict is probably the perfect egg dish prove me wrong
Gacha forever (17 days ago)
Idk why. But i think pouched eggs are easy ;-; Sorry to brag :c
Nerma - _ - (18 days ago)
0:56 he looks like that the dude from buzz feed with a lisp😂😂😂lol
ButtWait! (19 days ago)
Your yolk is overcooked?? Is it ok to say this if you are tasting it at last?
ButtWait! (19 days ago)
So i don't live in Canada but do people really eat such small dishes? I mean i might need 3-4 of them to fill my stomach.
Laxs Vlogs and gaming (20 days ago)
You think “oh master chef judges are nice” then you look at Gordon Ramsay 🤨
Carlos ortega (21 days ago)
Yg rambut biru mirip pak tarno anjay
Ruqi Poakang (22 days ago)
Wah seharusnya MasterChef Indonesia gini juga challenge nya
oompa loompa (22 days ago)
if they're this nice to adults imagine them with kids
Strawberry (19 days ago)
oompa loompa my dilly fell off mom
Willy Nolberto (23 days ago)
Theyre alot nicer than Ramsey and Bastianich
Naveed Hakimi (23 days ago)
What is it with this guy and poached eggs?
SgtMatthew008 (23 days ago)
I made a guess that it would be one of the Asians who made that story. However I was surprised and wrong because the fat lady did it.
Rodo_1402 (23 days ago)
I like how to basic ;)
Crap can't be holy (23 days ago)
He's lucky, around 3 girls. He's unlucky, none of them look good.
patthadon thongchai (24 days ago)
2 eggs is less for cook and it hard to think
Jake Jones (24 days ago)
Title is misleading.
Dylan Daubenmire (24 days ago)
Okay it’s sad what’s happening to your mom but the judges don’t care about you personal life, just watch the sauce. As well as you messing up the yolk and the sauce, THERE was no hope for you. Unless the judges took the other contestant sad story.
Ma.antonnia Donasco (25 days ago)
Master chef? Wtf? Where's Gordon?
Justin T (26 days ago)
Hate when they start crying.
Blue Toaster (27 days ago)
My mum has epilepsy so like my comment
Tu Lai (27 days ago)
So... for the 1st girl that guy ate the egg first then says it's too bland... then says the bacon makes up for it.... IT'S A FULL DISH, YOU DONT EAT AN EGGS BENEDICT 1 THING AT A TIME... everything must blend well with eachother. What an idiot
Xad Person (27 days ago)
Why cant an egg just be an egg
Lans Titans (27 days ago)
What's up with Canada and eggs??
Everything Kids (28 days ago)
the judges are much nicer than gordon ramsay
Plagues Inhale the (28 days ago)
Alvin is a joke .cooks
Gaming Highlights (28 days ago)
When judges fall for the sympathy card.. it’s quite sad, we need a Gordon to fix this.
gradevoir (28 days ago)
"I make eggs benny pretty often for myself and my husband" and that's why ur 200 lb
How did I go from Moto Moto to this
jheannehmaie (28 days ago)
Those eggs Benedicts are all good but u know they are better if u apply your tears and make others feel sympathetic
Dozzszz (29 days ago)
Im just imagining ramsey in canada man that would be hilarious
Dozzszz (29 days ago)
7:20 boo hoo
Chasity Jordan (29 days ago)
At first I thought you said Roached egg
Agentoctober99 0 (29 days ago)
I hate when he ate the egg and said it was bland like boi you eat the egg and the the holindays and the muffin and the bacon like Jesus this man does not know how to eat eggs benny.
Sara AAMIR NORDIN (30 days ago)
Michael's r6 (30 days ago)
I wish the videos where full and didn't leave some on a cliffhanger
RO Mobile Guide (30 days ago)
Am I the only one irritated on how that anime guy from one of the judges always pointing his fingers? LoL
Robot Ace (30 days ago)
Y u No do (30 days ago)
Hahahaha what theeee hell they're niceeee
Weeaboo Trash (1 month ago)
the whole show is just people nitpicking and ruining peoples dreams
Ember (1 month ago)
Wait? Did she just start crying?
Dennis Thiha (1 month ago)
The asian guy must be HowToBasic :))
Xowie (1 month ago)
Still wondering what if Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Juna is the Judges
Kwok Chong Chen (1 month ago)
Well at least she can reunite with her mom
Eason Su (1 month ago)
Lol shes crying like a baby lol cry baby
lovely lucky (1 month ago)
DUSTY FARM5R (1 month ago)
When u do a pouched egg have ice cold water in a bowl so when u take it out of the pan u csn drop it in the bowel it will cool it an keep its shape then it will also be runny still
kuroneko (1 month ago)
ǝɯʇoq (30 days ago)
kuroneko 𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓉𝓈*
Zeglex (1 month ago)
Bunch of cry babies
YOUTUBE with Parsa (1 month ago)
10:00 he probably went backstage to throw up after eating that disgusting eggs benedict
Tyler Moore (1 month ago)
That girl really playing the sympathy card. Smh 🙄
Jonsen Wijaya12 (1 month ago)
Who's got an ads contain about que sera sera-samsung ??😂😂
jerard lasmana (1 month ago)
I would marry mai haha

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