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SLIPPERY 17S Array Life Vest Review

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This is a long overdue review of my Slippery 17S Array Neoprene Life Vest. This thing is awesome! Comfortable, great features, and matches the Doo perfect!! Check the link below to see where I score this bad boy and be sure to Like, Comment, and Oh Yeah...SUBSCRIBE!!! Thanks for watching SK LIFESTYLE. https://www.mxmegastore.com/slippery-17s-array-side-entry-neo-floatation-life-vest.html
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MR AUTOMATECH (10 months ago)
Nice review. What size is this vest your wearing?
SK LIFEstyle (10 months ago)
MR AUTOMATECH Appreciate the support! It checked off all the boxes for me..I think you will like it..and price isn't bad either.
MR AUTOMATECH (10 months ago)
Already did, thx man! Yea just trying to figure out sizing. I have a Kawasaki ultra lx in a similat color scheme and this vest looks great and comfortable.
SK LIFEstyle (10 months ago)
MR AUTOMATECH Thanks! It's a Large 40-44" vest. For ref I'm 5' 10". Plz Subscribe to catch all my reviews and great content coming!

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