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Data Driven Products at Kenshoo - Yael Biss [Dev.IL Meetup]

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Yael's talk in the Dev.IL meetup on September 3rd, 2018 https://www.meetup.com/Dev-IL/events/254050473/ Hosted by SimilarWeb In this session I will cover how the Kenshoo Social Product utilizes data to make informed strategic decisions. What we use and how. I will also talk about the data we have yet to fully refine into user-facing products, but will display the process ahead of us. Yael joined Kenshoo in 2011. She started as a QA engineer, did a few roles in client management and became a product manager 3 years ago. She lives in Ramat Gan with her husband and two children. Prior to working at Kenshoo, she studied screenwriting and worked in a Community Mental Health Organization in Jerusalem.
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