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Beautiful Country Instrumental Music

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Text Comments (106)
Chase And Tattoo (6 days ago)
Love it so much omg!!! When I’m having a bad day this cheers me up and makes me feel much better❤️❤️❤️
Zennon を苛億 (12 days ago)
Legends says Lounge Music still give Hearts on comments
Tyler Hennessy (19 days ago)
The second song in the beginning sounds like a toy story intro, like you got a friend in me.
¿Hay más música como esta tan bonita?
Julio Malaw (25 days ago)
I like it when they show a list of titles,, I'm an old musician,and I know a lot of music,but then sometimes I get stuck LOL
Ingrid Akkermans (29 days ago)
Betifol songs love it thanks jou ingrid akkermans
Del Pino Pierre (1 month ago)
Anyone know the music at 17:08? its so beautiful ! i need to know :) thanks !
Ben Hosmer (1 month ago)
Your the best singer🐴🐴🐴
Ryszard Szwagierczak (1 month ago)
super muzyka
AC lil corner (1 month ago)
song at 22 :12 ??? and 4 :38 ????
Jokke Schepers (1 month ago)
Beautiful country music ,,,,,,,,,
Joyce H (1 month ago)
I'm already relaxed hearing this. I had a busy week and didn't really retain what I learned in my classes. So, I'm listening to this and going back over my lectures and notes. :)
QuirkyRy (2 months ago)
Is there a way I can download the song at 17:07? It speaks to me
gyrene070 (2 months ago)
Play this softly while sitting back and remembering what life was like back then. Soooo much better.
Jeannine Lynne Miller (2 months ago)
How can I get just the music to use for my yoga practice?
Aron Dillon (2 months ago)
7:27 ending to sitcom scene prove me wrong
Derek147900 (4 months ago)
List your songs
RGB LED (4 months ago)
Who came here while playing Red Dead Redemption 2
Ja’Nece Jackson (4 months ago)
Thank u so much for making this beat bc I have a nees making a song to diss beat
LOBA (4 months ago)
Uma mais bonita que a outra 😍😍
Adam Zywczak (5 months ago)
Lubie kantry kiedy prowadze ale to jest smutas
Nours OURSBRUN (5 months ago)
C'est un bijou, cet album. Magnifique !
Ruby Sein (5 months ago)
I love Country Music ...Thanks for let us listen this amazing country musics ...
José Ferreira de Lima (5 months ago)
Lindas melodias!
Melissa Silva (6 months ago)
Thank u so much <3
Uberney Marin (6 months ago)
Me fascina la musica instrumental y si tiene country es muy especial.
The Derpy Pikachu (7 months ago)
Hello mate
sreenivasan mepurath (7 months ago)
So soothing......
Eduardo Nascimento (8 months ago)
pow, tem músicas legais, porem repete as mesmas que é uma beleza.
me gusta mucho este tipo de mucica contry cantadas y cuando encotre esta instrumental hasta la tengo en las oficinas de fondo
Cristobal Cervantes (8 months ago)
Es un excelente musica en verdad muy padrisima oyea
Allan Deir (9 months ago)
I'm from Panama. This music is so relaxing. Makes you feel the best parts of USA.
Marin Valenta (9 months ago)
0:00 what is the name?
Hey There (9 months ago)
Good country
Maja Majernyik (10 months ago)
Marcia Mesomo (11 months ago)
Lindas músicas, optima selección, son realmente relajantes y inspiradoras !!!!
R.B. Lucky (11 months ago)
Transcending lifes difficulties
Edson De Assis Izidoro (11 months ago)
Só belas músicas
Garrett Hooks (1 year ago)
Is there anyway to buy the track ?
xollotl ome (1 year ago)
I could feel the landscape, the wind and the sun.
sue vargeson (1 year ago)
Restful and calming 💟☮️🙏🏻
stepan wooddn (1 year ago)
благодарю братва
Ashley Machado (1 year ago)
The non stop two hour country instrumental music keeps you relaxed, feel good & makes life worth living. Ashley Machado Bombay, India
Hank Caballero (1 year ago)
Beautiful sounds, keep it coming...
Hank Caballero (1 year ago)
Love it!
Suhail Syed (18 days ago)
All my Sunday special music
Roberto Pacheco (1 year ago)
Nunca me había puesto a escuchar este tipo de música, pero me gusto muchísimo ! I had never listen this kind of music, but I like it a lot !
stella nera (1 year ago)
i love this style!
panannangan tipa (1 year ago)
enjoy my life....yeahhhhhh
jb2wheeler (1 year ago)
Not bad music, but Country music it ain't. JB
ништяк музыка
Clifford Hart (1 year ago)
I play my guitar along with this beautiful music, it even makes me listenable.
Victory Rakotovelo (1 year ago)
good song
Tursah (1 year ago)
please, what is the name of first instrument?
Mike L (1 month ago)
It's called a gitfiddle, pardner.
Leroy Waller (1 year ago)
Soothing I Love it
GW Hyatt (1 year ago)
Leroy Waller l.p. e
Lilian Buslon (1 year ago)
Neil Allan Baban (1 year ago)
Ball Rabana
Jevenil Costa (1 year ago)
Jason Voorhees (6 months ago)
Infelizmente as "Músicas" de hoje não merecem ser chamadas assim, agora, virou poluição sonora, Letras de baixo nível, som repetitivo, lamentável!
Jevenil Costa (1 year ago)
Amparito García (1 year ago)
Definitivamente hermosa, soy de muy lejos pero adoro ese timpo de musica,pienso como sería esa época.,
Jose Ferreira de Lima (1 year ago)
Boa seleção musical country! Parabéns !!!
Rick Jensen (1 month ago)
Learn Portuguese!
Tubenite (6 months ago)
Speak fucking english fucking poor country.
World City Lounge (1 year ago)
Very nice!
laurent o`gorman (1 year ago)
un mot . Parfait !
Wolfspirit19709 (1 year ago)
Beautiful music
Gabriela Fonseca (1 year ago)
fabiano pasquale (1 year ago)
Scusa se mi presento: Io sono Fabiano Pasquale e sono il commentatore di studio di tutti Voi e sono convinto che andremo d'accordo perchè amo la bella musica, sia vocale che instrumental!! Ciao, :).........
Ryan Barretta (6 months ago)
fabiano pasquale ciao! Come stai! Io parlo italiano um paco. Io sono americano e imparlo italano a mio scuola. Dove tu nella Italian
Jose Ferreira de Lima (1 year ago)
Músicas countries instrumentais suaves e de muito  bom gosto! Parabéns !!!
Frank (1 year ago)
nice music!!!! thank you so much
ANTONIO CABRERA (1 year ago)
Great job! I´d love a track list. Thanx!
Stephano Koritsanos (1 year ago)
superbe music merci
Saul Martinez (1 year ago)
Osman Kökkılıç (1 year ago)
Harika müzikler...
Jim Bruce (1 year ago)
Great not to be feeling sad or tearing up listening to sad words
Homieboy Seventeen (1 year ago)
Could some one tell me the name of the first song in this video?
Luigi G (1 year ago)
Bella e rilassante musica. Grazie
Nguyễn Sơn (1 year ago)
ze ze ok ok
Lucia Nastase (1 year ago)
Frumoasă și Nemuritoarea Muzica Country .
Fekete Alexandru (1 year ago)
Muzica country aduce ceva din muzica vechilor indieni care au trit pe teritoriul statelor unite de azi şi poate de aceea pare ceva deosebit de frumoasă şi chiar reconfotantă.
Francisco Larios (1 year ago)
Es una musica suave y hermosa como la caricias de una mujer.
Nada Komelj (1 year ago)
Fantastic 💝 Thanks my df.💝👉💝💕🙋😘
med amine (1 year ago)
bonne musique d e fare wast americain musique ivastratrice
RONALD MPONDA (1 year ago)
A revealing moment of my time . l grew up in a home where such music especially weekends was played. And l must say one of my daughters loves listening to my taste. Beautiful and fulfilling songs
Carmelina Aqulia (1 year ago)
this was too loud for me?????
R.B. Lucky (11 months ago)
Carmelina Aqulia. Unfortunately you don't have volume control it's a great technology
Júnior tachor tachor (1 year ago)
nice songs and beautiful time..
Bharati Rao (1 year ago)
Bharati Rao (1 year ago)
real nice
dawson campbell (1 year ago)
Sang my lil girl a song for bed to this, thanks for the rhythm!
Arrex Rong (1 year ago)
who dislikes this?
Leonardo Nicolet (1 year ago)
Arrex Rong (1 year ago)
FINALLY! someone answered my question after 2 months .-.
Niya Janae (1 year ago)
Aureliano gavino (1 year ago)
beautiful muito bom sou amante do countri instrumental
JON Cunningham (1 year ago)
Nice Steel Guitar , loving this!
Richie Steil (1 year ago)
I like this country music

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