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Hair History: 16th Century | Renaissance

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In today's episode of Hair History, we're going over the 16th century, also known as the middle of the renaissance. We see two different major fashions in this period. One is a continuation of the middle parting with braids that was so popular in the 15th century, and the other is an increasingly high hairstyle with a large pouf at the front of the head, in the style of Elizabeth I. Subscribe to my channel http://bit.ly/1zW6zZB My blog: http://www.loepsie.com My vlog channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/LoepsiesLife Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/Loepsie Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/Loepsies Like my Facebook page: http://facebook.com/LoepsieOfficial
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Text Comments (48)
SofiaRaCo (5 months ago)
Hello friends Does anyone know what this renaissance is? Italian? Belgian?
Love (9 months ago)
You look like pelin karahan
Love (9 months ago)
Are you from magnificent century?
poponachtschnecke (9 months ago)
Is it just me, or was there a sound issue in this video? I love it anyway.
Ariel Pippin (10 months ago)
You should do some Lucrezia Borgia from The Borgias tv show hairstyles. I just love her hair in that show.
Karen Durant (10 months ago)
The bigger the hair the closer to God lol
Wiktoria Biańkowska (1 year ago)
Laura Pilatin (1 year ago)
You videos are exellent!
Laura Pilatin (1 year ago)
Hi Loopsie! I'm Claire and My dad is of ottoman descent. I'm 10 and I am really into historical hair and clothes etc. I can't find books or videos on ottomans or how they dressed or did their hair. There's not much info on ottomans in the western world. Please consider doing a video on them in the future ! I also love and appreciate your videos very much!
Teresa (1 year ago)
I still love these videos, but your sound quality has improved so much since then!
Loepsie (1 year ago)
Hahaha yes this was before I got an external micrphone :D
aina-louisa carter (1 year ago)
Looks like the hair in the early 1900s
A A (2 years ago)
Fantastic! I didn't know before about this practice of using hats without the top for changing the hair color...
evie kendall (3 years ago)
I lurveeee this hairstyle especially the back ❤️
Taryn Hathaway (3 years ago)
What is the band of curling wand you use? And is the curling wand with interchangeable barrels?
Anam Fatima (3 years ago)
you saved my life! I am the hairstylist for hamlet, and had no iea how to keep the queens look true to the era. Now i know😀😀
Steph Arizona (3 years ago)
I love your hair history and makeup history vidoes!
Hina (3 years ago)
I'm really loving this series! It's so interesting, just like your history of makeup series!
It's amazing to hear what women went through to look good and be in fashion throughout history. The clip you read kinda sounded like guys back then feel the same as guys today...not understanding why we go through these crazy lengths and procedures haha
Laura Dani (3 years ago)
I'm laughing thinking about those parasols-women... This was very nice and instructive. Thank you.
Louise Asper (3 years ago)
Hey! I was just curious since I love all your makeup and hair history vids... what about making them on chinese history or south american history? I mean, not only about Europe's beauty history you know, it'll be just great! :)
Louise Asper (3 years ago)
Haha yeh I can understand your worries about that idea. I still think those series of yours rock (and of course the rest too) I love your chanel, thank you for responding :)
Loepsie (3 years ago)
+Louise Lovey I'd love to do something like that in the future, but the thing is I barely know anything about non-European history at the moment, so it would be very difficult for me to validate my sources. I want to make these videos as historically accurate (or at least plausible) as possible and I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with representing beauty history, rituals and ideals of other cultures that I know so little of. Maybe one day :)
Menay Wilde (3 years ago)
i love these videos. they are so informative and really an interesting take on history. Keep up the amazing work!
Sally LeChat (3 years ago)
I really like how this turned out Lucy! :) I was wondering, how can I reproduce this hairstyle without the pouf? I love the braids in the back but I don't know how to arrange the front! Any ideas?
Loepsie (3 years ago)
+SallyCreations You could always just do a middle parting :)
Angel Jordan (3 years ago)
^_^ can you do some irish hairstyles?
Serpentina (3 years ago)
"And just pin that down with a hundred bobby pins." Lolz
kristiekat (3 years ago)
Will you be planning another type of historical series? I would love to see a fashion one or skincare one.
starlovestarlight (3 years ago)
So unbelievably beautiful, love this so much!!!
Véronique LaChatte (3 years ago)
Learning about everyday and personal habits of days gone by is so fascinating and often educational.
CaiusCassiusLonginus (3 years ago)
They also had those weird headresses you sometimes see in traditional Don Carlo productions, they looked like something out of Star Wars.
Carolynn Markey (3 years ago)
So interesting. I love seeing how the hair changes and hearing the bits of history behind it. I am not a fan of poofs but the back braids look awesome!
Universal Hobo (3 years ago)
I love these series, I watch them all c:
Loepsie (3 years ago)
Bobby pins! :) They were supposedly invented around the 15th century
Universal Hobo (3 years ago)
Might have mentioned this in a video but, what did they use as bobby pins? 
Loepsie (3 years ago)
+Howsenselessdeath Howpreciouslife :D Thank you!
Henrietta (3 years ago)
Tomorrow, the world is going to see me wearing this. Let me reduce this pouf a bit, just a bit, and... here I come! :) There are hairstyles that I love, like crown braid and this – a pouf above the forehead. Whenever I see a good, solid tutorial for one of them that I can use, I feel like receiving a gift. I gain new possibilities! :) Thank you for this video! :)
Henrietta (3 years ago)
+jujubegold High five! Let's do it!
jujubegold (3 years ago)
+Henrietta I say let's start the trend again. ;)
Henrietta (3 years ago)
+jujubegold In fact...nothing. There is no reason for a smaller pouf! ;)
jujubegold (3 years ago)
Hey what's wrong with the pouf??? I'm an 80's child the bigger the pouf the better lol
Loepsie (3 years ago)
+Henrietta I think it would look very nice and wearable with a smaller pouf! I'm sure you're going to rock it :)
vila111 (3 years ago)
this hairdo reminds me more of a Gibson girl style.
Loepsie (3 years ago)
+vila111 Fashion always repeats itself, we're going to see something similar a few centuries later indeed! :)
itismarie (3 years ago)
this might sound crazy, but i would actually wear this hairstyle..except with just one braid at the back of the head
Henrietta (3 years ago)
+itismarie Interestingly, I am going to wear this too :) So far, I've been watching Hair History out of interest (and for the dose of Loepsie's positive energy). This one, even though initially it looks completely unwearable, I am going to wear! :)
sadieissad (3 years ago)
That puff of hair though O.o

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