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Laser Control from the GrandMA, with Pangolin BEYOND

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http://www.pangolin.com - Want to control lasers from the GrandMA? No problem. We put control directly into your hands with our revolutionary new BEYOND software. Whether you are a lighting designer or special FX company, BEYOND gives you COMPLETE laser show control, the way YOU want it to be. This is the first of many tutorials, that will show you how to control BEYOND directly from the GrandMA (or other popular lighting consoles). Stay tuned for the next videos in this series, where we'll dive even further in, showing more of the endless possibilities that can be created using BEYOND with the GrandMA.
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Text Comments (9)
yingliang nie (4 months ago)
Can you share the MA2 lamp pants of the laser software?
Austin Smith Events (1 year ago)
Also having trouble clicking the drop down and selecting the "fixture profile" on my USB. Anyone have a direct link to it or any other advice on how to upload it?
Irwan Hermawan (2 years ago)
Hallo Where i can download a fixture library for grandma2? thank you
Pangolin Laser Systems (2 years ago)
Check out the Pangolin Shows Portal at www.pangolin.com
Club Areena (3 years ago)
i need fixture folder :S i have grandma2 and kwant laser and beyond . but i dont have fixture folder. please upload it.
sirguzzi1000 (3 years ago)
Hi, where can I get the "designer or special FX " for download the GrandMA2 ???
chris edrington (3 years ago)
+Pangolin Laser Systems Where exactly on the PangolinShows Portal can one find these GrandMA 2 profiles? Thank you.
Pangolin Laser Systems (3 years ago)
+sirguzzi1000 On the PangolinShows Portal we do have a few definitions for GrandMA that can be used to control QuickShow and BEYOND. However the definition files on the portal can be thought of as a starting point. Especially with BEYOND, it can be expanded greatly...
LaserBob (4 years ago)
Nicely put together. Needed girls with hula hoops though :)

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