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BEYOND Tutorial - Using BEYOND Software with the X-Box Kinect

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http://www.pangolin.com - In this BEYOND tutorial, we show you how to use the BEYOND Laser Control Software together with the X-Box kinect, to create a wide-variety of interactive laser displays.
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Gladis Perez (1 year ago)
Chris Clear (3 years ago)
Hi.. Is there a tutorial for making a silhouette dancer using laser? How to record it and make it a cue?
Skyoptix.org (3 years ago)
I have the kinect driver installed. Kinect is displayed in Hardwarmanager. In Beyond the Kinect is not displayed on the bottom left. What should I do?
Mikhail Kobzar (3 years ago)
wait new release software
PowerOnPlay (3 years ago)
Will this work with the improved Kinect for Windows v2 sensor? It offers more precision, responsiveness, and intuitive capabilities than the first one.
Pangolin Laser Systems (3 years ago)
So far we've tried two versions of Kinect. One for the X-box, and one supposedly made just for Windows. The Windows version is around $100 more expensive and -- as far as we could tell -- provides substantially NOTHING more than the X-box version. What comes in the box with the Windows version is really surprising and frustrating -- no manual, no install CD, literally nothing. The box says compatible with Windows 8 but their support pages only say Windows 7. Because of all of this, at this point in time we are recommending the X-box version. We hope Microsoft provides a better out-of-the-box experience for their "Windows version" in the future!
laseronx (3 years ago)
both thumbs up!
Kinolet174 (3 years ago)
Mikhail Kobzar (3 years ago)
Its magic!!!!!!
drm916 (3 years ago)

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