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The girl - touching animation short story of love

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Subscribe to UNLISTED COMMUNITY : https://www.youtube.com/unlistedcommunity ART _ GUMITIEN VOICE _ Jessica Rainville jessicarainville.com "A long time ago, a quite, gentle and kind girl was born. She had long brown hair and a rare perfume. One day, a man came across her, he needed protection and food. The thoughtful little girl welcomed and helped him like a sweet mother. The man was very grateful to the little girl, and now he was feeling better, However together with him there were other men with problems who needed her help. Without saying a word, the girl help all of them, one by one, always with a smile on her face. Everyone were pleased and celebrate the generosity of the little girl. However soon her kindness was taken for grather. More and more men were asking for more and more things without caring what they could had taken away from her, because she wasn't complaining. She was silent, and no one could see what was happening to her body. Injuries... diseases... Instead then being worried, they were angry at her. They wanted her to be strong to work even more. They were taking away everything from her.. But now they weren't even asking anymore, they were expecting things they didn't even need. They make her work beyond her possibilities, reducing her body to a corpse. This is a true story and even if it seems impossible, we all responsible for it, because that little girl name is: E A R T H" 昔、 大人しく、親切で優しい少女が生まれました。 彼女の髪は長く茶色でした。 また、珍しい香をまとっていました。 ある日 男が少女の前を通り、 家と食べ物が必要でした。 優しい少女は、まるで愛しい母のように、彼を迎え入れ、助けました。 男はたいそう感謝しました。体調も良くなりました しかし、 その男とともに、他の男がいた。彼もまた問題を抱え、少女の助けが必要だった。 何も言わずに、少女はただ微笑みながら、彼らを次々に助けました。 みなが喜び、少女の寛大さを称えました。 しかし、 すぐに少女の新設は当たり前のように考えられるようになりました。 どんどん多くの男たちが、ますます多くのことを求めるようになりました。 彼らが少女から何を奪っているのかも考えずに、 なぜなら、彼女は文句を言わなかったのです。 彼女は何も言わずに、 誰も気付かなかったのです、 少女の身体に何が起こっているのかを 多くの傷 多くの病気 心配する代わりに、 少女に対して怒りはじめました 少女にもっと働けるように強くあることを求めていました。 少女から全てを取り去りました。 でも、もう頼むこともなくなりました。 要らないものまでも期待し始めました。 少女の限界を超えて、働かせました。 少女の身体をむしばりました。 これは実話です。 ありえないことに見えても、私たち皆に責任があります。 なぜなら、少女の名は 地球。
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Text Comments (43)
Zzaxy Gts (3 months ago)
Not to be mean but are you really that mad at men?
Bubbles Awesome (3 months ago)
Wow 😭😭😭
Fat Cat (5 months ago)
gacha Rose stories (6 months ago)
Well ok
XXX Favor (6 months ago)
Puppy Drawer (6 months ago)
Wow really captain planet here
Nerth Leynes (7 months ago)
That was beautifully sad
Anthoula D. (7 months ago)
Oh god this music is from Peter with Seller!so.... :((((((
WolfHeart (8 months ago)
There are 25k views and only 446 likes, this proves some people just don't care!
The Cake_Savior (8 months ago)
No I’m torn
Art Dweeb (8 months ago)
I don't get how this is about love
Lola Sokolskiy (9 months ago)
gloriator AW (9 months ago)
your message is good but stop trying to manipulate people by comparing a planet sized rock to a girl and just give us the facts, plus your making this more of a moral issue by comparing it to a human like that. other animals and earth itself disturb ecosystems like we are all the time with volcanoes and invasive species and shit like that. people like you that pray on peoples emotions and morals to give into a belief (whether its just or not) make me sick
Rubber Biscuits (9 months ago)
It’s sad but true we abuse the earth everyday 🌍
LpsValysGirls OceanPerl (9 months ago)
I im im.... im .....spech..les..s....speechless
Ruth xoxo (9 months ago)
skeletor (9 months ago)
Welcome to world cunt
Joki Boki (10 months ago)
zachary isenbletter (10 months ago)
DAMN that was touching store thumbs up
Alice Maleksatian (11 months ago)
deserves a hell lot more of recognition you know 😋😍💟
Hazel Ruefa (11 months ago)
I wasnt worried cause i thoughti wasnt the one who hurted her so i was like “Good thing im a nice gal and all” but when i heard her name...I made a mistake
Warren Sakisat (11 months ago)
That story turned around soon fast I wasn't expecting that
Krista Praulina (11 months ago)
Ouch, that one was touching
Qwilla (11 months ago)
Well.... Ehm that got deep...
Luna Midnight (1 year ago)
that.......that was amazing......it gave me chills
Alex Lopoz (1 year ago)
"Because that little girl's name is... Earth." Me: Did someone just stab my heart? It kinda hurts.
Aleksandra S (2 years ago)
Really meaningful and touching! (╥﹏╥)
Stacy Sakamoto (2 years ago)
who was the narrator
Unlisted Community (2 years ago)
Jessica Rainville :)
Stacy Sakamoto (2 years ago)
if the earth was small enough i was give it a big fat hug
Stacy Sakamoto (2 years ago)
...! *no comment*
Fat Cat (5 months ago)
Chloyee Boyd (9 months ago)
That’s a comment
Sky Blunschi (2 years ago)
Wow. It's deep and very true. I love this channel for the stuff it produces like this. More people need this message
Sebastiano Serafini (2 years ago)
David Brown (2 years ago)
HOOK! That's what the song reminded me of. But EARTH will have a friend... his name is JUSTICE.
trouble_girl (2 years ago)
so meaningful !!
cristina verzeroli (2 years ago)
Wow, so beautiful and meaningful😢
Bella A (2 years ago)
ohhh snAP i didnt see that coming. dang
Mara Lamagna (2 years ago)
So beautiful and true!!!😢
Mystic Réa (2 years ago)
We have to take care of our Earth. :)
sevv (2 years ago)
*keeps crying*
Tania Loves Japan (2 years ago)
Okay, I LOVED THIS!!! This is why things are going so psycho with the weather etc. 😭💖💋 Great job.

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