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Golden Girls - Rose & Blanche imagine Dorothy Naked

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From the Season 3 Episode "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself"
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Deven Thomas (22 hours ago)
Dr. Jeep (18 days ago)
I love the episode where Dorothy is choosing what to wear for a night out and asks advice to Blanche and Rose and they start saying all serious things like: "no, that necklace only accentuates her long wrinkled neck" or "that top shows her non-existent bossom" and Rose like "yeah true, but that skirt only shows her deformed whips" and Dorothy says "Why don't I wear a sign saying "too ugly to live" and Blanche asks "Where will you wear it?"
StrickenWithFear (1 month ago)
This joke was always so mean spirited yet so funny.
Sam LSD (5 months ago)
Blanche was such a sweet heart all of them were. What's wrong with Dorothy's body though. She's not fat.😆😂🤣
레온KpopZombieLover (5 months ago)
You have to admit, dorthy walked into that one. XD
Jee Chan (5 months ago)
i'll take dorothy's advice when i have to speak in public then
newyorkcitylatinguy (3 months ago)
IrkenExile (6 months ago)
I was hoping for the death stare XD
IrkenExile (4 months ago)
gmcnewlook I think the best one I ever saw was when she asked them if she should wear a chain or pearl necklace, and Blanche said she had a turkey neck. I swear to God I thought Dorothy was going to roundhouse TF out of her LOL
gmcnewlook (4 months ago)
Ah yes the bea Arthur death stare ;) (I also call it the “god will getcha for that....” stare)
Andrew Thompson (8 months ago)
lol Dot really walks right into this one!!
Ryan West (9 months ago)
When Blanche first started laughing it was like she was channeling Lucille Ball.
gmcnewlook (4 months ago)
Ryan West sounded like a witch cackling at first....
Michael Rauch (10 months ago)
Great scene but Bea was never ugly, she had an oddly majestic body. Graceful and strong with great hair and cheek bones of
Jasmine Surreal (1 month ago)
That's exactly it. Often unusual looking women who are striking and beautiful but different get made fun of by women and on occasion men. It's just real life. I personally thought Dorothy was a very good looking woman, yes mannish of course but no way the ogre they made out.
XxBabyGurlLovexX (1 year ago)
I love the fact that Blanche had no shame in laughing at Dorothy lmao 😂😂😂
UncleMikeNJ (1 year ago)
In was expecting a totally different reaction, something more like "Oh, dear God!"
NarutoBaby94 (1 year ago)
Oh good lord those girls are nasty!
Priscilla Fumero (1 year ago)
Matthew Cantrell (1 year ago)
Blanche's laugh is hysterical.
Matthew Cantrell (1 year ago)
Blanche starts laughing then Rose joins in. Too funny.
ELI NEFF (1 year ago)
Blanche has X-Ray vision what a surprise
Kramoh Mansalay (1 year ago)
one of my favorite scenes
samantha gates (2 years ago)
Except in season one blanch did see Dorothy naked in the as Dorthy said one time in the middle of the night she went naked into the kitchen to get a cookie and Blanche walked in on her.
Răzvan Mihai (4 months ago)
it's not like Blanche glued the memory of naked Dorothy to her brain.besides, Blanche has seen too many naked men she dated, to remember naked Dorothy.
musicaltheatergeek79 (1 year ago)
Samuel Taylor (1 year ago)
samantha gates. they all were naked when they went to nudists place.
Joshua Hahn (1 year ago)
The Golden Girls has terrible continuity. But it makes for easy syndication!
Diego Aldas (2 years ago)
Never gets old
Cj Smart (2 years ago)
LOL!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Steve Fury (2 years ago)
God I miss these girls.
Charlotte Bond (2 years ago)
I could never understand why they made fun of Dorothy's appearance. I think that Dorothy/Bea was very stylish and elegant.
blugeagua (26 days ago)
NorthernStal CPR y'all She was still a very attractive woman.
Martha Appleton (1 month ago)
Very cood
Linda Thetford (2 months ago)
to be fair they all ribbed each other
Dezerae James (2 months ago)
+Terrance Turner Who's Fess Parker?
NorthernStal CPR y'all (3 months ago)
She has manly hips, no tush, flat bosoms, and a long neck
Kee Leichtle (2 years ago)
Anyone else think Rose looked extra beautiful when she and Blanche started laughing harder when looking at Dorothy's behind?
kanishq ruhil (2 months ago)
Betty's dimples were carved by God himself
Mikhaila Shetler (2 years ago)
I love it when Dorothy gets up the laughing gets more hysterical XD
Lois Anne Barin (6 months ago)
Mikhaila Shetler xD
Andrew James (2 years ago)
I love the way Blanche starts laughing at Dorothy! This is the best scene lol!
kefou kefak (2 years ago)
lol the first laugh she makes was really funny hahahahahahhahaha. It's even funnier when Rose starts laughing too. Lol sometimes she can be really mean for a stupid naive woman
Katy Banman (2 years ago)
imagine people naked? hmm, i can do that
TSUsolrac2012 (1 year ago)
I love how Blanche just automatically starts checking out both women to see if the technique would work and how when Blanche and Rose started laughing at Dorothy and she had that expression that was like "my own damn fault," LOL 😂😂
Lois Anne Barin (6 months ago)
TSUsolrac2012 😂😂
Duby Valdez (1 year ago)
TSUsolrac2012 k
jessi alex (3 years ago)
Shaquille Staley (3 years ago)
Hayley Simmons (4 years ago)
Omg this has to be the funniest scene ever!!!
Sunkist (4 years ago)
poor Dorothy :DD
Melissa Florez (4 years ago)
eww  imagining dorothy naked is  Gross lol
startrekkindelta (5 years ago)
Omg! Hahahahahsbhahaha!!! One of the FUNNIEST episodes ever!!!! XD
JFreak88 (5 years ago)
1 person didn't imagine it correctly! :)
JFreak88 (5 years ago)
There's nothing to fear but fear itself
Kaitlyn Best (5 years ago)
Never mind I'm stupid!!
Kaitlyn Best (5 years ago)
What episode is this!?
Jibbahh (1 year ago)
Kaitlyn Best sorry im hell late but season 3 episode 5
Kaitlyn Best (5 years ago)
Haha blanches look at rose hahahahaha
bubblinbrownsugar616 (5 years ago)
I had to come on here and watch this again after reading a Bea Arthur nude painting sold for 1.9 million. LOVE my Golden Girls!! :)
Brandon Thomas (5 years ago)
This is my favorite golden girls scene of all time.
Braselton94 (6 years ago)
Her laugh reminds me of lucille balls laugh
Deborah Kerr (6 years ago)
Rues laugh is so contagious and hilarious!! haha
Deborah Kerr (6 years ago)
my absolute FAVORITE funny Golden Girls moment of all time!! practically die laughing every time!! hahaaha those ladies are amazing!!! LOL
vanka1976 (8 years ago)
Funniest Golden Girls moment ever!!!
MsEverMe (8 years ago)
0:43 after i watched it several times over and over again, i´m nearly dead because i´m laughing too much ^^
MsEverMe (8 years ago)
omg ^^ never laughed so much xDDD
Brittany M (8 years ago)
LMFAO!! These women are freakin hilarious!
mascflipbbfucker miami (9 years ago)
poor dorothy!!! very funny clip though!!!

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